Jocelyn just stood there in complete shock. Her father just punched Jake, her children's father in the face. She wasn't expecting that to happen. Her thoughts were all over the place. She just knew her dad shouldn't have done that to her children's father. Yes, Jake did some bad things to her, but she can't hate him for everything that's in the past. They have three children to think about. She glared at her father.

"What the hell, Dad?!" She said, turning to Jake to see if he's okay. He was holding his face. "Are you okay, Jake?"

Jake nodded slowly. "I should be fine. It just just hurts like a bitch right now…" He said, glaring at Zack. "I was just defending your daughter. She's pregnant with my daughter. I may not be with her, but at least I care about her and my daughter's health…" He said, as he headed back to his car, where Rayeleigh was now waiting.

Her eyes went wide. "What happened? Are you okay, Jakey?"

Jake nodded. "I'm fine...Your uncle punched me in the face…" He groaned. "God, it hurts…"

Rayeleigh nodded as she took him inside her parents house. "Come on. Let's see if my dad can help…"

Jake laughed slightly. "Babe, your dad is a heart surgeon. I'm sure my heart is fine…"

Rayeleigh looked at him. "I know, but he can still help…"

Cody saw them walk inside, he put his laptop down and headed over to them. "Is everything okay?"

Jake shook his head. "I think your brother broke my nose. He punched me in the face…"

Cody's eyes went wide. "He what? Why? Did he punch you in the face?"

Jake groaned in pain. "Well, I don't know! What do you think?" He groaned. "Oh, I know! He is pissed that I knocked up his daughter and hurt Rae…"

Rayeleigh sighed as she looked at her dad. "Can you help him, Dad?"

Cody nodded. "I'm sure I can do a few things, but I would go to the hospital to be sure it's not broken, though."

Jake nodded his head. "O...Okay…"

Rayeleigh sighed. "Dad, I think you should talk to Uncle Zack. Like, he went a little nuts this time…"

Cody nodded as he hugged his daughter. "Drive safe, okay, Rayeleigh?"

Rayeleigh nodded as she took Jake's keys. "I will, Dad."

Jake and Rayeleigh headed to the hospital as soon as they got into Jake's truck.

"I'm really sorry my uncle punched you into the face…"

Jake sighed deeply. "I know. He was just so pissed off at me…"

Rayeleigh groaned loudly as she felt sick to her stomach. "Ugh. Damn. I feel so sick…" She took a deep breath.

Jake looked at his girlfriend. "Are you okay, baby?"

Rayeleigh nodded her head. "I'm fine. I'm just sick."

Jake nodded. "I'm sorry, baby girl."

After getting checked out at the hospital, Jake's nose was broken and needs to get it fixed in a few days. Rayeleigh and Jake headed to Jake's apartment for the night.

Jake's Apartment Complex

Rayeleigh and Jake walked into Jake's apartment. Rayeleigh sighed as she walked into the bathroom, got down to the toilet and began throwing up a few times. She sighed as she wiped her mouth. "Ugh."

Jake knocked on the door. "Babe, are you okay?"

Rayeleigh took a deep breath and nodded her head. "I...I'm okay. I'm just feeling sick…"

Jake nodded his head. "I'm sorry, baby. Are you hungry?"

She nodded slowly. "Yeah. I can go get some food for us. Do you want some food?"

He nodded. "Yes, babe. Thank you. You can use my card, okay?"

She smirked as she kissed his cheek. "Thank you, babe."

Cody and Bailey's home

Jocelyn was emotional, she had gone over to her aunt and uncle's house to cool down because of what happened with her dad and Jake. She breathed deeply as she was crying. Tears falling down her cheeks and she was wiping her eyes. She sniffed.

Bailey was comforting her niece. "Awww, honey. Are you okay?"

Jocelyn sniffed loudly. "No...I...I'm so upset with my dad, Aunt Bailey. I don't know why he got so pissed and punched Jake in the face!"

Bailey sighed. "I know, sweetheart. He didn't have to punch him in the face. Jake didn't deserve that, baby girl."

Jocelyn sighed. "I know! I hate my dad right now…"

Bailey sighed. "You'll have to talk to him at some point, honey…"

Jocelyn groaned. "I'm the one who did this. It's not my dad's choice, Aunt Bailey." She got up. "I gotta go pick up Carter and Caliey. I'll see you later." She walked out of the house, jumped into her car and went to the daycare to pick up her son and daughter.

Zack and Maya's

Maya's eyes went wide after she got off the phone with Bailey. "Zachary Martin!"

Zack walked into the living room. "Yeah, babe?"

Maya crossed her arms. "I'm so disappointed in you. Did you actually break Jake's nose?!"

Zack just stood in front of his very angry wife. She definitely was mad at him for punching Jake in the face. "Maya…"

Maya glared at him. "I've never been this mad at you in the last 20 plus years we've been together...but…" She ran her hands through her hair in frustration. "...This was uncalled for! Jake may have hurt Jocelyn, but she's being the bigger person here because they have two kids together, Zack. Almost 3 young children. They are OUR grandchildren! That's OUR GRANDCHILDREN'S FATHER!" She groaned loudly. "I never will be mad at Jake because Zack, like it or not, he's a part of the family now."

Zack crossed his arms. "Yes I did because that kid has been pissing me off! He's been cheating on Jocelyn with Rayeleigh and Rayeleigh with Jocelyn. I mean come on May. What did you expect me to do?"

Maya sighed. "Uh...Do nothing. That situation isn't our problem. It wasn't our fight or whatever happened. Jocelyn and Rae made up for the sake of their children. Their kids are half brother and sisters, whatever Rae is having. Jake is family now. He deserves to see his children. Jocelyn is a grown ass woman. She doesn't need protecting anymore. She is putting everything behind her so Carter, Caliey and her unborn daughter and Rae's baby have a relationship with each other and one with their father..."

After cooling off, Jocelyn walked into the house. "Hey Mom." She sighed. "Dad."

Zack sighed. "Jocs, I'm sorry I did that to Jake. He was just pissing me off..."

Jocelyn opened the fridge and placed a water bottle on the counter. "Oh, so instead of talking like adults, you decide, 'I'm gonna punch him in the face'? What the fuck, Dad? That's my children's father!" Jocelyn was steamed. She sighed as she knew she couldn't get stressed out. Too late for that. Tears formed her eyes. "I didn't plan on getting knocked up at fifteen! I certainly didn't plan on being fucking pregnant now! That's why I had a fucking abortion!" She sniffed loudly. "...You think I wanted to have another baby now?! Do you, Dad?" She wiped the tears falling down her face. "...I didn't think I was still pregnant…" She sniffed. "...I'm stressed the fuck out and you're NOT HELPING. You are taking everything out of preparation and don't know the whole story!" She wiped her eyes and cheeks. "I'm trying to make sure my children have a dad in their lives…" She picked up the water bottle. "Only you would understand how it is without a dad not seeing a lot of the milestones of a child's life…" She walked out of the living room.

Zack looked at Maya in complete shock. "Was that our daughter just talking to me like that?"

Maya nodded her head. "Honey, she's right. You told me when I was pregnant with Jocelyn that you wanted to be there for everything because your dad missed a lot of the firsts when you and Cody were kids...She wants the same as you did for her kids."

Zack sighed. "Yeah but it's hard for me to watch my baby girl grow up so fast and be a mother to our grandchildren."

Maya nodded. "I know. I didn't expect to be a grandma in my late 30s..."

Zack sighed. "Will she hate me forever?"

Maya shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, Zack. She's really mad at you. I would apologize to Jake…"

Zack shook his head. "Oh, God, no. That boy makes me so mad…"

Maya looked at her husband. "Zack…"

Zack sighed. "Maya…"

Later that day, Rayeleigh walked into her parents home. Her brother, Brayden looked at her. "How is Jake's nose? I heard Uncle Zack punched him pretty good…"

Rayeleigh sighed as she got herself a water bottle. "He will be fine except he'll have to have surgery on his nose in a few days…"

Brayden winced. "Damn. I'm so glad Aunt London didn't murder me knowing I could be Leah's baby's father…"

Rayeleigh sat down next to her brother. "How are you doing with that?"

Brayden shrugged his shoulders. "I'm overwhelmed. I don't know how Jake is dealing with the fact he'll be a dad to four young children in several months…"

Rayeleigh nodded. "He's overwhelmed. But, now, he's pissed off at Uncle Zack right now…"

Brayden sighed. "Well, I don't blame him…"

"Me either…" She sighed.

He turned to his sister. "How are you feeling, sis?"

She smiled. "I'm feeling overwhelmed, I guess. I didn't plan on getting pregnant now…"

He wrapped his arms around his sister's shoulder. "I know, Rae. You'll get through this. I promise."

Rayeleigh smiled softly. "Thank you, broseph." She looked at her brother. "Do you and Laura have a name for the baby girl?"

Brayden nodded his head. "We have a name. Emma Carter."

Rayeleigh smiled. "Awww, that's cute. I love that name."

Brayden smiled. "Thank you…"

Rayeleigh rubbed her belly. "Ugh. My foot hurts like a bitch today…"

Brayden frowned. "I'm sorry, sissy."

Jake's Apartment Complex

Zack walked up to Jake's front door and knocked on the door. He took a deep breath. He waited until Jake opened the door. "Hello, Mr. Martin."

Zack nodded his head. "Hi, Jake. I think I need to apologize to you…"

Jake nodded his head slowly. "Okay…What's up?"

Zack sighed loudly. "Jake, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I punched you in the face. I'm so sorry I mistreated you. You are my daughter's children's father. I just felt so pissed off at you in my life, but for my daughter and my niece's sake, I will apologize you. But, I really dislike you, Jake…"

Jake nodded as he crossed his arms. "Well, I dislike you too, Zack. But, again, I'm the father of your grandchildren and your niece's baby's father. I can't fucking believe you when you think I meant to hurt your daughter and your niece! I love them both. God damn, I love my children, okay?" He sighed. "...I love Jocelyn, as my children's mother. Rayeleigh is the love of my life. I love Rae…"

Zack was now calmed down a little bit now, but he was definitely coming to the realization that he had to now let Jocelyn grow up. "I know you do, Jake. But, you hurt my little girl…"

Jake sighed. "I know I did. Jocelyn has forgiven me, but you haven't yet, Zack. I am going to be in my children's lives…"

Zack just sighed. "I'm sorry…" He just decided not to continue the conversation, he headed back to his car and headed home.

Jake just closed the door and breathed deeply. "Fuck, man...Ridiculous…"

Zack and Maya's home, 9:00pm, Jocelyn's Room

Jocelyn was in her bedroom and was about to take a shower before Caliey ran into her mother's bedroom. "Momma!"

Jocelyn smiled at her daughter. "Hi, baby. Why are you up?"

Caliey frowned. "I can't sleep…"

Jocelyn sighed. "Want me to put you down again, baby girl?"

Caliey nodded her head. "Yeah, Mommy. Thank you…"

Jocelyn smiled. "Come on, baby." She picked up her daughter and layed her in her bed. "You okay now, baby?"

Caliey nodded her head. "Yeah. Thank you, Mama."

Jocelyn kissed her daughter's head. "You're welcome." She headed back into her bedroom and finally got into the shower after a very long stressful day. She didn't think her dad made things worse.

To be continued…

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