Theresa walks into the living room in the mansion when Rebecca approaches she tries to avoid her but Rebecca grabs her by the arm.

"Let me go Rebecca." Theresa says vehemently

"Not so fast, I know exactly what you are doing and I'm telling you it isn't going to work!" Rebecca says Theresa angrily rips her arm out of the woman's grasp.

"Rebecca, go speak to your daughter and stop with your threats, they aren't going to work." Theresa says with a sly smile.

"I don't make threats you little-" Rebecca says being cut off.

"Shut up Rebecca!" Ethan says walking into the room "I want you to leave her alone she is carrying my children."

"Don't you mean yours and Gwen's children?" Rebecca says turning to look at Theresa.

"No he meant it" Gwen says showing up as all three turn to face her. "Theresa why don't you go relax I'll handle this." Gwen says giving her a smirk. Theresa turns and is face to face with Rebecca. "MOTHER let her go!" Rebecca moves and let's Theresa leave.

"Gwen are you sure you want your mother involved in this?" Ethan asks

"She's going to find out sooner or later why not now." Gwen says as Ethan rolls his eyes "OK you have no right to act that way I didn't do this YOU DID!" Gwen yells

"Can someone please tell me what is going on?" Rebecca asks

"Well it turns out Ethan here is the father of the twins but I am only mother to one of them isn't that right darling!" Gwen says as Rebecca's eyes widen.

"What!" Rebecca says

"I can explain, I didn't sleep with Theresa knowingly." Ethan says

"What a crock of sh-" Rebecca says

"Mother it's the truth Theresa drugged him she just told us. She didn't think the implantation took so she was desperate she wanted to get Little Ethan back and she needed this baby as her bargaining chip." Gwen says

"You almost sound like you understand why she did it!" Rebecca says

"I've never seen her this humbled before she's actually remorseful for it. In a way I do understand I know how desperate a woman can be I remember not so long ago after losing Sarah I was so desperate I took Little Ethan away from her to fill a void and I didn't care how much it hurt Theresa." Gwen says as Rebecca and Ethan look at her in shock that her and Theresa agree on something.

"Only she killed Sarah so she deserved it." Rebecca says

"Oh cut it out I know she is too blame for Sarah's death but I have too admit I am too. I left the hospital when I shouldn't have." Gwen says

"Gwen do you really see Theresa's point in this?" Ethan asks still shocked

"I do Ethan but I wanna ask you a serious question and I want the truth. I know Theresa drugged you but did you know it was her or did you really think it was me? Gwen asks

Theresa is in her room still upset but much calmer having known she told the truth. She rubs her belly

"I know getting it out in the open was the right thing to do." Theresa says as she feels a kick. "Now we just need to wait a little bit longer until I get too meet you both."

"Theresa who are you talking too?" Whitney says walking in.

"Just these little bundles of joy." Theresa says

"Are you really thinking of keeping both of these children?" Whitney says with a speech prepared.

"No, I told Gwen and Ethan everything." Theresa says as Whitney is speechless.

"Really! Well Ok. I don't really know what too say now." Whitney says as Theresa giggles. "What made you tell them?"

"I felt guilty with how nice Gwen was being too me I can't be that cruel. She may have taken my son from me but it's only because she was so desperate." Theresa says

"Wow, I'm proud of you." Whitney says.

"The stress was killing me and now that the truth is in the open I want a stress free pregnancy. I don't know what's going to happen when both children are born with one being mine but we will work it out. Gwen deserves to have a child of her own and I feel sorry that I took away that chance with Sarah." Theresa says as a gasp is heard in the hallway.

"What did you just say?" They both turn and see Ivy walk in.

"Are you implying that I knew it was Theresa the night she drugged me?" Ethan asked

"You repeating the question is just delaying your answer, I want the truth now!" Gwen says

"No I had no idea it was her I swear it." Ethan said walking right into her trap.

"But it is true that you told her you loved her last night is that right Ethan." Gwen said

"What are you talking about?" Ethan asks

"She told that last night after she was having her cramps you told her you loved her is it true or did she lie too me?" Gwen says crossing her arms.

"Well it's not like that-" Ethan says stammering out an answer.

"I think it's exactly like that I have never seen Theresa this honest so why would she lie too me now. She just admitted to raping you why would she lie about you loving her!" Gwen says

"Alright fine, I did tell her that I loved her an did know it was her that night." Ethan defeated putting his hands too his face.

Gwen doesn't say anything she just walks away

"Did I just hear you right Theresa?" Ivy asks shocked

"Yes, Ivy you did I was wrong for what I did." Theresa says as Ivy walks in and stands next to Whitney both with shocked expressions. "Ok now it's getting a little weird just say something one of you." Theresa says exasperated.

"It's just I never heard you say a nice thing about Gwen lately. I'm truly speechless." Ivy says

"Me too." Whitney says

"How about we all just say this I know I haven't thought rationally for a while and I have been unfair to Gwen but that stops now. I think we can be friends I just hope not too much has happened for that." Theresa says

"Do you mean it?" Gwen's voice is heard from the doorway they all turn and see her.

"I do Gwen I really am sorry." Theresa says as Gwen walks up to her, her face is unreadable.

"You are telling the truth you didn't know I was eavesdropping." Gwen says stunned.

"I know I did some horrible things to you." Theresa says placing her hands on her belly

"We did horrible things too each other but I think we should wipe the slate clean and start over." Gwen says opening up her arms for a hug.

"I would love that." Theresa walks over as they hug both laughing and smiling.

"What the hell is going on?" Ivy asks

"I think I'm in some twisted dream." Whitney says.

Theresa and Gwen start laughing as the four women start talking too each other as Ethan watches from the hallway seething with anger.