Cody and Bailey's Home, January 15th, 2032

Rayeleigh Everleigh Martin was in her bedroom putting on makeup. She is now seventeen years old. Her twin brother, Brayden Zachary Martin is ten minutes younger than her. He walked into the room, he looked at her.

"Where are you going?"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Savannah's birthday party. She's having a huge bash tonight. I'm not missing it..."

Brayden laughed. "Sis, you're not going."

Rayeleigh laughed. "Yes, I am..."

Brayden rolled his eyes. "Dad won't let you. Remember the last time you went to a party at Savannah's?"

Rayeleigh rolled her eyes this time. "Dude, chill. That's not going to happen again. I just got drunk and came home super late. What is Dad gonna do?"

Brayden laughed. "Oh, I don't know! Ground you until you're dead? Ree, he grounded you for 2 months!"

Rayeleigh rolled her eyes. "Please, I'll be fine." She grabbed her car keys and coat. She grabbed her purse and walked out of her bedroom. She was wearing a light tight red sweater, black tights, her black boots and had a gold necklace around her neck. She headed downstairs and walked to her father's office. Knocking, she then heard come in, she headed in, and smiled at her father.

Cody Martin, 36, smiled at his daughter. "Yes, Rayeleigh?"

Rayeleigh smiled and then spoke softly. "Daddy, may I please go to Savannah's?"

Cody took his glasses off, stared at her. "Savannah's?"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Yes."

Cody breathed deeply, sighing, then closed his eyes. "No."

Rayeleigh's eyes went wide. "Why not?!"

Cody sighed. "Because, Rayeleigh, I said so."

Rayeleigh sighed. "But, Daddy, I want to go!"

Cody sighed. "Rayeleigh, do you know what happened last time?"

Rayeleigh groaned. "I know...I...I messed up! I got drunk, I smoked pot and I shouldn't have, you told me not too, and I was late..."

Cody looked at her. "... And, you got arrested!"

Rayeleigh sighed. "I know and, I'm sorry. It won't happen this time. I'll come home at 1:30, I won't drink or do drugs..."

Cody stared at his daughter. "There's gonna be alcohol and drugs?"

Rayeleigh nodded slowly. "It's a high school party. What do you expect there to be? Juice boxes? Daddy, I'm not like you. I don't want to stay in on a Saturday night and study..."

Cody rubbed his face with his hands. "Fine. You can go."

Rayeleigh hugged her father. "Thank you! Thank you!" She walked by the door.

Cody stopped her from walking out. "Wait, before you leave. You better not be late, Rayeleigh. You know what will happen if you are..."

She nodded, though, and walked out of the room and headed out to her car, she opened the front door, got inside, put her keys in and started the car, she shut the door and turned around to put her seatbelt on. She backed out of the driveway and headed to Savannah's.

Besides, Rayeleigh and Brayden, Cody and Bailey have six more children, Jenessa Rose, 14, turning 15 in November, Tinleigh Rayne, 13, turning 14 in December, Quinton Cody, 9, turning 10 in November, Bayley Avalanna, 6, turning 7 in September, Penelope Maiyah, 4, turning 5 in December, and Asher Daniel, 6 months old. Bailey is currently 8 weeks pregnant.

Zack and Maya have seven children right now, but are trying for at least one more, maybe two. Who knows?

Their oldest daughter, Jocelyn Elizabeth, 17, Ashleigh Bailee, 14, turning 15 in November, Ashton Kayden, 12, turning 13 in March, Cheri Beth, 9, turning 10 in August, Landon Michael, 7, turning 8 in June, Vanessa Michelle and Veronica Maya, 3, turning 4 in May.

When Rayeleigh arrived at Savannah's, there was loud music blasting, teenagers already drunk, lights blasting and when Rayeleigh walked inside, her best friend, Leah, walked over to her. "Hey Ree! You finally made it."

Rayeleigh smiled. "Yeah."

Leah smiled. "Do you want a drink?'

Rayeleigh smelled the drink. "I can't. I promised my Dad wouldn't drink..."

Leah nodded her head. "Where's your brother?'

Rayeleigh rolled her eyes. "At home. I can't believe you are dating him...'

Leah smiled. "Are you seriously gonna not drink?"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Um...Yeah. I'm not drinking..."

Leah shook her head. "Jake is here. The volleyball game is Friday so we are celebrating a good game..."

Rayeleigh sighed. "As much as I want to celebrate with all of you and Savannah's birthday, I just think this a bad idea..."

Jake Sanchez, 20, walked over to his girlfriend of three years. "Hey Rayeleigh. Are you staying, babe?"

Rayeleigh breathed deeply, Leah spoke up. "No, she's leaving..."

Jake frowned. "Why, babe? You just here..."

Rayeleigh sighed. "I know, but I don't want to drink tonight. I promised my dad I wouldn't..."

Jake wrapped his arms around her waist. "Babe, are you still going to be daddy's little princess?"

Rayeleigh shook her head. "Well, no..."

Jake grabbed another cup of alcohol. "Here you go, babe. Enjoy it."

She took a sip and then soon began chugging her drink. Soon, Rayeleigh knew she was completely drunk. She thought Jake's brother, Josh, was Jake. She knew he had been seeing Leah. She was so drunk that she couldn't make out who was in front of her. Josh was drunk too. He couldn't make out who Rayeleigh was either. They had headed upstairs without no one seeing, they began making out as soon as they closed and locked the door. Josh pushed Rayeleigh against the wall, pushing his tongue into her mouth and Rayeleigh moaned into his mouth. Josh and Rayeleigh were making out for a while before Josh picked her up into his arms and pushed her onto the bed. Rayeleigh took off her shirt and jeans as he stood over the bed, he had only his boxers on now. Josh layed over her and they went back to making out passionately. A few minutes later, after minutes of making out, they finally had no clothes on, Josh kissed her neck, roughly, and he whispered in her ear as he fingered her roughly. "You want me inside you, sexy?"

Rayeleigh moaned and panted. "Yes, I do. Now..."

Josh finally pushed himself inside of her, he began thrusting inside her. Rayeleigh moaned and screamed loudly as he went in and out of her. "Harder..." She moaned. Josh smiled as he began thrusting harder and faster. He kept thrusting inside her until he couldn't anymore and finally came inside her. "Oh my God..."

Rayeleigh breathed deeply, trying to catch her breath. "Yeah. That was amazing." She cuddled close to him, layed her head on his chest. Josh kissed her head as he pulled the covers close to them.

After a while, he smiled at her. "You are amazing in bed. Would you like to hook up some other times?"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Sure. We should have sex some more times."

The next morning, Rayeleigh and Josh woke up in bed together, naked of course, Rayeleigh's eyes went wide as she opened her eyes.

"Oh my God..."

Josh's eyes went wide. "Oh shit... Rayeleigh?!"

Rayeleigh's eyes stayed wide. "Josh?! Oh my God...We...We..."

"We had sex..." Josh finished for her.

Rayeleigh groaned, smacking her hand on her forehead. "Oh my God. We are screwed. We are so fucked..."

Josh nodded. "Yeah...I never been that drunk in my life, though..." He sat next to her, got behind her, kissing her neck. "Well, would you still want to hook up with me?"

Rayeleigh's eyes were wide. Would she? No. But, he was so good. So fucking good. Would she really want to break Jake and Leah's hearts? She didn't want them to know about last night. How could she keep hooking up with Josh a secret? But she really wanted to have sex with someone new. She's been having sex with Jake for two years. Not that he was good, but something new would be good.

She just nodded her head. "Yes."

Josh smiled. "I'll call you." He gave her his number and walked out of the room, walked downstairs and saw Leah passed out on the couch. "Hey babe. Get up. I'll drive you home."

When Rayeleigh walked downstairs and headed out of the house, she headed to her car and drove home. Knowing she'd be grounded for life. She was so guilty for sleeping with Josh last night. She thought she shouldn't be continuing to have sex with him either. She had her mind racing. Her hungover was killing her. She drove up into the driveway and got out of her car and headed inside. Her body was saying 'go to bed', but she knew she had to deal with her father first.

When she walked into the house, she closed the door and leaned against the door, sighing, she breathed deeply.

Cody walked towards her. "Rayeleigh Everleigh Martin, where the hell were you, young lady?" Cody was angry with his daughter.

Rayeleigh breathed deeply. "Umm, well, I decided to stay the night. Some of us stayed the night. I'm sorry I didn't call you. It was really late..."

Cody just kept his arms crossed. "Alright. We'll talk later, Rayeleigh. I need to know what happened, young lady!"

Rayeleigh walked upstairs, into her bedroom, closed the bedroom door and sat on her bed, she checked her phone.

Rayeleigh's Phone- Galaxy Note 10-

Jake- 4 missed calls, 5 unread texts

Josh- 1 text- "I had an amazing night with you, sexy. Hope to see you soon."

Jake's texts- "Are you okay? Where are you? Are you hurt? Babe? Call me when you get these texts."

Rayeleigh just layed on the bed and fell asleep.

To be continued...

AN: I had this idea in my mind for a while.