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Chapter 24


Everywhere she looked as she ran to the battlefield.

Who could have caused all this?

A nine-tailed fox fought a dark dragon, exchanging blows that caused tremors great enough to reach her and deter any sane person from coming near before a blinding white light engulfed them.

Her mother was in danger. She could feel it. The leylines in Kyoto were malfunctioning.

Upon getting to the scene her mind went blank when she saw the strongest person she's ever known under the feet of another.

His eyes flickered down to her little form and she froze at the deep vastness she saw in them.

"Little Kyuubi,"

The mere notion of having his sight on her, his thick voice radiating with an untold amount of power and malice almost made her fall to her knees but she didn't take her hands off the pendant she subconsciously clutched.

It strengthened her weak little legs somehow.

"Naruto-nii will come. I'm sure he's on his way."


She heard someone yell her name but was muted by the roar of the dragon.

"Have you no fear, Child?" He asked, staring down at the little child with an expressionless face.

"Don't you dare talk to my—"

The once great leader of Kyoto coughed up blood as the pressure on her back increased to the point where the floor beneath her sank as spider cracks traveled to where her daughter was.

"Get your leg off her!" Kunou yelled in defiance.

Kunou gripped the pendant hanging on her neck, Injecting her chakra into it as instructed, and with tears streaming down her face she yanked at the knife-shaped necklace and threw it at the monster in front of her, screaming at the top of her little lungs.

A tanned hand snatched the projectile object out of the air. "What is this supposed to do, child?" He asked inspecting the unique workings of the pendant.

The smug smirk on her face was unsettling. The look of defiance, the over-pouring hope reflected in her golden-slitted eyes even though the great nine-tailed fox of Kyoto was down interested him, to say the least.

"You're so toast! He'll come running once I throw that!"

A look of realization dawned on his face. The blond human eh? So he had affiliations with Kyoto After all huh? "Oh, so you know Uzumaki Naruto…"

He gazed down below at the child and inspected the Pendant and said, "So, shall we wait, little one?"

He waited for a few minutes.

She waited for what seemed like an eternity.


Nothing happened.

Deathly silence permeated the battlefield.

"I guess he's not coming after all." He said as he jumped off her mother.

The sound of the pendant shattering to pieces as its tiny shards glistened under the moonlight invoked a never-felt-before cold feeling of despair as fresh tears streamed down her face like a broken dam.

He strode forward leaving the pieces of the pendant behind him.

She couldn't even run for her life as twelve jet-black bat wings grew out from his back and spread out to their full glory, the moon casting an ethereal glow over his shadow, adding a devilish tint to his visage.

"Burn this forever in your memory, child. I spared you because I want you to deliver a message for me."

"Tell Naruto Uzumaki…"




Kunou woke up with a startling gasp. Her head pounding as tears cascaded down her face, eyes darting around the unfamiliar room before she saw his old belongings.

"Did I sleep in here again?"

She brought her hand to massage her throbbing head before the events of yesterday finally caught up to her.

"Was it all a dream?"

Kunou shook her head as she tried to calm her erratic breathing down. Naruto could be gone or worse dead she needed to stand on her two feet.

"You're up, Kunou."

Kunou snapped her head towards the source of the voice. It carried so much care, relief, and serenity.

The image of herself reflected in his sapphire-blue orbs, was it a hallucination?

She choked.

New tears streamed down her face.

But the emotions were different this time.

"N-Nii-san?" She thought it was her mind playing tricks but the slow curve of his lips as he dropped the cup of steaming tea down, the bruise on his cheeks, all sending green signals.

Naruto was caught off guard again as Kunou engulfed him in a tight hug.

"Nii-san, you're real, right?" Her quaking voice muffled as she buried her head deeper into his chest.

For the first time since the dragon incident, Kunou cried.

Tears of Joy.




For the first time in a while, two blondes were present in the palace dining room.

Naruto flanked by Kunou, Kurama and Genryu held a bowl of rice as he stared at Kunou wolfing down her breakfast.

"Eat slowly, Kunou."

The little Kyubi perked up, cheeks stuffed with rice, and managed to give Naruto a huge grin, her eyes sparkling like back then.

"Kunou-sama, it is unbecoming of the princess, leader of Kyoto, to eat with such manners," Genryu said sternly.

"Eh, don't worry Genryu—"

"Nii-san is here now."

Kurama and Kunou said at the same time.

The room descended into an uncomfortable silence.

Kunou stared at everyone around the table and realized her mistake.

"Kunou…" Kurama sighed.

There was so much to talk about.

They can't just throw their responsibilities on Naruto just like that. He detested the idea back in the past and she didn't want to force Naruto to do anything out of guilt, Yasaka wouldn't want that either. He didn't even know Kyoto was attacked while he was away. This Naruto wasn't Naruto Uzumaki posing as a nine tailed-fox two years ago, no this was adult Naruto who is currently a teacher at Kuoh living a normal life.

"Naruto is here on an excursion and—" Kurama once again held her tongue when Naruto gestured for her to wait.

Naruto dropped his chopstick and exchanged Kunou's empty bowl with his. He then got up and dusted off Yasaka's seat and sat on it. He shifted uncomfortably before he settled down.

"Hm… Her seat is so soft compared to mine."

The adults knew he had decided at that moment.

Naruto took a deep breath. At least he should do this much until he rescues Yasaka and put things back to the way it was.

"Everyone, I'd like to sincerely apologize for all the trouble I've caused.

I didn't know my 'escapades' would come back to hurt the people of Kyoto and her leader. For so long I've wallowed in my failure, distanced myself away from you guys thinking I was protecting you."

"It was the best course of action I had—and quite frankly it still is—but, I can't do that anymore. Not when Yasaka needs my help. Not when everyone at this table needs me more than ever."

Naruto stared at each of them, knowing he would be making a big decision that would alter the course of his life today.

The dining room blurred out of existence and he found himself surrounded by the Bijūs in his mindscape.

"You did well, Naruto… we believe in you," Kurama said

"We are ready to lend our powers," Kooky added

"Let them come, Naruto."

Everyone except Shukaku uplifted Naruto's decision. The one-tailed raccoon seemed to have a solemn look on his face, uncharacteristically calm.

"Is it worth it?" Shukaku asked.

Naruto glanced at the Ichibi.

"We worked so hard to maintain our anonymity. Moving every time we sensed the slightest danger. Since we reached Kuoh, we've been leading a peaceful silent life. It's a wonder how we haven't been found with all the drama going on these past few months."

"I don't know… Shukaku. What I do know right now is that these people need my help. I want to protect them."

"We should let the devils handle it."

"Shukaku…" Kurama understood the raccoon but it's been so long since he sensed such feelings from his Jinchūriki. No one knew the gravity of the situation better than Naruto. Things could get even worse… he knew very well thus the decision he made was quite baffling to Kurama. "Let us support his decision."

The moment he sides with Kyoto, his enemies become Kyoto's enemies.

"If I align myself with you guys, a lot of powerful people would try to get to me through you but this time, They'll have to get through me to get to you. I promise you, I will return your leader to you! I swear on my honor as the last living ninja of Konoha that no harm will come to you anymore as long as I live and breathe."

"Tch, you haven't changed much, have you?" Kurama chuckled, wondering why she was treading softly around Naruto in the first place. No matter what happens, Naruto will always be Naruto.

"Alright! Now we have Nii-san on our side!" Kunou yelled.

"Eat up, Kunou. We have somewhere to go."

Kunou's blonde brows reached her hairline at that.

(Scene Change: Kyoto Amusement Park)

Kunou grinned as she held on to Naruto's head enjoying a ride on his shoulders. Given Naruto's tall physique, she was subjected to a whole new perspective. She was always looking up to adults but now she was looking down at the average humans passing by.


Kunou sighted the silverish-white woman who was among the devil's entourage yesterday night waving warmly at Naruto.

Naruto waved at the Valkyrie and engaged Kunou in a shush conversation.

"Kunou-san, I'm Rossweisse, Nice to meet you."

Naruto had planned to have fun with Kunou just like in the old days to brighten her mood. The kid needed a lot of sunshine and he lacked a lot of sunshine right now so he asked for help from the only person he could think of.

"So, should we go to the arcade first?" Naruto asked. A lot of kids in this dimension loved gaming.




Naruto and Kunou played duo shooter while Rossweisse cheered them on. Both adults and kids grinned as they killed multitudes of zombies. Naruto was having fun shooting zombies with the little kid.

They went to the game booth where we see a surprisingly serious Naruto tapping and maneuvering the buttons at superhuman speed while effortlessly breaking the high scores set by other players. Kunou stared at Rossweisse who's been on the sidelines for a while and pushed her to the game box where Naruto was.

"You wanna give it a try?" Naruto asked.

"Ah, I'm not that—"

"Eh! It's going to be fun, Rossweisse-san." Kunou edged her.

Rossweisse, the serious stick-in-the-mud Valkyrie, lived up to her expectation as she fumbled with the buttons not having the foggiest about how the controller worked. Naruto couldn't bear the sight of her struggling and took matters into his own hands with a heavy sigh. Sparks traveled her body the moment she felt Naruto's arms around her, his breath tickling her ear as he came to rest his chin on her shoulder. His strong hands came to lay on hers as he grabbed her fingers and clicked away at the buttons.

"You play like this. Haven't you tried this before?"

Having Naruto in such proximity was doing dangerous things to her body. She could hear her heart pounding, Naruto's scent was making her relax, lowering her defensive walls. His voice was correcting and nice and pleasing to hear at such proximity.

"Umm… S-Senpai, I-I think I understand now."

"Oh, you do…? I don't think you quite get it yet." Naruto didn't know why he said that but he wanted to stay like this, having Rossweisse in his arms hearing her erratic heartbeat, her flowery scent, and her exquisite silver hair was alluring to him.

"Let's try this one more time." Naruto chuckled and gripped her soft slim digits as he began hitting the wrong buttons intentionally.

Kunou raised a confused eyebrow at both adults wondering why Rossweisse was doing badly again all of a sudden.

After playing some more, they went to the roller coaster ring with a reluctant Rossweisse. They all stood in the same car with Rossweisse breathing erratically as the car slowly went up the rails.

"Relax, It's going to be fun."

Kunou had jumped to the front of the car sticking to it with Chakra.

"K-kunou-san, that's dangerous." Rossweisse was more worried about Kunou than the fact that she was sticking to the car on her two feet somehow defying gravity.

"Ohh… That looks exciting."


"What? The kid can take care of herself. She's a Kyubi after all." Naruto shrugged her concerns off.

Rossweisse's anxiety rose to the skies as the car neared the top of the railing.

Kunou concealed herself with a genjutsu and jumped to the front of the cars. At this point, Rossweisse was wheezing out. One would think a Valkyrie who's faced off with different sorts of supernatural creatures could hold her own against a rollercoaster but it seems the almighty metal construct of fun was

"Um, Senpai, I think I'm gonna dip."

"Don't worry Rossweisse. It's going to be fun."

"This is my first roller coaster ride!"

"Great! It's my first time too!"

And so, the car descended the first drop, the safety straps being the only thing stopping them from falling.

Rossweisse screamed as the car descended at neck-breaking speeds. She squeezed her eyes shut as the winds rushed past her threatening to drown her voice.

Kunou was having a blast in front of the car. Her wild and childish side always came out when Naruto was around and sticking to the car with Chakra in her current condition was much more of a challenge than a stunt

The car slowed down as it traveled to the next drop, this one much longer.

"I don't think I can take this!"

Rossweisse gripped Naruto's shirt and buried her face into his jacket.

"Open your eyes and look at the world blur around you."

Naruto put his arms around seeing she was truly afraid.

Kunou looked back behind and saw the way Naruto stared at Rossweisse.

"Nii-san is a good friend!"




The group of three stopped in front of a cotton candy vendor as Naruto and Kunou both played around with their soft candies. An old woman with her grandson commented on how much of a family man Naruto is.

"It must be hard to manage both of them every day, especially your husband." She said giving Rossweisse a fortune candy.

Rossweisse had a sweatdrop on her head at the woman's comment. She seemed to have the wrong idea about them.

"Please, take this candy. It warms this old lady's heart when I see such lovely couples like you three."

Rossweisse reluctantly accepted the treat before she thanked the aged woman.

Naruto who saw the exchange between Rossweisse and the old lady smiled and walked up to the silverish-white-haired lady before his senses blurred out of existence as he walked past the old lady. Their eyes met for a brief moment as she took a pin to her chest before the edges of her lips curled into a wicked smirk.

Naruto came to a deathly halt as he felt something in his chest. A sensation he hasn't felt in a while. A sensation he hoped he'd never feel again. His chest was sizzling as a burning sensation traveled around his chest area accompanied by a slow sharp burning pain as if a blade was poking his heart.

"Senpai, are you okay?" Rossweisse noticed the look of pain on Naruto's face as he gripped his left chest.

A myriad of emotions crossed Naruto's face in that instant before he gritted his teeth. Pain, Panic, Anger, Frustration, Anxiety, and Worry.

"Rossweisse, I need you to take Kunou and leave here now," Naruto said calmly before he turned and ran into the crowd.

"Nii-san? Where are you going?" Kunou called out in worry.

"Go! I need to check something."




Naruto Uzumaki was many things but right now, he was an anxious mess, panic wrecked his entire body and senses.

How?! Why?!... When?

These questions made his heart pound.

As strong as he was, strong enough to face things that would make a super devil turn tail and run, strong enough to fight the gods of DxD to a standstill, Naruto would rather fight two… No four Kaguya's all over again than this.

Even the seemingly invincible Naruto Uzumaki feared something… Or someone.

Blue eyes darted back and forth in alarm, scanning each passersby's face hoping to catch a glimpse of him, all nine tailed-beasts snapped their eyes open, awakening from their naps.

"Oi, Naruto, calm down. You must have sensed wrong"

"Kurama, I-I think it's… He saw me with them."

"And what if you find him? What are you going to do? Make him leave?!"

"I don't think it's him. We took a lot of measures against him." Gyuki added.

Naruto gritted his teeth, and his gears shifted furiously, as he tried to figure out how he found him. Since when? Why reveal himself now?

His panic-stricken look had drawn a lot of attention. He ran around the park still searching.

"Check the seal, Naruto-kun," Saiken advised.

Naruto undid his tie, unfastened a few buttons, and pulled his shirt open, only to see tanned blonde skin with a rough patch.

It's not here?

Was I imagining things?

"I can't sense any negative emotions around here. You must have been hallucinating, Naruto."

"Then what about the pain in my chest?"

"It was probably a pure coincidence."

A wave of relief washed over Naruto's frame as he bent over, his hands on his knees, wheezing hard.

"Calm down Naruto, you could have been mistaken. People have similar auras, you could have met a stranger with his aura."

Naruto walked towards an empty alleyway and hiraishined back to the hotel room where he met Kiba who was startled to see the blonde.

"Where's Kunou?" He asked.




Kunou and the Gremory family had been talking about Naruto. She wanted to hear about her older brother from the people who've been with him and my was she shocked to learn that the current Naruto was a great contrast to the Naruto she knew. Almost sounded like a stranger. Given the stories, Issei told her.

Speaking of the devil, Naruto walked toward them with a group of students. He immediately pulled Kunou into a hug and asked if she was okay.

"I'm fine Nii-san. What was that, back then?" She asked in worry.

"A false alarm."

Issei froze the moment Naruto walked past him. He had been talking smack about Naruto behind his back. He wondered how much he heard.

"Let's go, Kunou." Naruto grabbed her and put her on his shoulder, a habit of the past, unaware of the shocking looks gracing his student's face.

"Wait, Nii-san. I promised to show them around Kyoto."

"Don't hang out with devils. They are a bad influence."

"Nii-san, be nice." Kunou hissed, grabbing Naruto's head, trying to turn him around. "Is this how much you've changed?"

Naruto relented with a sigh and walked toward the group reluctantly.

He could never win an argument with a woman.

Issei was sweating bullets trying to think of something to save his hide. "Good day, Sensei. What a lovely day, isn't it?" He waved at Naruto, mustering his best smile. Naruto did the same mustering his best 'approachable look'.

"Hello… Issei."

Issei froze in his tracks, gobsmacked. Fearing the words, he became a stuttering mess as he asked, "S-Sensei, what did I do wrong?"

"You are being weird again." Naruto sneered.

"You are the one who's weird!" Issei retorted.

Matsuda and Motohama squinted at the girl on Naruto's shoulders… they looked…

Kunou jumped off Naruto's shoulders and landed in front of Issei.

"I know a place that sells mean boiled tofu. Let's go!"




Naruto raised the treat with his chopstick, staring at it like it was green horrible alien meat.

"You like this kind of stuff?" He asked, staring at the dripping tofu.

"Hm!" Kunou beamed as she savored her meal.

"I thought you liked Ramen?"

"I like both."

"But I like haha-ue's boiled tofu the best." Kunou had a nostalgic look on her face as she spoke about her mother.

Naruto placed his hands on her head and gave her a warm reassuring smile. "You'll eat her boiled tofu soon."

"It's warm." Xenovia said, staring at Naruto.

Asia and Irina agreed with a nod.

"What?" Naruto questioned when he noticed everyone had their eyes on him.

"You should smile more often, sensei," Asia said with an eye smile.

It seems someone like Naruto could pull off expressions like that.

"You kids are so weird." Naruto scoffed as he munched on a piece of tofu.

"Ne, you guys remember when we thought sensei was a bad guy?" A faraway look graced Issei's face.

"Yeah, he was quite scary back then," Asia added.

"Remember that time he shooked Koneko-chan up pretty bad?"

"Yeah, she still gets goosebumps around him."

"And back when he and Rias were at each other's throats every time they met like chickens?" Issei chuckled before he choked on his food courtesy of a KI blast from Naruto.

"After exchanging blows with him, I grew to respect sensei more and I got a glimpse into a part of him." Xenovia said.

They all made small talk, teasing Naruto cause why pass up the rare opportunity to mess with the strongest man in Kuoh? while they moved on to the next destination where they rendezvous with Azazel and Rossweisse.

"Senpai…" Rossweisse walked up to him in worry.

"I must have scared you." Naruto cleared her worries and covered the subject.

"Yo! Naruto, Rossweisse was talking about…"

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Naruto cut him off with a smile that didn't quite reach his face. He came to sit beside the fallen angel governor.

"Nothing beats having a drink in the afternoon."

"Is that sake?" Naruto asked. He needed a drink right now.

"Senpai, not you too!"

Naruto and Azazel Ignored her as they both poured themselves a cup of sake.

The group bumped into Kiba's group. Kunou immediately spotted the devil among them. She introduced herself believing he was Issei's comrade.

"Senpai, Azazel-sensei! Drinking during working hours is disallowed! And in front of the students!"

"Don't be like that Rossweisse. It's just a little break. You need to be more flexible. That's why you can't find a man—"

"This has nothing to do with having a boyfriend!" She yelled.

"A man doesn't like a woman who's all stiff and no fun."

"Please don't make fun of me! Well, if you are going to be like this… I'll show you I can have fun too" Rossweisse took Azazel's drink and downed the whole content while giving Naruto a sneak glance.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Rossweisse who was criticizing them a moment ago now downing a cup of sake. His amusement heightened when Rossweisse's face turned red and she started talking gibberish.

"She's drunk after one drink." Issei, who hadn't tasted alcohol before in his life, was disappointed. He knew instinctively he could do much better.

"Hurry up and go, we'll deal with her complaints," Azazel said.

The kids all left with Kunou as their tour guide leaving Naruto and Azazel behind to take care of a drunk Rossweisse.




Kiba invited them to have tea and after tea, Kunou led the group to the next stop.

The bridge.

"Did you know, you shouldn't look back until you cross the bridge, or else all the information you've gained so far will be lost." Xenovia said.

"Really? I don't think that's possible." Matsuda scoffed at the superstitious remark.

"They also say if a couple looks back, they will break up," She said trying to tease Asia who had been walking beside Issei.

Asia immediately gripped Issei lest she loses the only friend *cough*love interest*cough* she had when suddenly, the world turned black and white and everything ceased. The humans in the group had disappeared and all that was left was the Gremory family, Michael's ace, and Kunou.

"What's going on?" Asia asked.

Thick purple mist surrounded them, Purple mist so thick they couldn't see what was lying a few feet away anymore.

"This is dimension lost, a top-tier Longinus." Kiba came running from behind them. "Azazel Sensei has told us about it before."

"Are you guys alright?" The sound of multiple wings beating reached their ears before Azazel touched down in front of them and unfurled his wings.

"Everyone other than us has disappeared from this area. It seems we have been forced into a separate dimension."

"It can't be… I heard haha-ue was enveloped in the same fog before she disappeared." Kunou said.

Azazel felt the hair on his neck stand on edge all of a sudden. He could sense something up ahead; his trained eyes picked up subtle movements in the fog screen before his eyes widened involuntarily as a blue beamed rushed towards the group at neck-breaking speeds. The governor-general of the fallen angel managed to cast a magic barrier on time which was destroyed on impact. The shock wave blasted him off the ground at neck-breaking speed.

"Nice to meet you, governor-general Azazel and the Red Dragon Emperor." The fog cleared and revealed a group of six people. Kunou recognized three of them. She couldn't help but take a step back in fear when she saw the leader of the group holding a spear. "I am Cao Cao, the leader of the Hero Faction."

"You!" Kunou pointed at the lackeys behind Cao Cao. She could never forget the man on the far left.

"It's been a while, Ojou-chan." A black-haired man in a black suit waved at Kunou. He scanned the group for a certain person but voiced out his displeasure when he didn't see his object of hatred among them. "Where is that blond bastard?"

The leader of the Hero Faction was flanked on both sides by his lackeys.

George, a bespectacled brown-haired man.

Freed Sellzen.



And a trio of female warriors.

Kunou flinched back in fear. These guys were the ones who raided her home in the past. She was trying her best to ignore the voice in her head screaming for her to run. She wanted to run forward and bury a Rasengan deep in their stomachs but she knew she couldn't. The only thing she could do was take a step back in fear when a soft firm hand placed itself on her shoulder. Like a calming ripple traveling over the surface of restless waters, her fears and anxiety disappeared as she felt a wave of warm chakra enter her body.

She looked behind her. A reassuring smile greeted her and banished all her fears, filling her with hope. He held his hands for a first bump sending a silent message;

I got you.

It's alright.

Believe in me.

No words were needed. His smile said it all.




And importantly


These were the feelings the Young Kyubi radiated.

Kunou smiled in return and bumped her first with his.

Then… Something unexplainable happened.

Her vision blurred, the scenery was rapidly changing, and her perspective changed like she was seeing things through another person's eyes.

Water, everywhere she looked, there was water. Stretching far and beyond her line of sight.

The surface of the waters was restless then it stopped suddenly.

A great monster rising forth from the depth of the seas, bigger than anything she's ever seen, so big she couldn't fathom how something like that could exist.

It opened its wide maws and hissed at her then suddenly,

Wisps of golden flames filled her vision.

The great monster hissed and lunged forward and she closed her eyes, flinching back in fear before everything blurred out and her senses returned.

Naruto turned Kunou around, held her shoulders, and bent down to her level.

"It's alright now. You don't have to be afraid anymore." Naruto patted her head and put her behind him away from the states of his adversaries. "I'll protect you."

Naruto saw a part of her memories. The exact moment when Cao Cao was attacking Kyoto. Her feelings at that moment, he felt it all.

"Well Well Well, if ain't the man who destroyed my back. I see you've grown much, huh? Just the man I was looking for!" Marsillo lowered his stance, getting ready to spring into action before Cao Cao signaled for him to stay put.

"That's Naruto Uzumaki, Cao Cao-sama," Leonardo said with a blank face staring at the blonde.

Naruto looked from left to right, sizing them up before his gaze rested on Cao Cao.

…The one with the spear it is.

Naruto walked forward and stopped beside Azazel.

"Azazel-sensei, please, let me take care of this."

Azazel narrowed his eyes at the uncharacteristic seriousness and a tint of plea laced under his tone. The governor general wanted to interfere but relented nonetheless and jumped back. He could feel the beef, the animosity between these two ran deep and he was in no place to interfere. He ordered the kids to stand down which didn't sit well with the student. The enemies far outnumber Naruto.

"This is Naruto's fight. No one interferes, you hear me." Azazel's words were final.

Kunou was worried, as powerful as Naruto was, he was human after all. He's never fought with the leader of the hero faction before. She wanted to help in any way she could. She wanted to warn him about the spear man but ultimately kept shut when she gazed upon Naruto's back.




Was Naruto's back always this cold? She thought to herself.

A deathly silence permeated the dimension as the air went cold all of a sudden. An oppressive tension that threatened to push her down on her knee descended upon her. She wondered if this was the enemy's doing before she realized it was coming from Naruto.

Kunou almost didn't recognize him. His warm bright back seemed so… cold.

Cap Cao couldn't help but grin as Naruto walked toward them. He could feel the mental suppression Naruto was emitting, the man that had evaded him for so long, the man who sent his A team running with their tails between their legs was standing right in front of him.

"Naruto Uzumaki, we finally meet—"

"Where is Yasaka?"

Naruto's voice was calm. Devoid of hostility as he continued his leisure pace towards them.

"I have looked forward to this day, Naruto—"

"Wrong answer."

Whatever Cao Cao wanted to say was cut abruptly the moment Naruto stomped his right foot forward, bursting forth in an ungodly sprint, appearing in front of the group in an instant.

A screeching bell sound accompanied by a bright flash of light illuminated the bridge for a split second before-


(Scene Change: In Kuoh, Bling Restaurant)

Martha stared at her brother and the busty devil neighbors at table five, wondering what was going on between them before she took their orders.

"Thank you for coming, Rias-san, Akeno-san, and Koneko-san," John said.

"We had to." Rais was surprised to see Naruto's housemate knocking on their door. What was more surprising is it wasn't a friendly visit.

"I called you to help further my investigation. As Naruto is currently away and Gaia had disappeared all of a sudden, I couldn't think of anyone else."

Rias nodded her head. If this investigation was somehow connected to the supernatural, which she was sure of, then she'd have to be a part of it as Kuoh was her territory after all.

"We recently found a dead body drained of all blood with two puncture wounds on his neck." John waits to let it sink In, studying their face for any reaction. "Given the fact that you guys are… You know what, what's the probability of our culprit being a—please, don't think I am weirdo—what if what we are dealing with here is a Vampire?"

John placed photos of the crime scene on the table.

"Here's your order." Martha stared at the photos on the table accompanied by a very tall man.

"Damn, I didn't know your brother a pig." A tall man of African-American descent holding their order spoke up, gaining their attention. "Is that allowed? Showing sensitive photos like that in public?"

John immediately flipped the photos over and gathered them towards the edge of the table back into the file.

"And… you are?" John asked, trying to regain composure.

"Guys, this is…" Martha motioned at her new co-worker she met on the day she applied for a part-time job at the restaurant.

"The name's Otunba… Otunba Lamba."

"Otuonoba what now?" John said with a confused face.

"Call me Otunba if it's too much of a mouthful." He chuckled.

Gets them every time. He thought amusingly.

Otunba Lamba was a chocolate-skinned man who was a head above every other person in the restaurant due to his impressive height. He had a low fade afro cut and a bushy beard with a well-trimmed mustache.

What was unique about him other than his height was a gap in his dentition. An incisor was missing.

"Uh… This is classified information of an ongoing investigation. I'd like it if you didn't pry." John said, eyeing the man who seemed too close to his baby sister for comfort.

"I see there be a lot of 'classified' going on with them cow-tits babes you've got here helping in the investigation, hehe" He spoke with a black accent making suggestive motions with his hands.

"You do onlyfans?" He whispered to Rias leering at her boobs.

"Excuse me?" Rias bristled, recoiling back in shock at the question.

"What? You don't? Then you must sell nudes then! How much for your nudes?"

Rias immediately turned beet red.

"Otunba! Stop that." Martha chastised him with a glare.

"Aww… is Martha jealous? Don't worry, I'll never ask for your nudes. I wanna see your priceless assets in real life."

"Whoa Whoa Whoa… See what? Who are you mister? Can you please leave?" John butted in.

"Huh? No thanks. I never asked for your Onlyfans, Pig." Otunba folded his arms showing off his muscles.

"Let's Go." Martha pulled him away by his ear. "I won't let you mess with my brother for your amusement."

"What a weird fellow," John commented looking at his sister manhandling the giant of a man. "I'm sorry for the intrusion."

"So, you were talking about the prospect of a homicidal vampire in town." Rias tried to play cool. "... I'd like it if you stopped investigating, Mr. John."

"No, can't do. I'm asking for your cooperation here. I found this case first."

"This is above your pay grade. I'm only worried about your safety."

"If it's my safety you're worried about, I can take care of myself. John revealed his sacred gear.

"Well then, I'll start an investigation on my end. I hope we can share information from time to time."

Rias nodded at Akeno who gave John a summoning circle to contact them if he encountered the Vampire first before the table they were on rattled suddenly.

"Can I get your snap? You are my specs, you see. I can't wait to weigh those momma milker—"

Rias almost jumped out of her skin when Otunba poked his head out of their table. Not minding how he managed to get there in the first place or how he could fit his huge frame under the table before Martha threw a fork at him with deadly precision which he managed to miss by an inch.

The tall man froze as Martha marched towards him.

"Why are you like this?! Can't you take your job seriously?!"

"I'm taking my job seriously. I can ask her to bring her other friends over when I get her snap. It's a hands-on advertisement if you feel me."

"Martha… we have a lot to talk about when you get home," John said through clenched teeth glaring at Otunba.

"Thank you for your cooperation." John thanked the girls and left.

(Back in Kyoto in George's Dimension lost space)

The river under the bridge had vaporized instantly, and a deep trench was on the ground. A good chunk of the bridge had disappeared, the rubbles reduced to nothing by a lava Rasenshuriken.

Black smoke lifted off the charred trench as Naruto's foot made contact with the ground.

Sparing a glance at the kids behind inside a magic barrier, he berated himself mentally when he noticed the magic construct was littered with cracks. That was brash and impulsive of him. He knew he couldn't throw S-rank jutsu around anymore.

George had an ugly frown on his face as he and his comrades rose from the ground on the other side of the bridge and stared at the destruction around him before his bespectacled eyes landed on Naruto's figure below. The rest of his comrades weren't faring any better; they stared at the human below them wide-eyed.

It was only thanks to his instincts that he was able to cast a barrier on time. His eyes failed him completely. He didn't see Naruto coming until it was too late. They would have died before their eyes reacted to the blonde's speed.

Azazel had his arms stretched out, staring at Naruto, while he maintained a magic circle.

He was toying with the kids when he fought them.

That speed was on par with an ultimate class devil.

Cao Cao rose out of the ground chuckling at Naruto's prowess. No wonder Perseus told him to be careful around the blonde.

"Very well, Naruto. Let us exchange blows. If you defeat me right here, right now, I will give you what you want," The blue-haired spearman brandished his spear and adopted a fighting stance. "How about it?"

Naruto said nothing, as the crater he created slowly filled up as the river flowed to fill the crater. He continued his leisurely pace towards Cao Cao walking on water. The only answer Cao Cao received to his challenge was the purple color bleeding into Naruto's eyes and a black rod materializing out of his hand.

Cao Cao grinned and dashed forward at the same speed Naruto did, coming to a halt as the true Longinus clashed with a Rinnegan rod. Water droplets carried by the impact reflected light, illuminating both combatants as if telling everyone to spectate, to keep their eyes on them.

Two monsters face off in an even contest of strength, one side trying to overpower the other.

The strength contest ended when another rod came out of Naruto's left palm on a course to Cao Cao's heart.

The boss of the Hero Faction deftly jumped back to dry land and Naruto followed, engaging him in close combat again.

Azazel had his eyes glued to the fight, he couldn't take his eyes off them. Naruto's movement was too fluid, it was like he was sieving powder, deftly parrying Cao Cao's attack, letting the spear sail past him as he entered a sufficient range for his rods to cause bodily harm each time only for Cao Cao's skillful maneuverability with his spear to kick in.

Issei and co too were burning the fight to memory. Watching two powerhouse fights isn't every day's luxury you know.

Cao Cao had the advantage of range and skill but Naruto was quite fast and evasive. Compared to Cao Cao who's been using the god-killing spear for so long, Naruto wasn't used to these types of weapons, fancying Kunais over any other weapon any day. It wasn't long before Cao Cao disarmed him and Naruto was forced to dodge the spearman's attempts to impale him.

"You think you've disarmed me?" seeing Cao Cao smirk at his accomplishment, Naruto couldn't help but ask as he weaved through the mad slash and jabs.

A lightning-fast thrust forced the blonde ninja to hop away, intent on creating distance between them. Cao Cao smirked at the blonde's action, he had predicted that and planned ahead. Taking advantage of his opponent's lack of maneuverability in mid-air, he fired off a blue beam at Naruto. The blonde watched the blue beam as it neared him in the air with a lackadaisical expression.

The moment it neared him, a Rasengan roared to life in his hands. Sage mode's last-second danger sensors enable him to cut through the beam with a Rasengan.

Undeterred, Cao Cao launched his next attack. His spear elongated rapidly toward the blonde's landing position, intent on impaling him the moment his feet made contact with the ground.

Naruto heard someone call his name in worry, drowned by the sonic boom of the spear and the rushing winds, but he was the least bit worried about a spear of all things.

As the spear tip reached a millimeter away from his chest, Naruto said one word that radiated raw power.


The true Longinus stilled in the air, not moving an inch forward any further.

Cao Cao's forehead creased up in bewilderment, it was like his spear hit an invisible wall. His frown deepened even further when he came to realize something was wrong. Not only was his spear's advancement halted, but it was also stuck. He tried ceaselessly to recall his sacred gear but his trusty god-poking stick wouldn't obey, wouldn't contract back to its normal length. He tried pulling it back but it wouldn't budge while Naruto stared on impassively.

A gust of wind and swirling leaves announced Naruto's arrival right in front of the struggling blue-haired spearman.


A simple statement, holding no high-pitch or animosity, just a normal command, and Cao Cao was sent flying several meters always, rolling off the ground, skidding to a halt.

Naruto plucked the Longinus out of the air and slammed its hilt deep into the ground, holding on to it while staring at Cao Cao among his hero faction group.

"You don't deserve this. I'm confiscating your toy."

If there was one word to describe Azazel right now it was floored. Naruto handled the boss of the Hero Faction like he was reprimanding a student caught skipping class.

The Gremory family was astonished by the new side of his power he showed them today.

Kunou was just left speechless by his performance. This was the same person his mother had trouble facing with Genryu and Kurama.

George held his goggles to his face, narrowed eyes staring at the blonde who held the god-killing spear. This was the first time an opponent took away his leader's spear and did it with such finesse and grace that left his superior in unspeakable disgrace. Naruto was like a mountain right now, immovable, and the constant killing intent he was exuding made his concentration plummet.

An anti-monster suddenly formed and shot a light beam at Naruto who used the god spear to split the beam in two. Leonardo grits his teeth at his futile attempts before he glanced at his leader beside him on the ground.

Naruto stared at the spear he just used to defend himself in interest. It was a fine one. He might confiscate this one this time around.

Marsillo grinned and rushed forward intent on taking on Naruto before the ninja condescendingly glanced at him and he was blasted off his feet by an invisible force toppling several trees and leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

"Yes. That's it."

Cao Cao who had been eerily silent stood up and dusted himself before he made a noise akin to a grunt, before it turned to a snort, a chuckle, till it turned into a burst of full-blown laughter. There was no malice in his actions, he was just laughing. His laughs slowly died down only to be replaced by a bitter frown you can only find on a highly-offended man's face.

You don't take a man's spear away from him. It is rude and uncalled for.

The spear bearer stretched his hand forward and opened his palm. His spear flew out of Naruto's hands and back into his.

"As a thank you for making me laugh, I will show you the power of this... 'toy' as you inarticulately called it." he hissed, his tone laced with cold rage.

You do not disrespect the Longinus. It might look like a nice pretty spear but still... it's a god-killing spear after all.

Cao Cao slammed the hilt of the staff to the ground in front of him.

"Cao Cao-sama." George grimaced in worry.

The moment George warned his boss, Naruto braced himself Immediately. He felt it... Something big was coming.

Out of nowhere, a Gogmagog appeared from a magic circle…

A blonde girl flying on what seemed to be a… Broomstick flew out of the same magic circle. She came to a halt in front of Cao Cao.

"What's the meaning of this?" Cao Cao asked, staring at the defective member of his organization.

"Cao Cao sama, I come with a message from Vali-sama." she cleared her throat as she relayed Vali's message word for word trying her best to mimic her boss.

"I told you not to get in my way."

"Get out of my way." Cao Cao pointed his staff at her and fired off a blue beam at her.

Le Fay dodged the attack and pointed a finger at the Hero Faction leader. "Now you get punished."

The Gogmagog raised its fists and pounded Cao Cao to the ground.

She turned around to the Gremory family behind her and caught sight of a familiar blonde that would pass off as a Pendragon any day, raising a palm at the incoming beam and snuffing it out of existence instantly.

She gasped in surprise and flew up to him cautiously. Naruto squinted at the advancing short girl riding on the broomstick. Upon close inspection, it was a familiar girl.

"Naruto-san! I come in peace." She said, raising her hand. "That was so cool! How did you do that? You stopped that beam like it was nothing!" The short blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl squealed.

A sweatdrop permeated Naruto's forehead. "Benwagon?" he rose an eyebrow at the girl that tried to kill him and her mecha-giant accomplice in the past.

"Pendragon, Le Fay Pendragon." she corrected with a bright smile. "We're on the same team now." she quickly added mimicking Naruto's earlier actions with her broomstick.

Her fangirl moment came to an unceremonious end when the 'toy' pierced her summon's shoulder, felling the giant.

Le Fay flew towards her summon's side in worry.

"That was an unexpected interruption. Now, let us continue, Uzumaki Naruto." Cao Cao came out of the rubble unharmed.

Naruto lowered his stance kneading chakra for his next move before his game face faltered when he sensed a familiar signature behind the hero faction members and she was drunk.

"God, I hate my clones." Naruto gritted his teeth in anger when the memory of his clone hit him.

Turns out, the clone took a drunk Rossweisse as vulnerable to proceed with some lecherous ideas his clone's perverted brain couldn't sift as detrimental to the image of his person, the original, and overall general relationship and impression the Valkyrie had of them… him?

Long story short, the clone tried to grope her only to receive a slap laced with light magic to the face.

Imma murder those motherfuckers one day. Naruto's last thought before worrying for the Valkyrie took over his plot for revenge. He wanted to do something, shout… "Oi!"

Rossweisse went through a drunken incoherent complaint that gained all the enemy's attention, summoning countless magic circles in a single instant in the sky before she rained a myriad of colored beams worthy of a fantasy game character AOE skills for more than ten seconds before she ran out of fumes.

Naruto was beside her in an instant, catching her in his arms as she dozed off.

That same George brushed off the attack like it was nothing. Naruto was starting to wonder who four-eyes was and his abilities.

Cao Cao grumbled at the intrusion glaring at both women who rained on his parade before he calmed down taking a deep breath.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Governor-general Azazel, and The Red Dragon Emperor, tonight, we will use the unique powers of Kyoto and their nine-tailed leader in a great experiment at the Nijo castle. Feel free to join us."

"You intend to use yin-chakra? For what?" Naruto asked.

The hero faction members regrouped with George as a purple mist covered the team. Though individually they were powerful and together, they were much more powerful, the word 'tactical retreat' was in Cao Cao's lexicon. He knew when his chances were slim and outnumbered and besides tomorrow will be the grand finale of his plans.

Retreat today to win tomorrow.

"Feel free to join our festivities. All will be answered then."

Naruto who had immediately stretched his hands at the group the moment the purple mist surrounded them.

"Until we meet again, Naruto Uzumaki. Stay safe, I will return the humiliation tenfold."

Cao Cao and the hero faction team had escaped.

"Damn it." He cursed mentally.




(Night: Kuoh)

In the street of Kuoh, a weird student in Kuoh's female standard uniform wearing a carton box over his head walked home with a bag full of ox blood. He hummed a vibrant tune as he skipped across the streets of Kuoh, glad to walk the night. He had overcome his shyness and gained a semblance of control over his powers thanks to Issei and his fellow peerage members. It's been a while since he had blood and decided to come. out on his own. The sales girl seemed a bit creeped out when she saw a high schooler covering his head with a carton walk up to the counter and requested ox blood in a timid voice. She had a sweatshop the entire time till he left.

Now, the same boy was walking home with a skip to his steps before he felt something strange. His body went stiff the moment a flock of bats gathered together in front of him and two dark red orbs snapped open within them.

"You haven't changed a bit, still refusing to drink human blood?"

Gasper Vladi took a step back in fright. A vampire other than him was in Kyoto. The moment he turned tail and ran, the flocks of bats overtook him and covered his vision, knocking off the carton on his head in the process. In fright, Gasper closed his eyes and activated his sacred gear. The flocks of bats stood still in the night, unmoving, unchanging. Everything, even the wind stood still. Gasper looked around and saw the bats had stood still before his eyes widened in disbelief.

"No way…"

The bats sizzled for a moment before they disappeared and what remained was a blonde-haired girl with lips as red as blood stains on snow. She walked towards him with a warm smile on her face.

Gasper froze in his tracks.

"It's been a while, Gasper-kun." She grabbed his face, her bountiful boobs just a few inches away from his face. She tilted his head and whispered. "I have come for you as promised, Gasper-kun."

The woman was a head taller than Gasper and looked like an angel sent from God.


Blood-red lips turned to a smirk that threatened to split her lips in two as she hugged Gasper into her blossoms.


Cao Cao sat on a highrise building, his trusty God-poking stick lying beside him as he gazed down at Kyoto. A purple mist emanating from the ground took form behind him and the visage of his subordinate, George, came to stand beside him.

"Lord Cao Cao, why don't we shift our plans back a bit? That guy today, he seemed very strong. Can we do this on our own?"

"Hm, the blonde man won't be a problem. I met an interesting person before who told me I'd be utterly defeated if I engaged him head-on."

George's green orb widened a fraction behind his goggles.

"He even offered to give me an edge over Naruto Uzumaki."

George glanced at his leader, knowing the enemy's weakness will increase their chances.

"Of course, I declined." Cao Cao chuckled, missing the look of disbelief on his face. He gripped his staff and rose, the helm of his coat billowing in the night breeze. "I greatly underestimated him. My heart has never raced this much before. I want to crush him to bits with my own power."

"Cao Cao-sama…" George gasped. The conviction on his face, it's been a long time since he saw such emotions on his master's face.

"Do you know why I created the Hero faction? To see how far we humans can go against the gods. How can I go against the gods if I can't defeat him? We go with full force tonight, George."

(With the Gremory Group)

Everyone including Naruto gathered together to talk about a counter-offensive against the Hero Faction and the top priority of their mission. Azazel had the Sitri family run guard to protect the students while the Gremory family, Irina & Rossweisse were assigned as the offense team.

"Now, we don't know the full extent of their capabilities yet so I won't send you in alone. I'll be sending a helper who's good at taking care of situations like this. Just keep in mind that a monstrous person is coming."

Naruto perked up at the mention of a monstrous person and raised his hand. Everyone turned their attention to the blonde man.

"I have had a few 'skirmishes' with the group in the past. I don't know much about their leader's abilities but the information I have on the members might be helpful."

Azazel gave Naruto a nod of gratitude. Knowing the man, he despised working with devils, but one glance at the fox kid beaming at Naruto, and everything made sense to Azazel. "Well, what are you going to do?"

Azazel knew Naruto was a powerhouse to be reckoned with and they needed all hands on deck.

"Me…?" Naruto seemed to think about it for a second before he sighed. "I'll be waiting for Yasaka on top of the Nijo castle and leave Cao Cao to me. He's mine to deal with."

Naruto made a motion to leave but noticed Kunou was behind him. He stooped and Kunou bumped into him falling butt first.

"Kunou, I want you to stay here with Chibi Maou. There's no telling how dangerous Nijo castle might become tonight."

"But, I wanna go too!" Kunou protested.

"No, I can't fight well knowing—"

"I wanna be the one to save Haha-ue! I'm not that weak kid anymore." Kunou cut Naruto short.

Naruto sighed, brushing his hair apart to massage his forehead. The girl was damn stubborn. Naruto put his palm forward and a Rasengan proportional to his palm roared to life instantly catching everyone's attention.

"If you can form a fully stable Rasengan, I'll let you come with me."

"But… I wanna…" Kunou tried to protest.

"If you can't do that much, You'll be in my way." Naruto finalized with a stern glare.

"Senpai." Rossweisse chastised the older blonde as she came to hold Kunou who had bangs covering her face

"What? And you too, stay behind. You haven't sobered up enough." Naruto made an I'm watching you gesture with his hand.

Naruto knew that was the only way he could stop her from coming. True she could tag along and quite frankly, not a speck of dust would come her way. Naruto was that confident but he had a gut feeling to be cautious tonight.

"You just wait, Baka-onii-chan. I'll make a stable Rasengan tonight!" Kunou had a mean pout on her face that Naruto found to be cute to the point where he snorted in amusement.

The blonde waved over his shoulder as he left to go do his thing.

(A few hours later: Around Nijo Castle With The Gremory Family Group)

"Um… Kunou, I don't think this is a bright idea." Issei complained as the nine-tailed fox latched on for a free piggyback ride.

The offensive team was doing rounds around Nijo Castle when Kunou sneaked up to them in her fox form and latched onto Issei's neck, ignoring Naruto's plea.

It was at this moment a purple fog covered the group and they all disappeared.

Issei and Kunou found themselves in an abandoned underground car park. The Red Dragon Emperor went on edge knowing this was the work of the enemy. Issei stood protectively behind Kunou and summoned his sacred gear and called out to the enemy. "Come out! I know you are there."

A male figure covered in shadow came out, armed with a shadow-like knife with another familiar figure, Marsillo.

The presence of these two men struck fear in the heart of Kunou as she hid behind Issei but something deep within her quaked as Naruto's warning flashed through her mind. She'd never be able to gain his acknowledgment at this rate

"Stay behind me, Kunou."

Marsillo grinned to himself as he thought up a devious plan. All he had to do was capture her and use her as leverage. Maybe he'd crush her shoulder blades as collateral damage.

"Ojo-chan, It's been a while, hasn't it?" Marsillo grinned as he made a come hither motion. "Come play with onii-chan."

"Shut up! You sick bastard!" Issei rushed forward donning his balance breaker, scale mail armor.

"Go Connla, seize that Kyubi!" Marsillo ordered his teammate when he noticed he was about to join the fray with Issei in a quick bout of melee.

"Is that all you can do? Hide behind everyone?" Marsillo tried to rile her up. He knew he couldn't keep up with Issei forever whose stats can experience multiple boosts in seconds.

The other hero faction member clad in darkness rushed after Kunou but to his surprise, Kunou stood in one place, eyes covered by her bangs. Seeing this, Issei tried to create space between him and Marsillo but Marsillo was having none of that as he descended on him with a flurry of punches and kicks.

As Connla neared Kunou, a copy of Kunou fell from above and delivered a top kick on him. "Don't underestimate me!" Kunou growled.

Kunou's copy noticed her feet didn't make contact with flesh but concrete. She searched around for the enemy but was too late as he emerged from the shadow of her other self and impaled her from the back. Kunou's eyes went wide as she coughed up blood.

"Kunou!" Issei yelled in worry. He felt a wave of relief wash over him the moment Kunou poofed into smoke and out of the smoke came Kunou who tried to superman punch Connla in the face only to be caught in utter surprise when her fist phased through his face. She quickly rebounded off the floor and threw a roundhouse kick at Connla only for her kick to pass through his body. She released a few punches and kicks which did no physical damage to her before she jumped back when shadow-like tentacles sprung forth from Connla's body and tried to restrain her.

"Just give up, Kyubi. For Cao Cao-sama, I can do anything." Connla said.

It wasn't long before the barrage of tentacles restrained Kunou in the air. Seeing this, Issei immediately boosted his abilities and shot a dragon shot at Connla who let go of Kunou to jump out of the trajectory of the attack which made a barrage of cars explode upon contact.

"I don't think you have time to worry about her," Marsillo warned with a smirk and punched Issei in the face. Though he regretted that as the scale mail armor was hard as a rock compared to his fists.

Kunou observed Connla closely and thought of something.

"Kage bunshin no Jutsu." Five clones popped out around Connla and circled him.

Issei thought it strange to see Naruto's technique used by another. Five perfect copies of Kunou danced around Marsillo as he dodged, redirected, and phased through all her attacks.

"I'll have to finish things with you here fast. I'm sorry but I'm not holding back anymore." Issei announced.

"Boosted Gear, Overboost!"

"Shimata!" Marsillo felt Issei's abilities and magic reserves soar and he only had a moment to bend his knees to hop back before he took a nasty uppercut to his jaw.

"Haaaaa!" With a battle cry, Issei jumped up and rained a flurry of punches at Marsillo and finished his barrage with a drop kick.


Marsillo rose from the spider crack, blood seeping out of his head as he screamed Issei's name in Anger. "Sekiryuutei!"

"Yeah! That's what your face should look like you sick bastard." Issei was satisfied with the damage he did to Marsillo's face.

Marsillo snapped his fingers with a crazed look on his face. "I don't care anymore."

"Bring it on!" Issei yelled and rushed forward.

"Balance Breaker: Parasente Utopia!" Marsillo's grin threatened to split his face as he played the triumph card he's been reserving for Naruto before his grin turned to horror as Issei sucker-punched him in the face.

"Nani! Did my Parasente Utopia fail?! No! My balance breaker has never failed me before! Did he counter my technique somehow?" Marsillo got his answer when the green hem on Issei's scale armor glowed and he saw the phantom of a dragon eye blinking with such animosity it made his leg buckle.

"He… The… The heavenly dragon negated my abilities!"

For the first time, Marsillo felt fear grip his heart as his one-move ace was reduced to nothing in front of Issei. He wasn't strong enough to drag the consciousness of a heavenly dragon into Parasente Utopia.

The higher consciousness residing within Issei managed to drag him out of the effects of Parasente Utopia. Marsillo gripped his head in agony, having seen Ddraig's astral form. He glared at Issei, feeling a knot form in his stomach. It was at this moment he knew instinctively not to fuck with Issei anymore.

"Connla, Quick, Seize the Kyubi!" He yelled with urgency. Marsillo laughed in joy as Connla had his tentacles pierce Kunou's stomach and brought her close enough to put a knife to her neck.

"Kunou!" Issei moved forward but Marsillo's words stopped him in his tracks.

"Another step and Kyubi dies!" Marsillo said. "You do know the consequence of her death in your watch right?"

Marsillo wiped a trail of blood from his lips and gazed into Kunou's golden-slitted eyes with a triumphant smirk before it faltered when Kunou smirked back in return and erupted in a burst of blue flames.

"Katon: Kitsune Bī" Kunou using her Chakra nature and Naruto's teachings on how to knead blue flames in her lungs, spewed out a powerful stream of flames at Connla from behind who was caught off guard and consumed by the flames.

"It worked" Kunou went through a coughing fit as she spewed smoke from her lungs. The inspiration for her technique was none other than Naruto but she couldn't just replicate his fire-breathing technique perfectly yet as her lungs always feel irritated after each use and the coughing fit didn't help. She could remember the first time she tried it, she almost suffered throat burns.

Kunou noticed physical attacks didn't work on Connla but he dodged Issei's dragon shot. To test her theories, she had her clones fight him using physical attack only to send an energy-based attack at the last minute and Connla was forced to redirect the attack using his shadows to absorb it and spew it at one of her clones and during that commotion, she swapped place with a clone and went into hiding.

The clone finally erupted in blue flame when it got close enough to Connla, shining brightly, banishing all shadows around Connla and she finished him off with her mock Jutsu based on one of Naruto's fire techniques.

"Oi, when did she get that strong?!" Marsillo exclaimed in shock before he found himself doubling over in pain courtesy of a punch to his stomach.

"Don't underestimate, Kunou!"

Kunou herself was at a high she had never felt before. The high of defeating an opponent all by herself. She could feel her battle senses soar to better heights. The thumping of her little chest, feeling out of breath but full of joy from victory. She turned to Marsillo and came to stand beside Issei.

Marsillo didn't think twice as he saw Connla's downed form and turned to Kunou. He tried to use Parasente Utopia on her but it didn't work. Ddraig negated the effects on her through the physical contact she shared with Issei.

Seeing this, Marsillo turned tail and ran. There was no way he could win both foes with Connla down for the count and Parasente Utopia reduced to nothing but useless. "Curse you! Heavenly Dragon! Curse you, Sekiryutei!"

"Go, Kunou!" Issei yelled as he boosted his strength and threw Kunou at the fleeing Marsillo.

Kunou gained momentum as Issei threw her at the man. She spun her entire body as she shot forth like an arrow released from a bow. Her eyes shone with untold resolve as Marsillo turned around and tried to intercept her, seeing it as his last chance to change the tide of the battle. She took the man by surprise when he caught her and she poofed out of existence.

A familiar sound reached Marsillo's ear as a blue glow rapidly approaching him appeared right before him through the cloud of smoke and for a moment there, he thought he saw a sixteen-year-old Naruto flash before his eyes before it was replaced with Kunou who had her hand reared back a Rasengan hovering over her plan.

"Eat this, you bastard!" Marsillo's eyes widened uncontrollably as Kunou neared him. Thought of fleeing fled from him as he remembered the same girl he stomped on was about to checkmate him. Pride wouldn't take it.

"Curse you, Kyubiiiii!"

"Haaaa Rasengan!"

Kunou's Rasengan connected for the first time and it was glorious. It sent Marsillo blasting forward as he spun around and crashed into a building.

"That was awesome, Kunou!" Issei, whose scale mail armor disappeared in a beautiful show of red particles ran towards her and lifted her.

Kunou had a wide huge smile on her face as Issei cheered behind her.

"I did it, Nii-san." She had a tiny tear in the corner of her eyes as the space they were in slowly returned to normal.

(With Naruto)

Steady breathing was all one could hear atop the Nijo Castle. Naruto's eyes were sharp and trained as he waited patiently for his prey. He had his signature sour-exasperated look on his face, his blonde hair dancing to the evening breeze when he sensed a disturbance.

He felt pride swell in his heart.

"What's this? I feel so proud of someone." Naruto thought to himself before he assumed his game face to avoid distraction.

His eyes caught subtle movements in the shadows below and the gradual increase in the volume of a footstep filled the space making Naruto straighten his back.

"He came," Naruto thought, expecting Cao Cao only to raise an eyebrow at the strange figure below.

The mere presence of this new figure carried a feeling of death and despair that threatened to overpower him before he countered with his unrestrained aura.

The figure donned a golden black and white high priest robe with glowing eyes holding a skeleton staff with three blue eyes and a horn, gazed at him, his glowing eyes penetrating his soul.

"Well, I'll be damned. I never thought I'd see you here," The figure spoke, his voice radiating untold power. Though for some reason, it sounded familiar to Naruto. "Japan of all places. Thought you were from America or Europe with your blonde hair and blue eyes but who would have thought you were in Japan, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto knew at that moment, shit just went south. That voice, he knew that voice all too well, after all, he left them sour the first and last time they met. It was a memorable experience. The first time Kurama 'stretched' in this dimension.

Naruto stood up and jumped down standing a good distance away from the new adversary.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Dark Lord Skeleton."

"As bratty as ever, aren't you?" A tint of amusement graced his reprimanding tone.

"How did you find me?" Naruto asked, glancing at his environment, he noticed it's changed to a wasteland.

"Well… if I told you, that would be no fun, would it? You are going to die anyway, don't concern yourself with such things, boy."

"You said the same thing the last time we met and look at me standing right in front of you today, whole and healthy and you had a better chance last time." Naruto chuckled trying to play things with a light-hearted tone.

"You know, fox boy, it never made any sense. A nine-tailed fox, a human that could command Chakra on a completely different level from any Youkai I've ever seen with no affiliation with the Youkai faction nor any relationship with Amaterasu or any Eastern mythology."

"It makes perfect sense if you were an otherworldly entity." The skeleton pointed his staff at Naruto.

Naruto felt a knot on his stomach form and was immediately on guard. His deepest secret just came out; his true origins.

"If mere humans of your dimension are this strong then the gods of your world would be a threat DxD wouldn't be able to handle. To have thought that there were threats as great as ExE and it was right under our nose all the time."

"I hold no desire to harm this world, Hades."

"Ho? Such a shame. Hostile or not, your kind should be eradicated. You pose too much of a threat to the very fabric of reality of DxD and I'm going to put you down for good, right here, right now."

As soon as Hades said those words, thousands of grim reapers and leagues of monsters of the underworld rose from the ground. Their arrival heralded despair itself as the skies darkened, lower life force withering away as their energy was zapped out of them. The three eyes of the staff glowed and out came the ultimate-class grim reapers accompanied by Pluto, Thanatos, and Verrine.

"Behold boy, the full might of the underworld!" Hades bellowed.

The army of the underworld stood before Naruto, stretching beyond his line of sight. It was truly a ferocious army to behold. Maybe Naruto was the only man/being to lay his eyes on the full army of the underworld in all its undead glory, spearheaded by the king of the underworld himself, Hades.

Naruto chuckled, a beat of sweat rolling down his face as one word escaped his lips.


Till next time.

Goodbye and stay beautiful, everyone.