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If Becky was being true to herself, she had to admit that it was a rather strange offer that Tobey had asked to accompany her home. Another part that had caught her off guard was that she had also agreed to Tobey's chivalry...and she couldn't understand why. She wanted to ask him why he had done it, but why ruin this serene walk home with a question that would probably end up with the both of them fighting? Usually it would be Bob accompanying her home but since her little sidekick had felt the need to remain home with the Botsfords, it had wound up being Tobey. The fact that they didn't say a words to one another after leaving the school grounds not only made her journey home serene but also rather awkward. Just a couple more blocks until I get home Becky thought to herself as she tried to speed walk, but not quick enough so it would expose her secret identity.

"Would you please walk slower? I am practically sprinting to catch up with you!" Tobey complained and tried to match her speed to walk alongside her.

Becky clutched the stack of books tightly in her arms and slowed down. "I have a lot of chores and homework to do," she said trying to think of a little white lie. She was scheduled on chores for the end of the week and as for homework, she didn't recall Ms. Davis assigning anything for tonight.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" Tobey asked, causing the brunette to halt in her steps.

She clutched her books tightly again, as if they were going to protect her over whatever Tobey was planning to do. She took a deep breath and turned around looking at the boy directly in the eyes. "I am trying to get home," she simply answered her, "I don't understand why you have this notion in your mind that I am trying to get rid of you."

"Because you seem like you are," Tobey pointed out to her, "what? I cannot be nice towards you?"

That's because you haven't been nice to me or to my friends from the start Becky wanted to shoot back at him but feared that would end up in an argument between them. The situation was that whenever Tobey got angry, and she had witnessed this as WordGirl, he would use his robots to portray his anger and it had gotten pretty violent the past couple of times...and she didn't want to be the reason to fuel Tobey's anger. "Then answer me why," Becky said, "why do you feel the need to suddenly be so nice to me? It seems kind of random when just last week you were being rude to me."

If Becky counted off the amount of times that Tobey had been rude to just her, she would run out of fingers. Perhaps what Becky had seen as rude, it hadn't seem rude to Tobey. "Whatever do you mean?" he asked her, causing Becky to raise an eyebrow at him.

Now that Becky thought about it, it was a silly thing to have been mad about even if she wasn't the most skilled in art but when being commented numerous times on how badly her artwork was to the point of being told that she wasn't skilled enough for anything, had been the last straw. Just because she wasn't good on one subject, didn't mean that she was terrible at others and she wished that she had told Tobey that on the day that he had made such a comment.

"If you are that dense to figure it out," Becky said and walked up to him where they were too close to one another, "then I will remind you. I don't need someone like you to tell me what I would and wouldn't achieve just because I am bad at something."

"Is that what you're so troubled about?" Tobey asked her, trying his hardest not to chuckle. "Just because I made an off hand comment about your drawing...whatever in the world it was."

"It was a family drawing and it was something that meant a lot to me!" Becky shouted. She hated the idea that made her seem like she was whining towards Tobey, but this art work had meant something to her. The more she thought about her current adoptive family, the more her mind faded to her actual biological parents...and the fact that she knew nothing about them. Taking a deep breath, she composed herself and ran a hand over her eyes where she felt it brimming with a tear. Don't cry now she mentally told herself. There was no reason to cry about it then and there was no reason to cry about it now. She knew that she shouldn't have cared about what Tobey had said about her drawing but it was a difficult subject to endure and the more she thought about it, the more it troubled her.

Tobey blinked at Becky's outburst and the words that had left her lips. What he had considered to be a silly, teasing comment had really hurt her. There were many moments that Tobey had been rude to Becky but she had never acted in such a manner before. "I..." he began but trailed off when Becky lifted her eyes from the ground and looked up at him, "...I had no idea that it caused such distress towards you."

Sometimes it's better to not say anything Becky wanted to say but she had never seen such sincerity from Tobey before and she didn't know whether he meant it or not. "Family is very important to me Tobey," she said to him.

She couldn't fathom the idea of where she would be right now if the Botsfords hadn't found her the moment that Captain Huggy Face had crashed their ship into Earth many years ago. Would she still be where she was? Going to school, making friends, and enjoying the many years of her life? Or would it have turned out differently?

"Of course it is," Tobey suddenly spoke up and she turned her attention to him, "there were moments when I used to think about why I don't have a father...if he was alive or..." he stopped before swallowing, "dead."

Becky shivered at that word when Tobey said it. It was part of life, but to Becky, it was such an ugly word that she wished wasn't part of any sort of vocabulary. What about her own biological parents? Just because they hadn't come to look for her, did they mean that they were...dead? She tried to break that sort of idea from her mind before she turned her attention towards Tobey once more. "And you," she began, "found out that he really isn't. You should be happy that he has come back to both you and your mom."

"What would you do?" he asked Becky. "What would you do if you found out about your parents finding you?"

"Me?" Becky asked taken off guard by his question. I would probably jump and hug them and never let them go she wanted to tell him. Or I would be really angry as to why it had taken them years to finally find me! Or I would be irritated as to why they let me go in the first place! The more she thought about it, the more conflicted she became with herself...and she felt like she understood about Tobey's reluctance.

If she was in the same position as Tobey was, would she at least give them a chance? It all depended on they type of person that she was, and Becky knew well enough that when the time came, she was a forgiving person. "I would still give them a chance," she replied to Tobey's question, "and I think that they should as well."

That's what she had told him before and that's what his mind was pressing on him to do. Give him a chance. If he wasn't willing to do it for himself, he might as well do it for the man that had traveled all the way to see him and his mother. "I shall see what conclusion I can get to," he said to Becky and then placed his hands in his pockets.

The two of them stood in silence, avoiding eye contact with one another before Tobey took the liberty and spoke to her. "I am...I am sorry for my words about your drawing." It was a situation that had happened last week but he had no idea that Becky had been holding onto it for so long.

"Apology accepted," Becky said to him with a nod of head. "Now I should really be-"

"Would you like some ice cream?" Tobey asked her the same she was about to tell him that she should be heading home.

Becky stopped speaking and blinked at his comment. Usually that was something that he asked WordGirl on constant occasions, and of course she would always decline. This time, he was asking Becky and she didn't know whether she ought to accept or decline this first time offer. Could this be his way of apologizing to her or did he have any other intention? Her grip around the books loosened before she found herself answering, "I would like that."