Author's Note: This was originally written for an idea on Amino! I liked it enough to post it here. I tried not to make it graphic, so enjoy a Rated T piece!

How many blankets are too much? Chat has no idea- maybe Luka knows.

Chat glances over his shoulder to see the blue-haired boy struggling with at least two more comforters. Well- at least their new friend won't feel cold. But Miss Millicent being cold should be very low on his worry list right now.

Chat's hands tremble as he wipes Millicent's sweaty forehead, "You're-okay-you're-going-to-be-fine-you're-okay…"

He didn't know if the mantra is meant for him- or the very red woman who is apparently in labor under those three blankets. It has to be the worst-most possible time for any baby to pop into the world- when a crazy akuma running rampage and forcing the entire main Miraculous team into action.

Rena Rouge and Carapace were responsible for distracting the enraged villain away from the civilians while Queen Bee, Ladybug and Chat Noir ensured everyone else was safe. The real trouble started when the villain went after his own wife and forced Chat to hide her in the Bourgeois hotel. Three hours later and Luka showed up. Another two hours and Millicent was in obvious pain- by the next hour Chat and Luka realized they had to welcome a baby into the world without any outside help.

This would have been so much easier if Chat doesn't feel completely unprepared and unqualified for this kind of thing. Sure he loves babies- but not when they're so… fresh!

Chat winces at his internal monologue- maybe calling the baby fresh isn't the best of ideas. But why couldn't Ladybug handle this? He would rather be kicking akuma but- even being brainwashed by the enemy is preferable than this. Maybe Chat ought to just catch a grip on himself.

"Deep breaths," Chat pushes Millicent's blonde hair away from her face, "Soothing deep breaths…"

Her panicking blue eyes searches his, "Like… I can't,"

Chat pats her hand- but she clutches it in such an alarming grip that he gives a yelp. Luka appears at their side, holding an assortment of towels, water bottles and even a first aid kit.

"What now?" Luka asks, biting his lips hard enough to turn them pink, "I can't get reception…"

"Reception?" Chat asks- focusing on not focusing of his twitching hand.

"To call an ambulance- or Google childbirth," the boy admits softly.

A few beats of silence pass, where the only sounds are heavy breathing and the occasional groan. Then it is shattered by Chat's baton ringing up a storm.

But Millicent wouldn't let go. She's focused on breathing deeply- and both of Chat's hands are occupied- one wiping her head and the other in death grip. Luka takes the opportunity to answer the call. But it won't open. It rings out- rings twice, rings thrice before Luka just quietly puts it on the nightstand.

Chat would never dare to wrench out his hand from Millicent- she clearly needs it more than he did. Luka takes over sweaty duty while Chat awkwardly calls Ladybug back with his released hand. But it is left unanswered.

That does wonders for his panic.

And if Millicent hadn't screamed, Chat would have. Luka jumps back with his own yell. Why? Blood. There is blood staining the sheets now. Chat shares a more-than-panicked look with Luka.

Luka gulps, face red enough to rival Millicent, "Someone should go down there."

Chat is never more grateful for his hand to be in this death grip- and the realization dawns upon Luka in an instant. The boy gazes at Millicent with something akin to horror and dread.

If this were happening to anyone else, Chat would have laughed. But he couldn't laugh- because he wants to cry right now. How can he feel so utterly useless? All that big talk of bravery and courage and when the situation calls for it he can't even take charge of the situation.

Why can't Ladybug be here instead? She's much better at the people-part. Chat could handle the action… and besides- this is the whole creation thing. Childbirth, new life, first breaths- it was all creation. There's nothing destructing about it. Who would have guessed that with all this blood?

And Luka is still flustered around Millicent, trying to get her to take deep breaths. And… he's doing a good job at it. Great job actually. He hums a low tune- one Chat doesn't recognize and the woman latches onto it as though it's her lifeline. She even tries humming along- amidst her cries of pain.

With tears streaming down her face- her hair in a mess from her earlier attempts to rip it out, her breaths so quick and her face so red… Chat couldn't see the beauty in childbirth. Here is this woman, trying to create a new human being? But there's nothing pretty about it- her nails are digging into his indestructible suit and she's whimpering and her entire body is shaking with the occasional shiver.

It's so destructive.

It is then Chat's perspective slanted.

Isn't destruction his forte? He looks at Millicent struggling- and he couldn't see how this was a creative process. Unless… he leans back, getting a better look at her.

"Destruction paves the way for creation…" he murmurs to himself, words he heard somewhere.

Millicent's head snaps to him, breathing out a near hysterical, "What?!"

Chat shakes his head, using his free hand to gather a towel, "Destruction paves the way for creation… Right now- it must hurt like hell but it's these tough times prepare you for... your baby…"

She looks to him with near-confusion, and he decides to say, "It won't hurt forever- the pain will pass… Just stay with us- we'll get you through this…"

Sure he still feels scared- and unqualified and out of his league, but he has confidence now. Confidence in himself and Luka. They could do this. They could guide Millicent through!

Chat tells Luka just that- and how could he not cherish the way those blue eyes light up with newfound confidence?

Then that blasted boy reminds him, "So does this mean you're going under?"

Chat is this close to losing all that budding heroism. If only there's someone older and experienced and who isn't so easily fazed by blood and… and… hey…

"Plagg." Chat's eyes widens, "Of course! Plagg!"

Luka jumps, "Plagg? Who- you mean your kwami?"

Chat looks down at Millicent, and plants a quick kiss on her forehead before tugging his hand away, "I'll be right back, I promise."

"Wai-" she cries but is interrupted by a groan. Luka takes charge by holding her hands and guiding her through that now-familiar tune.

Chat goes for a quick bathroom break- and a desperate plea. If Plagg can't help them- they're all doomed.