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What was he thinking? Why had he proposed such a question to his classmate that, not too long ago, he considered to be his rival? Oh you Tobey McCallister III, you have lost the plot! He mentally kicked himself for even having such an idea cross his mind. Perhaps it was a moment of weakness that he felt, not that he would ever admit it. Seeing how forlorn Becky had seemed through their walk together, he felt that there was something that he needed to do to distract her from it. But why now? He had plenty of opportunities prior, but deep down he felt that now was something that he could do. He peeked over and noticed that sad look in her eyes had been substituted with gratitude, almost as if she wanted someone to be with her this moment.

As for Becky, her mind reeled back at her answer. With the way that she feeling, perhaps going home and pretending to be happy was something that she didn't want to do. She didn't want to worry the Botsfords or Bob with her sudden unhappiness. If she had been walking with Violet or Scoops, she didn't know if she would share her feelings with either of them. Violet had a strong intuition, especially when something was wrong with her best friend, but Scoops was a different story. Then again, she didn't want to worry her friends. She took a deep breath and let her arms fall to her sides. Aside from her feelings, it had been a rather decent day. At least the sun was still shining but even its brightness did not bring that happiness that she had before.

"Careful," she felt Tobey's hand tug on her shoulder as she staggered backwards. She looked at the ground and noticed a puddle had formed and she had almost stepped on it. Strange, there was not a sign of raindrops. Unless someone was watering the flowers from their balcony. She mumbled a 'thank you' to Tobey and walked around the puddle. "You've gone all quiet," he pointed out to her.

That's was because she had nothing to say. It wasn't like her and Tobey willingly had a long and decent conversation with one another before, other than when she was WordGirl. Then again, she wouldn't consider that to be decent.

"You're never as quiet," he prodded on.

Becky leaned her head back and let out a sigh. "I could just be fatigued from today, Tobey," she pointed to him.

"Fatigued?" Tobey echoed her words, "you?"

"Yes," she nodded her head to him, "would you like the definition?"

"I know what 'fatigued' is Becky," Tobey told her, "but not to worry, we're only a block away from the park. Hopefully it's not too crowded. Wouldn't want you to grow more fatigued, now would we?"

Becky blinked at his words. Was he being courteous or just mocking her? Becky's first though immediately went to mockery, but considering what he was going through with his thoughts on his father's sudden appearance, she didn't know what to make of it. She followed him as they both made a turn and they came upon the park where he had taken her when she was WordGirl. She remembered that time that they had collaborated to find his remote and it had turned into a day that they spent with one another. As WordGirl she never would admit that she had enjoyed it and Becky would never admit to it either. However, deep down she appreciated that he had done a lot of those things just to spend time with her and even attempt to impress her. Was he doing the same thing with her now?

She didn't have a chance to ask him such a question before they came up to the ice cream stand. "Two," she heard Tobey say to the ice cream man, "one chocolate and vanilla soft serve and you?" he asked as he looked over at Becky.

There was only one flavor that she liked and she smiled at the thought of it. Perhaps some ice cream would cheer her up. "Strawberry and vanilla."

Curious. That was the same ice cream flavor that WordGirl liked during that time when he lost his remote. "Didn't know you have the same tastes as WordGirl," he pointed out to her after they received their ice creams.

"She's not the only one in the world that like strawberry and vanilla ice cream," Becky said as they made their way over to an empty seat. Her first taste of the ice cream was cold yet sweet and it bought a slight smile to her face. Now she understood why people ate ice cream when they were sad.

"It's good to see you..." Tobey's words trailed off when he noticed that smile on her face, "in a reasonable mood."

Not even those words were sour enough to have her make a witty comeback. She leaned against her seat and enjoyed another taste of her ice cream.

"You have always been a girl of mystery, Becky," Tobey said to her, "when you gave that presentation on your family, you didn't mention one word about your biological parents."

If Becky was in another state of mind, she would have cherished the idea to splatter her ice cream all over Tobey's shirt and leave him there. However, thinking back on how uncharacteristically kind he was being towards her, she knew that she shouldn't be so quick to judge. Then again, this ice cream was just too good that she didn't want to spoil it. "That's because I never knew anything about them," Becky said as she turned her head and looked at him, "I mean, it's kind of like your presentation. You mentioned a lot of relatives from your mother's side but none from your dad's."

A fair point Tobey thought. "Did the Botsfords know anything about your parents when they adopted you?"

How could she talk about this without giving too much away on her origins? The only people that knew of her identity were Violet, Scoops, Bob and the Botsfords of course. Even if Tobey was being kind to her, she didn't trust him with her secret. That trust had to be earned and he hadn't been doing that decent of a job for him to earn it. If she was to go a little more deeper in his psychology, he had his explosive moments and that would only be a risk.

"All they told me was that they found me in a forest with Bob as my caretaker," Becky said to him, "they took me and ever since they treated me like their own daughter...as if I have always been part of their family."

Now that was a detail that Becky had never shared with the class. It was a personal detail. What would their peers think if they heard that she was abandoned in a forest? Becky knew that some her of peers were understanding, but some could be judgmental and she couldn't control their thoughts.

"That must have been frightening for you," Tobey commented.

A small chuckle came out of her lips. "I don't remember much of it," she said to him, "but I had Bob to take care of me before the Botsfords came along. I don't know what would have happened if they never came? I don't think I would have had anyone to call 'mom' and 'dad' or a warm home to go to. Let alone an annoying little brother, whom I love anyway."

"Quite the stroke of luck," Tobey said.

However, such a story reminded him of his own situation. There were children like him with divorced parents who were not fortunate. It reminded him a classmate that they had before he moved a way. His parents had gone through a very tough divorce and he was almost abandoned by the both of them before a good couple showed up and adopted him. Tobey didn't know where he was now, but he remembered how happy he was to be moving away from Fair City and from those memories and start a new chapter in life. Where would Tobey have been if he had been in the same situation? He didn't know where he would be if he lived with his father, there was more that he had to learn about him? Yet deep down, even though he never showed it, he was appreciative of his mother who tried her hardest to support the both of them even though work sometimes took priority.

"Even though I'm not in the same situation as you, I also feel just as lucky," he confided in Becky, hoping that she would understand what he meant by his words, "but right now it's not so easy when another parents shows up out of blue years later."

"It isn't," Becky agreed thinking at the previous conversations that they had, "but as we talked about, give him a chance no matter how awkward it is."

"But what would we even talk about?" Tobey asked her.

"Well," Becky tilted her head to the side. She didn't know anything else that Tobey liked other than robots. She hated giving him such a suggestion, in fear that he may use them to destroy the city again, but maybe it was a common ground that he had with his father. "How about your robots when they don't destroy the city."

"And what if he doesn't like the idea?" Tobey asked her.

"I would be surprised," Becky admitted, "your passion had to come from someone somehow."

"I would guess you are correct in your assumptions," Tobey agreed with her, "I know mother doesn't approve of them and no one from her side of the family ever had any experience in robots."

"Then there you go," Becky said, "that's something to talk about with him."

"I just hope he isn't into artwork," Tobey said to her, "I still remember that time when I tried to draw that fruit bowl and I couldn't even draw a banana."

A giggle escaped Becky's lips when he mentioned that. The day had almost ended in mayhem but Tobey's robots had turned out to have an artistic talent, WordGirl had saved the day, and Tobey had to pay for his actions by dressing up in that 'Darling Blue Boy Outfit.' It was either that or his mother learning of his actions and she recalled that Tobey had negotiated with that to avoid any punishment.

"I think we should leave artwork to the professionals," Becky said as she took the last bite of her ice cream and stood up on her feet. "I should be heading home now. Don't want to be too late for dinner."

Tobey checked his watch and blinked at how quickly time had gone. He had to hurry himself before his mother came home. He wouldn't want her to worry about him, even though he had been quiet with his robots lately. "I will walk you home," he said to Becky. As he stood up from his seat to accompany her, the two halted in their tracks when they noticed a blond girl in pigtails walking past them.

Uh-oh Becky thought as she looked at the flute that she carried. Now was not the time to transform into WordGirl, without Tobey noticing, and stop Victoria Best from her mischief.

The blonde turned her head and was caught off guard seeing her classmates there but a mischievous smile came to her lips. "Well if it isn't McCallister and Botsford," she pointed out, "I didn't think I would see you two together anytime soon."

"What are you implying, Victoria?" Becky asked her.

"Isn't it obvious?" Victoria said as she pointed at them with her flute.

Tobey furrowed his brows in confusion before he felt a blush appearing on his cheeks. "What? No, no," he shook his head, "it's none of the sort."

Playing along with Tobey, Becky let out a chuckle. "Yeah Victoria, come on. Me and Tobey? I mean, we've been rivals ever since."

"And it's clearly none of your business of our affairs," Tobey sternly added as he gave Victoria a glare.

However, Victoria Best was not at all intimidated by Tobey's tone nor his glare. That smirk was plastered upon her lips as she rolled her eyes at their words. "What would WordGirl think, Tobey?" she continued as she looked at the blond boy before her. "Having ice cream with Becky?"

"Oh I'm sure she wouldn't mind," Becky jumped in before Tobey made the situation worse.

"Like you would know Beckface," Victoria said.

Oh you don't know half of it Becky thought as she glared at Victoria.

"If you are oh so curious to know," Tobey began, "I was simply treating Becky out as a..." he trailed off as he tried to find the proper word for he wanted to say. "Comrade." He noticed Becky gently facepalming and Victoria raising a brow at his vocabulary. "If someone wasn't feeling too well, wouldn't you do the same thing or are you just too individualistic?"

"Stop throwing those words at me," Victoria said, growing frustrated by terms that she wasn't aware of.

"Oh?" Tobey rose an amused eyebrow. "I thought you were the best at everything. Seems like Ms. Best really isn't the best after all."

Victoria clenched her fists as she sent a glare at Tobey. Having such an assumptions thrown at her made her blood boil and when that occurred, she had her moments of not thinking before speaking. She looked from Tobey and then at Becky, who had the same smug look upon her face as Tobey had. "Well you know what?" she spoke as she looked from the both of them, knowing the one thing that they had in common. "I am the best at having a real family!" With those words, she turned on her heel and marched away.

It was as if a knife had plunged in her heart and Becky's jaw dropped at the words that Victoria had thrown at them. As for Tobey, he straightened his back and glared at Victoria's disappearing figure. He didn't care what she said. There were some people in his class that he was indifferent with and Victoria was one of them. "The nerve of her," Tobey said as he turned around to Becky, "who does she think-Becky?" he stopped as he looked at the girl's features.

Her eyes shined as she looked up from the ground to Tobey. When she did, a small teardrop streaked her cheek and she sniffled. "I need to get home. I don't feel so good."