Loonatics Unleashed

Le Renard Rouge II: Rogue Agent

Chapter 1: Back in Black

Times do change. New threats look to take over, or blow Acmetropolis to kingdom come. The plots vary as much as the antagonists do. It is my task to make sure a blaze of glory is extinguished, or save the world behind the scenes. You need daring, you need brains, you need fight, and a sense of style. You put it in a leather catsuit, and you got me

"A new look...Mr. Tech has style," I said to myself,

The Loonatics recruited me as a field intelligence operative. In other words, a spy. I changed my old leather catsuit for a new style. The new black suit is real leather, and looks and feels like real snakeskin. It has a ring pull zipper, fingerless gloves with wrist straps with 4 small buckles on the wrists, and 3 inch block heels not made as separate boots.

It comes with a short body black leather jacket, and a belt in the same size with the same style buckle for my gadgets. I'll never be as fast as Rev, but I have something that can give me a boost as long as I wear a helmet. Count on the Italy to make something fast, and beautiful. My ride is a Ducati Panigale V4. I was going for a ride when a call came in.

It was Lexi, "Foxy...love the new suit,"

"Hello contact, same here, how can I help you?" I asked,

"I hate to interrupt your girl time, but you got an assignment, Isabella Von Vultur's threatening to turn Acmetropolis into a crater, you're the nearest to her base, it's an island in the middle of a lake made from an extinct volcano about fifty miles from your location, nothing you can't handle, Foxy, Lexi out," she explained, good to see an old friend again.

I suppose that goes both ways. I must say, Isabella has a thing for picking good locations for hideouts. The others must be busy with different assignments. With my helmet on, I sped off in the directions given to me on the onboard navigation system in the visor of my helmet. One thing to keep in mind is that one cannot expect every detail to be given.

When I got to the location of the extinct volcano, I turned off the motorcycle and the navigation switch in my helmet before taking it off. Lexi did not tell me there were 20m cliff faces, and there are guards on the island. I don't have any gadgets to get down to the island. There was no other way down. It will not surprise me that Ol' Issy is expecting me.

"Well, here we go..." I thought to myself, looking down

I was at the edge. A few small rocks fell into the lake below. I kept my feet together, and raised my arms to shoulder height. I slowly dropped my hands at my sides as I leaned over, and raised them as I dived off, forming my body in a 'Y' shape. Halfway into my dive, I placed my hands over my head, forming a tip, entering the lake with a small splash.

Here is hoping my splash was small enough not to get the attention of the guards. Getting down was an easy task, getting back up is not. I swam underwater to the island, and got onto the shore. I stealthily got up to him from behind, and struck the back of the neck with a backhand, works every time. I searched him, and found a swipe card to get in.

I looked around the volcanic island, staying low around the trees and bushes. There did not seem to be a way in, at least not a visible one. That was until I saw what appeared to be a touchpad. With a touch of the card, the ground around me began to sink, and lower into an elevator to fit a person. I appeared to have infiltrated the garage of the base.

'Hmm...Roman styling, how quaint' I thought,

I overheard two guards, "Has anyone seen Hans?"

"No, I was talking to him moments ago," said the other,

I walked over to the spiral stair with my boot heels clopping on the white marble floor. Then came Issy with her usual calm, collected demeanor, "YOU BLITHERING IDIOTS! THAT LITTLE VIXEN JUST GOT INTO THE BASE UNDER YOUR VERY BEAKS! DON'T JUST STAND THERE! CAPTURE THE BLASTED VIXEN! YOU MORONS!" she blasted on a base intercom

There is one thing to expect from Von Vultur, a few surprises here and there. I kept my eyes out for any traps. As I was walking down a hallway, the hallway behind me began to explode. I made a break for it as fast as I can run, and dived forward over the edge of a railing with a midair tuck midway through, and landed safely on the lower level feet first.

I soon slow heard clapping as I was greeted by my hostess, "Well done, most impressive," said Isabella, and pulled out a remote control with a red button, "by the way, did you not take this into account?" the ground shook as the lower level was a missile silo, "My word...how rude of me, I did not bring a welcoming party, my soldiers...SKIN THAT FOX!"

"No need, Issy, you win," I said, putting my paws up,

"What?!" she said in disbelief, "what do you mean by that?"

"I am unarmed, and you have all the resources and all the weapons, the fate of Acmetropolis is in your talons, I have no chance of winning," I explained, and I was seized by her avian soldiers. I was tied up to a column in the computer control center of the base. Isabella may have her ways. I have mine. I always have something hidden under my sleeve.