The Extraordinary Spider-Man - Vol 1

Chapter 20: Hallucinations

The next morning, Peter walked downstairs to see Aunt May eating toast at the kitchen table.

"Hey, Aunt May," Peter said.

Aunt May looked up for a second. "Peter."

"Look, I'm really sorry about what I said yesterday. I blew up way too much, and it wasn't cool of me. Like, seriously," Peter apologized.

"Listen, Peter. Contrary to what you think, I'm not mad," Aunt May revealed.

"Let me guess, you're concerned?"

"Yes. And that's why I'm gonna have you start seeing Lilly one-on-one as well."

Peter sighed. "Can't even blame you for that."

"I know. You start next week."

Peter nodded and took out his phone. He looked at the texts from Harry.

HARRY OSBORN: Bro u good?

HARRY OSBORN: U ready to start talking to gwen and I again?

HARRY OSBORN: Alright when you're ready to talk, I asked Valeria to SHD and she said yes

HARRY OSBORN: Ik the girls supposed to ask the guy but i was like eh to that

HARRY OSBORN: Btw bro, I'm not sure u saw Gwen's insta post yet. If so, i'm rly sry man

Freaking out, Peter pulled up Gwen's Instagram, and his heart dropped upon seeing her most recent post. Specifically, it was a SHD poster proposal with Gwen and Charlie. It spelled "Charlie, Sadie Hawkins Dance?" in chemistry symbols.

"Fuck this!" Peter yelled.

"What did you just say, Peter?!" Aunt May exclaimed.

"Sorry, it's Gwen and this other guy. They're going to the Sadie Hawkins Dance together."

"Ohh. I'm sorry, hon. That's rough."

Groaning, Peter took his backpack and headed to school.

On the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Harry and Valeria walked into the school gym, which was decorated like New Orleans. The DJ was blasting music, and balloons and refreshment tables were everywhere. A massive mosh pit was in the middle of the gym. Harry was wearing a black suit and green bow tie, with Valeria wearing a green dress.

"My God, this is amazing!" Harry yelled over the loud music. "You really did it!"

"Thanks!" Valeria yelled back. "I'm really happy with how everything turned out!"

Behind Harry and Valeria, the rest of their group followed, including Gwen and Charlie. Gwen was wearing a purple dress, and Charlie was wearing a black suit and purple tie.

"This is awesome!" Charlie said.

"Tell me about it," Gwen agreed.

Harry and Valeria started to walk up to the mosh pit. Flash and Liz walked nearby, as did Rand and Sally.

"Yo, looking good, Osborn! Same with you, Valeria!" Rand complimented.

"Thanks, bro! You too!" Harry thanked.

"Thank you!" Valeria followed.

"You guys really do look beautiful," Sally agreed.

"Yeah, you guys are so cute together! Where's Peter, though?" Liz asked.

"He couldn't make it," Harry explained.

"Good ol' Parker missing out on the fun," Flash chuckled.

Liz slapped Flash's shoulder and led him away, and Rand and Sally followed.

"Want to dance?" Harry asked.

Valeria smiled. "Sure."

The two started dancing, while Charlie was making an awkward attempt at it with Gwen.

"You know, I'm really glad you came with me. I know the girl's supposed to ask the guy, but well, I figured why not?" Charlie said.

"You're all good. Thanks for asking me!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Anytime. You know, you're really lucky to have guys, I mean, friends like Harry and Peter. They seem cool."

"Yeah. They're the best."

"You seem to be able to relate to Peter so much," Charlie observed.

"Yeah. He's like the male version of me," Gwen chuckled. "I wish he could've been here tonight, though."

"I mean, I'm with you, so that's fine," Charlie awkwardly responded. "I mean, as your date, or did you mean Peter here as your friend? Sorry."

"No, you're all good! I mean, Peter and Harry have been my best friends since high school started. What I meant is I wish all of us could've been here together. I'm glad to be with you, though."

"Oh, awesome!"

That same night, Peter swung wherever he could, opting to clear his mind rather than patrol. Luckily, the snow was starting to decrease, though that didn't change how much he was fuming inside.

"Fuck life right now. For real," Peter grumbled. "Doesn't help that Charlie got to fucking take Gwen to the dance."

Peter eventually landed on the roof of a chapel, sitting down and sighing. However, his Spider-Sense prompted him to jump out of the way, dodging a poison dart. Peter turned to see Mac land on the roof, wearing the Scorpion armor.

"Scorpion? I haven't seen you since that little fiasco with Shocker," Peter pointed out.

"Don't expect this to be like last time," Scorpion warned as he readied his claws.

Scorpion lunged at Peter with his claws, though the hero evaded and jumped over them. Peter punched Scorpion across the face, only for Scorpion to return with a punch to the jaw. Knocked down by the impact, Peter quickly got up and performed a spin kick, only for Scorpion to dodge. Scorpion then kicked Peter in the back and grabbed his leg. Scorpion slammed Peter onto the roof multiple times, only for Peter to shoot a web at his face.

"You want to go back to prison and save us all this trouble?" Peter asked as he shot a web at Scorpion and yanked himself over.

Peter started pummeling Scorpion in the chest with punches and kicks, only for one of his punches to be caught by Scorpion's hand. Scorpion headbutted Peter, knocking him down. Peter groaned as Scorpion ripped the webbing off his face.

"I'll take that as a no," Peter deduced as he jumped up and shot a web at the spire and swung around, aiming for Scorpion.

Scorpion went in for a punch as Peter kicked him, knocking them both down. Scorpion got up and kicked Peter in the face. Peter shot some web darts at Scorpion, who deflected some of them. Peter ran over and threw two punches, which Scorpion dodged. Scorpion returned with a kick to the chest, knocking Peter down. As Peter struggled to get up, Scorpion plunged his tail into the hero's shoulder.

"GAHHHH!" Peter yelled as he fell back down.

"Copelemia. One of the rarest and deadliest toxins ever. I told you not to expect this to be like last time," Scorpion taunted.

"You son of a bitch…" Peter muttered as he slowly got up.

Peter stumbled over and threw a punch, only for Scorpion to merely step aside. Scorpion slashed Peter across the back and kicked him down.

"Have fun," Scorpion said as Peter's vision started failing him.

Peter woke up, only to see that the ground below the chapel was now a sea of poison.

"Oh shit," Peter groaned. "How the hell?"

Peter jumped from the chapel and started swinging away. He quickly made it to the city. However, he saw the horrifying sight of a plane falling towards a building.

"My God, no!" Peter screamed as he quickly swung over.

As Peter made it to the building, the plane fell and exploded, though the flames formed into the shapes of a young Peter being escorted by a social worker to his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in front of their house.

"Hi, Peter. I'm your Aunt May and this is your Uncle Ben," Aunt May happily greeted. "We're gonna be taking care of you from now on."

"We're gonna do our best. And we're more than happy to have you live with us," Uncle Ben agreed.

Young Peter tearfully nodded his head as Aunt May led him inside the house.

"It's terrible what happened. My brother… May… " Uncle Ben grieved to the social worker.

"That plane crash was a tragedy. And I'm here if you want any resources for grief counseling and therapy," the social worker promised.

"Uncle Ben?!" Peter exclaimed. "You're alive!"

However, the social worker disappeared, as did the house. Uncle Ben's expression changed as he was shot. Blood pouring out of his chest, Uncle Ben fell to the ground.

"NO!" Peter yelled as he ran over to Uncle Ben, webbing up the wound.

"P-Peter?" Uncle Ben groaned.

"Uncle Ben. I'm so sorry!" Peter apologized, welling up. "Hold on, I can save you!"

"Peter… why didn't you stop him?" Uncle Ben asked.

Peter's eyes widened. "What?"

"You did this," Uncle Ben blamed.

Peter turned around to see Cletus Kasady with his gun. Peter dodged a gunshot and shot a web at the gun, yanking it away. Yelling in rage, Peter ran over and punched Cletus in the face, only for the serial killer to explode into multiple different Scorpions.

"You killed your uncle."

"It was your fault."

"How do you live with that blood on your hands?"


Enraged, Peter started beating up the various Scorpions, ramming through them with punches and kicks. He also used his webs for brutal combat, shooting them and yanking them over for close hits. The Scorpions all dissolved upon a few hits, though Peter started to find himself overwhelmed. As the Scorpions all buried Peter, he next found himself on the rooftop of Midtown High.

"The hell?" Peter muttered.

Peter then saw Gwen.

"I don't know what I ever saw in you. Charlie's twice the man you'll ever be," Gwen taunted.

"Gwen-" Peter started.

"Just shut up. You're not even worth my time. I only became friends with you out of pity. You had no one until your uncle died," Gwen said.

"I couldn't agree more."

Peter turned around to see Harry there.

"Harry?" Peter said.

"You heard me. You really think Gwen and I hang out with you 'cause you're worth it? God, how stupid are you?" Harry laughed.

"You're not real. You're not real," Peter reminded himself.

"You seriously thought we were your friends?" Harry mocked. "Who'd want to waste even an ounce of their energy on you?"

"Finally, everyone's thinking logically," Flash Thompson chuckled as he walked up to Peter. "You always were Penis Parker to me. Thank God everyone finally sees that."

"Shut up, Flash," Peter growled as he threw a punch, only for Flash to quickly step aside.

"Too slow. Even with those little powers, you're still just that little bitch I always knew you were," Flash continued as he punched Peter in the face.

The impact blew up in Peter's face, knocking him off the building. Peter quickly swung into a window of the building, smashing the glass. Once inside, he saw Aunt May sitting on a chair, crying.

"Aunt May! What's wrong?!" Peter asked as he ran over.

Aunt May looked up. "It was you. You murdered Ben."

"May, please-"

"Please? You of all people do not get to ask me for forgiveness! Especially with the ungrateful and brash attitude you've given me since it all happened! You think you've had a hard time?! You have no goddamn idea."

Peter put his hand on Aunt May's shoulder. "Aunt May, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Not sorry enough," Captain Stacy said from behind Peter.

Peter turned around, only for Captain Stacy to shoot him in the chest. Screaming in pain, Peter ran at Captain Stacy and tackled him out of the window. While falling, Peter shot a huge web between the buildings, catching Captain Stacy.

"You're nothing but a coward. Just wait until you see the inside of that cold cell I have prepared for you," Captain Stacy warned as Peter swung to the now non-poisonous ground.

Once Peter looked up, he saw that it was the interior of Oscorp Tower. He also saw a version of himself get bitten by the spider.

"Ow!" Past Peter hissed.

Before Past Peter could do anything else, Scorpion burst through the building and slammed him through the wall.

"No!" Peter yelled.

Peter was then blasted out of the building by a vibrational air blast. Turning around, he saw Shocker walking over.

"S'up, bug?" Shocker greeted as he shot another blast, which Peter jumped over.

"Spider-Sense isn't working, goddamn it," Peter sighed.

Peter swung over and punched Shocker in the face, only for Shocker to return with an electrified punch to Peter's face. Shocker delivered two more punches to Peter's ribs, and one more to his jaw.

"I'd love to be the one to finish you off, but I'm not the only one in this little nightmare," Shocker admitted.

"What are you-" Peter started.

Peter found himself getting body slammed by Ox, and then getting thrown across the street by Montana's whip. Once Peter got up, Fancy Dan delivered four punches to the chest and a flip kick across the face, knocking him back down.

"Great," Peter muttered as he rolled aside to dodge Fancy Dan's staff.

Peter jumped up and threw a punch at Fancy Dan, only for the latter to duck and kick him in the chest. Montana attempted to strike Peter with his whip, only for Peter to grab it and swing him over. Peter punched Montana in the face, knocking him down. Ox charged at Peter, who jumped over him. Ox crashed into a car, and Peter webbed him up with multiple webs.


Peter turned around to get punched by Shocker's electrified fist. Peter then threw a punch, only for Shocker to explode into multiple Scorpions.

"This again," Peter growled as he started fighting and pummeling his way through the various Scorpions. "Just fucking die, all of you!"

"Embrace all your hatred!"

"Prove us all right!"


"Spider-Man, stop!"


"You gotta snap out of it!"

The hallucinations started to fade, and Peter found himself on the street. He looked at his bloody knuckles, and saw several injured cops, including Captain Stacy, Lieutenant Watanabe, and Officer DeWolff.

"My God, what did I do?!" Peter screamed.

"Y-you animal," one of the injured cops groaned.

"Captain, you were right," another injured cop agreed.

Peter ran over to Captain Stacy and held out his hand. "Let me help."

"Get away from me, you freak," Captain Stacy demanded.

"Captain, I swear that wasn't me. I was drugged and-"

At that moment, several cruisers started pulling up. Yelling in frustration, Peter started to swing away.

"I'll explain everything later, I promise!" Peter quickly said as he swung away.

Peter continued to swing, though his body was still in pain. While he still could, he managed to swing to Oscorp Tower. Smashing through one of the windows, Peter held up his hands as two guards aimed their guns at him.

"I have no time! I've been poisoned, and this is the only place where I can make a cure!" Peter pleaded.

Norman then walked into the room, shooing his guards away with a hand wave. "Spider-Man. What exactly is the purpose of this meeting?"

"Sir, please. I need to go to your lab and concoct an antitoxin. Scorpion poisoned me!" Peter quickly explained.

Norman nodded. "Absolutely. Let me lead you to the lab."

"Thank you!"

Norman led Peter to a laboratory, where several scientists were working. Their attention immediately shifted to the vigilante.

"Everyone! Spider-Man's been poisoned! Dr. Stromm, take a sample of his infected blood and analyze the neurotoxin to develop a counter agent!" Norman instructed.

Mendel Stromm ran over with an extraction tube. "Where were you injected?"

"The shoulder," Peter answered.

Mendel extracted a blood sample from Peter's shoulder, causing him to wince a little. Mendel then ran over to the lab with the other scientists.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Osborn," Peter thanked.

"Spider-Man, you saved my life a few months ago when that same Scorpion tried to kill me here. If anything, I'm thanking you. This is the least I could do," Norman stated.

"Well, thank you again. My advanced healing factor is fighting away a majority of the toxin, but the antitoxin should clean my blood out completely."

Mac walked into Tombstone's office, where the crime lord and Justin were waiting.

"It's done. That little creep's getting mentally tortured beyond his mind," Mac proudly boasted.

"It worked? Hell yeah!" Justin exclaimed.

"This was definitely a victory, especially with how much of a message it sent. He'll probably fight off the poison eventually, but I've been looking at the news. It's better than even I expected," Tombstone said.

"What do you mean?" Mac asked.

"While hallucinating, he destroyed a few pieces of public property and beat up a couple cops, including Captain Stacy and Lieutenant Watanabe," Tombstone revealed. "Talk about a massive win."

Justin's eyes widened. "Holy shit!"

Mac smiled evilly. "Perfect. Now that the cops likely hate him more than they already did, that further scrutinizes him. Time for us to further plan how much more we can torture him."

"It's complete," Mendel declared as the antitoxin finished cooking up.

"Finally," Norman stated. "Now, help him out."

Mendel took the antitoxin over to Peter and injected it into his shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" Norman asked.

"Already starting to feel slightly better," Peter responded.

"Good. Now get home and promise me you'll get a lot of rest."

"Will do. Thank you again, Mr. Osborn."

Peter ran out of the lab and jumped out of Oscorp Tower, swinging away. Eventually making it home, Peter jumped through his bedroom window, Peter threw his suit off and collapsed on his bed. Not bothering to disguise his bruises and cuts, Peter threw his blanket and pillow over his body. He then allowed himself to fall into a deep unconsciousness.

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