Chapter 2 Ups and Downs

Markus was in his room in SHIELD's HQ and look over a few things that he and Tony made. His costume was impressive and the tools will have to be put to the test on the field. He had a feeling Nick will call for him very soon. He and his siblings are now a part of SHIELD and the new team called the Ultimates.

The young man shook his head and thought of talking with his siblings. He hasn't spoken to them for a long time. Especially since he was the one that killed their father. It's likely that they would not want to speak with him. But he needed to have a word. If nothing but to alleviate his loneliness.

He went to go find them in one of the common rooms of the Triskelion. As soon as he entered, he saw them and they saw him. The Lehnsherr siblings stared at each other. The next thing everyone knew, Pietro speedily punched Markus in the face.

Even Markus had to admit it was a good punch.

"Not bad," Markus dryly commented.

Pietro looked at him with anger.

"You bastard," Pietro said and went to punch him again but his fist stopped midway

"You only get one."

It was Markus that was holding Pietro back thanks to magnetism.

Pietro remained angry as he brought his hand down.

"You killed him. You monster," Pietro snapped in anger.

Markus looked at him stoically and revealed nothing. He saw Wanda in the far corner as she remained silent and looked conflicted.

"I killed a madman who wanted to kill us all. He stopped being my father a long time ago," Markus said.

"You have no right to call him your father," Pietro said, still being very angry.

"Doesn't matter now. He's dead. We are not. The last of the Lehnsherr bloodline."

"We are not brothers. I hate you and so does Wanda."

Wanda said nothing.

"I'm the only reason why you aren't in cells somewhere where I couldn't find you. I don't care what you think about me. I did what I have to. In the name of peace and sanity," Markus said and then left, leaving his very angry brother and unsure sister.

Markus knows about their reaction and the outcome of their talk but wanted to be sure and let them first. While Pietro might not want to do with him but it seems Wanda might come around and we will have to see for ourselves down the road.

Some ups and downs indeed but our young mutant will find a way, that's life and it always finds a way.

Time Skip

We see Markus testing his powers on a few types of equipment and seeing his limits which he knows them but it's good to work on and see what new tricks he can do. He aimed to surpass his father's current limit and push beyond as he knows those were a level greater. He just needs to keep pushing forward.

Markus then watched a news video of some hulking nightmare monster attacking a city which got his attention and decided to suit up in case he is called. It was time for the new Magento to arrive.

Markus or Magento put his suit up with using his powers to fully put his helmet on and headed to the command deck to see if Fury knows the monster that is attacking.

"Magento," Nick greeted, feeling a bit strange greeting him but remember it's not the Magento everyone knows but rather a different one that will do better than his father.

"Fury, I trust you have seen the news," Magento said, meaning the news of a grey monster attacking.

"I have. Don't worry, I already send in the capture troopers and we already have Banner lock up for the time being until he calms down," Nick explained.

"Bruce Banner?" Magento questioned, not seeing how such an okay guy can become a hulking monster.

"That's what happens when a guy gets exposed by gramma rays and survives. Doctor Banner wanted to recreate the super-soldier serum which he tested on himself and when he times he finds himself even a little upset, a beast comes out," Nick explained as he had one of the monitors showed a video of a grey hulking monster attacking a city before being captured by SHIELD soldiers.

Markus hummed in thought and can tell that Bruce or rather Hulk's strength is base on rage and anger which powers up his strength. He will have to take that into thought and be ready in case he faces the grey beast.

"And your plans for Bruce?" Magento asked.

"I plan to recruit to the Ultimates after he calms down and we can get him on meds to control his anger," Nick said, not going to allow the uncountable problem to happen.

Magento hummed in thought and said, "Very well but this is a bad idea."

"I know and is noted," Nick said.

"If the Hulk gets out of line, Fury...I will be there to stop him. Let me of Bruce's progress and recover," Magento said as he leaves the command deck.

"Very well," Nick agreed, knowing that Markus can deal with the Hulk if things get out of hand and know first hand what the Son of Magento can do when tested.


Markus, still wearing his suit & helmet, is testing his powers and equipment on a few objects of his choosing. He also was thinking about who was in the group so far, seeing some ups and downs for the team.

Bruce aka the Hulk is the biggest risk to have on the team but Markus is willing to try and make it work. He will still be there to stop Hulk if he gets out of line.

Pietro aka Quicksilver is a good ally on the field due to his speed powers but he hates his brother's guts and would rather kill than help him. Yeah, there's that and Markus knows that will be a long while until his brother calms down.

Wanda aka Scarlet Witch is a powerful being and could help a lot for the team but Markus can tell that she is unsure about him and everything. He will have to talk to her down the line.

Tony aka Ironman, sure the guy has his problems but Markus can tell that he is a good guy, despite his drinking problems and all. He can get along with Stark when it comes to trusting SHIELD fully and building things.

Markus knows that the current members have a lot of work and more will mostly come which he put his right hand out, summoning a clipboard that has the files of possible team members to join the Ultimates. It was time to get to know future members of his team and be ready if things get out of line with them or himself.

Ups and downs for sure, but the Child of Magnetism will be ready for them when they come crossing his paths.

AN: Markus's harem will be posted in the next chapter.