Theresa lay in her bed at the Crane mansion rubbing her pregnant belly looking around her thinking about how she got to this point. All the heartache she suffered and all the heartache she caused to the love of her life Ethan.

"Oh little ones what am I doing? I am a good person why would I use innocent babies as a bargaining chip. I know how much Gwen wants to be a mother." Theresa said as a tear rolled down her cheek. Then something happened. Something changed in her as one of the babies kicked her growing stomach. "I know what I have to do. I am not going to deprive you of your mother and father. One or both of you might be my biological child. I need to tell Gwen and Ethan the truth. They are both going to be mad but if I want a clear conscience, I need to tell them." Theresa said, she was about to call them when she noticed the clock said 2:30 am. "I will tell them first thing in the morning. Good night angels." She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The next day she woke up with a start ready but also scared of what she had to do but she knew she had to. She goes down to breakfast where Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca and Ivy were all eating together.

"Good morning Theresa." Gwen said with a smile. Theresa smiled back.

"Good morning everybody." Theresa said

"How are you feeling today?" Ethan asked

"Much better I think I just had some cramps last night but I feel much better this morning." Theresa said knowing she pretended the night before just so she could send Gwen away and get some alone time with Ethan.

"Maybe we should take you to see Dr. Russell today." Gwen said placing a caring hand on Theresa's.

"If you want but I feel much better today." Theresa said smiling at her

"Alright, that's enough what are you up to Theresa?" Ivy said standing up squinting her eyes

"Mother please don't." Ethan says

"Your mother is right Ethan she is up to something." Rebecca says.

"Ivy, mother please stop I don't need you upsetting her or the babies!" Gwen says sternly.

"I think I lost my appetite I am going to take a bath. Please excuse me." Theresa said leaving

"Oh please." Ivy said rolling her eyes when Theresa was out of sight.

"I mean the lengths that girl will go to gain sympathy." Rebecca said.

"Alright that's enough both of you." Ethan said

"Ethan." Ivy said pleading.

"Alright I know you both are uncomfortable with the situation, but we are in it. Theresa is pregnant and I don't want any problems do you both understand me!" Gwen said angrily.

"Fine." Rebecca said

"She is manipulating you both can't you see that?" Ivy asks

"Mother just go and take Rebecca with you." Ethan says they both try to make another point but Ethan puts his hand up and they both leave defeated. "I'm sorry."

"I know they can't help feel this way but even if Theresa is playing a game she is still carrying our babies and I am not going to upset her." Gwen said sincerely Theresa is standing just out of sight listening. Knowing she can't take anymore she comes back down the stairs.

"I'm sorry leaving like that but I didn't want to get into a fight with them." Theresa says with her head down.

"We understand you are putting the babies first." Gwen says grateful.

"I need to talk to you both about something." Theresa says

"What is it?" Ethan asks

"Not here can we go to the garden where it's private?" Theresa asks

"Of course." Gwen says as they make their way out.

They arrive at the garden gazebo on the Crane grounds Theresa sits on one side and Gwen and Ethan sit on the other.

"Now I have something to say but I would appreciate it if you both let me say everything before you react is that alright?" Theresa says

"Of course," Ethan says

"Alright" Gwen says reluctantly.

"Ok I want to start out by saying that I am not proud of anything I am about to say so here it goes. First things first when you both took Little Ethan from me I was desperate and I thought the only way was to take the place of your surrogate and use that child to get him back. Well after being implanted I started to bleed and thought I had lost the baby so I knew I needed this baby to get my son back so I took matters into my own hands. So I planned it all out on a night Gwen wasn't here and I drugged you Ethan and put on a blonde wig and Gwen's perfume and seduced you. After that I found out from Dr. Russell that I was in fact pregnant but with twins. The problem is one of these babies is yours and one the babies is mine. I want you both to know especially you Gwen that I am truly sorry that I played games with these children I am carrying. I understand if you hate me but I am so happy that you and I are getting along lately. Ethan I cannot apologize to you enough. If you both want to go back on the deal I understand. I would never deprive you of your chance to be a mother Gwen and whatever you decide I agree with." Theresa says with tears pouring down her face. Ethan turns to Gwen but cannot read her reaction. Gwen stands up slowly.

"Ethan can you please leave the two of us alone." Gwen says monotoned.

"Gwen I don't think that's a good idea." Ethan says

"Just to talk I promise, she is still carrying my child I would never risk that." Gwen says. Ethan smiles reluctantly

"Alright I won't be far." Ethan looks at the both of them then slowly walks away.

Theresa and Gwen sit in silence for a few minutes before Gwen breaks the silence.

"Theresa can I ask you a serious question?" Gwen asks

"Alright." Theresa says.

"What made you come clean?" Gwen asks

"Last night I was laying in bed thinking about the monster I have become and I know if I want these babies to be healthy I have to put them first. Plus even though we've been at each other's throats for years I really do want to be your friend Gwen." Theresa says

"That's all I ever wanted to but with you being in love with Ethan it does complicate things." Gwen says

"I understand and I am truly sorry for what I put you through." Theresa says as Gwen smiles.

"Did you mean what you said about not depriving me of being a mother?" Gwen asks

"I sincerely mean it." Theresa says

"How are we going to fix this?" Gwen asks

"Well I am going to start by giving you and Ethan some space. I am going to go back and stay with my Mama but you can come by any time you want." Theresa says

"Please don't I want you to stay here." Gwen says

"Are you sure? After all I did?" Theresa asked

"I insist we can work this out. I did want to strangle you after finding this out but then I realized it was very mature of you to come clean which means you do care." Gwen says

"After all we've been through the screaming matches, the slaps I still do care about you Gwen." Theresa says

"I must be out of my mind but I care about you too." Gwen says

"I did use the babies to stay close to Ethan and even though he told me he still loves me it won't change how I feel about us." Theresa says

"Excuse me? Ethan told you he still loves you? When?" Gwen asks outraged.

"It's not important Gwen I won't pursue it." Theresa says.

"Theresa when did he SAY THIS TO YOU?" Gwen yells

"Last night after I started having the cramps." Theresa says

"What did you say back to him?" Gwen says through gritted teeth.

"I told him I was feeling better and he left and that's when I started to think about everything and felt guilty," Theresa says.

"You didn't say that you love him back?" Gwen asks

"I didn't." Theresa says

"He keeps telling me he doesn't love you anymore. He lied too me!" Gwen says

"Gwen I didn't tell you that to make you mad." Theresa says

"I know you didn't this has to do with me and my husband." Gwen says as Theresa feels a twinge of pain. "Are you alright?" Gwen asks concerned.

"Yes just a little pain but nothing major." Theresa says

"How about this why don't you go inside relax in that bath like you said before and we can talk later." Gwen says

"Are we ok?" Theresa asks

"Actually yes I am happy you were honest with me. We will decide the rest later." Gwen says they hug each other as Theresa walks away. "You were honest with me that's more than I can say for my husband! They always say the truth will set you free!"