Part 1: White Clouds

A Strange Vision

Location: Planet Vegeta

In the early mornings of Planet Vegeta, the inhabitants were getting ready to go about their business as they exited their houses and huts. One such woman was walking out her home getting ready for her job. But something didn't seem right. The Saiyan woman couldn't place it on her finger, but things seemed….. tense. She saw how ships were coming in from their planetary missions. While it was nice to see her friends again since she barely saw them, it didn't make sense to just be sent back out of the blue like that.

She brushed her black bangs out of her face, as she moved between the crowds of the market. She used to clear planets of life for Frieza to sell, but she had effectively quit because of an incident that happened on one of her missions.

"Hey Sitri! Over here!"

The woman known as Sitri spotted a shorter woman who gave her a hug. This was her friend Gine, and she was more unique than Sitri was. Gine was very kind and not much of a fighter compared to the others Saiyans, but at least she was good to talk to when the need arose.

"Good morning Gine, what is going on? Why is everyone coming back today?"

Gine shrugged as she looked around. "Who knows? Apparently Frieza has an announcement so asked everyone to come back here. Bardock is arriving soon too. I'm so glad he's coming back!"

She was about to respond when a noise was sounding nearby. Sitri blinked as it was her wrist that was beeping. "Sitri! Where are you?! You were supposed to be here five minutes ago!"

Panic set in as Sitri flailed about trying to elicit a response and almost dropping her wrist communicator in the process. "Sorry sir! I'm on my way! Sorry Gine but I have to run! Say hi to Bardock and Kakarot for me! I'll try and visit!"

Gine just stared as Sitri sprinted away, before giggling silently and walking to the meat factory to work.

Sitri panted as she kept on tripping, pushing and apologising to people before finally getting to her station, and her boss was there with a stern expression as Sitri bowed deeply. "I'm terribly sorry sir!"

He just sighed and shook his head. "Whatever, just get a move on. Some of the dispatch pods have been malfunctioning as of late. I want you to fix them immediately. We can't be caught short handed or the king will have our tails. Got it?"

"Yes sir! Understood sir! It will be done sir!" Sitri kept bowing each time she said the word 'sir' before running off to the first pod.

When she got there, Sitri picked up the tool box that was provided by her boss and peered inside the pod to see the damage. "Ok, so this one has a little trouble with the controls. Should be an easy fix."

Sitri opened up the control panel as she used a scanning device to find the fault. Sure enough, it highlighted a loose wire at the back. Now knowing what the problem was, she managed to fix it very easily by carefully lifting the other wires and connecting and fastening the loose one. "Okay, that's the first one done. How many more left?"

She peered up from the first pod and stared blank eyed at the pile in front of her. She let loose a loud groan collapsing onto the ground as she realised she would be here all day!

Hours had passed as Sitri groaned flopping onto the ground as this was the tenth pod that she had fixed. She stared up into the sky which was starting to turn orange and sighed.

"I really wish I was on planetary leave right now….. I would honestly take that."

"Yo Sitri. Give me a pod. We're needing it."

She wheeled around to see Gine and a scarred man with a deep frown approaching her as she stood between him and the pod. "Bardock? I can't give you this. I would get in-"

"It's important. We need to get Kakarot off this planet. Frieza is going to destroy us."

Sitri's eyes widened before she crossed her arms, obviously not thinking he was being funny. "And did he tell you this? What proof do you have?"

"I'm not 100% but everything keeps lining up for it to not be a coincidence. Wanting us all in one place, he keeps asking about the legend of the Super Saiyan. I want Kakarot off this planet just in case my hunch is right."

Sitri was about to say no again but stopped. It was just one pod, and some of them were too damaged anyway, plus Gine was her best friend and she got her this job. So why not just give one away? She groaned loudly as she pushed the first pod to him. "Just take it okay?! And if I get an earful from my boss I'm blaming you!"

"Whatever." Bardock rolled his eyes picking it up. "You gonna keep quiet about this?"

"Not like anyone would believe me anyway." Sitri huffed crossing her arms. "Gine, he better be right about this hunch since my pay check will get hurt because of this stunt!"

Gine said nothing but nodded absently, in deep thought as Sitri watched the two walk away. 'At least I finally get some peace to work.'

Hours had passed as Sitri yawned loudly. "Jeez, is it dark already? How long have I been at this?"

A sinking feeling went through her as she saw the pile again. It got smaller, but not as much as she had hoped. "I'm tired and hungry. Stupid Bardock taking away one of the pods. I hope he doesn't get Gine into trouble by doing this."

She yawned again as she peered inside her finished pod. But a giant glowing ball made her turn to the sky and gawked.

'What is that?!' Sitri screamed in her head as her knee hit a button causing her to let out a surprised shriek when the pod door hit her in the butt. It closed shut as the giant ball of fire got closer. She was trapped.

Sitri started looking around as the pod started rising off the ground and shot off into space. She had no clue where she was going. She didn't punch in any coordinates, she could only look in horror as the giant ball collided with Planet Vegeta and utterly destroy it.

Tears ran down her face as everyone she knew and loved was gone. Her family, her friends. Gine. Gine didn't deserve this!

"Bardock was right." Sitri whispered to herself as her pod travelled through space. Then she realised something that made her face go pale.

If this was the case, and Bardock was right. Then the Frieza Force would try to eliminate her too. She had nowhere to go. But her eyes started drifting shut, exhaustion taking over. "I hope… this planet…. Has food."

With that, Sitri passed out with the pod continuing its journey towards this new planet, away from suspecting eyes.


"Hey kid! Wake up! Come on, you don't wanna miss breakfast do you?"

A yawn escaped a woman, who got out of bed in a village called Remire. This was Byleth, a mercenary who was just having a dream before being woke up. This was one of two dreams she's been having for weeks.

She walked out to find her father, Jeralt standing there with a stern expression. She was already dressed as the life of a mercenary taught Byleth to stay in armour should a fight arise. "Having dreams again?"

"Yes. I was dreaming about this young girl. And there was also this war."

Jeralt made a face as he scratched his beard in thought. "You've described that girl to me, but I've never met anyone with that description. As for the war part of your dream. We've never had a battle that intense for many generations."

Byleth ruffled her blue locks in an attempt to make herself look more presentable as Jeralt shook his head.

"Regardless, try not to let it cloud your mind today. The battlefield is no place for idle thoughts and we have a lot of work to do. Specifically paying off the food tab that you've left behind."

A blush graced her cheeks as her father let out a chuckle. "Don't sweat it kid. That's one thing you got from your mother is your insane appetite. I swear, that woman could eat an entire kingdoms pantry and still want more. Come on, let's head downstairs."

Byleth nodded smiling as he stopped just before the stairs. "Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you keep your tail wrapped around your waist. Don't want the enemy getting a hold on that do we?"

She heeded his warning as a furry appendage wrapped around her waist. Byleth was born with a furry brown tail, which Jeralt preferred she keep to herself. On top of getting bad looks from people, he learned that it's a great weakness if somebody manages to grab hold of it. He made a mental note to try and make his daughter more resistant to it at a later time

But before they could talk again, one of their fellow mercenaries ran up to them. "Jeralt, sir! Sorry to interrupt, but your presence is required."

Jeralt raised an eyebrow, not expecting anything urgent today aside from working off the tab. "What's the problem?"

"There's some youngsters outside who need our assistance!"

Father and daughter looked at each other and nodded. "Rally the men, I've got a feeling we'll need them. Kid, you're with me."

"Can we get breakfast first?"


"Yeah, yeah, I know. Was worth a shot." Byleth let out a long sigh at this change of plans and ran out the door with Jeralt in tow. It was still dark out as the pair saw three teenagers.

One was a young woman who had long silvery hair that reached down to her back and had piercing lilac eyes that seemed to study everyone around her. She had this air around her that seemed to suggest she was high class.

The boy in the middle had blonde hair which was messy and deep blue eyes, and just like the woman, appeared to have that same air. He was the one who called for help.

The last one was also a boy. He had a darker skin colour than the other two and had thick brown hair with one side being braided. He didn't seem to have the high class air his companions did, but his eyes were looking all around him.

"Pardon for the interruption, but we were hoping you could help us. We wouldn't ask if the situation wasn't so dire." The blonde boy explained as Jeralt looked at the three.

"What are you kids wanting at this hour?"

"We are being pursued by a group of bandits. We can only hope you would be kind to-"

"Are they strong?" Byleth asked walking up to the three who weren't expecting this question.

"I… I suppose. They're a large group-"

"No I mean, are they strong to fight against?"

The boy was at a loss for words. "I… I'm not sure what you-"

"Kid, that's enough. You'll get your fight. For now, we need to know what happened." Jeralt said pulling in his daughter as the woman decided to provide an explanation.

"They attacked us while we were resting in our camp."

The third boy continued on for the woman. "We were separated from our companions and outnumbered. They're after our lives, as well as our gold."

Jeralt hummed as he surveyed the three. "I'm impressed you're being so calm considering the situation."

But then he saw what they were wearing and realised. "Wait. Those uniforms-"

Another mercenary came running up panting as if he was in full sprint. "Bandits spotted just outside the village! There's so many of them!"

"Then it's settled. We can't leave this village since we owe so much to them." Jeralt said as he saw Byleth almost vibrate with excitement. He let out a chuckle ruffling her hair as he got on horseback.

"Alright kid. Let's see if your training has paid off. Try not to kill them, they'll be more useful alive. Now before we go, I believe introductions are in order."

The three nodded as the woman stepped forward. "I am Edelgard von Hresvelg of the Adrestian Empire."

The blonde boy then gave a bow as he introduced him. "I am Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd of the Kingdom of Faerghus. A pleasure to meet you"

The last boy smirked giving a two fingered salute. "Claude von Riegan of the Leicester Alliance. No need to bow."

Edelgard and Dimitri rolled their eyes as Jeralt nodded. "I am Jeralt and this is Byleth. Now let's get going."

"Hold on." Dimitri said stopping them. He turned over to Byleth who looked really annoyed that he had stopped her.

"Sorry, but where is your weapon? We're fighting against bandits with swords and bows."

Byleth gave a curious tilt of her head before punching her fists together. "I got them right here. Now let's get going! I'm really pumped up to fight!"

With that the three watched in disbelief as the blue haired woman sprinted off so fast causing a draught of wind to blow their hair as Jeralt chuckled."She's right, let's get going."

Byleth let out an eager giggle as she stopped off at the clearing seeing the many bandits approaching the village. She took a breath before doing some stretches and jumps to warm up. Some bandits saw her doing this and looked extremely annoyed. Was this some sort of joke to this woman?

"Hey boss! This girl is making a fool out of us!"

A scruffy looking man appeared from the back and growled. "Damn it, why are there mercenaries here? We gotta deal with them too. Kill the girl! She's on her own!"

Byleth grinned as she took a stance waiting for some to charge at her. One bandit held an axe and swung in a wide arc hoping to take her head off but Byleth ducked and punched him hard in the belly sending him flying into a tree, cracking the trunk from the impact. The remaining four bandits jaws dropped at this display of power as Byleth made a pout.

"That wasn't fun. He went down in one. Should I hold back more? You guys! Come at me all at once!"

"Come on! If we surround her she stands no chance!" They yelled and charged with their weapons raised as Byleth tossed her jacket away smirking. She dodged a spear being thrusted her way and ducked under a sword slash as she kicked the shins of the one holding the spear which caused him to scream in pain as she threw him over her shoulders and onto the ground before poking the bandit with the sword in the eye and punched him in the face breaking his jaw.

At this point the four caught up and the three students were just staring slack jawed at this display while Jeralt was chuckling to himself. "Don't get cocky kid, that'll prove to be costly!"

Byleth smiled and gave a thumbs up while twisting another bandits arm causing him to scream in pain as she kicked him to the ground. "Come on guys! There won't be any left to fight if you just stand around!"

Claude gave a nervous grin at this display of strength as he readied an arrow. "Heh, at least save some for us. Hehehe…"

"Such power…." Edelgard mumbled as she drew her axe charging forward.

Dimitri was in disbelief, drawing his spear. 'Is it possible her strength rivals my own? I must ask for a duel later.'

With that goal in mind, Dimitri charged alongside Claude as the group were putting more pressure on the bandits, with Jeralt more protecting the three students while Byleth kept fighting the front force.

But she was getting bored. None of these bandits were a challenge. It's something she always had to live with, being born with a natural talent to strength and durability. Countless foes she had faced were no match for her. It earned her the nickname 'Ashen Demon'.

She readied her stance again as she charged towards the leader of the bandits, that scruffy man from earlier who was frantically trying to look for a way out but was punched by Byleth knocking him to the ground. But he wasn't knocked out as he jumped up growling.

"I am Kostas! And I won't be beaten by some punks! You'll die!"

"You got this boss!" His men cheered as he charged towards Edelgard who gasped in surprise but drew out a dagger from her hip, ready to fight.

But she looked to her left to see Byleth push her out of the way as she was ready to take the hit. But before the axe made contact, everything froze.

Byleth found herself in a dark area with a throne in the centre. "Honestly! What were you trying to accomplish with that little stunt?! It's like you're trying to get me killed, you fool!"

She turned around to see a young girl on the throne who looked very annoyed at her. This was the same girl from her dreams as Byleth crossed her arms.

"I could've taken that blow. I've survived worse." She mumbled as she looked towards the side.

The girl just let out a long sigh, resting her face on her hand. "Regardless, if you do not know the value of your own life, you're not going to protect it very well are you?"

Byleth looked towards the girl again who let out a giggle and clapped her hands together. "So it's up to me to guide you from now on, right?"

She let out a nod as Byleth just kept staring. "You may call me Sothis. But I am also known as 'The Beginning'."

The girl now known as Sothis then made a face as she closed her eyes. "Sothis… yes. That is it. My name is Sothis. And I am also called 'The Beginning.' But who once called me that?"

Byleth was saying nothing up until this point but now Sothis was just mumbling to herself. "What are you talking about?"

"I was not able to recall my name until just now, and just like that it came to me. How odd."

Her expression then changed to annoyed as she looked at Byleth. "That look on your face. Did you think me a child? A child who forgot her own name?"

Byleth suddenly felt like looking at her shoes as her tail curled more around her waist. "Phooey! That 'child' just saved your life! And what does that make you?"

"But I could've taken that attac-"

She shrunk back seeing Sothis glare at her as she let out a mumble. "I'm not a child…"

"Hah! Such arrogance. You look the part but are you truly an adult? I've seen the way you fight. Such recklessness. No value for your own life. And no weaponry to boot! Not to mention the way you eat, honestly! You would think you were a starving orphan."

"I just like to eat that's all." Byleth said as she had a hopeful smile. "Speaking of which do you have any food in here? I didn't get breakfast because of the bandits."

Sothis just stared at her with an open mouth in shock. "Do I have….. are you serious?! You almost died out there, I saved you, and all you can think about is food?!"

"But I've taken blows before! A sword shattered against my arm once."

That gave the girl pause. "Shattered you say? How curious. Hmm… now that I look at you, you're certainly different from a regular mortal."

Byleth tilted her head. "How so?"

"Aside from the fact you were able to break bandits with just your fists? I saw that display of strength, how you punched one into a tree hard enough for it to crack. Not to mention that tail around your waist."

The mercenary let out a noise as if surprised she noticed with Sothis just nodding. "Yes you are a curious one indeed. You seem human but your energy is different, just ever so slightly."

Sothis then clapped her hands together. "Let's get back on track. If you were curious on what has happened, I stopped the flow of time to intervene with that little stunt of yours to save that girl."

She smiled as Byleth thanked her for that. "There now, is gratitude so much to ask? I did deem you worth saving after all. Though it is only momentarily, time has stopped."

But then Sothis went deep in thought again. "However did I manage that?"

Byleth quickly grabbed her attention before she went off on one of her tangents. She really doesn't want to be kept here. "What happens when time resumes?"

"Well the axe will tear into your flesh and you would meet your end. Or if what you claim is true, it would shatter against you. But I'm not willing to gamble that chance just yet if you'll forgive my hesitance."

She groaned loudly sitting back on her throne. "How dare you drag me into this! Ugh, what to do….."

Smiling, Byleth then had an idea looking up to Sothis. "Why not turn back time? Best of both worlds!"

Sothis shared the woman's smile as she stood up. "Of course! I must turn back the hands of time!"

A large glyph appeared in front of Sothis as she observed it with a hand on her chin. "Hmmmm… yes I think it can be done. You really are quite troublesome. I cannot rewind time far, but all is well. You are aware of what's to come, so you can try something else for better results."

"Now go." Sothis exclaimed waving her hand dismissively. "Yes, you who bears the flames within and… tail of monkey. Drift through the flow of time to find the answers you seek."

A swirling void enveloped Byleth as she saw seconds and minutes rewind before it went back to when she knocked Kostas to the ground who jumped up again.

"I am Kostas! I won't be beaten by some punks! You'll die!"

"You got this boss!" His men cheered as he charged towards Edelgard again. But he didn't take two steps this time before a ball of light crashed into his chest knocking him out. Edelgard looked over to her left in disbelief to see smoke coming from Byleths hand.

'Was that magic? No… it wasn't. How did she do that?'

Edelgard then snapped out of her thoughts as she was reunited with her fellow classmates who smiled at each other. But their smiles turned to horror as they saw an arrow collide with Byleths head sending her to the ground. They whipped over to see an archer shakily hold his bow before collapsing falling unconscious.

"Oh no…. there's no way she survived that. We better tell Jeralt of this casualty." Dimitri looked down in sadness at their fallen comrade.

…..Until they heard a groan of pain and the three stepped back screaming, like they saw a ghost as Byleth sat up rubbing her head. "Ooooow! That really hurt. You guys okay?"

Claude looked down at her side to see the arrow head shattered from the impact. "You certainly like to surprise us huh? Got any other hidden powers you can show us? How about that little light show you gave the leader?"

Jeralt ride up on his horse and narrowed his eyes. "You weren't meant to use that-"

"The Knights of Seiros are here! We will cut you down for terrorising our students!"

'…..Why did they have to show up now?' Jeralt sighed as the Knights leader sent off the squad to round up any running bandits and ran up to check on the students. Byleth tilted her head at her fathers reaction as the Knight let out a hearty laugh.

"Captain Jeralt? It is you! My goodness, it has been ages! Don't you remember me? It's Alois! Your old right hand man! Well, that's how I always thought of myself anyways."

This was all new to Byleth. She never knew her father was a knight, let alone the supposed leader of one. Alois kept talking as she heard a voice in her head.

'Well, well, well. It seems you weren't exaggerating your durability after all. I was worried for nothing. But my point still stands. Do not think you are invincible. But I do agree with that young man. That wasn't magic you used. No, that was something else entirely. Just how did you do that?'

'My father taught me how to use it.' Byleth replied as she wasn't listening to her father and Alois conversing. The girl in her head kept listening as she continued. 'He said my mother taught him how to use it, and he then taught me.'

'How curious.' Sothis said before letting out a big yawn. 'All this talking and thinking has made me sleepy.'

"…..I insist you return to the Monastery with me!"

Wait. What? She wheeled around to see Alois declared that as Jeralt sighed, as if knowing this would happen.

"Garreg Mach Monastery. I suppose this was inevitable."

Alois turned towards Byleth and observed her. "And what of you? Are you the captains child?"

"That is correct. My name is Byleth." She bowed deeply to the knight as Jeralt smiled.

"Is that so? Well, you do share a same kind of air as the captain."

His eyes then bugged out as he stepped back in disbelief, the three students doing the same making the two mercenaries very confused. "You have a tail?!"

…..oh right.

"Kid, I told you keep it hidden." Jeralt groaned with a palm on his forehead as Byleth looked down sheepishly as sure enough, her tail was moving around.

"Father you know it makes it cramp up!" She argued weakly but made it curl around her waist once again.

"Besides, you promised you would train me to help its durability!"

Recovering from his shock, Alois cleared his throat. "If I may, you could do lots of training if you join me in coming to the Monastery with the captain! What do you say?"

Byleth was silent as she pondered her options. "Are there strong opponents?"

"Oh yes! Many tough knights and instructors at the Monastery!"

"And food?"

"All the food you could want!"

Jeralt groaned again as stars appeared in his daughters eyes. Alois was going to regret that. Especially since there was no way he could convince Byleth not to go. Alois noticed his troubled expression.

"What's wrong captain? Not trying to run away are we?"

"Even I wouldn't run from the Knights of Seiros… though do me a favour."

"Anything captain. What do you need?"

"Just make sure the cooks get a raise when we arrive."

Alois had a very confused expression on as he and Jeralt walked away.

'The Knights of Seiros? They do seem rather skilled.' Sothis said but then noticed the three students walking up to them.

'Ah! It seems your presence is required. Get moving.'

Edelgard was the first to speak up as Byleth approached. "This has certainly been a strange day for me, but I do appreciate your help back there. Your skills are admirable. You hold a lot of experience and your father….. would that be Jeralt, the Blade-Breaker? Former captain of the Knights of Seiros. Oft praised as the strongest knight to ever lived."

She finished her analysis as she looked at the mercenary. "Have I missed anything?"

Byleth scratched her head as she put her coat back on after tossing it away during the fight. "I didn't know he was a captain."

Edelgards brows shot up in surprise, not expecting that answer. "How curious. I'd wager the explanation for that is fascinating indeed."

"There have been a lot of fascinating details today!" Claude smiled with a hand on his hip. "You are coming with us to the Monastery right? Of course you are, I would love to bend your ear as we travel. And believe me, I have a LOT of questions."

He then remembered that they didn't mention where they were studying. "Oh yeah, we're students of the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery. We were doing training exercises when those bandits attacked. I definitely got the worst of it."

Dimitri and Edelgard gave Claude an unimpressed look as they crossed their arms.

"That would be because you ran off." Edelgard narrowed her eyes, glaring at him.

This didn't faze Clare as he shook his head placing a hand on his chest. "Too true. I was the first to make a strategic retreat. It's really the fault of those two since it would've worked out if they didn't ruin everything. The bandits ended up chasing us because they followed me."

"Ah so that's what you were thinking Claude." Dimitri said clearly not buying his explanation one bit. "And here I thought you were acting as a decoy for the sake of us all."

"His intentions were as clear as day." Edelgard rolled her eyes as she continued. "You will prove a lacking ruler if you cannot see the truth behind a persons words."

"Hmph. And you will prove a lacking ruler yourself if you look for deceit behind every word and not trust those whom you rely on."

They were about to get into an argument when Claude suddenly stopped the two deciding to bring their attention to Byleth.

"While I love a debate between their highnesses, I have something much more interesting to analyse." He said with his hands behind his head.

Dimitri understood as he turned to the mercenary. "Yes, that power of yours is incredible. It made me realise I have a lot to learn. I've never seen magic like that before. Where did you learn this?"

"It's not magic. It's Ki." Byleth replied but only received confused looks from the three as they looked at each other.

"Even more interesting." Edelgard remarked with a thoughtful look. She then stepped forward to Byleth.

"I must ask you to give your power to the Empire for assistance. I should tell you I am no mere student. I am the Adrestian Empire's-"

"Edelgard, please. Allow me to finish my own proposition first." Dimitri said to his companion before turning back to Byleth clearing his throat.

"The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in dire need of exceptional individuals such as yourself. Please consider returning to the kingdom with me."

"Woah there you two are being too hasty!" Claude placed a hand on his chest in shock. Obviously trying to cover up as he put an arm around Byleth shaking his head.

"Honestly, trying to recruit someone you just met. Tactless, really. I was planning on having a heartfelt conversation to build up friendship on our way back to the Monastery before we begged for favours."

"But while we are here and the subject is up, where does your allegiance lie?" Claude smiled at her while she pursed her lips.

'Hmm. It seems ones place of birth is quite significant to them, yet they are impressed by you. But do you want to pick?' Sothis mentioned in her head as Byleth slinked away from Claudes grasp. She felt like she had to set the record straight.

"Listen. While I am flattered you admire the abilities I possess, I'm afraid I won't offer loyalty to anyone. I just do mercenary work with my father and want to fight strong opponents."

The reaction from the group was obviously disappointing as all three tried to hide it. Edelgard chewed on the inside of her cheek. "I see…"

"That's unfortunate." Dimitri was staring at the ground not expecting that answer.

"Can't win them all I guess." Claude tried to play it off but he was also not happy with that answer.

'Perhaps you can teach them how to harness that power? So that they can protect others as well as their Empires and Kingdoms and what-not?'

Byleth smiled at that suggestion and looked at them. "I know. Why don't I teach you how to use Ki?"

Blank looks overcame the nobles as they looked at her. "You would do that?"

"But of course. You seem to want to do what's best for your lands. Why not learn new power?"

Before they could respond however, Alois showed up as his voice boomed over.

"Alright, enough small talk. It's time to head back to the Monastery!"

"Looks like we will have to pick this up another time. But know I'll be thinking about it as well as thinking of other questions to ask you, like that tail of yours." Claude smirked as he winked at her.

They all ran off to join the knights as Byleth sighed. It was a very long day and it wasn't even morning yet. Though she should be careful with those three. She felt there was more to them.

'So you suspect the same? Yes, they do seem like there is more beneath the surface. Subtle for sure but signs nonetheless.'

Sothis then let out a yawn as she started closing her eyes. 'I am so sleepy once again…. I may be sleeping but… I…'

Byleth heard no more and assumed Sothis went to sleep once again. She slowly walked to the rest of the knights and students before a loud growl sounded through the landscape.

"What is happening?!" Alois shouted as he readied his axe looking around.

"Are we being attacked?"

"Is there an army of beasts?"

"It sounded huge."

Jeralt sighed but smiled as he calmed everyone down. "Someone is just hungry. Ain't that right kid?"

Everyone slowly turned to Byleth, as if thinking this was a joke but she just rubbed her neck blushing. "I'm really hungry. Alois, can we maybe eat before we go?"

Still in disbelief, Alois nodded as they prepped to go hunting. Jeralt made it clear they weren't allowed to eat at the village since Byleth cleared them out. One thing was on everyone's minds however.

Who was this woman?

Finished chapter of my new story. This idea really came to me after seeing how Byleth can eat with people ten times in the game, and it sort of evolved.

So yes, you can probably tell Byleths genetics from that flashback scene at the start. And yes, Jeralt and Byleth know Ki. You saw I put out the idea of the House Leaders learning it. I do have plans on who else will learn it but feel free to make your guesses on who would learn.

I don't know how much I want to involve the DBZ cast. I think I would get Kais involved but tell me what would be good.

And also do you think Byleth will attain that certain legendary form? Stick around to find out.