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Megan Charpentier-Sky Swan

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Twilight Saga: My Best Friend One Shots

Let's All go to the Movies: Wall-E

Clearwater-Swan Household, La Push, Washington

May 31, 2008

Sky, age 12

Sky was in the living room with the TV on as background noise while she was doing a new drawing. It was summer time in La Push and the sun was out, so no rouge spotted.

The TV was on the Disney channel which was showing a rerun of Hannah Montana it went off the air to show Disney was promoting So Hot Summer with their famous Disney Stars. But, the next advertisement caught Sky's eyes.

It was a small teaser trailer for their new movie Wall-E.

Sky gasped as she sat in front of the TV to watch Eve and Wall-E dance with a fire extinguisher. "In Theaters June 2008." The movie voice said. Sky stood tall and squealed like a little school girl, well I mean. She was excited that a movie like this was coming out so soon, it was gonna change Disney in many ways than one.

After she calmed down, Sky smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, wow, it looks so cool." She muttered.

"What looks so cool, kiddo?" Sam asked.

Sky jumped in the air and said, "Oh, um, Pixar is advertising for their new movie Wall-E."

Sam furrowed his brows and walked towards his small imprint. He sat on the couch and watched as the ad went off the air. "It does look good." He commented.

"It said sometime in June that it'll come out." Sky replied. She sat next to her wolf and leaned against his clothed torso. "I think it'll be good,"

Sam smiled and rubbed her shoulders. "Are you dropping hints, doll?" He asked.

Sky looked to her wolf and smiled from ear to ear. "Um, I guess." She shrugged her shoulders. "It could be a movie date night. Well, I overheard Leah and Aidan say that there weren't any good movies out for the summer, so this would be perfect." She said.

Sam nodded. "That's true. Once they say the release date then we can make plans for the night." He replied.

"Yes!" She cheered. Sam chuckled and pulled his little imprint into his arms. He was happy to see her happy, so if this makes up for it then so be it.

June 28, 2008

It was finally time for the movie date night!

Sky has been gearing up for this night for awhile now. She had told Rosalie and Emmett about, crossing her fingers that Alice didn't hear on their conversation-which was laughable.

Charlie and Sue decided to stay in and have their own date night with dimly lited room and roses. Leah had told Sam that they would meet up with them later because Aidan had a small treat for his she-wolf.

Sky didn't wanna be there for that, so walking around Port Angles it was.

Sky stopped and was transfixed on a book store that was calling her name. Sam guided the preteen into the store and was greeted by a very bubbly female red head store clerk. "Well come to Middle Earth Books, how can I help you?" She asked.

Sam stood behind Sky and said, "Just looking around. Thanks though."

The red head nodded. "Well, if you need anything just holler." She said.

Sam nodded and watched as Sky walked around the books trying to find something new to read, but what made him couch up a growl was that he smelt Alice and Jasper in the store. He thought he made it clear that Carlisle promised him that they would leave Sky alone.

When they got around a corner Sam saw that Alice was subtly trying to hide herself behind a huge book about beauty but that wasn't working out to well. Sam rolled his eyes and helped Sky get a book down from the highest shelf in the teen fiction section.

"The Hunger Games?" Sky asked. She looked to Sam with a questionable look. "Should I even read the summary?"

"I wouldn't, kiddo." He replied. "Seth read it and lets just say you wouldn't like it."

Sky nodded. "Got it." She put the book back and smiled when she saw another book that caught her eyes. "Alright, Fear Street books." She cheered and picked up the Cataluña Chronicles. "This looks interesting," She read the back of the books and gasped. "Oh, wow. These are about a haunted car."

"Kinda like Christine, right?" He asked.

Sky nodded. "Mmhmm. Yeah. But not as bloody, or at least I hope so. Annie says they're really good from what I remember her saying anyway." She replied. She picked up all three books and tucked them into her arms. Sam chuckled as he watched Sky look at a couple of more books until she found the ones she wanted.

Sam had picked up a few books but one of them was a cookbook for Sue just for funnies. He had picked up two other books that interested him, he was about o pay for Sky's books when she said, "I wanna buy them, Sammy."

Sky pull her books back towards her and got twenty dollars out of her coin purse and waited until the red head clerk was done with his stuff. Once he was done Sky was jumping on her feet with excitement, she gave the lady her money and she got her change back and putting her books in Sam's tot page.

As they were leaving Sky saw a glimpse of Alice's yellow sports car. She groaned and looked to her wolf. "They are here." She said. Sam nodded and flicked his nose to the side, meaning yes that they were in the store. Sky shivered and shook her head. "C'mon, let's go to the movies or we're gonna miss the trailers." She said.

Sam agreed and drove away, he noticed that Alice rushed outside and stomping on the ground like some five-year-old. The Alpha smirked and looked over to his imprint as she read the first book The Evil Moon and it had captured her imagination.

When they finally arrived, Sky bookmarked her book and waited in line with Sam to get tickets for her new favorite movie.

"So, who do you see yourself more, Eve or Wall-E?" She asked.

Sam looked to his imprint that now was to his shoulder and shrugged. "I dunno, kiddo. Maybe Eve more then anyone else. You?" He asked.

She smiled and said, "Wall-E." Sky wrapped her arm around his waist. She was excited to see this movie, it has been on her mind since the Disney has been advertising it since May! So, she was happy about this date night with her best friend.

"Leech." He muttered.

Sky looked to Sam with a questionable look. "They're here, aren't they?" She asked. Sam nodded and gripped Sky's hand after she felt how tense he was, she hated that the Cullens were still around and were hoping that they would leave with her sister and her weird family but nope. Sky just hoped that they stayed away from her and the wolves.

Sky looked back to find Alice and Jasper just two people behind them, she hated that they were here. The soon to be teen was safe with her wolf, so why was Alice and Jasper here?

"Next please." The movie clerk called out.

Sam and Sky stepped forwards. "Two for Wall-E please." Sky said. Sam smiled and paid the $14. "Thank you!" She said. The clerk smiled at them and told them to have a nice night.

Once they were inside Sam had gotten a large popcorn, two medium Cokes and one king size Reese's cups. When they settled down Sky got comfy and shared her popcorn with Sam.

"Are they coming in here?" She asked.

Sam looked to his imprint and sighed. "Didn't seem like it. A Woman in Berlin is also out so I have a feeling they're seeing that and not a kiddy movie." He said.

"Ah, ok. Good. I don't want my movie night ruined by a pixie and her lover." Sky said. Sam chuckled and pulled Sky closer to his person, he was happy that she declared that she didn't wanna see the Cullens no more aside from Rosalie and Emmett who were ok with him.

If was half way through the movie when Sam said he had to go to the bathroom, Sky said she would be ok until he got back.

When Sam finally got done with his business and washed his hands, he was trying to ignore the scent of sweet bleach and musk. The Alpha looked up the mirror to find Jasper beside him.

"Hello Sam," He said.

The Alpha nodded sternly and tried his hands. "Leech." He muttered.

Jasper sighed and looked to the wolf. "Look, I know you hate us, and you know we will try to stay as far away from Sky as we can-"

Sam turned to Jasper and hissed at him. "I want your wife to stay away from my imprint."

"I understand that, Sam-"

Sam gripped Jasper's collar and pushed him against a wall. "No, you don't," He said. "You don't know what I want for my imprint and it's for you dead fuckers to leave Forks and never come back."

Jasper nodded. "I understand." He said.

"Good." Sam said. He pushed Jasper away and fixed his collar. "This is your last warning, leave or else." He eyed the vampire one more time and walked out of the restroom. When he walked back into the theater and watched his imprint watch the movie, he noticed that Sky has grown up in the last two years. She went from a kid to a preteen and he was in for a ride when she gets older.

It after the movie when Sky and Sam walked out of the theater. Sky had tear stain cheeks, but it wasn't bad, they were happy tears. Wall-E got his happy ending with Eve so that's all that mattered.

As Sam was helping a very tired Sky into his truck he smelt a sweet sickly smell behind him. He turned around and saw Alice standing there.

"Had fun?" She asked.

Alice had a small vision just a few weeks prior about Sky getting excited about some kiddy movie about two robots in love. She was hoping that Sky wanted to see a more mature and that was what she and that didn't happen, which was very saddening to her.

Sky's eyes moved to Sam who looked very angry and back to Alice. "Um, good I guess. Wall-E was really cute, and Eve was gorgeous. So, it was pretty cool." She replied.

"Well I guess you didn't want to see A Woman in Berlin?" She asked.

Sky shook her head. "Um, isn't that rated R?"

"You are getting older, Sky, you have to start seeing more mature things." Alice declared.

"Says the vampire who started a newborn war." Sam said. He slammed the passenger door and marched around to the driver side.

"But, Sky needs to learn about the world once she gets older and now how dangerous it is." Alice said. She was hoping that fate was on her side, but she stopped when Sam growled at her, showing her his glowing eyes and extended incisors. She backed away in fright.

He hissed at her and said, "Sky can watch what she wants when she's older, she's too young for that type of movie. Leave us alone, or how about this; leave Forks." Sam got back in his truck and made a U turn back to La Push.

"Well, Sky needs to learn about the world and it's tragedies, you mutt!" She exclaimed at Sam's truck. She couldn't believe that Sam said no to Sky learning about the world, she was hoping that Sky was ready to be mature. If Alice had it, her way Sky would be having an all nighter with mature content.

On the road to La Push the truck lulled Sky to sleep, she leaned against Sam and his warmth. She couldn't believe that Alice wanted Sky to see such a sad movie. She had read in the newspapers that The Woman in Berlin was sad and not made for children under 15.

Sky took Sam's hand and rubbed her thumb over his knuckles. "I hope they leave us alone." She muttered.

Sam sighed and kissed her temple. "Me too, kiddo. Me too." He muttered.

Once they arrived back to the Clearwater-Swan household Sam guided in a sleepy Sky upstairs. With his super hearing Sam was heard Sue and Charlie to do extra actives and he didn't want Sky to hear her dad and Sue go at it like monkeys.

After Sky showered and did her nightly routine she was tucked in by Sam. She smiled at her wolf and held his warm hand. "I had a fun night tonight, Sammy." She whispered.

Sam smiled and nodded. "I did too, aside from running into the leeches, I had fun." He said. Sky nodded and pulled the covers closer to her chin. "Cold?" He asked. she nodded and pulled Ghost to her chest. Sam stood tall and closed her window that was randomly opened, he made sure that it was locked tightly before going back to his imprint and laying a kiss on her forehead. "I love you, kiddo." He muttered.

"I love you too, my wolf." She muttered sleeply.

Sam smiled and said goodnight to his imprint. He looked back at her one last time and saw that she was sleep, he was hoping that in the future Sky had more time to be a child and not so much as an adult. Sam wants to her live and be a kid and he was going to do that come hell or high water.

Not feeling a bit sleepy, he made it outside to phase into his wolf and catch up on patrols.

"Whoever is on patrol leave now," He said to his pack. "I'll take it from here."

"Got it, boss." Paul thought back to him.

Sam rolled his eyes and went off to patrol with Leah by his side. He was glad that hid pack were finally on his side and not being kids as they once were, they were protecting their own. Their families, imprints and La Push. No leech was going to come take their loved ones, even if that meant killing a Cullen or two.

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