Part 1: White Clouds

New Faces

Location: Garreg Mach Monastery

It was a relatively peaceful morning at the Monastery. The students were getting ready for their lessons at the Officers Academy and the Knights of Seiros were on patrol looking for potential threats.

One such officer was Captain Jeralt who came to a stop and ordered his squad to follow suit. They were just outside the Monastery, so backup wasn't too far away if things went wrong. But that was the problem. Things never went wrong.

He sighed as he sheathed his sword looking up into the sky. "Jeez. Wouldn't kill for some excitement every once in a while? This time of peace really is a double edged sword."

Jeralt thought back to how he got into the Knights of Seiros. He took a fatal hit that was meant for the Archbishop, Rhea. That blow would've proved to be fatal if it wasn't for her interference. Not only did she heal him from his injury, but also granted him a Crest in the process. To top all of that off, Rhea granted him a place in the Knights of Seiros. While he wasn't a devoted follower of the goddess, Jeralt was thankful for the opportunity that was given to him.

Now he was here as a captain and leading his own squad with one heck of a reputation. But it was boring. There was no danger at all.

"Captain, I believe we should return to the Monastery!" A younger looking Alois suggested to which Jeralt agreed. There were no signs of danger for now. So nothing to report. As usual. Today however would prove to be different.

"What's that in the sky?" One of the guards yelled pointing up as Jeralt looked in the direction. Sure enough, there was something resembling a red dot in the sky. It looked strange, like a red star or a distant sun.

He narrowed his eyes staring at the dot. Was it just him, or did it feel like it started getting closer…

Eyes widening, Jeralt realised where it was going. Instincts kicked in as he screamed at his squad. "GET DOWN! IT'S HEADING TOWARDS US!"

Doing as they were told, they all dived to the ground holding onto their necks and braced. They felt an intense wave of heat as the object went sailing over them, before a loud explosion was heard. They all grunted in pain feeling earth hit their armour and prayed nobody got injured.

Once the earth stopped raining down on them, Jeralt got back up and immediately went to investigate what happened. The rest of the knights from the Monastery came running out too since the explosion was enough to imitate a small earthquake. They didn't get too far as their captain held out a hand.

"Everyone stay here. I'm going to go investigate." Jeralt declared as they arrived at the crater. Alois was understandably reluctant at this command and tried to stop him.

"But Captain, it could be dangerous! You need backup!"

"I do have backup. You'll all surround the crater just in case things go wrong. Now stay at the edge."

With that goal in mind, Jeralt hopped down and surveyed the damage. "Holy crap….."

There were flames everywhere as well as strange pieces of metal thrown about. He walked over to one and picked it up but groaned loudly in pain dropping it. It was way too hot to even touch it.

'What happened here?' The knight thought before his eyes landed on something at the centre. A person! Was it a victim of the explosion? Jeralt couldn't be sure. All he knew is that he had to give that person aid.

He got into a full sprint to get to this person. But the closer he got, the more details he could see of this mysterious individual. It was a female, who had long black hair. Jeralt could see she was wearing this strange armour, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before. It seemed to fit her figure more than the bulky armour the Knights wire.

He then noticed something on her waist dropped to the side. Was that a tail? One thing Jeralt deduced is she certainly wasn't from around here. The fact she came from the sky was a big clue. Then everything clicked together when he looked all around him.

"Was… was she the one that caused this?" Jeralt slowed to a stop, now in front of the woman. He saw movement as she started to wake up. At least he could attempt to make sense of this. But then everything kicked off in that moment.

She sprung up and got in a stance, glaring at him. "Who are you? Did Frieza send you? I'm not going down without a fight!"

Confusion overtook Jeralt as he walked forward. "I've no clue who this Frieza is, I just want some answers."

Sitri growled eyeing him down and wrapped her tail around her waist "You think I'm going to buy that? You're probably one of his scouting party here to send me back!"

That's when Jeralt noticed a few key features. She had shrapnel in her chest, a giant cut on her head, and her pupils were dilated. "Damn it, she's delirious."

He held up his hands slowly and walked Sitri who was gritting her teeth in pain. "Listen. I don't know any Frieza or any of that junk. What I do know is that you're hurt, and you need medical attention. So why don't you come with me and we can- URK!"

Jeralt didn't get to finish his sentence when Sitri charged forward landing a punch straight into his jaw, causing him to be sent flying back. The force of impact tearing up the ground as he slowly came to a stop. "Captain! Are you okay?!"

He grunted loudly opening his eyes and saw Alois was running up to him. Slowly picking himself up, he cringed in pain as his whole body was screaming at him to stop. "Damn. I feel like I just got trampled by a group of bears….."

"I guess you could say you can't… BEAR it?" Alois let out a huge grin but Jeralt just give him a look that would murder him.

"Is this really the time Alois?"

"I couldn't resist Captain! Now onto more important matters, what of this individual?"

The girl! Jeralt held his cheek, standing up as he looked towards the crater. "Did anybody go in?!"

A frustrated look crossed Alois's face as he looked to his Captain. "After you were attacked they charged in. I tried to stop them, truly I did!"

"Damn it! They're going to get themselves killed!" Jeralt yelled sprinting back to the crater, even though he felt that he could black out any second, he had to push on. He slid down the crater once again and ran to the spot.

Jeralt made it back just in time to see his men fighting Sitri. Though it clearly was a one sided battle. Even with her injuries, their weapons were doing nothing. Jeralt even watched a spear shatter when it attempted to impale her.

That's when he saw her fists crackling with lightning. Was she using magic? No, this was different. This wasn't magic at all. Her body started glowing, and seeing something was wrong, his men stopped attacking. Scared for their lives, they started to run when she gritted her teeth letting out a roar.

"GO AWAAAAAAAAAY!" Thrusting her hands in the air, Jeralt saw a blinding white light spread out from the Saiyan woman. The last thing he heard before blacking our were the screams of his men.

"In the name of the Goddess, what happened?!" A woman who wore regal attire stepped out looking around. This was the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros. Lady Rhea. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Destruction everywhere. Trees were caught aflame, the very earth was torn apart, but the biggest sight was the crater at the centre. She saw the bodies of the knights that came from the Monastery all knocked out, some injured, but she could not see Jeralts squad anywhere. Her eyes lit up when she saw one survivor just outside the crater.

It was Alois who had been buried by rubble, he was groaning in pain as his armour was broken off in places from the explosion. The first priority was getting him out of this rubble before asking questions.

Soon, Rhea managed to help the Knight out of the rubble, despite his protests as she immediately started asking questions. "Alois, what happened? Most of the Knights of Seiros are unconscious, injured, and I dread to think of any are dead. There's a giant crater outside the Monastery, and on top of all of that. What was that bright light?"

Alois had no words as he sat there, trying to contemplate himself on what happened. "I am not sure. We were on patrol. Nothing was happening. We were about to head back and report to you when we saw this red dot in the sky. The Captain…. The Captain!"

He scrambled to his feet rushing to the crater with Rhea trying to stop him. "Stop! You're hurt, you have too many injuries!"

"The Captain was in range of that explosion! I need to make sure he is okay!"

Rhea followed after Alois and saw something that made her stomach churn when she got to the bottom. There were charred corpses that no doubt belonged to the Knights that were down here. The armour they wore were fused to their skin, and every knights face was stuck in a permanent expression of pain and horror.

She has seen many things, but this was one of the most gruesome as Rhea covered her mouth trying not to throw up. Eventually she fought back the need to do it and let out a sigh clasping her hands together. "May the Goddess help you all find peace."

"Lady Rhea! Why are you down here?! It's dangerous!" She whipped her head around to see Alois dragging Jeralt out the dirt. He had severe burns on his skin but seemed alive. No doubt it was his crest that saved him.

"All this destruction… what happened?"

"I believe the cause was that woman over there. Her power is unlike anything I have seen." Alois pointed at the woman who laid face down on the ground.

Rhea tuned out the Knight at this point and slowly walked towards the woman, ignoring his pleas to stay away. She knelt down and observed this stranger. Multiple injuries, and her hands were completely black due to the intense heat she produced. A normal mortal would perish at this point.

..wait. That's it.

The Archbishop smiled brightly as there was an opportunity here. A strong mortal soul like this one would be a fantastic vessel. "Mother….. I swear, you will come back."

"Lady Rhea!" She was snapped out of her thoughts as Alois was behind her still holding on to Jeralt. "What happens now?"

"…..We will never speak of this ever again."

His face dropped in shock as Rhea picked up the young woman. "Send for reinforcements to handle the injured and dead. Also, send Jeralt to my chambers. I will personally see to his healing, as well as this woman. And we will never speak if this incident again. Can I count on you?"

Alois understood, looking around the crater and spoke to her. "This was simply an act of heretics of the Church who used fire magic that they had no experience in."

Rhea smiled warmly, nodding at him. "Thank you Alois. Now, let's get started."

"At once Lady Rhea."

The young Knight walked off with Jeralt in tow who was completely knocked out and Alois struggled to keep him up. Rhea can easily heal him. She has done so before already. But her attention drifted to the alien girl in her arms.

'Mother… this time… it'll work….'

"Hey, you listening?"

Alois was snapped out of his thoughts as he realised where he was. He was escorting the students back to the Monastery, and Jeralt was beside him.

"My apologies Captain, I was simply…. Looking back to the old days."

Jeralt let out a grunt as he smiled. "Well, if you wanna talk about the old days, how about the time you got drunk and tried to hit on three women at once?"

"C-Captain, I'm sure the men don't want to hear about this!"

"Oh yes we do!" The men cheered as Alois let out a nervous chuckle, looking down in embarrassment but allowed Jeralt to tell the story as they walked onwards.

Meanwhile at the very back, Byleth was with the three Nobles who commented on her hunting skills.

"Never before, have I seen someone take down a bear with just their hands." Edelgard said with Dimitri and Claude voicing their agreements.

"I'm still kind of hungry though….." Byleth whined. She had to share most of the bear meat. It wasn't fair! She caught the bear.

'Don't be rude!' Sothis scolded Byleth in her head. 'You cannot hog an entire bear to yourself!'

"Oh yes, that reminds me. This will be your first time at the Monastery." Dimitri piped in smiling. "I would be happy to show you around."

Claude let out a chuckle, looking at Byleth. "It really is Fódlan in a nutshell. The good and the bad."

"Like it or not, we will be there soon enough." Edelgard piped in still staring ahead which earned a look from the woman. "And what will you do when we get there Byleth?"

"Aside from teaching us that Ki thing you do?" Claude grinned with Dimitri nodding in agreement.

"I do have to ask though. Where did you get that tail?"

"I was born with it." Byleth replied. "Father said it was something I got from my mother."

Edelgard looked towards the Mercenary and her tail wrapped around her waist. "Interesting."

They then moved out of the forest as Edelgard had a small smile on her face. "There it is. Garreg Mach Monastery."

Byleth had to admit it was quite the spectacle. Lush green fields, with a giant monastery at the top. But what caught her attention was this giant hole just outside the walls.

"Yeah, caught me by surprise when I saw that at first." Claude said as the four observed it. "The Knights did mention what happened here, but it's escaping me at the moment. Why not ask them?"

This was a good idea to Byleth who ran ahead catching up to her father and Alois, she then asked them what had happened here.

"Oh yes, it was a failed assassination attempt on the Archbishops life. They bit off more than they could chew and accidentally detonated themselves."

While an interesting tale, Byleth did notice the look Alois and Jeralt gave one another. She knew they were hiding something. What it was, she wasn't too sure.

'Do you believe that there is a conspiracy afoot?' Sothis asked, yawning loudly. 'I am inclined to agree however. What magic would cause a crater this big? I can only think of a few and those wouldn't be readily accessible. Perhaps you are right in suspecting.'

Byleth nodded, now following her father through the gates. The three students had split off from the group after she asked about the crater. No doubt to get back to their classes. It was a big place and Byleth had to keep herself in check. Her blood was boiling in excitement seeing the Knights spar, but she knew that she had to wait.

"Rhea's here." She looked to Jeralt who had been staring up at the tower. Following his glance, she spotted a woman with luscious green hair and calculating Emerald eyes. It unsettled Byleth a little. Like she was watching every move she made.

"I wonder…. did the flow of time bring you here?" Rhea muttered to herself watching the father daughter pair keep on moving until they arrived in the audience chamber. Jeralt let out a long sigh taking in the large space that he used to be familiar with.

"It's been years since I've last set eyes on this place. But to be forced to see her now…"

"Is it the lady who was watching us?" Byleth asked, still observing the audience chamber and seeing the banners hosting a symbol. No doubt of the Church.

"Yes. That's the Archbishop…. Lady Rhea. As you know, the majority of folk in Fódlan are devout followers of the teachings of Seiros." Jeralt started explaining, adjusting parts of his armour that were starting to feel loose in places. "The leader of that ridiculously large religious organisation is the Archbishop, Lady Rhea."

"You don't seem to be a fan of this organisation, father."

Jeralt was about to respond when two figures appeared. One, they knew was Lady Rhea. The other one however, was new to Byleth.

This man had the same hair colour as Rhea, albeit more of an emerald green rather than the light green belonging to the Archbishop. He also sported a beard and seemed to hold himself in high regard.

'He might be someone higher up in the Church.' Byleth thought to herself.

"I thank you both for your patience. My name is Seteth, I am an advisor to the Archbishop." The man now known as Seteth bowed to them while Rhea looked towards Jeralt.

"It has been a long time, Jeralt. I wonder….. was it the will of the Goddess that we have another chance meeting like this?"

"Forgive my silence all these years." Jeralt bowed to the Archbishop before standing straight again. "Much has happened since we last spoke."

Rhea smiled looking over at Byleth who had focused her attention now. "So I see. The miracle of fatherhood has blessed you. That is your child, is it not?"

"Yes. Born many years after I left this place." Jeralt said, and Byleth noticed how tense he looked. But why? "I wish I could introduce you to the mother of my child… but I'm afraid we lost her to illness."

Now that she thought about it, Byleth saw Rhea with a tense look in her eyes. What was happening here? But the Archbishop kept a neutral face before responding.

"I see. My condolences. As for you." Turning towards the woman, Rhea gave a warm smile. "I heard of your valiant efforts from Alois. What is your name?"

"It's… Byleth ma'am." She replied giving a bow just like her father did.

"A fine name indeed. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for saving those students of the Officers Academy."

Byleth rubbed the back of her head looking to the side. "Really it was nothing. Just had to do the right thing."

'On top of wanting to crack a couple of heads.' Sothis quipped to further reveal what Byleth's motivation was.

Jeralt shook his head, sighing as Rhea looked over at him. "Jeralt. You already know what it is I wish to say, do you not?"

"I do. You want me to rejoin the Knights of Seiros don't you? I'll think about it, but I feel I've served them long enough."

Rhea nodded, a little disappointed that he didn't fully agree. "I expected Alois to have already ask this of you. But I will have Seteth discuss this. I must step away for now. Any questions you have, Seteth will try his best to answer. Until then, farewell."

The three watched as Rhea took her leave. Jeralt looked over at his daughter and motioned to the door.

"Run along kid. I'll discuss things with Seteth for the time being, and you can do some training or explore. I'll come to you once I'm done."

Byleth nodded, before bowing to Seteth and like Rhea, left the chambers too.

Once she was out in the courtyard, Byleth considered what to do. She could do some training, but she would honestly rather do it with her father and not by herself. It just wasn't the same when she was alone.

"Oh come now, do you think of anything other than training?" A flash of green light appeared to her left and appearing from it was Sothis who floated in the air with her arms crossed.

Byleth hummed not knowing what to do. "I don't know this area very well. And I'd rather wait for my father."

"Then I suppose you better get comfortable and wait if that's the case."

With that plan in mind, Byleth agreed and sat on a bench looking at the fishing spot. Perhaps they could do that at some point if Jeralt really was going to be rejoining the Knights of Seiros.

"You want her to teach at the Academy?" Jeralt had a bewildered expression at Seteth news, who let out a sigh.

"I do not see the reasoning for this either, but we are short of a professor when the last one who was with the students that night turned tail and ran. Alois recommended your daughter for the position and Lady Rhea seemed very eager to accept."

Jeralt placed a hand on his chin, closing his eyes in thought as Seteth continued. "But let's move on to negotiations if you rejoining the Knights of-"

"There's no need. I've already made up my mind."

Seteth stayed silent and kept a neutral face as Jeralt looked at him. "I know my daughter, and she is not qualified to teach. Be an instructor maybe, but not a teacher. As such, I will take the position instead."

Jeralt watched for his reaction as Seteth looked at his notes but then nodded. "I agree. This seems like a more reasonable option, even if you don't have the proper experience."

"I was the Captain here, I know how to teach."

"Regardless, your daughter would have to do something here at the Academy if you are taking the job originally meant for her."

"She can be an instructor." Jeralt offered folding his arms. "She specialises in hand to hand combat but I did teach her how to use other weaponry. She just refuses to use them."

Seteth hummed while scribbling down those facts on his notes and then asked. "Is she able to assist the Knights of Seiros on missions?"

"She will, but she lacks the ability to work as a team. Byleth mostly fights on her own, unless I'm there with her."

"And lastly, as a mercenary, she would be required to fulfil certain contracts we hand out. Is she capable of this?"

Jeralt went silent at this part and frowned. "Are there any that will take place at night?"

Feeling confused at this question, Seteth nodded. "I imagine there will be some that would take place at night, yes."

"I only have one condition regarding this. She has a curfew on certain nights when the full moon is out. For our safety."

Now this was catching the advisors attention. He placed his notes down and raised an eyebrow. "A curfew? Why?"

"Just trust me." Jeralt said looking him straight in the eye. "No matter what, don't ever let her look at a full moon. Or it'll be bad for all of us."

Seteth felt a chill go down his spine. He could tell how serious he was, and decided to trust him on this. "Very well. If there's nothing else to ask or request, I believe we are done here."

He stood up from the desk they were at and extended a hand out to shake with Jeralt accepting it in full. "Welcome, Professor Jeralt. I'll go and provide the proper paperwork. I trust you can see yourself out."

Jeralt nodded bidding him farewell and leaving to go find his daughter. Now by himself, Seteth looked at his notes and kept thinking about Jeralt's strange request for his daughter. "I will need to look into this at a later time."

"Is everything okay father?" Byleth asked when she saw Jeralt approach her, sitting down on the bench.

"Everything's ok kid. We're going to be staying here from now on. I've taken up a teaching position, and you'll be an instructor."

Byleth looked down, having been reminded of what she said she would do with the three nobles. "Dad, those three wanted me to teach them Ki. Should I?"

Jeralt let out a grunt, staring out at the fishing spot just as Byleth did. "You're an adult now kid. So I trust you can make that decision on your own, but just remember. Ki isn't something that should be taken lightly. It can be very destructive like-"

"Like that crater outside the Monastery."

She watched Jeralt stiffen at what was said as Byleth continued. "That wasn't fire magic was it? That was Ki. Does someone else know it?"

Letting out a long sigh, Jeralt leaned back staring at the sky. "You're just as perceptive as I taught you. That was indeed Ki, but the person that made the crater isn't around anymore."

"Did you know them dad?"

"Mhm. She was really powerful, I still have injuries to this day from that attack. It felt like a beast stomped on me. But she wasn't evil, she was just scared and was trying to defend herself."

Byleth kept looking at him before he chuckled. "But hey, I'll tell you all about that another time. Just promise me another thing. Whatever you teach the brats, you don't let them stray away from the right path."

"I promise father." Byleth nodded to which Jeralt smiled in response.


"Oh, speak of the devil." He commented seeing Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude approach the pair.

Dimitri gave a bow in greetings smiling at Byleth. "We heard the news that the two of you will be staying here. I suppose it would help your teachings wouldn't it Byleth. That is, if you are okay with that."

Now that was the big question. Byleth remembered the crater and knew how dangerous Ki can get. On the other hand, she would be able to supervise them to make sure they don't get in over their head. And the cherry on top, is that they could be potentially great sparring partners. It was a win-win!

"Yes, I would be happy to teach you three. But we won't start until you're all settled in and have your classes set up. I'll come get you when it's time."

The three before her started smiling, and she could've sworn she saw a shimmer in their eyes, like they were acting giddy over this. But then her stomach started rumbling again as she whined.

"Perhaps we could have lunch then? As a celebration of this extracurricular activity. I know you like food Teach." Claude suggested smiling but that name confused Byleth.

"Why did you call me Teach?"

"Well, can't call you Byleth if you're gonna be our mentor in this Ki training. So why not use that name?"

"I agree." Edelgard but then glared at Claude. "But I feel a more appropriate name would be Professor rather than 'Teach'."

"I also concur. Much more formal." Dimitri added as Claude gave a shrug chuckling to himself.

"If it pleases your highnesses, go right ahead. But I'll stick with Teach-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can sort out names later! Let's get lunch!" Byleth yelled sprinting to the dining hall. Jeralt just smiled, shaking his head.

"You kids better catch up. Or else there won't be anything left."

They thought he was joking, but they would soon learn just how accurate he was.

The dining hall was completely silent. Save for the sounds of chewing and slurping coming from a certain mercenary who was currently shovelling rice into her mouth.

Dimitri, Claude and Edelgard just sat there in shocked silence. Almost not being able to see their new friend and mentor on account of the empty bowls and dishes that were stacked up. Their own meals completely forgotten as Byleth move on to some fried pork.

"Jeez…. Where does it all go?" Claude muttered to himself completely mesmerised by this woman's appetite.

"P-Professor Byleth? Don't you think you should slow down?" Edelgard was unusually nervous. Who could blame her? She was afraid Byleth would murder her if she interrupted her eating fest.

The woman in question stopped eating with a clump of noodles hanging out of her mouth, before nodding and slurping up the rest and drinking the broth that was in the bowl.

What baffled the three even further, was she started using a silk cloth to clean her mouth. As if she had a tea party rather than a meal fit for a small village. The chefs went over to clean up and Byleth then asked.

"Can I have another bowl please?"

Everyone else screamed in disbelief falling off their chairs, when Jeralt came in ruffling his daughters head. "Heh. These reactions never get old. You mind coming with me for a minute kid? Need to talk to you."

Byleth quickly nodded and followed her father outside, not noticing the stares she received.

Outside the cafeteria, Jeralt leaned on a wall smiling. "Well, it's all settled. I'm a professor now. Who would've thought, huh?"

"I'm sure you'll do great dad." Byleth said giving a smile patting his chest.

"Well, we can only hope. But I wanted to talk to you. You need to watch yourself around Rhea."

Confusion was across Byleths face, not understanding this statement. "I can't put my finger on it, but something's not right with her. She looked downright pissed that I took the teaching position. Don't let your guard down around her, understand?"

"I will dad. Don't worry."

He gave a relieved smile as they walked to the training grounds. "I would train with you, but I gotta go attend this meeting about who's gonna lead what house."

Giving a nod, Byleth took her coat off tossing it to the ground. "Do you have an idea on which house to lead?"

"Yeah…. I think I'm gonna pick the Black Eagles. That Edelgard girl is in that one right? I'll monitor her too when you're training them. Right, you get started and try not to go overboard."

Byleth waved her father goodbye and started doing kicks to an imaginary opponent. She preferred not doing this to training dummies as she ended up destroying most of them, and then that would be her money spent on replacing them.

"Those are impressive moves."

She turned around to see a woman leaning on a pillar watching her. She had short dark hair and piercing purple eyes analysing her kicks and punches as the woman approached her. "So you're the new instructor. Daughter of Professor Jeralt. It's good to meet another fellow mercenary. Name's Shamir."

Byleth slowly grasped Shamirs hand to shake it and introduced herself. "Byleth. I was just doing some training, would you care to join me?"

Shamir gave a small chuckle motioning to her quiver. "No offence but I'm more suited to the rear rather than up close."

"I can do that too! My power is suited for anything!"

"You don't say?" Shamir eyed her coat and went to pick it up for Byleth. "Tell you what. Next contract, we'll head out together and you can show me this power of yours."

But then she made a face, trying to pick up the coat but couldn't. "What the hell? What's going on?!"

Shamir used both hands and managed to lift it but struggled to move this piece of clothing, eventually having to drop it. "What is that? It weighs a ton!"

"Oh I just have gravity hexes put on it."

A bewildered look was the response Byleth got. "Gravity hexes? As in what they give criminals as a form of torture?"

"Mhm. It helps with training… that's it! You've helped me a lot! Thank you!"

Byleth runs to her coat and picked it up like it weighed nothing. Bidding farewell, she sprinted off to find her father to discuss plans. Shamir looked at the ground to find the dent the coat had left and looked back to where Byleth ran off.

"This might be interesting. I certainly look forward to seeing this power. Who knows, maybe I can find out where I can get this for myself."

I think this is a good place to end it off. I did have some other stuff but decided to save it for next chapter. So yeah, Jeralt is going to be a Professor in Byleths place. I don't want to be truly faithful to the games and so want Byleth to have a little more freedom with her adventures. As you saw, she met Shamir who is expressing an interest and now Seteth knows not to let her near a full moon.

I hope you all like the flashback scenes. I do like Sitri and her design but felt she could have some more attention. Sothis will also be getting a more prominent role I hope.

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