I Cheated On My Boyfriend With His Brother

Episode 12: "Life Goes On"

AN: I'm back with this story.

Five weeks later, Thursday, April 15, 2032, Cody and Bailey's home

Rayeleigh and Leah are 12 weeks pregnant. They are three months pregnant. Jocelyn is 30 weeks pregnant. She's seven months pregnant. Laura is 26 weeks pregnant. She's six months pregnant. Bailey is 19 weeks pregnant. She's five months pregnant. She will find out what she's having next week.

Within the last five weeks, things were pretty slow. Rayeleigh and Leah aren't having any morning sickness anymore. They are still in their 1st trimester. They are starting to show a little bit of a belly though. Cravings got crazy too. Rayeleigh has two more weeks until she gets to get her cast and boot off, she's excited about that. London and Todd are getting used to having a grandchild in a few months. Laura is in her second trimester and is feeling better and she and Brayden are talking more, but she isn't sure where their relationship status stands. Jocelyn is in her third trimester of her pregnancy. She's feeling exhausted everyday now and her back has been hurting a lot now. She is due in ten weeks.

Jocelyn is having a daughter. She and Jake haven't decided on a name yet.

Recently, Zack and Jake haven't spoken since their fight five weeks ago. Cody and Jake are at good terms with each other. The last five weeks were stressful, not knowing what will pop up that will piss someone off.

It was five thirty in the morning when Rayeleigh got up for another school day. She stayed with Jake for three weeks and now she's back at home.

She was definitely ready for summer. She shut off her alarm, got up slowly and got into the shower. After her shower, she blow dried her hair and then headed to her closet and changed into light blue jeans and a white tank top with silver stones with a light blue jean jacket. She put her hair up in a tight bun and then started putting on her makeup. As she was doing that, Brayden knocked on her door.

"Can I come in, sis?"

Rayeleigh nodded her head. "Yeah. I'm dressed. Come in."

Brayden smiled. "How are you feeling?"

Rayeleigh shrugged her shoulders. "Well much better. I'll be happy when I get this stupid cast and boot off in two weeks. It's been so difficult for me lately."

Brayden nodded. "I get it. Well, I'll see you downstairs. I'll be driving us in today…"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Okay. I have a doctor's appointment today. Jake is picking me up after school."

Brayden nodded his head. "Okay." He paused. "Oh, hey, Rae?"

Rayeleigh looked at her brother. "Yeah?"

Brayden paused. "Um, have you noticed if Jenessa is a little different?"

Rayeleigh paused to think. "Um, no, not really. Why?"

Brayden sighed. "She seems really sad and depressed about something…"

Rayeleigh frowned. "I can talk to her…"

Brayden nodded. "Good. I don't like seeing any of my sisters upset…"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Oh, I know. I'm your twin sister…"

Brayden laughed. "Yeah, I know. You're ten minutes older. I get it…Stop rubbing it in…"

Rayeleigh laughed. "It's fun though!" She finished doing her makeup and headed to Jenessa's bedroom, she knocked on the door and sighed. "Sis, are you okay? Brayden told me he felt like you were upset and depressed…"

Jenessa sat up in her bed, sighing loudly, she took a deep breath. "The reason I asked how dad reacted to your pregnancy, it's because...I…" She began to sob a bit. She took a deep breath. "I...I was pregnant…"

Rayeleigh's eyes went wide. She was pregnant. Wait, she said she was?! Did Mom and Dad know? Thoughts ran through Rayeleigh's mind. Tears came to her eyes. "Jenessa...Did you just say that you were pregnant?"

Jenessa nodded her head. She began crying. "I was going to tell Mom and Dad but then I had a miscarriage…" She sobbed into her hands uncontrollably.

Rayeleigh sat down next to her sister, she wrapped her arms around her as she cried. Rayeleigh knew she had tears in her eyes now, she held her sister tightly. "Jen, I'm so...I'm so sorry! I can't imagine losing my baby…" She knew she had tears falling down her face. "Did you tell Jason about it?"

Jenessa nodded slowly. "He knows. He drove me to the hospital when they told me...Aunt Maya knew…"

Rayeleigh was confused. "Why didn't you tell Mom or Dad?"

Jenessa sniffed loudly. "I didn't want them to hate me or kick me out…I was so scared…"

Rayeleigh just held her sister tightly. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone…"

Jenessa sobbed into her sister's shoulder with tears streaming down her face now. "I...I...I know…" She held onto Rayeleigh tightly.

Rayeleigh looked at Jenessa. "I'll help you do your makeup. I gotta redo mine…" She got up from her sister's bed and headed to her bedroom to redo her makeup.

After helping Jenessa get ready for the day, Rayeleigh, Jenessa and Brayden headed off to school.

Cheevers High School, 6:45AM

Jocelyn and Ashleigh, their cousins and Leah, their long time best friend and Bella, Woody and Addison's 15 year old daughter met them at the front.

Brayden looked at Jenessa. "You okay, Jen?"

Jenessa nodded slowly. "Um, yeah, I'm okay."

Jocelyn rubbed her belly. "I'm so happy I'm giving birth in July. I'm so exhausted everyday. My back feels like someone took a knife to it and kept stabbing it…"

Leah frowned. "Damn, I'm sorry, Jocelyn."

Rayeleigh smiled. "Hey, don't be sad, Joces. I'm planning your baby shower and your mom and I are planning a photoshoot for you in a few weeks…"

Jocelyn smiled. "Awww, thanks, Ree. I didn't get one when I was pregnant with Carter and Caliey…"

Rayeleigh smiled. "You're welcome. I can't wait to meet my niece. She's gonna be so spoiled…"

Jocelyn smiled. "Awww. I'm sure!" She hugged her. "You'll be her second mom someday too…"

Rayeleigh smiled at the thought of marrying Jake someday. "Yeah, I will. She'll be a great sissy to my baby. They'll be only five months apart…Caliey and Carter will be a big brother and sister too."

Jocelyn smiled. "Oh yeah, they're super excited to meet their sister. Jake and I still haven't decided on a name yet…"

Rayeleigh sighed. "Hmm, I'm sure something will come to you…"

Leah laughed. "And, if nothing comes to you, just name her after someone…"

Jocelyn paused to think. "I think I'll have her middle name Elizabeth. It's mine and my mom's…"

Jenessa smiled. "Awww! Third generation, how sweet!"

Brayden smiled. "It took Laura and I a while to come up with Emma…"

Laura walked over to them. "Ugh. I got up late…" She kissed Brayden's cheek.

Rayeleigh smiled. "I do that sometimes…"

Rayeleigh, Brayden, Jenessa, Jocelyn, Ashleigh, Leah, Bella and Laura all headed into the school and headed to their lockers.

Rayeleigh began opening her locker and then placed some snacks she had in her locker when Shannon walked over to her.

"Hey Martin. How's the little birdie?"

Rayeleigh rolled her eyes. "You know it's a baby and not an actual bird, right?"

Shannon rolled her eyes. "Of course I do, Rayeleigh. I'm not dumb…"

Rayeleigh continued putting snacks into her locker. "Good. I never said you were, Shannon."

Shannon crossed her arms. "Do you think a baby will keep Jake? You could be carrying his brother's child…"

Rayeleigh put her books into her locker. "Shannon, that is none of your business. And, Jake can do whatever he wants. He chose to help me whether or not I'm pregnant with his baby or Josh's…" She walked past her. "...Also, Jake is a grown ass man. I don't tell him what the hell to do with his life. He's raising his children and being there for both Jocelyn and I. So, please, keep your freaking comments to yourself…" She sighed. "I guess your mother didn't teach you, 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'?"

Shannon walked up to her and got up in her face. "Don't tell me what to say. My mother told me to speak my mind and that's what I think. You both are sluts. End of story. I honestly don't know how you can be with someone who cheats on you…I don't think you two are fit to be teen mothers. You'll definitely fuck those kids up.

Rayeleigh glared at her. "First off, we both cheated on each other! Secondly, whether we are sluts are not, isn't your business either! Jocelyn and I have the balls to grow up and be great mothers to our fucking children…" She got close to her face too. "...Please don't judge my cousin and I about our fucking actions because it's not your life!" Rayeleigh backed away and walked into her homeroom class.

Jocelyn was on the ball. "I can't fit my fat butt in my desk. My belly is so big. I can't wait to give birth."

Rayeleigh nodded. "I'm sure girl. She'll be here soon."

Jocelyn rubbed her belly. "I can't wait…I have doctor's appointments every week now. Jake is just going nuts getting everything ready…"

Rayeleigh nodded. "I know. He's been working nonstop trying to save up for a four bedroom home for now. He's really stressing…"

Jocelyn nodded. "Oh, I know…I can't imagine how he's doing it all. Almost a dad of four…"

Rayeleigh sighed. "Me either…"

Leah sat down in her seat. "I saw Shannon get into your face, Rae. What happened?"

Rayeleigh sighed. "She basically said in quotes, 'You and Jocelyn are sluts. I don't understand how Jake can be with me when I cheated on him. I don't think you and Jocelyn can raise your children at seventeen', that's what she basically said to my face…"

Jocelyn's eyes went wide. "I'm very happy to knock her teeth out! I'm perfectly fine raising my children. I make sure they have a roof over their freaking heads, food in their bellies and everything they fucking need! She doesn't have to tell me what the fuck I need to do with my children!" She took a deep breath. "Am I ashamed of myself for sleeping with Jake again and getting pregnant? Hell yeah. But, do I regret my baby girl? No, I don't! Fuck her…"

Leah and Laura both agreed. "Amen girl!"

As the day went on, Jocelyn bumped into a new guy she never met before. She knocked her books down and sighed. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!"

Preston Montenez, 17, laughed and smiled at her. "Oh, it's totally okay. I'm Preston. I'm new." He bent down and picked up her books for her.

Jocelyn smiled. "I'm Jocelyn and apparently, I'm very clumsy today and I'm pregnant, making my life not any easier…"

Preston chuckled. "Hey, isn't everyone?"

Jocelyn blushed and chuckled. "I guess so."

Preston smiled. "So, when's the baby due?"

Jocelyn smiled. "First week of July. I'm so ready. These next ten weeks will be hell…"

Preston smiled at her as he handed her books back to her. "Well, I'm sure you can make it through."

Jocelyn smiled. "Well, thank you. So, do you need any help finding some classes?"

Preston smiled. "Well, I'm stuck finding the lunch room."

Jocelyn laughed. "I can show you. Come on."

Preston smiled. "Thank you, Jocelyn."

Later that day after school, Jake picked up Jocelyn and Rayeleigh because they both have doctor appointments today. Jocelyn's week 30th appointment and Rayeleigh's 12th week appointment.

Jake helped Jocelyn into his car, Jocelyn sighed. "Can I give birth already? Ugh I'm so fucking exhausted."

Rayeleigh sighed. "I should be grateful I'm not 30 weeks too right now..."

Jake looked at his girlfriend. "If you were, I'd be so fucking stressed out. Worse than I am right now."

Rayeleigh rolled her eyes. "Well you're not, obviously."

Jake looked at her. "Seriously, Rae? Yes, I am. I gotta find a 4 bedroom house in ten weeks..."

Jocelyn looked at them. "Guys, you can fight later. We have to be somewhere."

Jake got into the driver's seat. "Well, what happened today? Any drama I should know about?"

Rayeleigh sighed. "Babe, I'd love to punch Shannon to the moon and back. She's really getting on my last fucking nerve. She's really pushing it..."

Jocelyn groaned. "That bitch doesn't want to deal with my bitch of a mouth. I'm seven months pregnant. I'll really want to punch her in her shins if I could!"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Yeah, but you need to be taking it easy right now."

Jocelyn sighed. "Oh, I know, but that bitch is really wishing for a death wish..."

Jake drove out of the parking lot. "Wow. What did she say that made you two so angry? I know she's been a real bitch to you both. What did she say?"

Rayeleigh sighed. "She said to me in quotes, 'You and Jocelyn are sluts. A baby won't keep Jake. I don't know how you could be with someone who cheated on you. I don't think you and Jocelyn should be teen mothers. You'll mess those children up. They'll end up just like you'..."

Jake's eyes widened. "That's bullshit. She doesn't know what's she's talking about. She's all talk, talk, talk and no action."

Rayeleigh nodded. "Exactly! We are just fine without her opinion. Yes, it's a little different given that you and Jocelyn will have three kids and I'll just have one, but fuck her for saying that we can't raise our children and that they'll end up just like us..."

Jocelyn shook her head. "Caliey and the baby are going on birth control right when they're 14. I don't give a shit. I ain't watching my baby go through this shit as a teen..."

Jake pulled into the hospital's parking lot as Rayeleigh sighed. "Hey, I was on the birth control shot for 3 years until I got pregnant. I got pregnant because I fucking forgot about the 48 fucking window!"

Jake sighed. "...And the condom broke..." He got out of his car and helped Jocelyn out of the car and then Rayeleigh.

Rayeleigh sighed. "Yeah...that too..." She smiled. "At least I'm done with morning sickness. That wasn't fun at all..." She groaned. "Fuck, I can't wait to get this fucking cast and boot off!"

Jocelyn looked at her. "Two more weeks?"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Yeah. Longest two weeks of my freaking life."

Jocelyn sighed. "I can't imagine, cuz."

Rayeleigh shook her head. "Don't think about it. It's hell."

They headed into the hospital to have their doctor's appointments.

Meanwhile at home, Jenessa sighed. She walked into the living room where her parents were watching a movie. "Mom? Dad? I...I need to...I have to tell you something..."

Cody looked at his daughter. "Jen, what's wrong?"

Jenessa began sobbing as she sat down.

Bailey got up and sat down next to her daughter. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Jenessa just didn't know how to explain to her parents that she was pregnant and didn't tell them and now she had lost the baby. There was too much going on with Rayeleigh that she didn't tell her parents that she was pregnant too. It was overwhelming having to go through a miscarriage alone. Well, she had her boyfriend with her, but she wanted her family there for her. Now, they will be. She took a deep breath after calming down.

"I...I...I was…"

"You were what?" Cody asked, and then sighed. "Are you having sex?" He said, breathing deeply.

Bailey's eyes went wide, looking at their fifteen year old daughter, who was still silent. "Are you, Jenessa?"

Jenessa just slowly nodded as tears streamed down her face.

Cody's eyes went wide. "Oh my God. You and Jason?"

Jenessa nodded her head. "Yeah…"

Cody was angry, but just knew she was upset. Therefore, he couldn't just yell at her, Cody just decided to comfort his daughter with his wife. "Is that what you're so upset about, baby? Telling us that you were having sex?" He said calmly, as he sat down next to his wife.

Jenessa shook her head as she sniffed. She calmed herself down before telling her parents what happened. "I was pregnant…"

Both just looked at her with wide eyes. Both were shocked. Bailey just looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes. "You were pregnant? What do you mean? Why didn't you tell us?"

Jenessa just sniffed, wiping her eyes. "I was scared to tell you because I was scared you'd kick me out…" She sniffed loudly as she said the last part. "I had a miscarriage a few days ago...I...I was only eight weeks along…"

Bailey began crying softly as she held onto her daughter. "Oh, baby...My baby girl...I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone and not feel like you could tell us…" Bailey rocked her daughter in her arms.

Cody was devastated for his little girl now. He just rubbed her back as she sobbed in her mother's arms. No words were spoken for a long while.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Jocelyn's appointment was first. She headed into the room with Jake, changed into the gown and got onto the bed with Jake's help. Her doctor, Dr. Fisher walked into the room after a few minutes.

"Hey guys. Welcome back…" She sat at her chair. "So, Jocelyn, how are you feeling?"

Jocelyn sighed. "Very pregnant. My back feels like someone took thousands of knives and kept stabbing me. My feet look like they are pregnant."

Dr. Fisher laughed a little. "That's how every woman feels in the last ten weeks of her pregnancy." She smiled. "Now, let's see this little one. Have you two decided on a name for her?"

Jake shook his head. "No, we haven't yet…"

Jocelyn lifted her shirt and sighed as Dr. Fisher applied some gel to her belly. "It's fine. You still have ten weeks left unless she comes early." She began moving the wand around Jocelyn's belly. She began screening the baby. "She looks great. Nice and healthy. We're going to do a 3D ultrasound today as well…"

Jocelyn smiled. "I can't wait!"

After Jocelyn's appointment with her doctor, Jake headed to Rayeleigh's room for her doctor's appointment with her doctor, Dr. Kindle.

Jake stood behind her, massaging her shoulders as the doctor walked inside.

"Hey Rayeleigh. Hey Jake." She looked at Rayeleigh. "How have you been feeling besides your sprained foot?"

Rayeleigh smiled softly. "Well, I'm glad I have no more morning sickness. I'm feeling a little more like I can have energy again. I've been a little emotional, but I can't really control it…"

Dr. Kindle nodded. "It's normal. The second trimester is starting next week, so you'll be able to control your emotions a little bit, but you'll be getting more mood swings and cravings. Lots of women have more energy at this time of their pregnancy…"

Jake nodded. "That's what the books told us. I've been reading every night. I noticed that she'd be getting mood swings now…"

Dr. Kindle turned to Rayeleigh. "He's a keeper. I never have boyfriends be this content in their girlfriend's pregnancies…" She smiled. "Your levels look great. Right on track for late November…" She smiled. "Pull your shirt up."

Rayeleigh pulled her shirt up, the doctor applied some gel on her belly. "You get to hear the baby's heartbeat today. Do you want to hear it?"

Both Rayeleigh and Jake nodded their heads. "Of course!"

After hearing the heartbeat, Dr. Kindle printed out some pictures for them. Rayeleigh cleaned off her belly and then put her shirt down.

They walked out of the room, Jocelyn stood up and they headed out to Jake's car.

"How did the appointment go?" Jocelyn asked as she put on her seatbelt. Rayeleigh put hers on and Jake hopped into the driver's seat and turned on the car.

Rayeleigh smiled. "We heard the heartbeat today."

Jocelyn smiled. "Awww. How exciting! I love it when we hear baby girl's heartbeat."

Jake smiled. "We gotta come up with a name for her, Jocelyn."

Jocelyn smiled. "I know and we will."

Jake smiled softly. "Do you two want something while we're out?"

Jocelyn and Rayeleigh both nodded their heads. "Yes, please…"

Jake laughed. "Should've known that was gonna be a yes…"

An hour later after dropping Jocelyn off, Jake parked his car in Cody and Bailey's driveway. He helped Rayeleigh inside and then kissed her. "I'll call you tomorrow. I gotta go see Carter and Caliey. Jocelyn and I are deciding on if I'm taking them Thursday night."

Rayeleigh nodded. "Okay. I love you."

Jake smiled as he kissed her again. "I love you too, baby girl."

Rayeleigh walked into the living room where Jenessa was asleep on the couch, Cody and Bailey looked at her eldest daughter. "Rae, did you know that Jen was pregnant?"

Rayeleigh sighed. "I just found out this morning. She told me she had a miscarriage…" She paused. "She told you and Dad?"

Cody nodded his head. "Yeah. She said she was scared to tell us and then when she was about to tell us she miscarried…"

Rayeleigh sighed deeply. "Is she okay?"

Bailey sighed. "She is very valuable right now. We had a moment of just crying with her and talking with her. I have an appointment with my GYN tomorrow so she can get checked out and then we are helping her get some help. She really needs it. I made a girl's trip this weekend at a retreat. Do you want to come?"

Rayeleigh nodded. "Sure. I'll ask Jocelyn if she wants to come. Did you ask Aunt Maya?"

Bailey shook her head. "Not yet. I need to tell her what's been going on with Jen first."

Rayeleigh nodded her head. "Okay…"

Zack and Maya's home

Jocelyn opened the front door. "Hey. Come in. They're just having snacks right now. My mom picked them up for me."

Caliey got off the stool and ran over to Jake. "Daddy!" The little girl giggled as she ran into Jake's arms.

Jake picked her up into his arms. "Hey princess. How was your day?"

Caliey smiled. "Good! I made a new friend today."

Jake smiled as he kissed her cheek. "That's good."

Caliey giggled as she looked at Jocelyn's belly. "Baby sissy coming soon?"

Jocelyn nodded her head. "Yeah. She's on her way."

Caliey giggled as she clapped her hands. "When is she coming?"

Jocelyn smiled. "July. Ten more weeks, baby girl."

Caliey frowned. "Why can't she come earlier?"

Jake smiled at his daughter. "Babies have their own time clocks. We can't plan her arrival unless there's a problem. Baby girl is very healthy now. We have to keep her in Mommy's belly for a few more weeks…"

Caliey frowned. "Oh…"

Carter smiled. "Mommy? Can we go stay with Daddy?"

Jake smiled. "Daddy gets you two Thurday nights Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings."

Carter frowned. "Awww! Why?"

Jocelyn sighed. "That's how we have things, buddy."

Jake put Caliey down. "I'll see you tomorrow. Okay, baby? Daddy has to get to work."

Caliey and Carter both nodded. "Okay.

Jocelyn nodded. "Bye, Jake."

Jake walked out of the house, got into his car and headed off to work.

Zack walked over to his eldest daughter. "Was that Jake?"

Jocelyn nodded. "Yeah. He's taking the twins Thursday."

Zack paused. "Well, at least he's helping with them." He said with a tone.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes. "Oh my God, Dad. Don't start with that in front of the kids, please…"

Ashleigh put her books down. "I'll take them to their room…"

After Ashleigh took Carter and Caliey out of the room, Jocelyn crossed her arms.

"What?! He's playing you, Joces. He just comes by for a few minutes and then leaves! Does he even care about you?!" Zack said, clearly upset.

Jocelyn's eyes went wide. "Don't you dare say he doesn't care about me or his children, Dad! Of course he fucking cares! He drove me to my fucking appointment and he actually cares about his kids so much he's buying a four bedroom home! He's working his fucking ass off, Dad! He's stressed the fuck out! Hell, I would be too if I had four young children soon!" She yelled, breathing heavy.

Zack wasn't thinking even he had said the last sentence he said to his daughter. He was just angry at Jake for his actions still. "You couldn't keep your legs closed and get pregnant, could you, Jocelyn?"

Jocelyn's eyes went wide. Now she was very pissed off at her father. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" She never ever raised her voice that loud to her parents, but she was eight months pregnant and she was clearly done with her father's bullshit.

Zack just realized what he just said. "Oh...God, Joces...I…"

Jocelyn shook her head. She was flat out pissed. "No! Just no, Dad! I can't fucking believe you said that to me!" She grabbed her car keys. "I need to get out of here. I can't be around you right now…" She put on her jacket. "Bye."

Maya saw her daughter walking out of the house. "Jocelyn? Where are you going?"

Jocelyn groaned. "Anywhere, Mom. Just not here. Just ask Dad what the hell happened." She groaned as she slammed the front door shut, Maya just stared at Zack. "Well? What happened? Why is our daughter, who is almost eight months pregnant so pissed off, Zachary?"

Zack sighed. "I may have mentioned why she couldn't keep her legs closed and not get pregnant…"

Maya's eyes went wide. "Oh...My...Fucking...God…" She just shook her head. "Why couldn't you just not say anything?"

Zack sighed. "She doesn't realize that she'll be a single mother of three at 17 because Jake will be too busy with Rae…"

Maya sighed. "How do you know that? Huh? Zachary, he's serious about being there for the both. He's so serious that he's working double shifts everyday to buy a four bedroom home so he can have room for all four of them at his place! You just hate him so much that you can't see what's in front of you…"

Jake's Apartment Complex

Jocelyn parked her car next to Jake's car and then headed to the front door. She breathed deeply as she knocked on the door.

Jake was about to head out to work when he heard a knock on the door. He walked to the door and opened the door. He sighed when he saw Jocelyn standing there. He was concerned why she was here.

"Joces? What are you doing here? What happened?"

Jocelyn sniffed loudly. "Can I stay here for the night? My dad really pissed me off…"

Jake nodded his head. "Yeah. I'm about to head to work though. I won't be back until 11 though. I switched my regular shift to take you and Rae to the doctor so now I gotta work late tonight."

Jocelyn nodded. "Okay. I'll probably be asleep when you get back though…"

Jake laughed. "You need that sleep. You're pregnant."

Jocelyn smiled softly. "Thank you!" She headed inside.

Jake turned to face her. "Go sleep in my bed. I'll sleep on the couch tonight…"

Jocelyn was about to say something, but Jake shook his head. "No. Don't say anything. Just go get some sleep."

Jocelyn nodded her head. "O...Okay…" She headed off to Jake's bedroom and got comfortable in his bed.

A few hours later, it was now 11:00PM when Jake walked into his apartment, locked the door and then headed into his bedroom. He saw Jocelyn sitting up, sighing.

"Hey. Did you get some sleep?"

Jocelyn shrugged her shoulders. "Kind of, but now I can't get back to sleep because my back huts so bad…"

Jake frowned. He put his wallet on his bedside table, plugged his phone in the charger and sat down next to her. "Will a back rub help?"

Jocelyn nodded her head. "Yeah. Please."

Jake nodded as he began giving her a back massage.

Jocelyn groaned as her back started to feel better. "Ugh. That feels so good…"

Jake smiled. "Well, I'm not that great at it, but…"

She shook her head. "No, that was what I needed." She smiled. "We gotta come up with a name for our daughter."

He smiled. "We do." He reached over and picked up a baby name book. "I picked this up a while ago."

She smiled. "Let's make a decision on this little girl's name…"

He opened the book. "Let's pick a name."

She paused. "I want her middle name to be Elizabeth…"

Jake smiled as he saw the perfect name. "How about Charlotte?"

Jocelyn smiled brightly. "I love it! Charlotte Elizabeth Sanchez…"

Jake just looked at her in shock. "You want her to have my last name?"

Jocelyn nodded her head. "Of course. Carter, Caliey and Charlotte are your children too. They deserve your last name…"

Jake smiled at her. "Well, thank you."

Jocelyn sighed as she got comfortable. "Ugh. I hate this." She rubbed her belly. "Charlotte loves laying on my back nerves. It feels like my ribs are attacking my own body at night..."

Jake rubbed her belly and sides. "Better?" He said, whispering in her ear.

Jocelyn nodded slowly, biting her lip. "Uh huh..."

Jake looked at her. "Are you okay, Joces?"

Jocelyn nodded. "I'm fine."

Jake wrapped his arms around her. "Are you sure? You seemed pretty pissed when you first came to my place."

Jocelyn teared up. "My dad is an ass..." She felt a tear fall down her cheek. "...He said, 'You couldn't keep your legs closed and get pregnant'..." She began sobbing. "He made me feel like I'm a total slut...and I'm valuable right now! I'm seven months pregnant..."

Jake sighed. "Your Dad is pissed at me about getting you pregnant and then cheating on you with Rayeleigh." He shook his head. "That's why he just hates my guts..."

Jocelyn turned to face him. "You were dating her first though, Jake. My dad is pissed that I can't keep my legs closed..." She layed down on her back. "Ugh. My dad might unlike you, but it's not like I meant to get pregnant!"

Jake sighed feeling sorry for her. "I'm sorry."

Jocelyn felt a sharp kick from Charlotte. "Jesus. This girl loves to kick my bladder like it's a ball..." She got up slowly. "My bladder is the size of a pinball."

Jake looked at her, he chuckled. "Maybe she'll be a soccer player when she grows up?"

Jocelyn laughed. "Maybe." She walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she headed out of the bathroom and then got into Jake's bed next to him.

Jake smiled at her, leaning down and kissed her neck. "Thank you for sticking out through pregnancy. I know it's been overwhelming for you."

Jocelyn nodded. "Yeah, but I won't change it for the world."

Jake smiled at her. "Good."

Jocelyn groaned as a sharp pain in her back came. "Ugh. The massage didn't help..." She rubbed her side.

Jake sighed. "I have an idea, but only if you're okay with it..."

Jocelyn looked at him. "You mean you want to have sex again?"

Jake nodded. "Well, I did say I'd help with whatever I can. If that's what you need, I'll do it for you and it helps ease the pain..."

Jocelyn nodded. "Okay..."

Jake took off his shirt and got on top of her slowly. "Comfortable?"

Jocelyn nodded her head. "Yeah. Thank you."

Jake smiled down at her. "Good."

Jocelyn blushed as Jake began taking off her shirt. "I'm so big..." She said, sighing. "I'm going to get bigger..."

Jake shook his head. "No, you're beautiful, Jocs."

Jocelyn smiled. "I am?" She wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed.

Jake nodded. "Yeah." He kissed her passionately.

Jocelyn took off her shirt and then ran her hands up and down his chest.

Jake kissed her neck as he began taking off his jeans and then got back on top of her as he unclipped her bra.

Jocelyn moaned softly and smiled.

Jake smiled and moaned as he kissed her neck, running his hands up and down her body. Soon, after that, Jake got back on top of her as he looked down at her, smiling. "Are you ready?"

Jocelyn nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready."

Jake smiled as he began thrusting inside her slowly and then soon started to speed up. He was just thrusting in and out of her as hard as he could, trying to ease the pain she had.

Jocelyn moaned loudly. "Ohhh! That feels so good..."

Jake smiled as he continued thrusting faster. "I'm glad, Joces..." He moaned loudly as he kept going in and out of her.

Jocelyn moaned as she was close to coming. "Ugh. Jake, please!"

Jake nodded. "I'm close, Joces. Don't worry..." He groaned loudly as he moved harder and faster in and out out of her with all of his might. "God, I need to come..."

Jocelyn screamed as she moaned. "Come already then..."

Jake shook his head. "No, baby, I need to keep being inside you. Deep inside you..." He kept thursting deep inside her and slammed into her harder and faster.

Jocelyn screamed as she felt so tight. "Jake! I'm coming! So tight..."

Jake screamed and moaned. "Oh, yes! Talk dity to me..." He finally felt the need to come, he finally came inside her. He smiled down at her. "Feel good, Joces?" He said, leaning down and kissed her passionately.

Jocelyn nodded her head, panting. "Yeah..."

Jake leaned down and kissed her neck, whispering in her ear. "I need to fuck you again. It felt so good." He pulled out of her and then started fingering her.

Jocelyn blushed as she screamed loudly. "Ugh! Please!"

He got back inside her, deep inside her and began slamming inside her as he started to sweat. He moaned. "Oh, so warm in here...Oh, Joces..."

Jocelyn wrapped her legs around his waist as he slammed into her with all of his might. "Talk dirt to me, baby, please..."

She moaned and screamed as she felt herself getting so tight. "Jake! Ugh! I...It's so good...Keep going..."

Jake smiled. "Yes!" He felt himself needing to come again, he groaned loudly as he thrusted harder and faster inside her. A few more minutes of thrusting in and out of her, he came inside her again and then slowly pulled out of her slowly. "Oh God, that was so good..."

She moaned softly as he came out of her. "It was amazing..."

He got off of her, pulling her into his arms under the covers. "Feeling better, Joces?"

Jocelyn smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I'm feeling much better." She smiled. "Thank you."

Jake smiled. "You're welcome. How's your back pain?"

Jocelyn smiled at him. "It's much better. Thanks, Jake."

Jake smiled. "No problem. Anything you need."

Jocelyn snuggled close to him as she fell asleep, yawning.

Jake smiled and kissed her forehead before falling asleep after her. Both snuggling under the covers.

The next morning, Friday April 16, 2032

Jocelyn woke up to her phone vibrating. She groaned as she opened her eyes and sat up and then saw Jake changing. "Hey. Your phone has been going off for the past hour. I figured you wanted to sleep."

Jocelyn smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Thank you."

Jake walked out of his bedroom and then saw Jocelyn following him, as she walk into the kitchen. "It's just my dad wondering where I am. I just said I was here..."

The door began began being knocked on, Jocelyn sighed as she opened the front door to see her cousin standing there.

Rayeleigh frowned. "I heard uncle Zack made you so pissed off you came here. Are you okay?" She walked inside.

Jocelyn nodded. "Besides my dad saying that I should've kept my legs closed, I'm good..." She sighed. "Do you have clothes I can change into? Do you have your makeup bag?"

Rayeleigh laughed. "When do I not have extra clothes and or my back up makeup bag with me?" She laughed.

Jocelyn nodded. "Thanks."

Rayeleigh went to get some clothes for Jocelyn and grabbed her makeup bag. She headed back inside. She handed her cousin the clothes she had. "Here. I went to your parents this morning. I'm so tired. You're lucky I love ya."

Jocelyn smiled. "I love you too. Thanks again, cuz."

Rayeleigh nodded. "You're welcome." She handed her the makeup bag too.

Jocelyn smiled. "Thanks, Rae. You're a lifesaver!"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Remind me when I'll need you when I'm 30 weeks." She walked over to Jake, who kissed her. "Good morning, baby. How's the baby?"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Doing good. He or she is just super hungry lately."

Jake layed a hand on her belly. "Well, that means baby is getting bigger and healthier."

Rayeleigh smiled. "Yeah. That's what my mom tells me."

Cheevers High School, 6:45AM

Leah was at her locker when Brayden walked over to her. "Hey Leah. How are you doing?"

Leah turned to face him. "I've been...Um...I'm fine I guess..." She shut her locker. "Josh won't leave me alone, Brayden...I don't know what the hell to do!"

Brayden sighed. "Why don't you tell him off?"

Leah sighed. "Don't you think I haven't already? I have done that millions of times." She sighed. "I have to either face facts that he's the baby's father or..." She looked at him in the eyes. "...The baby is yours. I'd rather she or he have you as their dad. You actually give a shit."

Brayden smiled. "It's because you've known me your whole life. We've grown up together. If I'm your baby's father, I'll be one happy guy. I have Emma and I'll have him or her too."

Leah nodded her head. "Yeah."

Laura walked over to them. "Hey Leah. What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Leah sniffed, nodded. "I'm alright. Just feeling really overwhelmed. I just can't let Josh see this baby if he's the father!" She groaned loudly as tears filled her eyes.

Laura frowned and hugged her. "Oh I'm sorry."

Leah sighed. "Emma is one lucky little girl."

Brayden sighed. "If I'm the dad, your baby will be all good. You know my dad and yours. You'll be safe and so will be the baby."

Leah smiled a little. "Thank you."

Rayeleigh and Jocelyn walked into school just in time, Brayden walked over to his sister and cousin. "Where's Jenessa?"

Rayeleigh sighed deeply. She was worried about he's reaction to Jenessa being pregnant, but what will he say when she says she had lost the baby? She didn't want to be the one to tell him, but she, Jocelyn, both of their moms, Jenessa and Ashleigh are leaving this afternoon for a girl's get away and Jenessa has a doctor's appointment today. Her mom was able to fit her in today instead of Monday. She was saddened for her sister. She had lost her baby, while Rayeleigh was pregnant. The eldest sister sighed as she looked at her twin brother.


"Yeah? What's going on with Jen, Rayeleigh?"

Her eyes teared up. "Jen isn't coming today, Bray."

Brayden was confused. "Why?"

Rayeleigh sighed. "Jen was pregnant…"

Brayden's eyes went wide. But then before he could start yelling, he wanted to make sure he heard that right. "Wait...Did you say, 'she was'? As in…"

Rayeleigh felt her heart break a little. "...She lost the baby a while ago...She miscarried the baby…"

Laura, Leah and Jocelyn stared at Rayeleigh in complete shock. They had their hands over their mouths. They whispered.

"Oh my God...Oh, Jennessa…"

Brayden's eyes went wide. "Is she okay?"

"She will be, but right now, she's very depressed. Mom planned a girls trip this weekend…" She turned to Jocelyn. "Would you be open to going?"

Jocelyn nodded. "Sure. Jake gets the twins for the first time this weekend."

Rayeleigh nodded. "Okay. Meet me at my parents house when you get home and get a bag packed."

Jocelyn nodded. "Alright. Who else is going?"

Rayeleigh smiled. "Ashleigh is coming."

Jocelyn nodded. "Okay."

Everyone went on to have a normal day of school. Bailey, Rayeleigh, Jenessa, Maya, Jocelyn and Ashleigh will be leaving at 3:30 today.

To be continued…