One-Shot in Harry's 5th Year – A Major Change in the DOM

As Harry watched Sirius taunt and laugh at his cousin while he duel Bellatrix, he thought how stupid it was to mess around when your life was in danger. As if his thoughts turned to reality, a red spell connected with Sirius and he began to fall towards the veil.

Harry had spent a week during 4th year perfecting the accio charm and he was quite pleased with how good he was at using it. He thrust his wand towards Sirius and didn't even vocalize the charm to accio both Sirius and his clothing as he didn't remember the limitations of the charm. He was pleased that Sirius changed directions from heading towards the veil to him and turned his wand towards Bellatrix.

Another spell that Harry had practiced extensively with the DA was the reducto curse and once again without vocalizing the spell sent it towards Bellatrix. With her focus on Sirius, she didn't even attempt to dodge or shield the curse and it impacted dead center upon her face. All combatants stopped to watch as Bellatrix head turn to blood and bone as the curse impacted.

It seemed that all the DEs were stunned that one of their own was killed in such a horrific way as to immobilize them in their fight. The Order of the Phoenix fighters took each and every DE down in their moment of pause and the battle was over in seconds.

Harry began to check each of his fellow students and attempted to correct any spells that where placed upon them. In addition, he revived his Godfather and them began yelling for anyone who had medical training to check Hermione.

As a member of the Order rushed towards him, he thought that this was a battle that was won decisively and wondered what the future would hold. He held his Godfather close and thanked the Gods that he didn't panic under pressure and remembered his spell training well.

Hermione and the other members of the DA were treated and prepared to return to Hogwarts. Harry thought that the DA was worth it's weight in gold and began to think of the possibilities for next year as well as staying with Sirius instead of returning to his relatives.

Although it was a terrible year at Hogwarts, it seemed that life was looking up for him and all was well for now.