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"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" For magic spells and jutsu

"The fat lady sings" normal talking

"Are those melons real?" for thoughts

"Insignificant human" Bijū, gods, summons, and dragons

"Puny humans" for thoughts

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Chapter 1

"It's over."

These were the thoughts of a blonde boy wearing an orange and black jumpsuit, that looks like it's seen better days, floating in the Dimensional Gap covered in golden flames.

"Naruto, I am sure they'd all be proud of you," Kurama tried to console his first friend.

Naruto was on the verge of tears, his lips quaking; all the exhaustion, hunger, and pain was getting to him.

Play sadness and sorrow ost

"You really think so, Kurama? Kakashi-sensei, Sakura, and Sasuke are all dead because of me; because I wasn't strong enough! Maybe if I really paid attention in the academy, maybe if I had spent more time training, maybe if I was more serious, maybe... Maybe if I took the Ash Killing Bone instead of Sasuke, he would have made a difference. If he had both Yin and Yang seal then maybe he could have saved Sakura and Kakashi-sensei. I failed them all, Kurama! I'm all alone, Kurama I'm alone."

All the massive fox could do was let his partner vent out all his frustrations.

It was a miracle they actually defeated Kaguya alone but that bitch had one last trick up her sleeve, and here they are in this strange void. Now, all Kurama could do was let him vent before they actually find a way out of this place. The only thing keeping him alive is Kurama Chakra Mode and that would soon run out.

"Naruto, I never knew you were one to spit on the sacrifices of your friends. They sacrificed their lives so you could live because they believed you could defeat Kaguya. They died with a smile on their face and you owe it to them to live your life to the fullest; because that's what they'd want you to do."

Naruto was in his mindscape on his hands and knees, listening to all of what Kurama said with realization dawning on his face. He had to live! He owed them that much, at least.

"Looks like I'm finally getting through to him." Kurama thought.

The sooner he got Naruto out of this place the better. His chakra was weak and it barely helped in protecting Naruto from danger.

This strange dimension was fighting against them as if they were not meant to be here, but that's the least of their problems, however.

Two massive signatures were lurking around In this space and one of them was advancing to their location fast. These signatures… They were incomprehensible, in the sense that the massive, nine-tailed fox had never sensed an energy like it before. It was not chakra nor was it Natural energy. It was something else entirely.

"Get up, Naruto. You're not alone." Nine Bijūs all gathered around him with their fist stretched out to make a fist bump with Naruto

"You have me and my siblings. You might be the last of the Elemental Nations but, through you, a new generation shall spring forth and this time they will be guided into the light and I promise you'll never feel loneliness, Naruto, and when you do feel it, you do what you always do... You find your precious people so get up, Uzumaki! I will not have my Jinchūriki brood like an Uchiha!"

Shukaku to Kurama all surrounded him, cheering him on, and then Naruto knew he wasn't alone, or at least not entirely. Naruto brought his fist up and bumped it with all the Bijū's fist and a ripple went through the water in his mindscape.

"Well," he sniffs, "we better get out of here."

Naruto wiped his nose with his tattered sleeves. The gears in his mind were shifting furiously, trying to find a solution. A way of the void they were in.

"And how will you get out, Uzumaki?" Shukaku asked.

After Naruto defeated him, he had a small amount of respect for him, and seeing him go one on one with Kaguya made him respect Naruto even more.

"Heh, trust me, Shukaku, I have a plan; but it's suicidal and I don't even know where I'll land." Naruto was already out of his mindscape with a Hiraishin kunai in hand.

"I really hope this works because I want to live!" he thought before he got serious.

The shinobi closed his eyes, burning an image of Konoha on his mind, through his entire body. He tried to envision himself in Konoha and when the picture became clear, he let loose a great cry, summoning all the chakra he had left, not sparing a single drop.


Naruto went full Kurama Sage Mode, trying his best to hone in on a Hiraishin kunai but couldn't find any.

"Time for plan B."

Taking in a deep breath Naruto closed his eyes for a second and opened them to reveal that his former orange pupils with a black horizontal bar and a vertical slit changed to purple with a ripple-like pattern. He clapped his hands together and focused all of his chakra in his eyes.

The ripple pattern was being overlapped with another different pattern entirely as a crack in the endless void of nothingness appeared in front of the shinobi.

The Eye of Samsara had done a lot of feats he himself bore witness to which were nothing short of miracles but the blonde was inexperienced in its usage.

Having a basic understanding of all universal things chakra-related, Naruto knew something was happening the moment he sensed a sudden change in the flow of chakra in his eyes.

Naruto couldn't see—but something was happening to his eyes, he could feel it—and then, a crack appeared in the endless void of nothingness in front of the shinobi.

Seeing this, he pumped more chakra into his eyes to strengthen the Jutsu and his efforts were rewarded when the crack widened again.

"Just a little more."

Naruto tried to reassure himself but he knew he was on his last leg. His eyes bled due to the strain put on them. His eyelids felt heavy and his consciousness slipped away at an alarming rate. His body disintegrated bit by bit as the chakra cloak protecting him waned, thus, leaving him defenseless against the dimensional gap's corrosive nature.

The only thing slowing down the process was Kurama who was still pumping the last of his chakra into Naruto. The other Bijūs had sacrificed all of their chakra and had fallen into a deep stasis.

"Come on, come on, come on!" he screamed as golden chakra burst from his body and the crack widened enough for a Hiraishin kunai to pass through it.

"I'm coming everyone!" He screamed mentally as he threw his father's famous Kunai into the crack

"Hiraishin no Jutsu!"


He was gone in a flash.

The blonde escaped death in the Dimensional Gap Into the unknown.

The crack in space closed up.

He never saw the huge red western dragon comparable to the size of the First Hokage's wooden statue coming nor a little girl dressed in a Gothic Lolita outfit looking at where he was with keen interest.

The little girl could feel the huge amount of chakra left behind by the creature that invaded her home and it felt... Human. But no human could have survived in the Dimensional Gap.

"Someone strong was in the Gap, I will need their power if I'm to remove Great Red from my home," she mused.

"I will find you, stranger."

(Scene change)

The moon was out in a certain town in Japan when a crack in space, the size of a human head, opened up in thin air. A three-pronged kunai came out of it and stuck itself into the ground and a heavily bleeding body appeared right beside the Kunai.

"I made it, I survived."

The blonde Uzumaki couldn't move but he was grateful he made it out of there alive. His eyelids were getting heavy and all he just wanted to do was sleep for now. His partner's voice congratulated him before he became unconscious.

"You did well Naruto," Kurama commended the unconscious blonde.

An event that happened once was happening again. The mindscape was getting darker and darker while Kurama couldn't stop his own eyelids from closing. It's alright, now that they were back home, or so Kurama thought.

The nine-tailed fox's pupils dilated a fraction when he sensed something was wrong.

"Where did the Hiraishin kunai send us to, Naruto? This isn't Konoha."

Kurama knew everything was wrong when he sensed no chakra in the people living in this 'place' nor did he sense the Shinju or the massive chakra network created by Madara using the Mugen Tsukuyomi.

"Damn it Naruto, where did that Hiraishin kunai take us, and what was that jutsu?"Kurama wondered how Naruto was able to create a crack in space in the first place before he closed his eyes, completely out of chakra.

(Time skip: Two years later)

"Aww... I'm bored guys," one Naruto Uzumaki sighed for the zillionth time that day.

"Kurama... I'm bored..." he whined.

Kurama, the strongest of all Bijūs really wanted to unleash his greatest Bijūdama on the blonde menace and the crappy apartment they called home but refrained from doing something like that because the last time he and Shukaku had a misunderstanding, they ended up destroying their former apartment while Naruto was out on business.

Something bad happened that day, something really bad.

Oh, Kurama still remembered that day like it was yesterday. The blonde descended on them like they were a bunch of teenagers and the pranks that followed... Oh God, Kurama and Shukaku lost a part of them that day.

"Just ignore him. Just bear with it, Kurama. At least until reinforcements arrive."Shukaku, sleeping beside Kurama in his chibi form, communicated with his brother telepathically.

"I don't think I can take this anymore Shukaku," Kurama voiced out telepathically.

"You have to, Big Bro, I don't want to be in his crosshairs. You do know what happens to those that get an insignia of a bullseye with a spilled ramen cup on it, right?"

Kurama just had to endure because he loved his sanity.

Whoever's marked with the 'revenge of the fallen ramen' sign is doomed for life but luckily very few people knew a way out of this predicament and what was the remedy you ask? A sacrifice of 1,000 Instant ramen to the ramen god Uzuramen was required. Of course, people thought this an urban myth because no one could find out the identity of the ramen god.

Anyone that tried to investigate Uzuramen became a living shell of their former self.

"Kuramaaaaa... So bored!" the blonde Uzumaki wailed.

"Kurama~" Naruto called out his partner's name in a singsong voice.

"Shit! This is bad. Where's Saiken when you need her?." The Kitsune was already sweating bullets, looking for a way out of the pickle he was in.

Saiken would release this certain nerve-calming gas whenever Naruto blew a gasket and it was pretty effective; plus the fact that Saiken had a pure record out of them all helped her case too. She was in Naruto's grace. The damn slug's never broken a thing in this shitty house. How she did so was a mystery to the orange fox.

"Oi, Shukaku, would you help a brother out?" the nine-tailed fox called for help.

"Don't drag me into this, man."

"Come on, I'd do anything."

"Every Bijū for himself is the Number One rule of this apartment."

"Damn it! ok, think, Kurama, think! What if I gave him a target? No, I'm not that heartless. Wait... Maybe this could work."

"Go enroll in a school or something." Kurama, the ever lazy fox, has once again saved its hide.

"No! I'm not cut out for school!" Naruto refuted.

"Then go get a job, boy. Last time I checked you had 9 mouths to feed."

"You lot don't need sustenance!"

"Then get us out of this crappy apartment!"

"I'm still sore about our old house, you rotten fox."

"Go visit the old man in that ramen shop you frequent so much."


Naruto froze when he remembered the old man wanted to tell him something; something important. And just like that, the blonde was out the window with a black muscle T-shirt under an orange leather jacket with the words "ORANGE IS AWESOME" styled at the back and blue skinny jeans with orange sneakers.

Praise ye the logs! Now that Naruto was out of the way, Kurama wondered where the adult magazine he was reading disappeared to...

(Scene change)

Everything was going normal in De'lit ramen shop today.

Customers were coming in and out of the Establishment, ordering different kinds of ramen.

A fly was buzzing around looking for its next victim to torment.

The Chefs, were busy making ramen in the kitchen before a special globe started blinking red and the alarm systems went frenzy.

This could only mean one thing to the chefs of De'lit noodle shop.

"Look alive, boys! I want all hands on deck!" The top chef bellowed in a Sergeant's voice while pacing in front of all the assembled chef in the kitchen

"There might be a chance that one of us Is going down today... May the best chef win." He gave everyone one last glance and turned around. "Let's take down this son of a bitch!"

"Roger, Sarge!" the whole crew shouted.

After the short motivational speech by Hiroshima, the owner of the noodle shop, Naruto blitzed in, skidding to a stop in front of Hiroshima with his eyes narrowed.

"Gimme your best shot, old man Hiro," he challenged.

"Oh, it's on, Uzumaki!"

And like that, all the chefs rolled up their sleeves with one goal in mind; To fill up the monster in front of them.

Cups upon cups of ramen were sacrificed to the Ramen god but they all fell in front of his divine retribution.

"He's pushing me to my limits, I don't think I can hold on much longer," one of the chefs lamented.

The situation looked bleak, It was a clean defeat, and Hiroshima was a man of honor.

"I concede, Uzumaki," Hiroshima admitted a clean defeat.

"Heh, don't worry, old man, the day you defeat me is still thousands of years away," Naruto stated with his trademark ear-splitting grin.

"Ahh, that hit the spot," he sighed, patting his stomach.

The Naruto Face-Off was a tradition that began 2 months after Naruto's first visit to the noodle shop. The official score is Naruto: 34, Hiroshima: 0. And the best thing about The Naruto Face-Off was that the ramen was free.

Everyone knows that Hiroshima became a millionaire not too long after Naruto's first step into the door of Hiroshima's little shop.

The old man called Naruto to the counter and placed a bowl of broth in front of him. "I have a gift for you, Naruto.," the old man said all of a sudden.

"What is it, old man?" the blonde ninja asked with genuine curiosity on his face. "I sure hope it's a free ramen pass for a week."

"I'd become bankrupt," old man Hiro deadpanned.

"Yeah, No shit," he agreed in a dull manner.

Hiro dropped an orange envelope with a message on it with a title that reads, 'To our No.1 customer.' on the table. Naruto, who was slouching on the table, raised his head up when he saw the envelope and found a golden key in it when he tore it open.

"Congratulations, Naruto, I just bought you a new house in Kuoh!" the old man exclaimed.

"Aww, old man, thank you so much!" Naruto held the key like it was a lifeline tossed to a sinner in hell.

"You deserve it, Naruto." The old man ruffled the blonde shinobi's hair. "I hope you actually find a new job and a nice girlfriend."

Naruto was going to miss the Shingahashi district because of the old man and his noodle shop but he had this feeling that Kuoh wouldn't be boring like this shithole he landed in after falling into Kaguya's Yomotsu Hirasaka after sealing her off for eternity.

"Thanks, old man. I better get packing, then."

"Don't be a stranger, Naruto," the old man said.

"Goodbye, old man," Naruto waved at Hiroshima.




Naruto was on his way home, bored out of his mind. He wondered if his lifestyle was ok. Was it something worthy of The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja? He didn't even know what Hyperactive meant anymore.

The blonde Uzumaki quickened his pace because he wanted to see how the Bijūs would react to the news that he's got a new apartment in Kuoh. Those little runts have been bitching and moaning about the poor living conditions lately.

(Scene change)

All nine tailed beasts were in a state of panic right now because Shukaku and Kurama had wrecked their home again. Naruto would descend upon them with an unholy temper. Speaking of the devil—


Naruto stood at where his house was supposed to be, only to see Matatabi, Isobu, Son, Kokuō, Saiken, and Gyūki pointing at Shukaku and Kurama who looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there; that's when it all clicked in the ninja's head.

Those bastards destroyed his house... Again.

A huge pressure slammed on the two culprits and killer intent they've never felt before was directed at them. The air got so thick with the amount of KI Naruto was releasing and then, all of a sudden, it all vanished.

For once, Shukaku and Kurama had the same thought going through their minds, "Shit, we're fucked."

"I just wanted y'all to know how much I love you. Please don't miss me while I'm gone, okay," the Tanuki of Suna said his last words. Who knew Shukaku had a side like this?

"Just so you know, Matatabi, I stole money from your safe to buy an adult magazine. Just wanted to make restitution before I die," Kurama confessed.

"I knew it, Ero-fox!" Matatabi hollered.

"Hey! A fox's got urges too, you know!" Kurama tried to justify his actions.

Naruto took a steady gait towards them and every step forward increased the tension in the air; it got so intense that one of the Tailed Beasts actually farted.

"Who the hell was that?" Kokuō, the gentle one among Hagoromo's creations, voiced the question that was on everyone's mind.

"I have good news guys!" Naruto yelled, leaving the Bijūs bewildered. "Pack your luggage cause we are going to Kuoh!"

"What in the world?" Kurama had a confused look on his furry face.

"I have a new mansion waiting for me in Kuoh!" Naruto squealed in joy like someone that hit the jackpot.

"What?!" was all the Tailed Beasts could get out.

"I'm too old for this shit," Kurama shook his head, sighing deeply.

The end.

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