About a month had passed since the ill-fated Quidditch match, and Lobo was starting to get used to the general weirdness that existed in this place. Sure, seeing Ghosts and magical animals and talking plants was weird, even to him, but after about a week he had gotten used to it. Or had stopped caring, either or.

Things were quiet, and that was both good, as it meant Lobo didn't have to deal with a lot of crap right now, but also bad because that left Lobo without much to do. He had considered reading up on the history of this place, or trying to figure out who some of the powerful egg-heads in this world was, and he did… for five minutes. Then he realized he could be doing something better with his time, like sleeping. Or watching paint dry. Or trying to find Sirius Black… That was actually really starting to get to Lobo at this point, he knew Black had been around Hogwarts, or at least in the woods, but the trail went cold. Not one to give up, Lobo had returned to the Ministry of Magic and looked over the few notes that they had about Sirius Black, seeing the insanity in his eyes, the depravity of his mind…

Lobo wasn't impressed.

He had seen a lot of killers in his life, heck, he was one. But something that bugged him was that Sirius didn't seem like a killer. Granted, there were lots of people who didn't 'look' bad, but that was how they got you. Black just seemed like some pissy asshole who was so egotistical and far up his ass that all he could see was the colour brown. Either way, he was going to die.

Harry had been doing his best to have a normal life despite everything going on, and hadn't seen his 'bodyguard' everyday, but was beginning to grow more comfortable with him. Lobo wasn't some sort of new father figure, but he was someone Harry could trust. That was something he most definitely needed these days… also, said bodyguard being a nigh-unkillable bounty hunter who could take on Dementors was a massive plus to him. Still, there were some problems aside from the obvious, namely, Hermione. Even by the hyper-intelligent Gryffindor Girl's standards, she was acting weird, and Harry didn't know what exactly to make of it. At first, he assumed it had to do with Lobo, but she had made it clear that Lobo wasn't an issue… and he believed her enough for the time being, but kept an eye on her.

Still, Lobo hadn't been prepared for what happened a few days ago… Harry had been talking with him, and then… the kid broke. It seemed like some sort of emotional baggage he hadn't realized he had made itself known.

"It just… I mean… what a prick." Lobo had commented, looking at the picture of the old Marauders. Initially, he had been talking about Draco, but hey, this applied to both.

"He was their friend, and he betrayed them…" Harry had said quietly, beginning to tear up.

"Who? Malfrag?"

"HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!" Harry suddenly snapped, Lobo blinking in shock.

"I hope he finds me! Cause when he does, I'm gonna be ready! When he does, I'm gonna kill him!"

Lobo had remained quiet, not sure if Harry was serious or not. He had seen this a million times… someone swore revenge, but when it came to it, they couldn't actually do-

"Holy frag he's serious!" Lobo had realized, seeing something in Harry's eyes. The kid was serious! He would actually frag Black!

"Hell yeah." Lobo nodded, exhaling some of his cigar smoke. "That's th'spirit! Yer gonna gut this bastich fer what he did t'yer folks!"

"W..what if I can't…?" Harry asked quietly, suddenly seemingly coming back to reality. Lobo didn't doubt that Harry might hesitate, he believed that Harry actually WOULD kill Sirius. That was impressive.

"Then I'll kill the bastich." Lobo had shrugged. "Hell, if he comes within five miles of you, I'll kill him."

Lobo wasn't a therapist, or a father, (well, a good father), so when it came to 'comforting' someone, he didn't have the slightest idea on what to do. But when it came to motivating someone to violence, hell yeah he knew how to do that!

Currently, it was a little bit after two, which meant Lobo was waking up from a long night of 'work' (binge-drinking) to a throbbing headache most likely multiplied in intensity by the radio implanted in his brain.

"Agh… frag it…" He groaned, pulling himself out of bed and get to his feet. He pulled on his clothes (which he realized were pretty much all he ever wore… but screw you, they're awesome so why should he change?) he opened the door and began wandering the halls. He figured the best thing to do was something he hadn't really thought about before. Talk to people. He didn't expect anyone here to be some sort of Black wingman or something stupid like that. If they were, they had probably told Black to run an not look back since he had arrived.

Unfortunately, the first three people he found were Snape, McGonagall and Lupin.

"Crap…" He cursed under his breath, before deciding to start with Lupin, as he hadn't really met the guy before, aside from some side glances and middle fingers in the halls. It was clear that if any of the teachers didn't like him… he was one of them. But in all seriousness (ha!), there really seemed to be something that Lupin didn't like about Lobo, but the main man needed answers, so there wasn't much he could do other than try and find common ground.

"Professor Lupin." Lobo said as he approached, trying his best to sound casual and somewhat respectable. Both of which he hated doing. The DADA teacher turned and sighed slightly, giving the bounty hunter a raised brow.

"Can I help you?" He asked dryly.

"Perhaps." Lobo remarked, noticing McGonagall's 'I-know-you're-trying-but-it-isn't-working' look out of the corner of his eye. "This Black bastich. What can you tell me about him?"


"Well, I've been through the ministry, and some of the criminal records, and the biggest thing I found is he's the kid's godfather… for some freakin' reason. I've been told that ya two were friends. I ain't here t'judge you for that, I'm here to ask if you know anything that might be helpful in stopping Black from killin' half the school to get to Harry."

"First of all, Black and I werefriends." Lupin bristled, clearly off-put by Lobo's… well, Lobo-ness. "That monster has been nothing but a distant memory for some time. Second, what makes you think Black would kill students aside from Mr. Potter?"

"Eh, someone unhinged enough to break into a school t'frag a kid probably doesn't give a rats ass about collateral." Lobo shrugged. "I've bagged enough bounties of some dumbass who felt their ex took their kid and decided if they couldn't have them, no one could. Killin' an adult is easy, but when someone's willin' to bag a kid? They're not gonna care too much about common decency or even where they'll stop."

There was something haunting about the way Lobo spoke, and it gave Lupin pause. He seemed to be considering his answer for a bit longer than Lobo would've liked… but right now wasn't the time to demand answers.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you." Lupin remarked, then asked: "If you find Sirius Black, what are your plans?"

"Cut his guts out and hang him by 'em." Lobo shrugged casually, his tone making it clear he wasn't joking. "If this asshole is gonna try and kill the guy I'm paid to protect, then he's gonna die."

Lupin's eyes betrayed his calm demeanour, and after a moment he cleared his throat. "Uh, if you'll excuse me, I need to go prepare for class." With that, he turned and strode off down the halls.

"Mr. Lobo, was the neces-" Minerva began.

"That bastich is lying." Lobo cut her off, his eyes narrowing. "He knows something he isn't letting onto."

"And on what grounds do you make such an accusation?" Snape drawled in his usual indifferent tone.

"If he and Black ain't pals anymore, that makes sense. But he clearly knew Sirius for some time… so the fact that he isn't willing to say anything hints at something he's hiding." Lobo remarked. "Maybe it's guilt over not stopping him from screwing over Harry's folks, but there's something buried there… also. I've been pickin' up on a dog's stench, and Lupin has one similar to it…"

This did get Severus' attention, as he turned and looked to Lobo with a raised brow. The Potion Master was deep in thought before he finally voiced his question:

"Mr. Lobo, in the Spanish-Earth culture, are you aware of what your name means?" He asked.

"He who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it." Lobo answered. This did mortify both professors, as neither of them believed that's what it mean in Spanish, but they could tell that he was probably talking about Czarnian culture.

"No, in Spanish language, 'Lobo' means 'Wolf'." Snape explained.

"Okay, and?" Lobo asked skeptically. "The Czarnian one is way cooler…"

"Are you aware of what Lycanthropes are?" Snape asked.

"Yeah, every furry's wettest dream…" Lobo snarked, then seemed to realize something. "Fetal's Giz! Are ya tellin' me Lupin's a damn werewolf!?"

"I… cannot answer explicitly." Snape admitted, and Lobo didn't sense the lies Lupin had been saying earlier. "However, lycanthropes are creatures known to our world, and the smell you may have picked up on was from one of them, as dogs for the most part are not common in these parts."

"So, either there's a Teen Wolf reunion goin' on nearby, or someone here is a furry." Lobo mused, beginning to pick up on some of the prof's implications. "Hrgh… it's been a while since I've dealt with one of those types… hang on. Are Black and Lupin werewolves? If so, y'know where I can get silver bullets?"

"I do not have much knowledge on the weapons you use, but the traditional myth of silver weaponry being the only thing lethal to a werewolf is… overstated." Snape replied. "However, that does bring me to my second point. It would be of great consequence to the staff and the Ministry if you were able to take Sirius Black alive so he could be tried once more."

"Why? You're just gonna frag him afterwards." Lobo shrugged. "Cut the costs of housing him as a prisoner and the court costs outta the picture and just slab him where he stands."

"While I may share your opinion on what should be done with Sirius Black, there are still regulations which must be followed." Snape replied, and Lobo seemed a bit surprised.

"Damn, we actually agreein' on somethin'. This must be bad." Lobo thought with a slight frown.

"Okay, okay… so… this is gonna be weird, but is there any special events coming up? Birthdays, anniversaries, stuff like that?" Lobo asked.

"No… what are you getting at?" Minerva asked, somewhat puzzled by the seemingly random question.

"There's this vigilante I've crossed paths with, one of his enemies is called Calendar Man. He only commits crimes on specific days, and each crime is based on that day. He's a fraggin' joke, and how no one's killed 'im yet is beyond me… but I'm thinkin' of the day Sirius got arrested is soon, he may wanna take revenge on that day. Y'know what I'm sayin?"

"Yes… but there is no day or event where some sort of retribution would make sense." Minerva answered.

"All right. Thanks for the info." Lobo muttered, walking off. "I got some trails to hunt down, he can't hide forever, and sooner or later, he'll make a mistake." He left the castle mainly to smoke, but also to think things over. He wasn't just annoyed he was getting kind of pissed off… he was one of- no, THE baddest bounty hunter the galaxy had ever seen! So why couldn't he find a damn escaped loony!?

"Unless… you're looking in the wrong places…" A new thought came to him. Actually, that was a good point. He had spent so much time trying to act as if he didn't have Sirius' trail, when in reality, if he acted like he did, Black would be forced to act sooner. Once that bastich stepped foot into Hogwarts, Lobo could track him across the galaxy! The issue was, the shirt had a stench to track, but then… it went cold. "No, no, you idiot! LUPIN!"

"Oh. Right." Lobo blinked, taking a drag off his cigar.

Out of the corner of his eye, Lobo saw something run off into the woods. Deciding this was as good a lead as any, he took off after it. Running down the hill and into the woods once more. Because for some reason, everything seemed to end with him in these woods. He slid down the hill and kept running, disappearing behind trees and bushes, the figure kept darting. The issue was, now Lobo had its scent, which meant there was no way it could escape. Skidding to a stop, Lobo looked around as he heard an eerie cry, his spine shaking slightly as he looked around.

"Th'frag?" He muttered, looking for the source of the noise. He saw… probably the crappiest, most structurally-weak cabin he had ever seen, and that included some of the meth shacks he had shot up, not too far away. "Hrgh… I think I may have found somethin' interesting…" HE mused, before turning and heading back towards the school, believing he had part of the lead he was looking for… When he returned, he was wandering the halls, looking for Harry to ask him something.

"I'm warning you Hermione! Keep that bloody beast of yours away from Scabbers, or I'll turn it into a tea cozy!" He could hear Ron shouting.

"It's a cat, Ronald! What do you expect? It's in his nature." The Granger girl shot back.

"Hey. What I miss?" Lobo asked, walking next to Harry and watching his friends argue.

"Perently Hermione's cat tried to eat Ron's rat."

"If we were in Korea they'd eat both of them."

"A cat? Is that what they told you? It looks more like a pig with hair if you ask me."

"That's rich, coming from the owner of that smelly old shoe brush. It's alright, Crookshanks. Just ignore the mean little boy."

"Dogs are better!" Lobo called, ending their argument as they turned to look at him.

"You have a dog?" Harry asked.

"…..had." Lobo finally said. The trio was silent, then Hermione and Ron went back to arguing. "Hey, kid. Anything happen recently?"

"No." Harry shook his head, casting a brief glance to the map he was holding. "But I have a real bad feeling, and I can't say why… Everything I try to do just raises more questions. Hermione's acting mental, Buckbeak is going to be executed tomorrow, and Black wants me dead!"

"Yeah, I've gotten those too." Lobo nodded, ignoring the second part of Harry's remark, then let one rip. It was silent for a few moments…

"Aw, bloody hell!" Ron exclaimed.

Next Time! Mystery! Intrigue! Answers! And the main attraction…

El Lobo vs Lobo!