Theresa is wheeled into the emergency room with Gwen and Ethan. Eve greets them.

"Dr. Russell I think Theresa is in labor." Gwen says frantically

"Are you certain? It is still much too early!' Eve says

"She was complaining about back pain earlier then while she was taking a back she said she had some strong contractions." Ethan says

"There was blood in the water!" Gwen finishes.

"Something isn't right Dr. Russell." Theresa says breathing heavy.

"It alright honey I'll examine you. Melanie take her to room 5." Eve says calmly

"Thank you Dr. Russell." Theresa says smiling through the pain as she's wheeled away. Gwen and Ethan start to follow.

"I'm just going to examine her why don't you both wait in my office. I'll come get you after I know what's going on." Eve says.

"The babies have to be ok. Please help." Gwen says with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sure they are just fine. I'll be there as quickly as I can." Eve says as she leaves

In Room 5 Eve is checking Theresa's vitals

"You're heart rate is elevated but what can we expect." Eve says

"I'm so scared there was so much blood." Theresa says.

"I know it is frightening but that does happen sometimes. I will take an ultrasound just too be safe but I want to check too see if you are dilated." Eve checks "Well please don't panic but it appears you are already 3 centimeters dilated. You are in labor." Eve says

"It can't be it's too soon. Please stop it! You have to stop it." Theresa says

"I'm sorry but it's too late but let me see inside to see what we are dealing with." Eve put the wand on her stomach.

"I told them the truth about how one baby is mine." Theresa says

"I'm very proud of you Theresa. How'd they take it.?" Eve asks

"Gwen and I are great but Ethan isn't thrilled. I think he is going to take my child away from me." Theresa says

"Oh My GOD!" Eve says looking on the screen.

"What! What is it?" Theresa asks frantically

"I'm gonna go get Gwen and Ethan we have to deliver these babies now! They are in distress." Eve runs out

Gwen and Ethan walk back to her office. Gwen walks in and sits down on her couch while Ethan closes the door.

"I'm sure everything is alright." Ethan says sitting next too her. Gwen rolls her eyes and stands up quickly to get away from him. "What was that for?"

"This is all your fault." Gwen says

"What did I do?" Ethan asks

"Are you kidding me? What did you do? Did you hear what she said when we walking into the bathroom? "Please don't let him take my baby" him meaning you!" Gwen says

"Don't be ridiculous." Ethan says

"Ethan I don't know what you filed but whatever it is it stops now do you hear me!" Gwen says

"She won't get away with this these are our children." Ethan says

"One of them is mine." Gwen says

"They are both mine." Ethan says cockily Gwen doesn't hesitate and slaps him across the face. "Gwen what the hell!"

"You son of a bitch. Don't you think I know that one of these babies isn't mine and what now you have the nerve to use that against me." Gwen yells

"I didn't mean it like that and you know it." Ethan says holding his cheek

"All I know is whatever legal process you started stops now!" Gwen says getting in Ethans face.

"Gwen just stop it this is- " Ethan says as Eve rushes in.

"You both need to come with me now!" Eve says as they all rush out.

They go into the room, Theresa is struggling to breath as a contraction hits her hard.

"What is going on?" Gwen asks

"It appears the babies are both in distress from what the ultrasound shows the umbilical cord has an obstruction and the babies aren't getting the nutrients they need and that strain has indeed put Theresa into labor." Eve says

"They are alright though right?" Theresa asks

"Right now they are alright but time we need to hurry." Eve says

"What do we do?" Gwen asks crying

"The only course of action we have is to deliver them now." Eve says

"It's too soon!" Theresa says crying.

"Honey I know this is scary but we will give them both the best care. We won't let anything happen too them. I promise." Eve says holding her hand.

"I trust you Dr. Russell." Theresa says smiling through the tears.

"Alright everyone out we need to get ready to deliver." Eve says

"Can we stay?" Ethan asks

"No, I'm sorry its far to dangerous." Eve says

"Can one of us stay?" Gwen asks

"I guess we can allow one of you too stay." Eve says

"I would like it if Gwen could stay." Theresa says

"Me?" Gwen asks

"I would really like it if you would stay to see our babies born." Theresa says as a tear leaves Gwen's eyes.

"Alright Gwen let's get you some scrubs." Eve says as they start to leave

"What the hell I want to see my babies born." Ethan says

"No. I don't want you near them right now!" Gwen says smiling at Theresa

"Theresa it's ultimately your call." Eve says.

"I just need Gwen." Theresa says.

"You can see them after they are born." Eve says

"But- "Ethan tries to say

"No offence Ethan but we don't time for this argument time is of the essence." Eve says hurrying him out.

***Authors note*** This isn't going to be a long story maybe just a few more chapters this was going to be a oneshot but I got carried away lol