"What are you, the son of the devil?" Zoro asked, and Luffy flashed his too sharp grin and laughed. Zoro joined his crew.

They went to Orange town, and Luffy met Nami and wanted her. She joined his crew. Buggy heard his name and made a comment about demons. Luffy laughed and his eyes glowed with fury when Buggy acted cowardly.

Kuro attacked his own crew and Luffy didn't hesitate to smack him to the ground with glowing eyes and too sharp teeth. "They're your nakama, aren't they!?" Kuro laughed and called them trash, so Luffy smashed his claws and his plans and threw him like the trash he was. Usopp joined then.

Luffy, as hungry as he felt in a restaurant but not supposed to eat, struggled to keep his teeth human, his eyes normal, and his tail in. When he saw Sanji feed the starving stranger, his tail started twitching and he felt the old guy stare at him contemplatively. He didn't care, and Sanji joined his crew. "Take care of him," Zeff said quietly, "I know how possessive you can be."

Nami ran away and the shark guy dared claim she was a tool to be used. He didn't even try to keep human when he destroyed the stupid building. "Nami! You are nakama!" Nami nodded with tears streaming down her face, even as Luffy emerged with flared wings and glowing eyes.

The whale swallowed his crew, so Luffy released his wings and punched the creature. He found a hatch soon after and pulled in his demon features to explore. An old guy told his crew the story of the whale, and Luffy tested its strength and made his own promise to the whale.

The blue haired girl that attacked the whale was a princess, and she pleaded with him to save her country. He agreed on the terms that he would get a feast. Vivi joined his crew.

Nami got sick and Sanji got buried in the snow, so Luffy took them up to the doctor and pleaded with her to save them first. She did and Nami would be fine. The talking reindeer didn't want to join because he, the reindeer, was a monster. Luffy was confused by that because everyone on his crew was a monster. He proved it and when the reindeer, Chopper, kept making excuses he yelled, "Shut up! Let's go!" Chopper joined the crew, and he was apparently a doctor.

Vivi's country was saved, but she had to stay behind. Luffy beat up Crocodile and got Vivi's dad and Ms. All-sunday, Robin, out. Robin decided that meant he owed her, so she joined the crew. Luffy didn't quite understand, but he liked her so it was okay. Then, Robin decided that dying was the best way to protect them, so Luffy burnt down the place they took her to. "I want to live!" She declared, allowing Luffy to give Sogeking the order to burn the flag and start the war.

Merry couldn't take them any further, though, so Luffy gave her a proper burial. Franky built them a new ship and Luffy loved Sunny right away. He was strong and beautiful. Franky refused to join until Luffy stole his pants and Robin did the unspeakable. Franky was irreplaceable and he really did want to be on the crew, so Luffy let her get away with it. Franky could complain to him if he wanted, and he would do something then. Ussop also rejoined with an apology on his lips.

Brook leaned away from Luffy for just a moment, but it was long enough for Chopper to know he wasn't the only one who thought Luffy was weird. Usopp would always just whisper that he was glad Luffy was on his side. Brook still joined eagerly after they got everybody's shadows back.

Luffy read about Ace's upcoming execution and lost his grip on his cloak. A demon was on Amazon Lily ready to tear apart the world to retrieve his brother. Hancock agreed to help him get into Impel Down to rescue Ace.

Jimbei met Luffy in Impel Down and his instincts warned him the same way they had with Ace and he wasn't really that surprised to see a demonic tail and glowing eyes and sharp teeth in the small human. Luffy freed him and they went to Marineford to destroy the marines and retrieve Ace.

Ace couldn't believe so many people came to rescue him. A demon who was the son of the devil. Most of them didn't know, and that was the only reason, Ace decided.

A ship fell from the sky. Luffy was too trusting, Ace decided. Ace wasn't important, Ace decided. Good thing it wasn't Ace's choice, Ace realized when Luffy punched gramps without pause and freed him from his cuffs. Good thing it wasn't Ace's choice, Ace realized as he burst into flames in the shape of whitebeard's mark and came out of the flames on demon wings and with a snarl of rage against the marines.

Luffy had come to save Ace, so Ace would live. That was what Ace decided in the end. He would live unless it meant Luffy would die.

The magma fist went in Luffy's direction instead of Ace's, so he jumped in front of it and was shocked when he felt himself leave the ground instead of facing impalement.

"Idiot," a familiar unfamiliar voice said with exasperation, "Luffy would die without you."

"Who-?" Ace asked and looked at the person who had picked him and Luffy up, "You're not him."

"Ouch," The person, blond with a top hat, teased, "I'm hurt Ace."

"He's dead," Ace said, "Who are you?"

The person licked their lips and Ace caught a glimpse of too many, too sharp teeth, "I really shouldn't say who I am, I'm not supposed to be here."

"Sabo," a girlish voice said, "Stop bantering with them and please tell me you remembered something."

"Damn it, Koala," not-Sabo, he couldn't be Sabo, whined, "I don't remember anything, I just knew Ace would die if I didn't do anything."

"You're forgiven for abandoning the plan," Koala, apparently, said, "Strawhat ruined it first anyway."

"He's good at that," not-Sabo and Ace said at the same time.

"You can't be Sabo," Ace said, "He's dead."

"You knew me before then?" not-Sabo asked lightly, and Ace hated him a bit for it.

"No," Ace snarled, "I knew Sabo, my brother. He got killed though."

"I got shot twice," not-Sabo said, "cannonballs from a Tenryubito. I fell into the ocean and Dragon-san saved me. I didn't remember anything."

"Stop it," Ace said, "Stop it, you can't do this. Sabo is dead."

"Ace," Sabo, no he can't be, said, "I'm sorry. I don't remember."

"Bring Strawhat here!" A voice called and Sabo did just that. Trafalgar Law was a doctor before a pirate afterall.

It was a long time before Luffy woke up, his system was apparently over-loaded with hormones. Sabo made a mental note to talk to Ivankov about that. Trafalgar Law reminded Sabo of something he couldn't recall, and he wanted to ask. He didn't know how. Trafalgar Lami, on the other hand, looked almost too plain to be a blood sibling of Law.

"Oh," Lami said to him with a grin, "You noticed, huh?"

"I don't even know what I noticed," Sabo admitted.

"That's because you don't remember," Lami told him, "you died, right?"

"I didn't actually die," Sabo said.

"No," Lami agreed, "You sacrificed yourself." Her stare had a similar weight to Luffy's, even if Sabo couldn't remember that yet.

"I don't remember that," Sabo told her.

"You weren't born into the bloodline," Lami said, "You're an anomaly. Ask the ones that changed you out of love."

"What?" Sabo asked.

"Lami, stop picking people apart, and help me put Strawhat back together," Law said from the doorway.

"You're no fun," she pouted and clapped Koala on the shoulder on the way out.

"What did I just witness?" Koala asked.

"I don't know," Sabo said, "But apparently, I need to talk to Ace."

"Obviously," Koala said, "Or you wouldn't have felt compelled to rescue him despite not knowing him."

"Please stop calling me and my amnesia out, Koala," Sabo pouted.

Luffy didn't wake up until the three were on Amazon Lily, and when he got there, he rampaged for several minutes before tackling Sabo into a hug and sobbing. Ace got dragged into the hug as well.

"Who was I?" Sabo asked when Luffy calmed down enough to set his brothers free, "Before?"

"Sabo was Sabo," Luffy said, a weight to his gaze. Sabo stared at him.

"A fucking idiot," Ace said, and didn't elaborate.

"Smarter than you," Sabo snarks without thinking.

"You went with your shitty not-dad," Ace said, "and you left us behind."

"I'm sorry," Sabo said, "I'm positive I had a reason, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was."

"You were trying to protect us," Luffy said, "but you're an idiot."

"Ouch," Sabo said.

"You said you'd go with your shitty not-dad if he wouldn't hurt us," Ace said, "And you didn't come back. You set out and got yourself blown up."

"I wish I could remember," Sabo said.

"I know!" Luffy said and shot off onto the isle of women like he belonged.

He came back a few minutes later with three red sakazuki cups and a bottle of sake.

"Did you know…" he started, setting the cups down and uncorking the bottle.

"That when men share sake, they become brothers?" the three finished at the exact same time, while Luffy poured the sake and they shared sake for the first time in ten years.

"To live freely and write my adventures," Sabo said, setting down his cup.

"To make my name known outside of my father's shadow," Ace continued.

"To become the pirate king!" Luffy shouted and they laughed.

"You haven't changed at all, huh?" Sabo said and passed out.

Ace barely caught him. "I think he remembers now," Ace said.

Trafalgar Lami made an interesting chirping noise as she ran up, "Is he okay?"

"He just passed out," Ace said.

"My brother and our crew were about to leave, but we can look him over first if you need?"

"We'll be fine," Ace said with his usual possessiveness.

"Thanks," Luffy said as she rolled her eyes and turned to him.

"Is that how you shared with him," Lami asked, gesturing at the sake.

"It's a promise," Luffy said, "You can't break a promise."

"That's so cool," Lami said, "You should teach him to control it, though. It'll probably become more prominent the more you renew your promise."

Luffy grinned at her and she walked away. Ace blinked at the two of them curiously.

"What was that?"

"Sabo's scales are going to grow in, soon," Luffy said.

"Sabo is a normal person, Lu," Ace said, "Normal people don't grow scales."

Luffy laughed brightly, "Sabo is going to be upset that you think he's normal."

"You know what I meant," Ace argued.

Luffy turned a heavy look at Ace and was then distracted by a man coming out of the water.

The first mate to the first pirate king offered to train Luffy, and Luffy accepted. Ace glared at him as he looked at Ace with sadness.

"I'm glad you're alive," he said eventually.

"I don't care," Ace said, "You only care because of my shitty not-dad."

"You're not entirely wrong," Rayleigh said, "But you sure as hell aren't right."

Ace sneered at him.

"I also care because of your mom, your brother, and because you're just a kid," Rayleigh told him.

"You knew my mom?" Ace asked.

"She travelled with us until just after we passed through fishman island the first time."

"What was she like?" Ace asked softly.

"She was beautiful," Rayleigh said, "First thing anybody noticed about her."

Ace knew that.

"She was deadly," he continued, "a menace with throwing knives, and eventually corrupted Buggy."

"Big nose knew Ace's mom?" Luffy asked and Rayleigh burst into laughter.

"He learned knives from her. Rogue convinced the brat to use Roger as target practice when she was angry," Rayleigh laughed, "That's how he unlocked observation haki, in fact."

"Why did she leave?" Ace asked.

"A pirate ship is no place to raise a baby," Rayleigh said, "Even if somebody didn't catch the memo." Ace isn't sure what the story behind that is.

"What did…" Ace hesitated on his birth father's name, "Roger think about my mom?"

"He was jealous of her wings; 'more beautiful than even the sea' he called them," Rayleigh began, "He loved her for her smile, her laugh, her gentle nature, her fury, her strength…"

Luffy smiled at Rayleigh, who looked like he was in physical pain, "You loved them, too, and they loved you."

"That's right," Rayleigh said and grinned. Ace noted that his canines were too sharp for a normal human.

"What did you promise?" Luffy asked.

"That, if I could," Rayleigh took a deep breath and then altered his sentence, "That I would protect their kid."

"Why weren't you at Marineford, then?" Ace demanded harshly.

"I'm sorry," He said, and didn't answer. Ace didn't ask again.

"Why did you lie?" Luffy asked after it was just him and Rayleigh.

"What did I lie about?" He asked.

"When you said 'their kid'," Luffy explained, "I don't know why, but it was a lie."

"Well," Rayleigh said, "He is their kid."

Luffy squinted at him, "Why are you lying?"

"I didn't," Ray said, "That time."

"Why'd you lie the first time, though?" Luffy asked.

"I think Ace would have tried to burn off my beard," Ray said, "And I quite like my beard."

"Why would he try to burn your beard?"

"Because I'm a shitty parent," Ray said, "because the truth was that I promised to protect our kid."

"Oh," Luffy said, "You're right, you are a shitty parent."

"Ouch," Ray said with humor.

"You should talk to him," Luffy said, "When he isn't so angry."

"I trusted the whitebeards," Ray said, "and I worried about you instead of my kid. I don't think I have a right to talk to him."

"No," Luffy said, "But Ace likes me better than himself anyway. If you hurt him again, I'll kick your ass, though."

Rayleigh laughed, "I deserve that, so let's get to teaching you so you can kick my ass."

Brook can sense ghosts and demons, and after the timeskip will be able to see them as well as Luffy's cloaked form. Chopper is literally an animal, so he can tell, too.

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