A/N:This was something I started years ago, after Descendants, Wicked World, and Isle of the Lost came out, but before D2 (or Kingdom Hearts 3) did. There was such potential to implicate one of my favorite crack pairings, but D3 makes it not fit with canon anymore. If the scenario is still of interest, I may continue writing either as canon-divergence or make changes to be canon-compliant.

Obviously flashbacks will be events in the past 20 years but the present takes place between the end of the first movie and before the Festival at the beginning of Wicked World.

King Beast stood at the head of a long table, surrounded by his dear friends from all the kingdoms that now joined together in the newly formed Auradon.

"I would like to thank all of you for electing me and supporting our endeavors to unite all our lands," King Beast started, "Heaven knows we went through Heck to get where we are today." He smiled down at Belle at his side. She smiled back up at him, appreciative of all he went through to see her again when their world was torn apart by darkness. Even though he was still a beast at the time, he had enough love in his heart for Belle that he did not turn into a Heartless but traveled the space between worlds to where she was being held captive.

"I would like to give a special thanks to the Keyblade Wielders," King Beast continued, gesturing to Master Yen Sid, Sora, Mickey, and a few others that were present, "for physically uniting our lands back into one world."

Those present gave a polite applause, straining to contain their true excitement of the Utopia they finally had before them. Yen Sid, with arms folded, quietly bowed his head in acceptance. Sora chuckled and gave a nervous wave. Mickey joined in the clapping and smiled encouragingly at his comrades.

When the applause died down, King Beast cleared his throat. "Well then, the first item of business we have for our very first council meeting is…"

Just then the doors thrust open. A cold wind blew through the room. The candles in the room would have blown out if things weren't recently updated for electricity. Still, the room seemed to dim with the dropping temperature.

"Hey ya shmucks, sorry I'm late!" came a voice from the now dark hallway. Blue flames and smoke swirled about at a figure emerged from the shadows, revealing the god of death. He chuckled, "Actually, I'm not sorry." He bowed to the crowd mockingly, "Hades, Lord of the Dead, BACK from the dead! At your service…or disservice as the case may be."

Hercules jumped up with a sneer and clenched fist. Hades strolled by and patted his fist with a cold hand as he headed towards King Beast and Belle, side noting, "Cool it, Jerkules, I'll be with you in a moment."

"What is the meaning of this outrage?!" roared King Beast, pounding the table.

"Oh no outrage here," Hades reassured soothingly, "What? Did you think that a bunch of decrepit souls could keep me trapped away in my own place forever? Oh no! I'm just here to bring to your attention a very poignant item of business you should discuss your trivial little heads over here. You're welcome."

Everyone stared at Hades with death glares in silence.

Hades rolled his eyes. "Yeesh. You try to help people and this is the thanks you get. So! I have this little problem with my realm, see? You guys have your land. People are born, people die, it's all good. But with me people come when they die and they STAY THERE…FOREVER. This was all well and good back in ancient Greece, but times have changed and frankly your overpopulation here makes it worse there. Especially when you keep sending good folks there prematurely."

King Beast growled, "And just what do want us to do about it?"

Hades threw a friendly arm over King Beast's shoulder, "So glad you asked. There's not much you have to do on your part, but I'll be releasing those good folks I mentioned back here to live again. You know, all of your wonderful, eh, shall we say, antagonists?"

Hades gave his friendliest, most sinister smile. The room exploded with everyone shouting their different protests. King Beast threw Hades' arm off him and made as if he would tear him apart with his bear hands.

"Whoa, settle down everyone. Don't kill the messenger," laughed Hades as he strutted out of the room. "Take it up with the Fates. It's not the Villains' time to go. No matter how many times you kill them, I'll keep bringing them back. So take that into account for your Bore-adon."

Hades left with everyone in dumbstruck silence. King Beast slouched back into his throne chair at the head of the table, the first he used it that meeting. He supported his shaking head with his hand.

With a sigh, he said, "Well…any suggestions?"

It was a perfect kind of day at Auradon Prep. Not a cloud in the sky. Birds twittered in chorus as they flew between the lush green trees. The overwhelming scent of lilacs in full bloom. Disgusting. Much too bright for Mal's taste. Why did the lockers have to be outdoors? Would it kill them to add a basement level or three to campus?

Mal attempted her combination when a girly squeal from the tables behind her distracted her. She shot an evil glance towards the owner who jumped up and ran towards some brown-haired guy. Ugh. Spring was definitely the worst season!

She restarted twisting the dial and tried to block other noises of excitement that escalated behind her. One note made her twist a bit too far. Third time was a charm though and she finally got the locker door open. She dropped off her book for Mathematics, all the while looking behind her at the commotion. The brunet was now surrounded by more girls than Jay before a Tourney game.

Rolling her eyes, she grabbed her book for Grammar and slammed her locker shut, revealing Ben to her right leaning against the lockers.

"Hey Mal!" he smiled. "What's up?"

"That's what I'd like to know," she said, thumbing toward the crowd behind her.

Ben cocked his head to see past her shoulder. "Oh! It looks like Skyler is visiting."


"Skyler. Sora's son?"

Mal stared back in un-recognition.

"Didn't you guys learn History of Auradon back on the Isle?"

"We learned the history of how your parents wronged ours."

Ben gave a nervous chuckle. "Well, once upon a time our lands were separated by vast darkness. The Keyblade Master's brought them together to make the United States of Auradon. Skyler's dad was one of them."

Mal looked closer at the kid. His hair starburst from the side into fine, highlighted spikes down, almost like a miniature lion's main. He had a goofy grin on his face; not exactly from enjoying all the attention, but more like he was oblivious to why so many girls were flocking to him. Guess she couldn't blame all those prissy, pink princesses for going after an edgier looking guy. The chains and spikes he wore definitely gave him more style than the average Auradon boy.

"So wait. You're saying that Auradon wasn't always physically Auradon? That kid's dad has that kind of power?"

"Crazy right? We use to all be in our own different worlds but," Ben draped an arm over Mal's shoulders, "I'm glad we aren't now, aren't you?"

Mal gave him a mischievous smirk, "The jury is still our on that." She playfully picked his hand up and pulled it over her head to return it to him. "But I have to get to class now. I've been working on being fashionably late."

Ben laughed, "Fancy term for 'tardy' I'll have to remember that one."

"The king is tardy?"

"Only for a good reason such as you. But hey, if Skyler is here, his dad probably is too. Which means my family will be having dinner with them. You should come."

"Yeah, I'll think about it. Catch you later."