Author's Notes: Hello friends and welcome to another update, so this is my experience with going to a WWE show back in January of 2019. Btw, it was so fun! Seeing all my favorite wrestlers in person was amazing. Tell me in the comments if y'all have ever been to a WWE show; rather it be live event on tv or house show, ain't it fun? I hope y'all enjoyed the update!

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Megan Charpentier-Sky Swan

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WWE+Twilight: You're Going Down!

January 24, 2009

Sky, age 13

It was finally time for Sky to see her favorite wrestlers. She has been watching WWE since she was really young, she blames Phil for that. On his off days he would watch WWE and Sky would join him, even when it was on the Sci-fi channel, she would enjoy it either way. Sky thought Gangrel was her favorite vampire.

It was around Christmas time that Charlie had given her the tickets as a gift for helping out around the house, keeping up her good grades and the whole nine yards. Plus, Carlisle pitched in and bought half of them so that Sky, Sam, Leah and Seth would sit front row; near the action.

It was a long drive, but it was worth it for them to see such an important show, well house show but still a show.

Once they arrived at the small arena in Sam told, more like ordered, Seth and Leah to get to their sets while Sam took Sky to find a t-shirt. She couldn't decide between a Natalya or Maryse shirt, the alpha said both which got the 13-year-old excited. Just as an extra he got her a Miz shirt which she really liked.

They discovered that SmackDown would be at Port Angles which was Sky and Seth's favorite roster.

When they got their snacks and drinks, they settle down the show started with the national anthem and said 'thank you' to the soldiers that served our country. Once that was over first to come out was CM Punk vs Chris Jericho that was kicking off the show.

Sky leaned against the barrier and cheered off to Punk, she wanted him to win because she noticed that their feud looked more serious than not. She felt bad when Punk lost his match, but he went around and said hi to some of his fans, even her and Leah.

Punk kinda flirted with Leah which had Sky and Seth laughing, he signed their stuff and said goodbye. But not before stopping when he heard, "I bet you'll get that heavy weight championship sooner than ya think, Punk!" He looked back to the child and gave her a thumbs up before going around the corner.

Sky looked back to Sam who smiled and sipped his beer. "Do you think he'll get the title?" She asked.

Sam shrugged. "Who knows. He might. WWE is crazy like that." He replied. Sky nodded and looked back to the ring with excitement in her eyes.

Chris Jericho stood in front of the small child and raised his eyebrow at her. "What's your name kid?" He asked making sure all of the arena saw them on the tron.

Sky eyed the flashy wrestler and smirked at him. "Bella Swan-Cullen." She said. Seth nudged her but found it funny too.

Chris nodded and got out his list. "And you friend behind you?" He asked.

Sky turned around and looked to Sam, he gave her a nod and chuckled. She turned back to Jericho and said, "Edward Cullen." Leah couldn't help it and fell over laughing, she knew what Sky was doing. She knew that her sister and brother-in-law's name will official and forever be on Jericho's list.

He held up his pen and said, "Well, since you two are fans of Punk your names areā€¦"

"Going on the list?" Seth asked.

Jericho looked to the young man and asked, "Now what's your name?"

"Well, I'm a fan of yours Mr. Jericho, by the way love the jacket!" Seth exclaimed.

Jericho smirked and nodded. "Alright then. I respect you, my good sir. But your friend is going on this list."

Seth shrugged. "It's ok. Bella deserves it." He said.

"As I was saying, your name and Edward's are going on the list!" Jericho exclaimed.

Sky nodded. "That's fine, but I still think Punk deserves that title more then you." She said and walked to her wolf, leaving a dump founded Chris Jericho behind and the audience laughing at him.

After recovering from laughing so hard in her life, Leah sat next to Sam and asked, "Do you smell that?"

Sam hummed. "Aside from sweat and beer in the air, yes. Leech."

"It's not who you think it is." Leah said having her back to him. Sam turned around and almost cackled when he saw Rosalie with a very embarrassed look and Emmett wearing a Dolph Ziggler t-shirt with a Cena armband.

"Let's go!" The giant vampire shouted. Rosalie looked so embarrassed, if she could blush, she would.

Sam shook his head and looked back to the ring where Mandy Cena and Natalya were feuding. Sky was cheering for while Mandy, Seth and Leah cheered for Natalya to win.

It was neck to neck between the two legendary ladies. But Mandy got the upper hand when she did Jeff Hardy's move Swanton Bomb and got the win on the three count.

The Clearwater siblings kinda made a face but Sky did a happy dance while Sam took pictures of her. He was happy that Sky was having a good time, he was glad that she didn't just sit around a brood all day. She was supposed to be a kid not some moody teen, which he hoped that she didn't turn out like that.

Mandy said a quick hi to her fans and even got a "Sorry about Chris Benoit." From a preteen, which made her smile and cry at the same time. She was hoping that some kids would remember Chris ten maybe fifteen years from now.

It was tow hours into the show and Sky really had to go to the bathroom, but she didn't wanna miss Maryse vs Michelle McCool.

Michelle wanted the Divas championship which Sky was hoping that she wouldn't win because Maryse was a way better champ then she was. Maryse got Michelle to tap out which had Sam and Sky cheering on for them.

What had Sky rolling her eyes was Brock Lesner and his manager Paul Heyman came out, flexing his muscles and think his shit didn't stick which it did.

"My client, Brock Lesner, wants a challenge. He wants to face the meanest bastard there is in the business. He wants John Cena!" Paul said. Sky cheered and Sam howled for Cena to come. "But, that's too bad. Cena ain't here in this washed up state you call Washington."

Sky booed and thumbs down the giant while Sam rolled his eyes. He hated Brock Lesner and he was happy Sky did too.

Sam looked up to Brock and the blond wrestler who was making fun of the Native American. Sam stood tall and pointed to Paul.

"Oh, oh we have a challenger!" Paul said. He and Brock got out of the ring and stood face to face with him. He asked, "What's your name, kid?"

"I don't think I should tell my name to some sleaze balls like you two." Sam said. Sky stood next time and started to giggle.

Paul's jaw dropped and Brock narrowed his eyes. Now the wrestler was mad, who did this kid think he was? Brock tried to grab the kid, but he was faster; much faster!

Sam grabbed Brock's wrist in a tight grip and punched him across the face, the huge wrestler groaned and grabbed his now broken jaw. Sam cracked his knuckles and watched as they retreated backstage.

Sam looked to Sky, who raised her hand for a high five. "That giant turd deserved it." She said. Sam smirked and high fived her right back. He was happy that he lived out his dream of punching the giant who didn't need to be on WWE because he didn't deserve to be there in the first place.

Two hours later and one voiceless Sky they were hitting the road back home, but not before Sam was stopped by Hunter or Triple H.

"Hey, kid you were amazing. We need more talent like you." Hunter said.

Sam shrugged. "Sorry, I would love to, but I can't."

Hunter looked to the child in the front set and nodded. "I get it, you can't leave family behind but at least think about it." Hunter gave him his business card and nodded. "We would love to have someone like you on our Raw roster. By the way, you pretty much bruised Brock up pretty well." He said goodbye to them, got in his rental and drove away.

Sam looked to Sky, who looked sad and messed with her promise bracelet. He shook his head. "Not gonna happen, kiddo. I ain't leaving you nor the pack behind." He said.

Sky nodded and hugged her wolf. "I understand." She rasped out.

Sam chuckled. "Ok, let's go have a late-night visit to Carlisle and see what he can do to your voice."

"I kinda like that she can't talk." Leah commented.

Sky turned to her sister and narrowed her eyes, she pinched Leah's thigh which did nothing to the wolf. She only shrugged and looked out the window while Seth chuckled.

Once they arrived to the Cullens' house Carlisle was looking down Sky's throat. The good vampire doctor saw how red and raw it was. "How did this happen?" He asked.

"WWE house show," Seth said watching Esme as she made tea for the youngest Swan.

Carlisle nodded and pulled away from her, he laid his cold hands on her glands and felt how swollen they were. He pulled back and gave a slight sorry because of his hands. "I advise to not talk for a bit, drink some warm tea and rest until you can speak again."

"Don't want people thinking you're a boy with your voice." Leah said.

Sky rolled her eyes and tried to laugh but it hurt to, so she just waved her hands at the she-wolf. The youngest Swan looked to the doctor and nodded that she understood and took the tea from Esme. It felt good, it soothed her throat. She said a silent thank you to the mother vampire which Esme just smiled back to the child.

Esme wished that she had Edward's powers to understand what she was saying. Sky was such a sweet girl that she nor Carlisle never want to see her become one of them. Hell, the Denalis and the Romanians want to see her grow up and have a normal-ish human life.

When he noticed that she was getting tired, Sam said goodbye to the vampires and drove him, his imprint and his pack home.

Charlie and Sue wanted to know how the house show went but they noticed Sky was deep asleep and decided to say goodnight. Leah helped Sue change Sky for the night and Sam wanted to say a quick goodbye.

He told Charlie about their quick visit to Carlisle because she lost her voice and said the type of tea Esme used, but Sue said she knew one that would help Sky quicker, which Sam was thankful for.

Sam sat next to his sleepy Imprint and lightly kissed her forehead. "I love you, my little Sky." He rubbed his scent on her pillow and smirked when she took the pillow and nuzzled into it. He was happy that she recognized his scent, it made his wolf howl like crazy. Sam said his goodbye to Sky and ran his rounds, letting Jared and Quil go for the night.

Sam was happy for the moments he had with Sky, they weren't going to waste them away they were going to make them last until their last breath.

Author's Notes: Welp I hope y'all enjoyed the update, or this small crossover. I had fun doing it. just a little story: I have been a fan of WWE since 2008 and it has been a long time, but I did have to stop watching for a bit until my car accident in 2016, which 6 is not my favorite number like at all. So around Christmas time I started to watch WWE again and I haven't stopped since, aside from missing one SmackDown Live episode during fourth of July, but that's beside the point! I went to my first house show in January of this year and it was so fun! Lost my voice and maybe scared the wrestlers when I asked them to come back in the next four years, but it was fun and if are a WWE fan then say who your favorite wrestler is, male or female, in the reviews. And the reason why I chose a WWE chapter was because you can't waste your life away by doing nothing and going to a once in a life time show was amazing, I recommend it even if it's not WWE. And I wanted Sam and Sky to have those moments too with the pack or her dad and step-mom.

Long story short, I had fun writing this chapter and I hope y'all did too. I will see y'all a next time, bye, bye!

P.S. I saw Moana for the first time awhile back and OMG, she is awesome. I loved Moana and Maui, so cute. Kinda reminded me of Judy and Nick, Zootopia I love to death! I digress.