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Kim Burgess had two pressing problems in her life at that moment.

One, as she fixed her hair and straightened her already immaculate full blues uniform in her hallway mirror, was that she could possibly be late for her Detective Promotional Ceremony.

The second, was that she was falling in love with Jay Halstead, had been actively avoiding him all week long and would have to face him at said Detective Promotional Ceremony.

She huffed at herself in her empty apartment, before rushing out the door when Kevin text her to see if she at the venue yet.

She was the only one of their little group of three officers to go ahead and take the exam this time around and she had passed the week previously. She had stuck her results and official letter of registration to her refrigerator, all it took now was getting her badge today.

Kim shut off her phone as she got into her car and headed off, ignoring the missed calls and unread texts from Jay.

She tried to focus on happier, certain, things. Like the fact that Nicole and Zoe had flown in the previous week for moral support and hung around as a mini-family holiday and would be at the ceremony.

Having her sister and niece in town for a good reason was the best feeling in the world.

It also meant that she had a brilliant excuse to take week off from work and avoid a certain handsome Detective.

Effective? Maybe.

Childish? Absolutely.

She just didn't know how to face him with these newfound feelings and the fact that she had nearly tried to hit on him in Molly's after her results had been released and he hadn't responded.

Or, they had been way too far into each other's personal space outside Molly's front door, the celebratory drinks were still coursing through her veins and she may have put a hand on his chest and told him he was the best person in her life.

And he just looked at her with this unreadable expression until the door was burst open by other patrons of the bar.

But could anyone blame her? He was heartbreakingly handsome, had a great heart and then he had gone and stayed with her all night in the hospital until Nicole had arrived. When leaving her hospital room, he might as well have taken her heart with him.

And so, Kim had hidden her head in the sand and hoped that it would be forgotten and that she hadn't just gone and ruined their friendship.

She arrived with time to spare and put her gloves and hat on as she crossed the road and made her way into the venue.

Her heart swelled at the sight that met her in the hallway.

Her entire unit in their dress blues.

She had remained adamant that they didn't need to attend, it was just a badge to add to her uniform. But Voight had cornered her after her hundredth brush off about the ceremony and told him, in his way, that they were a family and they were going to be there for her.

She beamed at them all. They had all been through so much together, it was nice to have a good occasion to be in their dress blues. She felt the familiar ache when she found herself looking for Al. But he was always with her, with the unit.

"There she is." Kevin called, spotting her first.

"Hey Kev, get it right, we have to bow to her now, we're only lowly officers. She's a Detective now." Adam teased, following Kevin's lead and giving her a hug. "Congrats Kim, you deserve this." He whispered just for her to hear.

She smiled to herself, breathing his familiar scent in. They may not have worked out, but she would always love Adam Ruzek.

"Yeah well us female Detectives will take over next, right Serge?" Hailey beamed, taking her place next in line to give Kim a hug and calling out to Trudy who was with the group.

"Too right." Trudy said, giving Kim one of her rare brief hugs. "Proud of you Burgess."

Antonio was next to congratulate her again, "Well done Kim, ugh I feel like a proud big brother." He said smiled as he hugged her.

"You guys stop, you're going to make me cry and ruin my makeup and the pictures." Kim laughed, sending them all a bright smile.

She didn't mean to, she really didn't mean to, but her gaze fell on Jay's figure in the group.

How could it not, with him looking illegally handsome in his blues, with eyes seemingly only for her. He went to say something but was interrupted by Zoe calling her.

"Auntie Kim! There you are!" Zoe dragged her Mom down the hallway to the group.

"Hey you two. How's it going?" Kim greeted her niece and sister with a hug.

"We got the best seats in the house Auntie Kim." Zoe beamed, practically bouncing on her feet

"Because we were the first people let into the building this morning. I'm still half asleep." Nicole explained with a grin. "Oh hey, you all look amazing, do you want me to take a picture before the ceremony?"

Kim had never met anyone as strong as Nicole but Kim's admiration only grew when her sister somehow managed to corral both Voight and Platt in and out of various pictures for the next ten minutes.

"C'mon Kim, move in closer, you'd think you don't even know each other." Nicole called as she snapped pictures on her phone while Kim stood apart from Jay.

Kim pleaded with only an expression that her sister could interrupt.

I like this guy, can you not make it so obvious?

She hadn't used it since highschool when she had tried to flirt with her childhood crush and Nicole had interrupted her. Her sister just raised an eyebrow in response but it was too late.

Kim tried to laugh the comments off and they moved closer together, until Jay could slip an arm loosely around her waist. She tried not to jump at the contact. She quickly cast a glance at him to see him feigning a smile as strained as her own.

So, he hadn't forgotten about the other night. Great.

"Great! Got it! Oops think it's time to move." Nicole said as the ushers started calling for the audience to move into the main room.

"Listen Kim," Jay removed his arm from her waist, but let his hand catch hers briefly. "I…"

But whatever he was going to say got cut off by everyone gathered in the hallway moving on mass.

"Yeah?" She asked, finally gathering her courage to look him in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Nothing," He shook his head. "Hey, congratulations." He followed the unit and she was moved to a line of other newly minted Detectives as everyone else gathered in their seats.

The ceremony itself passed in a blur of speeches and her trying not to look in Jay's direction in the crowd, until it was time for her to take the stage.

Detective Kim Burgess had never sounded so good.

She looked out into the crowd to see that Kevin and Adam had somehow hoisted Zoe up with her sign waving above her head with the words "Go Auntie Kim" draw in an assortment of glitter. The sight of the rest of her unit, her family, made tears gather in her eyes again as she tried to frame the scene in her mind.

There was a banquet of refreshments laid out afterwards and they all gathered again. Voight and Trudy were deep in conversation, Hailey and Antonio had spotted some old colleagues and Kevin and Adam were keeping Nicole and Zoe entertained. That was when Jay found her.

"Hey." He gave her a small smile. "Eh…that badge suits you." He pointed to the shining piece now attached to her uniform.

"Oh, thanks. Thanks." She replied and bit her tongue from throwing anymore awkward filler words at the man.

"Listen Kim, I wanted to…" He started but paused, "Voight told me something, a couple weeks back. That you and I had both been burnt before…with 'in-house' relationships. And I," He took a breath but she was already holding hers. "I don't want you to get hurt. I don't want to mess up our work lives."

Kim wanted the ground to swallow her up. She had ruined everything. And he was trying to let her down gently.

"All units be advised there is reports of multiple gunshots fired at police and pedestrians. 4th and Chesterfield."

Their radios seemed to boom around the hall. Two blocks over.

Her unit were already on the way out the door before Kim could find herself after nearly getting lost in Jay's eyes. She shook herself; it was already time to put her new badge to work. Jay shook his head slightly as an apology for having to leave.

"Serge, I'll come too." Kim followed Jay to where Voight was the last one of them leaving the room after barking out orders.

Voight hesitated for a split second, before appearing to accept her offer. "Everyone else is gone, you ride with Halstead. We'll meet you there."

Kim looked back to wave quickly to Zoe and Nicole before she followed Halstead's movements, running as fast as their legs would carry them to his car parked down the road.

They didn't talk as they ran, Kim didn't think she could form coherent words right now anyway, and they slipped into his car. Jay turned on the lights and Kim responded over the radio.

It was when they pulled off that Kim relaxed for a few seconds, it was nice, comforting, to be back in Jay's car, just the two of them.

With Jay concentrating on speeding through the city streets, Kim decided to be the one to bite the proverbial bullet, "Look. I get it. I'm sorry if I overstepped."


"Last week. We're colleagues and I shouldn't have made any assumptions so…"

"Kim, I think of you as a lot more than a work colleague."

"Yeah." She shook her head, "I mean yeah we're good friends." Kim finally risked a glance over at him.

Jay seemed to sigh, taking his focus off the road long enough to meet her eye.

They happened upon the scene too quickly for anymore to be said. It was chaos. Cars, people, everywhere, moving, shouting..

She dived out of her door and rounded the car to Jay.

"You good?" He asked, gun drawn as she placed a hand on his shoulder and drew her own gun.

"Good. Let's move." She responded.

It was different, being partnered with Jay. After weeks of, well falling in love with him, and seeing all the sides of the guy she had worked with for six years, she could nearly tell what he was going to do before he did it.

They moved quickly and efficiently, clearing the area around them before proceeding toward the building where their unit had already breached.

"Third floor clear." Hailey's voice came over the radio.

"We got the fourth floor." Kim responded as she and Jay climbed the stairs. When they got to the floor, he moved to the far side of the door. They both strained for any noise on the other side and he looked at her with eyebrows raised.

She bit back a smile. He was giving her the go ahead to lead them, after all she was a Detective now too. It was nice to know that he trusted her as much as she trusted him.

"Move in." She nodded.

He silently shouldered the door open and they moved into the hallway, clinging to the wall as they checked all the offices along the way.

A clattering sound further on made Kim's blood run cold.

They had, unfortunately, been in this situation to many times before and proceeded just like always.

Kim lined herself up and Jay kicked the door in, she entered with speed and precision, clearing the area in front of her before locating the source of the noise.

A woman with a gunshot wound. Kim ducked to the woman, who was in and out of consciousness, as Jay cleared the rest of the room.

"Sole suspect in custody." Voight's voice came through their radios and they both sighed in relief. Kim was already putting pressure on the wound as Jay shouted down his radio for an ambulance. They both kept up their first aid, until the paramedics arrived.

"Everyone good?" Platt asked, as the unit regrouped with the rest of patrol gathered out front.

Kim's heart was hammering like it always did with these situations. The blood stain on Jay's shirt matched the ones on her sleeves.

"Okay, everyone back to the District, we're going to have to write up our reports." Voight said. He paused when he's eyes landed on Kim. "Burgess if you…"

"No Serge, it's all good. I'll meet up with my family later, they'll understand. I got more pressing family business to attend to."

How she and Jay ended up being the last two in the Bullpen, Kim didn't understand.

The ended up being the last ones in the office. Kevin and Adam and found paperwork she had never seen before, but needed a Detective signature and she couldn't turn it down, not on her first day.

The team left one by one, wishing Kim a good day and telling her they'd see her tomorrow. Her big day had taken a hit, but Nicole and Zoe would be ordering her favourite takeout when she got home.

So, until she finished the apparent mountain of paperwork, she was stuck with Jay. Alone.

Voight had had to leave suddenly for some undisclosed reason after Platt had called him, not before Platt had left new case files on Jay's desk too.

The worst part of the entire thing?

She couldn't look at him. She couldn't concentrate on her work, but she couldn't look up from it either and risk meeting his eyes..

The dreadful silence ended not fifteen minutes later when she heard Jay's chair move and his footsteps echoed across the floor.

"Hey Kim?"

She hesitated before lifting her head to meet his gaze, "Yeah?"

He was standing halfway between their desks. "What I said earlier…"

"No." She stood up, "No you don't have to explain anything. It's fine. Honestly. We're just…we're cool right? Friends." She hurled her words at him, trying to ease over any tension that stood between them.

He seemed to breathe slowly, "Yeah definitely, we're cool."

"Good. Great." She faked a smile.

"Yeah but…"


"Kim, I just gotta come out and say it here." He shrugged. "I like you. I really like you. And I was hoping that I didn't read last week all wrong, I guess I was hoping you liked me too?"

To say that she was dumbstruck would be an understatement.

Kim nearly had to pinch herself as they both stood as still as statues.

"I…I…" she couldn't form words, all she could do was smile at him.

Jay. This was Jay.

And he liked her back.

She suddenly felt like a lovestruck shy preteen.

"It happened all kind of slowly and then quickly." He admitted, scratching the back of his head. "I just, you're beautiful and I can't concentrate when you walk past my desk." He laughed, "I love hearing about you and your day and your life. But I know we work together. And Voight's right, we have to be careful. And the last thing I want to do is hurt you Kim. But do you think you'd want to give it a shot?"

She could have swooned at the longing look he was sending her way.

"Yeah…I…yes. Yes, I would."

"Really?" He gave her the sweetest half-smile as if he was scared to believe her.

"I don't get any work done anymore with you sitting there right in my eyeline." She admitted with a laugh of her own. "You brought me coffee I could drink in the hospital for crying out loud."

It wasn't as terrifying as she thought it could be. Fully admitting her feelings, her thoughts.

This was Jay, she trusted him implicitly, even more so after their past few weeks together.

"Well we could grab coffee outside work then sometime?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

"Okay then." He didn't bother to try and hide his smile.

"Okay." She grinned.

"We should probably finish up this paperwork. Oh and Kevin text me like ten minutes ago, the unit is planning a surprise party at your place, your sister's idea, so I've to bring you there after we're finished."

"Oh that's so sweet." She replied as he went back to his seat. "That's where those two got their paperwork then huh?" She laughed looking down at her desk, she couldn't believe she had bought their weak cover.

"Think so" He grinned. "Sergeant Platt must be in on it, she landed me with all of this, I do not understand any of it."

"Sorry, you got the short end of the stick, having to stay here."

He looked up at her, "Nah, I'm good. I got lucky."

"How long do you think we have to give them to set up?" She asked.

Jay checked his phone. "Kev said to give them half an hour. We could probably head off soon."

Kim nodded, filing away all the fake paperwork into a folder, and quickly checking the actual case report was okay. Kim went to move to the hallway, to put the case files in the cabinets when she heard Jay move again.

"Hey Detective?" He asked.

"Yeah?" She asked, turning back to him.

He didn't respond, he just met her halfway with a smile and placed a hand delicately at the back of her neck, taking her breath away. But he didn't move any further, not unless she wanted him to.

So she reached up and put her hand on his shoulder to pull him closer.

His lips were on hers before she could smile again. In a kiss that was somehow perfectly both sweet and intense and the answer to the dreams she never knew she had.

"I say we just skip the party." She suggested as they pulled apart but not before linking their hands.

She could nearly feel the rumble of the laugh in his chest more than hear it. "I would love that but your sister scares me, did you see how she ordered Platt and Voight around, I'd rather stay on her good side. But we can get that coffee soon right?"

"Yes please." She nodded, reaching up to kiss him again.

Except that someone cleared their throat. And it wasn't her or Jay.

Trudy had let herself up the stairs, Kim didn't even know she was still in the building.

Was Trudy fighting a smile?

"If you two lovebirds want to get a move on, we have a party to get Kim to." She said in her usual stern voice.

"Sure thing, Serge." Jay replied.

After Trudy left with another stern look sent in their direction, all Kim could do was rest her head on Jay's chest and let out a nervous laugh.

Of course, Sergeant Platt would be the first person to find out about her new romance.

Kim swore that nothing could happen in District 21 without Trudy knowing about it.


Bonus: Trudy POV

"What do you mean they're not together?" Trudy all but barked and watched as the usually unwavering Hank Voight flinch slightly at her tone.

"Halstead seemed pretty adamant about it, Trudy." He shrugged.

But that didn't make sense. Trudy knew. This wasn't some fling.

She knew from the way they would look at each other. But why deny it?

"He stayed with her all night in the hospital for crying out loud." She argued and Hank looked around the crowded room, checking no one was eavesdropping.

Unfortunately, Kim's Promotional Ceremony was the only time she could get Hank alone to discuss something he would describe as frivolous.

"That's ridiculous." She continued, she thought it would only be a matter of time before they announced their relationship themselves.

Hank shrugged, "I'm just passing on the message."

Trudy looked around, noticing Nicole in the crowd. Or perhaps more importantly, noticing what Nicole was looking at.

Jay and Kim talking. And they could not look more awkward.

Trudy's mind raced, what if they had run into trouble already?

Trudy made a beeline for Nicole.

"Nicole? Hi." She said.

"Hi Sergeant Platt."

She usually wouldn't be so forward, but she couldn't take it anymore.

She was about to ask about what Nicole knew about her sister and Detective Halstead when everyone's radio went off. Duty called.

It wasn't until afterwards at the District that the idea sprung into Trudy's head.

She could kill two birds with one stone.

She could Kim time alone with Jay and organise a party to celebrate her promotion after her day got interrupted by the call.

"Nicole, hi, I hope you don't mind me getting your number. Look about Kim's promotion, do you mind if I send the unit over to you, Kim deserves something nice after that call…"

A simple phone call and the plans had been set in motion.

Trudy hadn't been sent undercover in years, but she enjoyed getting to relive the buzz. She managed to corral the rest of the unit to head over to Kim's place to organise food and drink and set up the surprise without Kim knowing. She even cornered Atwater to give Kim files to work on to buy them some time. Once she got the others cleared, she had to go up herself and practically drag Hank by the ear out of the office, not before giving Jay a reason to stay too.

Trudy nearly felt sorry for the new recruit who kept interrupting her diligent time watching and who kept getting curt answers off her. But she was too preoccupied wondering how long would be long enough to leave them up there for together for them to fix things.

She had got quite attached to the idea of them together.

All she wanted was for them to be happy. And she just knew that they would be so happy together.

She nearly knocked the recruit out of the way as she pushed past after twenty minutes to go see how things were progressing upstairs.

When she couldn't hear any arguing, she let herself through the gate and further up the stairs.

She found them making out right there in the middle of the bullpen which was better than arguing. But she had to clear her throat and pretend she wasn't happy with the sight in front of her.

The smiles on their faces let her know she wouldn't have to stage anymore investigations or interventions.

Things could go back to running smoothly in the 21st District.

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