A seven year-old Harry Potter was in the Dursley home when a green portal came over him and he vanished

When he awoke he was a 20 year old and was locked in a dungeon of sorts two women came in and questioned him on the scar on his hand that was glowing with green energy. He then

met two people on his way to close the breach into the fade they were Varric and an elf named Solas. they made it to the rift and he later met the Iron Dull Vivienne Dorian Sera and Cullen

He had many adventures as inquisitor but after he won the war against Corypheus he told his inner circle about the fact he is only seven years old two years later he killed solas who attacked the grand summit he then was in a dreamscape and thousands upon thousands of beings appeared and spoke with one voice "YOU ARE NOW THE ONE TRUE GOD" when he woke up he was met with his inner circle surrounding his bed like guards he told them what happened and made them all immortal so he had friends for the rest of time and space he spoke with finality "I have to return to my home dimension i leave you with a way to contact me if wever you need me also i set up a viewing station so you can see my life in my home dimension but whatever you do do not come and get me unless it is an absolute emergency i'm talking Corypheus or fen' harall level got me" and then he put 35 seals on himself as to appear weak although he already knew everything he must remain ignorant seeming

End Flashback

"And That is how I met them" harry spoke leaving out all the stuff about godhood

"My dear you should enter your adult form and break the seals so you can win this silly tournament" Spoke a lovely looking Ebony woman the hall now knew as Vivienne


When Hope is gone

undo this lock and

send me forth on a

moonlit walk

Release restraint level


Green light filled the hall and when it cleared a man that was six foot five and had shoulder-length white hair and pointed ears and wearing robes that looked to be made of silk but as strong as iron (look up robes of the High Keeper) and he had a staff that was gold and had five gems in mouths of serpents ( Staff of Ainz Ul Ghon from Overlord)

"Ah it feels so good to be back in this body. Well the seals have been broken huh there are seals that i did not place on myself on here as well let's check that shall we Diagnostic"


Magic 1000 block APWBD

Int 1000 block APWBD

Spd 1000 block APWBD

Agt 1000 block APWBD

Vit 1000 block APWBD


All language block by APWBD

Natural affinity for the elements Block 90% APWBD

Control of other creatures Block APWBD

End Diagnostic

Well lets get some sleep we'll worry about everything tomorrow.