Author's Note: Heya- two chapters at once, isn't it wonderful?

It's easier to fool others that everything is fine- it's harder to fool himself. He isn't sure how much time has passed, but Luka's been helping Plagg with first aid kit materials for quite a while. And Miss Millicent has been less and less cooperative ever since her contraptions increased.

She's in her fancy bathrobe now, and there's a sheet over her legs. Adrien props the pillows upon her requests, but she still whimpers every few minutes. They found an old stereo and Mozart is playing in the background. Luka lit scented candles, and Adrien knows for a fact that he'll never underestimate the calming effect of scent and sound again.

Millicent asks for water often, and Plagg has to restrict her from eating solid food. He says she could walk- but the last thing she wants to do is leave her bed.

It makes her miserable, and Adrien has to deal with her orders. Gone was the pleasant lady he'd helped into the building earlier- now she's nagging and criticizing every move he makes.

So far, she's complained about his shoes being too orange, his eyes being too bright and she doesn't like the sound of his voice- she says he's trying to sound like Adrien Agreste and nothing could keep him from laughing at that.

His laughter only upset her more, and she growls, "Like, can't you do some magic to make me deliver quicker?"

Adrien shakes his head, and he smooths her hair out of her face, "No Miss Millicent, Plagg says the baby isn't ready yet."

"Like why the fuck not?"

Adrien winces- and bit his lips behind mask, "Remember Plagg explaining? Real labor can take hours to start. And your water hasn't even broken yet,"

"I remember that- then why does it hurt?!"

Adrien sighs, and puts his hand on hers. She grips it, "You were nervous and stressed before. And we didn't know anything about labor. Now, with Plagg here, we know what to do."

Millicent groans, "It's like- so bad. I wish my husband were here."

Adrien pats her hand, "Everything will be better soon- Ladybug will make everything right."

"Yeah right- without you, Ladybug's nothing."

Adrien's eyes widen, "That's not true."

Millicent grumbles, "It's true. Like I don't get why everyone thinks she's the only good hero- you might be dressed like a stripper, but you do good stuff too."

This time, both Adrien and Millicent giggle. Only for her to wince and complain that Adrien shouldn't be making her laugh- and she demands he does something to hurry up her labor.

"Use an unlucky charm or something,"

Adrien gives her a look, "You and both know that's not how our powers work."

"Then like, cataclysm the pain. Your powers could destroy anything, right?"

"Nothing in the world could convince me to put my powers of destruction on anyone."

Millicent groans, and without warning- gives a sudden yelp. Plagg is at Adrien's side- and Millicent is blushing.

Plagg oh-so-helpfully says, "Either you just peed yourself, or your water broke."

Millicent murmurs, "It's different than in the movies."

Plagg replied, "Fiction always makes things dramatic- I like it that way."

Luka is there with towels, and Adrien is the lucky boy who gets to exchange them. Luka stands nearby, handing Adrien the clean towels and helping Millicent sit halfway up.

She grimaces at them, and asks, "This is really happening, isn't it? Can't we, like- wait a few more hours?"

Luka and Agrien share a look- is this the same woman who was begging Chat to hurry the baby along.

Plagg floats above them, "It depends you know- on the mother and child. I've seen some deliveries finish in minutes."

"Quick and painless?" Millicent squeaks.

"Meh," Plagg replies and Adrien wonders how on Earth didn't Plagg demand cheese yet.

If this were a normal day, Plagg would be pestering Adrien non-stop. But even Plagg knows what's an emergency and what's not.

Speaking of emergencies- Adrien looks outside. And sees darkness. He tilts his head, and excuses himself to the bathroom and clambers up to the bathtub edge. Like all of the bathrooms on high hotel floors, these windows are locked.

Lucky for Adrien, he'd grown up sneaking out of hotel bathroom windows. He knows just what to do to coax the frames open.

Adrien didn't once expect the darkness to flow in.

The boy jumps backward- his foot slipping and elbow crashing hard into the tub's edge. Shockwaves of pain run through his arm, causing him to grimace.

But the pain couldn't distract him from the molasses-like substance seeping through the windows. It is so dark that Adrien couldn't see any color reflecting but black. He reaches out a gloved hand, and the semi-liquid is warm.

"Gross," Adrien mutters, wiping his hand on the bathroom towel. Some foolish part of him wants to taste it- but he imagines Ladybug's disapproving glare.

Adrien hears giggling in the room outside- and then nervous laughter. Plagg must be telling Millicent jokes- trying to ease her fears and labor pains.

He shakily gets to his feet, and tries to shut the window. The liquid is too thick- forcing the window open again.

Adrien's brows meet, and he braces both his arms against the window, pushing with as much strength as he could muster. His elbow complains, and he ignores it.

The window refuses to budge, and the liquid- he could see it dripping down the walls. Adrien tries pushing it back up- it only drools over his hands.

Adrien couldn't go out there and bring dooming news- he must fix this himself.

Adrien looks around the room, wondering what Ladybug would do in his case. She probably isn't stupid enough to open the window in the first place, but either way she'd be able to lock the window once more.

Adrien gives the window one more push- and the liquid turns green.

Adrien lets out a genuine scream and tumbles backwards- earning more than one reason for his body to protest. The liquid thins, pouring into the bathroom as though they were underwater.

Adrien does the only thing he could think of.

"Plagg! Claws out~" and in two seconds flat he cataclysms the liquid.

It fades away and Chat Noir is breathing hard. Outside is still black. And black goop seeps in once more.

Okay, so fictional childbirth is dramatic and all, but realistic birth allows for so much plot, no?

Thanks for reading you lovely people!