Chapter 1 Welcome to Summerbonga Part 1

Jake's POV

it was a hot and summer day on Neverland, and my crew and I were just about to get ready for another adventure until we got a letter from someone.

congratulations you have been chosen to join the whole Disney Junior Disney Channel Nickelodeon Kidz bop etc Cruise in this case this will be cold summerBunga! I Mr Moseby, would be happy for all of you guys to board my cruise. SincerelyMr Moseby!


"Oh sweet finally!" Cubby and Izzy said me.

" Jake, can I bring my video camera? I want to film every moment of it, and then edit on TikTok." Izzy asked me.

"Sure Izzy, why not!" I said to her.

"Thanks Jake!" Izzy said to me as she gave me a peck on the cheek as my cheeks then turned red as I blushed.

"Well I hope you three have an amazing vacation cruise!" Skully said to us.

"Skully what are you talking about? you're coming with us!" I said to him.

" Crackers Yay! I hope they'll be a treasure full of cracker!" Skully said to us as we all laughed.

And so after the four of us were done packing, our Cruise started.

Ally's POV

Austin and I were just about to finish our songs, until Trish came barging into our practice room.

"Guys I have a big problem." Trish said to us.

"Trish, what's wrong?" o asked her."

" Well it's just that... We're going on a cruise!" Trish said to us.

"What!" Austin said excitedly.

"Yeah we're going to a cruise called SummerBonga? I don't know. But I heard that there's going to more people there so, let's go!" Trish said to us.

"Wait where's Dez?" Austin asked her.

" I am here, and ready to go to my job." Dez said to us as he was wearing a suit, and tie holding a briefcase.

"Dez, what up with well... that?" Trish asked him.

Jake's POV

We were the first ones on board the SummerBonga cruise, so we went to the manager Mr. Moseby.

"Ah Jake Hutchinson I presume!" Mr. Moseby said to me.

"Yes that's me and this my crew Izzy, Cubby and Skully." I said to him.

"Great! now I asore you that there will be no shenanigans on this cruise right?" Mr. Moseby asked us.

"No sir." I said to him.

"Good cuz if I see one or shenanigans, you will be escorted out of this Cruise and tossed in the ocean with the sharks." Mr. Moseby said to us as then Cubby peed his pants.

"Ewe okay." Mr. Moseby said as he left.

"Sorry Jake." Cubby said to me.

"It's okay Cubby accidents happen." I said to him.

Bart's POV

My familyand I were getting ready to go on a cruise.

"Dad, what are you doing?" I asked him.

"I am blowing up this donut floatie, for the pool." Homer said to me.

" Dad, your an idiot." I said to him.

"Why you little...

"Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh." I said while my dad was choking my neck.

Author's Note

: hey everyone! so this is the awesomest crossed over I'm doing let me know what you guys think of it so far!