Chapter 4 Welcoming Summerbunga Party

Laquan's POV

As Jake Izzy my fiance and I, will walking down below deck to me all of the other TV show characters, there was someone missing from their group Cubby.

"Hey, Jake, Izzy, isn't Cubby with you guys?" I asked them.

"Now that you've mentioned it Laquan, I have no idea what he is." Jake said to me as we already found him talking to Emma and the Ross kids.

"Found him!" I said to them as the four of us walked over.

"Cubby, what are you doing?" Jake asked him.

"Just showing the Ross kids my yo-yo tricks." Cubby said to Jake.

" Sorry, kids but I was just over at the food stand, and I think I found a girlfriend for Bertrand." their Nanny Jessie said to them.

"Jessie, come on stop it, also I want to leave. I rather be on my couch, then being with all you people. Bertram said to her as she just ignored him."

" Bertram you do that all the time when we're not even in the apartment." Luke Ross said to him.

"I'm sorry about him Cubby, our Butler is being an idiot." Luke said to Cubby.

"And also he's getting old." Rovi said to them.

" I'm only 55 years old how am I getting old?" Bertram asked the kids.

" Well, if you just exercised more." Jessie said to him as Bertram just gave her that look.

"Sorry!" Jessie said to him.

"Anyway, who's your new friend Cubby?" Izzy asked him.

"Jake, Izzy, this is Emma!" Cubby said to them as he introduced Emma to his Pirate crew.

"who's your new friend guy?" Cubby asked them.

" this is Laquan, and his fiance." Izzy said to him as she introduce to me and my fiance to him.

"It's nice to meet you both!" Cubby said to us as we shook his hand.

So as everyone was talking, Mr. Moseby came on the stage, to get everyone's attention.

"Excuse me, excuse me?" Mr. Moseby sad as he was trying to get everyone's attention but no one listened.

"SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE!" London Tipton yelled across the deck.

"Thank You, London!" Mr. Moseby said to her.

" Now as you may have noticed, we are going to switch roommates since this is a summer vacation." Mr Moseby sad as everyone was now arguing.

"HEY LISTEN!" Woody yelled across the room as a baby started to cry.

"Okay, who bought a baby on board?" Mr Moseby asked everyone.

"Oh sorry, that was my ringtone!" Zack Martin said to Mr Moseby.

" Zack, why do you have a baby crying as your ringtone?" Cody Zack's twin brother asked him.

"I don't know I like babies." Zack said it to his twin brother.

" Okay anyway, I will be only switching roommates who are being rude and disrespectful for now on that includes you Zack and Cody." Mr Moseby sent to them as we all went in awe.

" wait so only is Zack and and I are going to switch roommates?" Zack asked Mr Moseby.

"That is correct!" Mr Moseby said to the twins.

"Okay, but I do not want to be roommates with Woody this time." Cody said to Mr Moseby.

" don't worry because your new roommate will be Luke Ross!" Mr Moseb said to Cody.

" Well at least it's someone, who was not dirty.

"Zack, your roommates will be Izzy Jake and Cubby." Mr Moseby said to Zack.

" Great I'm babysitting!" Zack said in disappointment.

" Oh you won't be babysitting them, they'll be babysitting you, to make sure you do not ruin this vacation for everyone Zack." Mr Moseby said to him.

"That's not what he thinks!" Zack said to himself.

Author's Note: Hey! I know this chapter was short, but I had to get everyone to meet and the next chapter we will see how they get along.