I have an idea. You know how every DOOM crossover focuses on our boy the Slayer, right? Well what if we focused on someone/something else? I took inspiration for this when I was reading up on the Demon Runes from DOOM (2016)'s multiplayer, and got to thinking. Now this is a thing.

All Alex could feel was pain. Something had gone wrong, and now he was paying for it in full. He had been a Tier 2 Advocate for the UAC, and he had been chosen by Samuel Hayden himself to be the subject of a top secret experiment involving the transfer of consciousnesses. He had wanted to create a powerful soldier, and what better way than to replace a demon's mind with that of a human's?

He had been briefed on everything that had happened beforehand. The demon he was going to take control of was none other than the Cyberdemon itself. They had upgraded it with a Tether System and had it in hibernation so it wouldn't escape if anything went wrong. But something had. During the transfer process, the huge amounts of energy had managed to trigger the Tether System, taking the Cyberdemon who knows where, and dragging his consciousness along for the ride.

Now Alex was flying through a wormhole as his mind started taking control of the demon. It wasn't difficult, the demon's mind had been evicted before the Tether System went haywire, but the process was still excruciatingly painful. When he emerged from the other side of the portal, he was dumped unceremoniously on the ground. He started to slowly get up, but it wasn't easy, as he had been mentaly drained from the whole ordeal. As he sat up, he took in his surroundings. His four eyes allowed him to take in greater detail, he was in a forest. He was regaining energy quicker, hugely thanks to the Argent Accumulator in his chest.

He was on a grassy hill in a clearing surrounded by tall trees, but due to his elevated position and massive stature, he could easily see over them. He was surrounded by a sea of green trees, stretching out further than his eyes could see. He then examined himself.

He was truly in the body of the legendary Cyberdemon. He could feel the power coursing through him and the Accumulator acted like a heart, beating the Argent Energy through his body, fueling him. He examined the Tether System that had been implanted next to his heart, and it had been burnt to a crisp. There was no way he could return to Mars, at least not yet. It looked like he was back on Earth. His first thought was to make it to civilization, but he immediately realized that was a terrible idea. He was a massive demon, so everyone would surely panic upon seeing him. No, he would have to hide until the UAC came to retrieve him.

As he walked through the forest, each step thundering and scaring away animals, he thought about what he would do if someone found him. He probably wouldn't have to kill them, he doubted people would believe them and would just label them as insane. He couldn't speak, the demon didn't have vocal cords, so he wouldn't be able to reason with anyone if they proved hostile. After what felt like an hour of walking, he found a large cave, big enough to fit his large frame. He trudged inside, and found it was much deeper than he thought it would be. As he went deeper, he realized he could see in the dark. Everything seemed perfectly lit. After a few minutes of walking, he found the end of it. Deciding this was a good enough cave, he went back outside and looked around more.

When he reemerged in the forest, he was surprised to see that it was night. He must've been in there longer than he thought. He was about to go back inside and sleep till morning, but when he looked up to gaze at the moon, he froze in shock. The moon had been shattered. This wasn't Earth. Instead of standing there like an idiot, he went back into the cave to sleep. As he sat down in the corner and closed his eyes, he thought of how everyone was holding up back home.

The Next Morning

Alex awoke to talking. He could smell something as well, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was. It smelled really good. He didn't give any indication he was awake, and continued listening.

"The fuck is this thing?" He heard someone say.

"Dunno, but it's not moving. Think it's dead?" He heard another respond.

"Probably. We should report this to Adam." He was going to let them go, but when he heard that, he knew he couldn't let them leave. He opened his eyes, and looked at the now terrified, intruders. There were three of them, and they were wearing strange white uniforms and masks. But the strangest thing was their animal parts. They had animal ears sprouting from their heads, one even had a tail.

He sat there staring at them for a few moments, before one of them opened fire on him. The bullets were very weak and he barely felt them. He lunged out with a claw, grabbing a beast man and holding him up to his face for a closer look. The smell was stronger, and it was coming from the three beast men. It was so good, like cooked meat. He would be salivating if he could. Then, without even thinking, he ate him and swallowed him whole. He tasted delicious. Then he realized what the aroma was. He could, literally, smell their sins. And it made him hungry.

He could see the sins the man he had committed throughout his life, and it dashed any guilt he may have felt. They were members of a terrorist group, though he still didn't know the name. The one he had eaten had smelled strongly, but the other two were a little stronger. He stood up and grabbed another, eating him as well, then finally doing the same with the last. It was a delectable meal. He craved more. He was brought out of his thoughts by the smell once again wafting into his nose. It was coming from outside.

He left the cave and began following the scent like a bloodhound. Eventually he came across a town, and it looked like it was under attack by bandits. He could see innocents being dragged out of their homes and killed by laughing thieves. The smell drove him mad with hunger. He immediately charged the closest bandit, a large man that was attempting to kill a woman. He picked him up and dropped him in his open maw in one swift motion. He was delicious. This further fed into his feeding frenzy as the bandits saw him and started shooting at him, despite the bullets doing nothing. He tore his way through the town, devouring any bandits he came across.

Eventually, as he turned a corner and could see the town square. People were being rounded up for an unknown reason. But none of that mattered to him. What did matter to him was the pale woman in black with a large white mask. He could pick out her scent from the rest. It was overwhelming, and it sent him into a blood rage. He let out a blood curdling roar and started sprinting at her full speed. She seemed extremely surprised by his appearance and hesitated. That was all the time he needed to reach her and take a swipe at her. She dodged it and stared at him.

He started shooting at her with his missile launcher, which she promptly dodged. It was infuriating him. She shot at him with lightning speed and slashed at his leg. It only caused a minor scratch. Her stench was driving him mad with hunger. He started slashing and shooting her with wild ferocity, she dodged every one of them, but just barely. Eventually she jumped onto his face, grabbing his horn to stay on. She reeled back to stab him in the eye, but he snatched her off his face. He held her tight, and he was about to eat her, she stabbed into his hand hard enough to drop her out of reflex. Then she slashed into the air, summoning a portal, then jumping through. Then said portal closed, making her scent vanish and solidifying her escape.

He stood there for a moment, shocked, before roaring to the heavens in pure rage at letting his prey escape. He started smashing and slicing any bandits still alive, not even caring to eat them. When he finally snapped out of his frenzy, he realized he had destroyed the entire town, along with everyone in it. He didn't even care he had just slaughtered the innocents, he was still pissed about letting the woman escape.

As he began the trek back to his cave, a crow watched from a distant pile of rubble. But Alex didn't see it. Soon he would wish he had exterminated it.

3 Days Later

Alex was getting better at hunting sinners. He had found a base housing more of those beast men terrorists, White Fang apparently, and had eaten them all. He was feeling much better about losing the woman, but he vowed to not let her escape next time. He had also begun encountering these strange black creatures more and more. Some looked like wolves, some bears, and even a few birds. One time he had even returned to his cave to find a large scorpion taking up residence. That was a fun fight. What was even stranger is that whenever one died, it dissolved into ash, and that ash would promptly be absorbed by his heart as if it were Argent Energy. The aforementioned scorpion had given him a massive boost, and he felt fully energized afterward.

When he got closer to the cave, he could hear people. He slowly crept up on the clearing where his cave entrance was and saw a large group of strangely dressed humans, along with a few beast men. None of them smelled of sin, at least not strong enough to entice him, so he simply observed. They were dressed strangely and wielded stranger weapons. They were talking amongst themselves. They were confused as to where he was, saying someone named Professor Ozpin had given them bad intel. Another said it was impossible, and suggested they wait for "the Grimm" to return and ambush him, whatever a Grimm was. He guessed it was what those shadow monsters were called.

Alex guessed that they were monster hunters of some sort, and that someone had survived the town massacre and told people about him. He decided that the cave was no longer safe, however, as he was about to leave, one of the beast men heard him. Alex heard him shout for his comrades attention, then heard them give chase to him. He started sprinting away from them, not wanting to kill them since they didn't have the smell, but they were faster and caught up to him quickly. They started attacking him, ranging from slashes to stabs, shots to blasts, one of them even started launching fireballs out of his hands, and Alex knew what had to be done. If he kept running, they would follow him until he was dead, which wouldn't happen unless they blew his head off or removed his heart. He didn't like it, but he knew he had to kill them. He stopped, turned around, extended his wrist blade, and roared at them in defiance.

He launched a flame wave that hit one of them and sent them flying into a tree, his charred corpse sliding to the ground. Another screamed in anger and charged him, only to be swatted away by a mighty claw. But this one didn't die. It seemed there was something protecting them. It experimented by roasting her with another flame wave, leaving her in the same state as the first. Whatever was protecting them, it didn't seem to do anything against his hellfire. So he developed a new strategy. He would knock them away with a swipe of his hand and then bathe them in hellfire. His rocket launcher was good at taking care of anyone who kept their distance, not getting within swipe range.

The entire time he felt like someone was watching from a distance. Observing and learning. He ignored it. He figured it was just paranoia that one would escape. When all were dead, he was tired and even a little wounded. His heart would heal them in time, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. As he trudged away, he thought about the people he'd killed. He thought if they had any family waiting for them wherever they came from. He banished those thoughts, they were looking for a fight and refused to back down or leave him alone. It was their fault. They forced his hand. And he wouldn't hesitate to kill anymore of these monster hunters if they attacked him.

After an hour of walking, killing Grimm and allowing his heart to heal his wounds, he found another cave. He explored it with caution, examining every corner to ensure nothing was hiding in it. After thoroughly searching it and being satisfied by the lack of residents, he took up shelter. He was tired after all the fighting, so he went right to sleep. As he slumbered, not a single dream met him, only darkness. He would wander the darkness as his body rested. It was peaceful.

Let me know if this story is worthy of future chapters. I'd much appreciate it.