AN: Okay! I decided to go forward with this! It may be a bit on the AU side, but I'll try to keep inconsistencies to a minimum...
{{I went over the Isle of the Lost books again and found the support to my crossover head canon. So this will go more with the book series than the movies.

In the first book, Chapter 8 (pg 78 for those that still do hard copies lol) Which at this point states that Mal's father is human (not a god unless Hades is human now, but being part god-she wouldn't have this issue of hating her paternal 'weaknesses') I may tweak some updates to my original plan so it still fits with the movies and only imply, but leave implications even if they can turn out to be one-sided misunderstandings.

The way Mal greets Hades in D3, it sounds like she knew Hades was her dad all along. So either way, I guess this crossover will be slight AU. Or maybe after this I'll have a sequel taking place after D3 that will reconcile the indiscrepancies between the books and movies and bring them in harmony together...

The last bell rang and Mal made her way to her history teacher's office, as he requested when she questioned him after class about Auradon once being separate worlds. The door was ajar and so she peeked inside. The small room was cluttered with piles of books mixed with a hodgepodge of artifacts.

"Um...Professor Thatch?" Mal called.

She spotted a dusty mop of hair bobbing behind a stack on the desk and then rounding the corner to see who had come. "Ah, Mal! Yes, yes. You were inquiring about how the worlds were joined into one, correct?"

Mal nodded and so the professor wheeled his chair back and stood up, browsing around while mumbling about where the different items he moved around came from as he read the spines on the books. When he found what he was looking for, he pulled the book out, causing the books on top to topple over, disturbing some of the other nearby piles. His arms reached out to try and grab as many as he could, but at least he saved a ming vase from the Forbidden City from shattering.

He gave a nervous chuckle as Mal stared at him skeptically. He handed the book to her then pushed his glasses up his nose. "That book should help you better understand the events from the Battle of Kingdom Hearts to when King Beast was elected the first ruler of Auradon. It does only touch on a little bit of each individual world, but perhaps it'll give you a better understanding of the history they apparently failed to teach you on the Island."

"Does it describe how they were able to combine the worlds?"

"Oh, the mechanics of that you'd probably have to ask a Keyblade Master. I would love to understand that myself though," Professor Thatch gushed as he fumbled the vase from hand to hand. "But you know, I'll give you extra credit if you write up a report on what you do learn!"

Mal thanked him and left him to clean up the mess from his search. She barely turned to the first page as she walked when her phone buzzed. She pulled it out and smiled as she read the message and thumbed a response.

Dinner's tonight. Pick you up at 5? ~ Ben Great! ~ Mal

The plan seemed sound enough. If they could not get rid of their enemies, they could at least contain them. There was an empty island to the southwest. Fairy Godmother, Merlin, and others with magic would help create a barrier around it. However, island life would not be sustainable, especially if it's inhabitants did not have a strong work ethic. They agreed to provide second hand supplies to the occupants so they wouldn't starve to death and be resurrected outside the barrier again. To be able to deliver through the barrier, there would need to be a gate. Or a door. That could be locked.

That's where the Keyblade Masters came in. Two Keyblade Wielders could seal the barrier, but it would need one of them on each side to close it properly. After the villains got put away, there'd be time to devise a more efficient solution. As for now, they barely planned this much when the siege of villains began.

Upon the first explosion, the council was immediately dismissed and so they could begin their counterattack. They had defeated their foes before, surely they'd be able to again with little problem.

Or so they thought.

King Ben escorted Mal into the parlor where his parents and a few guests were conversing before dinner. He introduced her to Skyler who with the same goofy grin he had earlier shook her hand, then his father Sora, who also had a smile with a friendly brilliance to rival Ben's, and then finally another keyblade wielder, Master Riku.

"And this is my girlfriend: Mal, daughter of Maleficent," Ben announced to the guests as Mal was shaking Riku's hand.

Riku's grip twitched around her own. It was hard to tell through his silver bangs, but his bright teal eyes blinked in what seemed like confusion.

"Uh, are you okay?" Mal asked him.

He withdrew his hand and breathed, "Yeah."

With everyone present, they proceeded to the dining hall and gathered about a round table. Ben helped Mal sit next to his spot before sitting himself. His parents sat beside him while Skyler claimed the seat on the other side of Mal.

Mrs. Potts had outdone herself. The servants brought in course after course of fine appetizers to a sumptuous main dish then decadent desserts. Belle and Sora dominated most of the conversation as they chit chatted about life in general. Mal kept catching Riku stealing glances at her but then Skyler would elbow her with a side comment.

As Ben finished up and dabbed the corner of his mouth with a napkin, Riku elbowed Sora and gave him a look to remind him what they wanted to ask.

Sora nodded then looked at Ben while drumming his fingers on the table. "We were wondering in light of recent developments...if we could borrow the Dragon Staff for inspection."

"The Dragon Eye scepter," Riku corrected.

Sora rubbed the back of his head. "Oh yeah, that."

Ben responded, "Ah, well, that is being kept in the Museum right now. You'd have to go through Fairy Godmother to get it. But if it's really necessary…"

"Hang on," interrupted Mal, "That's my mother's scepter we're talking about. You can't just give it out to other people!"

"Would it be acceptable if you were present? In fact, you may be able to help," Riku proposed.

"I don't know who you guys think you are, but you can't just show up out of the blue and take my mom's most treasured possession like that!"

"Mal. Try to calm down…" Ben persuaded, placing a hand on hers.

Sora waved his hands in front of him. "No, it's okay. She's right. We should see if we can ask Maleficent about it. There's no big rush. We'll be around for a bit as we check out the school for potential Key-ow!"

Riku had stepped on Sora's foot to keep him from revealing that mission. They wanted to observe candidates in a natural environment rather than having everyone put on an act trying to impress them. Mal being unfamiliar with Keyblades raised an eyebrow at Sora.

He sweated. "I mean we plan to stay here for a couple of weeks, so there's no hurry. We can wait for clearance to see Maleficent and all."

With dinner done, they migrated to the front hall to see the guest out. Upon parting, Sora commented to Belle how it looked like King Ben inherited her Light. Ben seemed really happy to hear that.

As Ben was walking Mal back to her dorm room he asked, "So, what do you think?"

"Well, that one with the silver hair is kinda hot," she teased.

He gasped, "You mean OLD! He was like, our age back when my parents got married!"

She laughed. It was hearty and good natured. Ben overcame the shocking statement as he enjoyed seeing her smile.

She reassured him, "I'm just kidding." She was partly kidding. There was something about Riku that she felt drawn to, but she couldn't put her finger on it.