Beings who had been around since the beginning of humanity and further. They were the supreme source of power in this world. Whereas mortals' lives were limited and were gone in a blink of an eye, gods were eternal and as such limitless in power.

They were walking calamity's. Each and every one of them. Even those that were passive and gentle could easily lay waste to entire land's in just moments.

As such, when two powerful gods met and clashed it was nothing short of disastrous to everyone around.

Artemis and Lugh stood floated in the air only a few scant meters apart from each other, both in their respective divine forms. If any mortal was to look at them currently, they would be a pile of ashes instantly.

"How long have we been fighting each other now, Artemis?" Her opponent asked. "Do you think your hunters are still alive by now or has my wolf killed them?"

"I have faith in my hunters completely. They will survive. After all they were trained to survive under the direst of circumstances. This is nothing new to them."

Despite her confident words, internally Artemis had no idea if they could pull through. Failinis, if she could recall correctly, was one of the ten legendary hounds in the world. Being immortal like it's owner, a single bite from it could be fatal.

After the defeat with Gaea, Artemis personally made it her mission to specifically train each and every one of her hunters until they reached their maximum potential.

Of course, even with her training them, there is only so far they could go. Some opponents would forever be too much for them so the only thing she could do is protect them from the worst.

However, if there was anybody Artemis trusted and had faith in and trusted it was Thalia, her lieutenant. She would never be a replacement for Zoe but that was okay. She didn't need to be as they were two different people.

Thalia had gained her trust in such a short amount of time that it was incredible. She never intended to let anyone in after Zoe's death but Thalia quickly proved herself to be a worthy second-in-command. She was more powerful than Zoe as the recent daughter of Zeus and was fierce and strong, all traits that she respected.

Thalia would most definitely hold out! She believ-no knew that.

"You should pay attention!"

Lugh's spear stabbed towards her face forcing her to bring up her bow to block it. The force of his attack forced her back a little. Tsking in annoyance she launched her arrows at him which he responded to by spinning his spear rapidly, until it was a yellow blur. The arrows were sent flying off course.

The god of light vanished in a blink of an eye and so did she as they fought with no end in sight. Finally, Lugh broke off and began speaking.

"Do you remember how many times you've dodged my spear now?"

"What are you rambling about now?"

"Honest question. Sleg is the name of my spear. It's called the undodgeable spear from where I'm from for a reason."

"And why is that?" Artemis crossed her arms in disinterest. "I've clearly blocked it several times by now."

"You're not getting it. It's not called undodgeable because nobody has ever blocked it but because nobody has ever fought it and lived to tell the tale." He held his spear in front of her as if pointing. "Teigh"

In the blink of an eye, the glowing spear in his hands disappeared from his grasp. It found its comfort right next to her heart. For the first time in their fight she showed emotion as her eyes widened marginally.

"Gah!" She coughed up golden ichor. "H-how? It… didn't move!"

Lugh grinned. "You're not wrong. It didn't move, it teleported." The explanation only left her more confused. "My spear has a magical prosperity that allows it to teleport to wherever I desire under a condition. Such a condition is that it must make a full 360 around the opponent. You knocked it away quite a few times, did you not?"

He then started laughing, mockingly. "My spear was crafted by Ireland's finest! It hasn't let me down and it never will. Also, I've placed a barrier just in case you get any ideas about escaping… this is a fight between you and me. Nobody else. Although, on second thought, maybe it would be beneficial to get them involved. The more the merrier."

"...I wouldn't… underestimate my families power if I were you…"

"Huh?" Lugh sneered, cupping his hand over his ear. "What are you on about? I'm the strongest. The strongest in my pantheon and will soon be the strongest. Zeus, Odin, Indra, it doesn't matter, I'll destroy them all."

"You must be… quite delusional then if you think that." Artemis scowled, temporarily ignoring his injuries. "Which means you must have a plan, don't you.

"Maybe." Lugh shrugged nonchalantly. "It also may have to do with your little male friend that's going around lately…"

Artemis was confused. She was not acquaintances with any male really, except-

Her eyes widened in realization.

"That's right!" He said in glee, reading her thoughts. "Shirou Emiya, the unknown human who arrived months ago. He is the key to everything."

What was he talking about? What did Shirou have to do with anything right now? She had too little information right now. She decided that she would take advantage of his cocky demeanor and get as much information from him as possible.

"What are you on about?" Artemis probed.

"Oh! You don't know. Well, tell me then, what do you know of Miyu Emiya?"

Emiya… his sister perhaps? She did recall Shirou remarking something about her when they were hunting out in the forest a few days ago. She hadn't dived too deep into the details too much at the time out of disinterest.

"Well, regardless of whether you know or not she's important. She possesses a very strong power according to my sources which is why I'm here now. If I snatch you up he'll have no choice but to come with me quickly and quietly. With only like two or three broken bones, depending on how he cooperates." He said with a maniac smile which only drew out more of her ire.

So she stopped playing helpless.


With a swift chop, she broke the spear embedded in her stomach in half. The other part still stuck in her she pulled out with just a slight wince and tossed it aside where it would be lost in the forest.

"W-What? I-Impossible! My spear! You broke it!" His eyes almost flew out of his sockets in shock. His face then took on a darker look. To Artemis he looked like a demon now. His hair was slowly starting to gain a spiky edge to it almost like a porcupine and his already red eyes seemed to glow. "Now you're dead!"

'Must be some kind of curse…'

"I expected more from you, Lugh. The spear is an interesting one and I have no doubt of its power. However..." Her stomach automatically started repairing herself and in no time she was as good as new. "As long as there is a moon I have power. You may be older than me but that means nothing when I'm stronger."

If a stranger looked at Artemis they would notice that the moon seemed to directly align with the goddess now, as if confirming her statement. Lugh didn't notice though and only growled.

Sighing, she materialized her bow once again except this time it was large. Larger than even Lugh. It looked ridiculously too big for someone of her stature to use even as a grownup. However, she didn't grasp it. It floated next to her.

"I've let you go on long enough..." She started dangerously. "You will be eliminated. Nobody attacks me or my family and gets away with it."

With just a mental command the string on her bow drew back as if physically being pulled back by an entity. The arrow on the bow shone silver, drawing power directly from the moon.

"Gah! What nonsense!" He roared. Holding out his hand, a sword materialized. With it he swung it in a full circle forcing a bright yellow circle to form and Immediately a laser, faster than light, shot out. "I'll defeat you right here and now then I'll murder all of your hunters, one by one!"

This was his last-ditch effort to get rid of her. By using his strongest attack, Lord Ethinu. He was certain this attack would kill her. He poured loads of his divinity into the attack after all.

If Artemis was worried at all she didn't show it one bit as she calmly released her own arrow and launched out with a sonic boom.

The two powerful attacks reached each other in an instant and immediately a large explosion ensued, engulfing the land for miles.


The Underworld to Shirou was just as scary as he would have imagined it to be. Eternally dark, skulls randomly thrown about, souls freely flying in the sky and flames everywhere. The phrase, "Go to hell." was now something he could say he has experienced.

The two demigods and human were only a few steps ahead of where they had left the Cerebeus. He could still hear the toy Annabeth brought for the three-headed dog being fiddled with. He hoped it didn't abruptly pop while they were still around.

Looking forward, he focused on their main objective. "So, where do we go now?"

"Straight." Annabeth replied instantly as she took the lead. "We need to go to Lord Hades castle first and show him we made it if he doesn't already know. Then, he should give us our directions for our mission.

"Yeah, I wish it would go that smoothly." Percy commented, only a few paces behind Annabeth. "Wait until he hears what we did to his ride. Or how we are late."

"We made it. That's the important thing." Shirou said.

They walked onwards until a castle was seen in the distance. It reminded Shirou of Dracula's with how it seemed to shed no light. The only difference being that the castle was a mixture of blood red and midnight black, making for an odd look.

As they continued, Shirou started to sense something watching them. At first it was one person. Then it was five. Eventually, he felt almost an entire group staring at them. He couldn't see Percy and Annabeth's expression as they were ahead of him but he was sure they felt it too. They gave no visible reaction though.

Just to the right of them was a forest. He was sure that was where they were at.


Shirou took a step back as he felt his shoes break something underneath him. He looked down, expecting to find it to be leaves or an acorn but it was neither.

It was bones.

Eyes widening he took a few more steps back.

Hearing the noise Percy and Annabeth both stopped and turned around with concern plastered on there face.

"What happened?" Percy questioned. "You looked like you've seen a ghost."

Shirou hesitated before telling. ".. There are bones on the floor. Fresh ones too, by the looks of it."

Annabeth frowned. "Monsters… we need to go, now!"

Immediately getting the hint, Shirou took off in a dead sprint. Surprisingly, despite running at full speed, the two demigods seem to be casually outpacing him. Shirou hardly paid attention to that thought as he saw the creatures in the forest start to move along with them. None had come out yet but they were probably waiting.

Now at the part which separated Hades' palace to where they were now, they had to stop. Beneath them there was scorching hot lava which Shirou recognized from Hephaestus' volcano. On a worse note, Tiny little creatures which Shirou thought of as Gremlin were starting to emerge from the forest.

"What do we do now?!" Shirou asked in panic.

"Wait. Only Hades can decide when the bridge is drawn down…"

Percy's answer gave Shirou no relief. What if Hades just wanted them gone? Could he do that? Surely not. Percy was Poseidon's son and was greek's greatest hero.


Luckily, before all of Shirou's hope could be gone, the bridge was let down and they could see someone at the throne.

"That's Hades, let's go!" Annabeth said.

They made it inside the castle with no further issue and stood a few meters away from the god of this underworld, Hades himself. The man was different from before. He didn't wear formal clothes and instead wore purple robes that covered the entirety of his body. A crown rested on the hem of his throne which was made of bones. His area was so dark that they could not see his facial expression at all.

"Well, well, well, look who made it in." Hades drawled. "I see you have met the guests that I left outside, hm?"

"You did that on purpose?" Percy said in confusion.

"I wanted to give you guys a little scare. It Didn't seem to work on you or Chase but Emiya on the other hand was very much scared, weren't you?." Hades replied. "Although, to be fair to you Emiya, they have been here quite a few times so it makes sense. I wanted to test your might and see if you had what it takes to journey into the depths of my world."

"What do you mean?" Shirou questioned.

"Exactly as I say. This is the upper parts of the underworld. I rule this area tightly along with my son, Nico and my wife Persephone. Together we keep this place as peaceful as a nightmare like this world could get." He chuckled darkly.

"But don't expect the same to happen where I want you to go. You will head south-west from my palace and stop any occurring rebellion happening. Of course, you are going to be met with enemies of plenty. Which is exactly why Jackson and Chase are with you. Olympus' finest heroes."

"Lord Hades, I have a question."

Hades' eyebrow rose. "Go ahead, Chase."

"So you want us to stop the "resistance" as you say but what stops you from eliminating them yourselves. Gods are allowed to fight back against those that would threaten their territory so it makes no sense why you wouldn't do it yourself for maximum effectiveness."

Like always, Annabeth showed her intelligence as the daughter of Athena, Shirou thought. She asked him straight up the question that was on his mind and surely on Percy's.

Hades' face grew conflicted for a moment and for a second Shirou thought he would lash out but he seemed to calm himself down.

"The reason why is because the person in charge of the rebellion is my own daughter…" Hades revealed.

All of the questers' eyes widened at the revelation.

"Then that means…" Annabeth trailed off.

"Correct... My own daughter, goddess of ghosts, Melinoe, is in charge..." He replied.

Hades gripped his fists tightly. He hated thinking about their falling out even now. The only reason he did was to ease their suspicions since they were the ones doing the hard work.

Although he would burn in Hades before he ever admitted that.

For the questers' they clearly realized that this was a moment of weakness for the god that was very rare to see. If there was anything that could get a god's emotions going it would definitely be something happening to their child.

Percy himself had seen this happen multiple times before like with Hermes who hesitated to do anything to Luke despite him clearly being far gone.

This made Percy remember that the gods weren't the stoic creatures they once were. They had settled down-had children- and softened. His dad in particular came to mind at the moment wearing his Bahamas shirt, khakis shorts and light sandals smiling warmly. Poseidon and Hades were brothers weren't they. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

"We understand…" Percy finally said, breaking the silence.

"If that's so then go immediately! No more time shall be wasted." With a snap of his fingers, a map appeared in Annabeth's hand. It showed the environment around them down to the trees. There was a long arrow that showed the way from Hades palace to their destination down in Melionoe's domain. "I trust you three will come back with good news or else don't come back at all. Never. Let. Your. Guard down. Good luck demigods… and human."

With another snap of his fingers they were outside his palace and the bridge was withdrawn.

"Let's go." Annabeth said and they followed her.

Shirou wasn't sure how long they walked but when he turned back he couldn't see the castle in the distance. He supposed that was a good thing. Something that definitely was a good thing though was that no monsters were looking at them anymore so it was safe travels.

The only problems they encountered were some rivers which Percy and Annabeth warned were dangerous to step into. One apparently made you lose your past memories.

They were able to get around the dangerous waters though by Percy carefully freezing a pathway where they could walk.

After they passed over the river they entered a new area that was blue. Quite literally. The trees, grass, animals and sky were blue. It wasn't very hell like Shirou thought.

Then Shirou came across a peculiar sight. A plant. It was a blue five-leaf clover. While that was nothing pause-worthy at first glance, he felt something strange about it.

Structural Analysis

Stopping and crouching down carefully he picked it up.

"Why are you picking up a clover Shirou?" Annabeth asked him.

He didn't respond for a few moments as he processed the information that was given to him by his magic.

Once the information processed to his mind, his face grew pale and his eyes widened as he realized what exactly was going on.


His sudden scream alerted the two but it was too late. The ground underneath them cracked before breaking off in a large explosion.



Chapter End.

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