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This had to be one of the worst days in the history of worst days.

Scratch that.

It was the worst day in the history of worst days.

First he spilled his coffee on his precious haori cloak and then he had to delegate a dispute between several rival business owners in the village.

Not fun, by the way.

After settling the dispute he had to then listen to the Shinobi Council bicker to one another about where funds for the village should go.

Not fun either.

Afterwards he had to make sure that Kushina was ready and prepped for the birthing process.

Which didn't go according to plan AT ALL!

To make a boring story short, a masked Uchiha member (claiming to be Madara Uchiha) appeared, took his son hostage, almost killed his child, and then snagged Kushina and released the Kyuubi causing it to wreak havoc in the village.

Not how he thought this day was going to go, at all...

Minato's sapphire orbs traveled behind the robed Uchiha that stood in front of him and spotted the ginormous form of the Kyuubi slowly lumbering through the forested area he teleported it to.

The behemoth fox roared loudly before several dozen ethereal chains sprang into the air. The golden metallic chains proceeded to wrap themselves around the beasts' body, ensnaring it and slamming it into the ground harshly. The force from the maneuver caused a minor earthquake that spread out several miles in all directions.

The colossal fox struggled for several seconds before a Tsunami of water that rivaled the Hokage Mountain slammed down onto the beast. The Kyuubi roared loudly as the gigantic mass of water began to rotate, jostling the beast and keeping it from finding its footing.

Had the situation not been so dire then Minato would have certainly smiled at the scene.

His wife was so badass!

"You shouldn't worry about your wife, Yondaime. She'll be dead soon anyway."

The Yondaime Hokage of Konoha directed his attention on the man for a brief moment before gripping his tri-pronged Kunai and twirling it in his off hand.

"My wife can handle herself just fine... You're the one that should be worried." Minato's eyes shone with indifference as he leaned his upper body forward while tapping his right foot on the ground.

The ground beneath the masked Uchiha lurched for a moment causing the man to direct his gaze to it. And it was all the distraction that was needed for the infamous blond man.

Minato's trademark kunai met nothing but distorted air as he appeared not but a foot in front of the unknown Shinobi, slashing diagonally through the masked Shinobi's head.

Before the Uchiha could retaliate with an attack of his own he was forced to once again use his intangibility as the ground beneath his feet exploded in a spectacular explosion.

An impressive shockwave shot through the empty field as soot and ash slowly fell from the sky from the explosion. A harsh breeze shot through the clearing, revealing the masked Shinobi to be completely fine. The same could not be said for the environment as it was nothing but charred remains of rock and dirt.

The hooded man slowly glanced around his surroundings taking in the devastation that the Yondaime had created with a simple exploding clone.

"Hmph... He's far more creative than I originally assumed. Sensei hasn't lost his touch, I see..."

His lone Sharingan slowly trailed around the clearing before he jumped up out of the crater he stood in. Upon making contact with the ground he was forced to once again, become intangible due to the hand that would have no doubt speared through his chest. In that hand was the Yondaime's infamous kunai and attached to that kunai was a unique looking explosive tag.

Before he could question the oddity of the tag his eyes clenched tightly as a ridiculously bright flash of light exploded directly in front of his face. On instinct, he made his entire body intangible and stood completely still until his eyes were fine.

Upon opening his eyes he noticed the sealing array that sat directly below his feet. He did not get to react or use his Mangekyou Sharingan ability due to the seal that was now slowly crawling up his body.

His eyes widened in genuine shock as the control that he had over the Kyuubi completely disappeared. That shock turned into pain as he felt an incredibly powerful jutsu impact against his back. His face slammed directly into the rocky terrain below him as the Yondaime's Rasengan grinded against his unprotected back.

Minato's expression shifted ever so slightly before he rammed his hand further down into the man's back, marking his injured back with his Hiraishin. He proceeded to disappear in a yellow flash before reappearing in front of the robed man with his foot reared back.

Minato's sandaled foot made direct contact with the man's porcelain mask, shattering it into a thousand pieces and sending his body rocketing into the air.

The now mask-less Uchiha was airborne for all but a nanosecond before being sent to the ground by an insanely monstrous strike to the gut. His back cratered the earth harshly and a volley of blood ejected from his mouth as the blond Kage appeared in another yellow flash with his foot striking against his sternum.

The earth beneath the Shinobi exploded in a brilliant display of rock and dirt as a hidden explosion hidden under the soil engulfed the two Shinobi.

Minato appeared in a yellow flash several meters away completely fine without a single scratch or scuff mark. His eyes were no longer their sapphire blue and instead resembled the eyes of the Toad Summons.

A black horizontal bar surrounded by a tan-ish, yellow pupil. Surrounding his eyes was a dark orange pigment that resembled a woman who had gone a little overboard on her eyeshadow.

"Didn't really need to use Sage Mode but... Vindication is a good feeling." He idly thought with a hardened gaze. He narrowed his eyes before slowly making his way towards the man who claimed to be Madara Uchiha.

Which he didn't believe at all.

Madara Uchiha wouldn't hide his face like a coward. He was a Warrior... Born and bred in war. He lived for the thrill of a worthy fight.

Madara Uchiha would just never wear a mask to hide his visage. It was beneath someone of his stature and power. If you believe yourself to be incredibly powerful then how you present yourself would reflect that.

No, no no no... This individual was an imposter.

A weak one at that.

Taking his son as leverage against him only to attack his weakened wife...

Anger blossomed in Minato's heart as he reached the man and stood over his injured and dilapidated form. He took in the man's appearance and noticed the odd blemishes that made up his skin.

Wrinkled, white flesh greeted his eyes and Minato had to stop the frown that oh so badly wanted to form on his face.

This... child...

He bore a significant resemblance to one of his old students.

A student that was dead.

Obito Uchiha.


Minato said nothing as he stared directly at the teenager that was certainly Obito Uchiha. A thousand thoughts ran through his mind for an entire minute before he closed his eyes. He calmed his breathing before raising his hand into the air.

A small, blue orb began to form in the palm of his hand before spinning rapidly. The orb of pure chakra rotated at untraceable speeds before growing larger. It proceeded to grow larger than Minato's head and showed little signs of stopping.

Upon reaching the size of a small house, Minato finally let up on the oversized Rasengan. His unique eyes slowly trailed up towards the Jutsu for a moment before he shook his head.

"I don't know how you survived and quite frankly, I don't care anymore." He began quietly. "You held my son hostage, almost killing him in the process, attacked my wife while tearing the Kyuubi out of her and allowed it to run amok in my home..." His tone shifted darkly as his eyes grew cold.

"I will see you in hell, Obito."

The overpowered Rasengan descended upon Obito immediately after his words. The entire clearing exploded due to the ginormous amount of Chakra the Rasengan possessed. It destabilized a second after, engulfing the field in a spectacular explosion of blueish white chakra.

Minato walked out of the explosion with a hardened expression before shifting his gaze towards the restrained Kyuubi who was trying to form a Bijuudama.

He disappeared in a yellow flash shortly after.



Kushina's red tresses swayed erratically as she struggled to keep the gigantic beast from moving. Copious amounts of blood ejected from her mouth as the Bijuu managed to snap one of her many Kongo Fusas.

Kushina roared a battle cry that would have impressed Madara Uchiha himself as 10 more chains spring from her back, impaling the Kyuubi's tough hide and anchoring it to the earth. She proceeded to flex every muscle in her body as another gigantic tsunami of water slammed down onto the titanic fox.

The redheaded Uzumaki huffed several times as sweat freely flowed down her beautiful face. Dried blood stained her tarnished dress and a fresh batch of blood quickly joined the old stains, painting her in even more crimson.

"Hurry the fuck up Minato! I can't... keep this shit up!" She mentally screamed as the giant beast thrashed wildly against its restraints.

Had she been at full health then holding down this stupid ass fox wouldn't be an issue!


Some ASSHOLE had to steal her baby while ripping the Kyuubi out of her! If she got her hands on him he was DEAD!

Kushina screamed out in agony as several of her golden chains snapped abruptly. She fell to her knees in absolute pain as bleed freely dripped down her body. One of her eyes clenched shut in response to the pain.

"Motherfucker! Fuckfuckfuck!" She groaned loudly as another searing wave of pain assaulted her body causing her to wrap her arms around her torso.

She could feel it.

She was getting weaker.

She was dying...

The pain of having her Bijuu forcefully ripped out of her was now beginning to take its toll. It didn't help that she was using ridiculous amounts of Chakra to keep the damn fox from going anywhere.

Yes yes yes...

She was going to die tonight. There was no doubt about that.

She'd be sad if it wasn't for the fact that she was trying to stay alive while preventing the Kyuubi from reaching Konoha.

Sometimes she fucking hated being a good person!

"You're such an annoying piece of shit!" Kushina wobbly rose to her feet and glared directly at the giant Bijuu that returned the gesture with its own hateful gaze. "Fuck you too!"

The giant fox growled angrily before it snapped the chains that were wrapped around its snout, causing another wave of pain to shoot through Kushina's body.

The woman fell to the ground once more while vomiting a healthy amount of blood onto the ground beneath her. She slowly rose her head towards the beast and her eyes widened exponentially as she stared at the giant ball of condensed Chakra that was resting in front of the beasts' mouth.

Her mouth dropped in silence as she stared at what was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

Oh shit! Ohshitohshitohshit!


The Kyuubi released the Bijuudama, aiming directly for Kushina's form.

Kushina closed her eyes as she waited on the cold hands of death to snag her soul. She sat completely still for a few moments before realizing that she wasn't... well, dead.

Her left eye slowly peeked open and a smile of relief appeared on her face as she stared at a familiar white haori with the Kanji "Fourth Hokage" written on it.

The Yondaime Hokage stood protectively in front of his wife with both of his hands held up. In the center of his cupped hands was one of his kunais. In front of the kunai was a massive Hiraishin formula that was currently engulfing the Bijuudama that the Kyuubi had released.

A few seconds passed by before the Bijuudama completely disappeared into the sealing formula. Minato sighed quietly as he teleported the atomic bomb away. Not a second later did the shockwave from the attack blast through the area almost sending Kushina flying due to her weakened state.

Minato's cloak flared wildly in the wind as he stared into the eyes of the Kyuubi. The beast seemed to almost sneer and reared its head back to repeat its failed attempt at getting rid of its former Jinchuuriki.

"We're pressed for time, Kushina..." Minato glanced behind his back and stared into the violet eyes of his wife. "We need to reseal it."

Kushina was silent for a moment before weakly nodding her head. She erupted into a harsh coughing fit before slowly standing to her feet with the aid of her husband.

"I-I... know. I'll prepare the array..." Kushina wiped the excess amount of blood that painted her body before running through several hand seals. She fell to one knee as she slammed her hand on the ground, causing a unique looking alter to appear atop of a bizarre looking array.

When she turned her head towards Minato, she noticed her newly born son sleeping peacefully in his arms. A weak smile formed on her face as Minato slowly kneeled beside her.

"H-he's... so cute." She rose one of her hands towards her baby and stroked his tiny cheeks with one of non-bloodied digits. "He'll definitely... be a l-lady killer... Hehe..." A weak grin tugged at her face after her statement.

One that caused no small amount of pain to form in Minato's chest. He could see clear as day that Kushina was not going to live for much longer.

She was alive off of sheer will power. No normal person could take this amount of damage to their body and survive.

The fact she was not only standing but fighting after having her Bijuu extracted was incredulous.

Minato allowed Kushina to hold the baby, making sure that she wouldn't drop him due to her weakened state. He gingerly led her hands towards the small alter before resting him inside the unique looking crib.

After making sure that little Naruto was in his crib, Minato directed his gaze back onto the Kyuubi and his features harshened. He rubbed Kushina's back before slowly rising to his feet and glaring into the beasts' eyes.

"I'm going to weaken the Kyuubi even more." Minato stepped out of the array and began to slowly make his way towards the ensnared Bijuu that was still thrashing against its restraints. "I already know what you're going to do, Kushi-chan..."

Minato slowly turned his head towards Kushina and stared directly into her violet orbs. Unshed tears swam in his orange orbs as husband and wife met each others' gaze for what could be the last time.

"I love you... So, so much."

Tears freely fell down Kushina's face as she replied. "I love you too, you stupid... IDIOT!" She screamed with no venom, trying desperately to lighten the mood regardless of what was going to eventually happen.

It did its job as Minato cracked a tiny smile despite the single tear that fell down his cheek. He slowly turned back towards the Kyuubi before taking in a deep breath and steeling his self.

Minato's unique pupils bore into the Kyuubi as he slowly raised his hand in front of him. A Rasengan immediately formed on his hand and Minato slowly closed his eyes before channeling his elemental affinity and encircling it around the Jutsu.

"I've only ever did this once... Please... PLEASE work!" He pleaded desperately.

Futon Chakra began to encompass his Rasengan causing an ear piercing shrieking noise to emit from the Jutsu. Several seconds passed by as the shrieking began to grow louder and louder. The Rasengan began to grow larger as a rotating blade of wind began to jut outwards from the Rasengan.

Minato breathed in deeply before channeling even more Chakra to the Futon infused Rasengan. The ear splitting shrieking only got louder as the Rasengan grew yet again in size, now being only slightly smaller than an average man.

Minato grit his teeth as he held the Jutsu in his hand. He could feel thousands upon thousands of microblades of wind trying to cut through his Sage infused hand. He reared his arm back before taking aim at the Kyuubi and glaring directly at the beasts' head.

"Futon : Rasenshuriken!"

Minato roared loudly before throwing the Jutsu directly at the Kyuubi. The Jutsu sliced through the air with ease and seemed to only get faster as it closed in on its honed target.

The Kyuubi could do nothing but watch as the Jutsu finally reached it's position. Upon making contact with the snout of the Kyuubi the Jutsu expanded almost five times its original size, now resembling a large home.

A dome of pure wind engulfed a large portion of the Kyuubi's face causing the beast to roar in actual pain as the millions upon millions of micro blades sliced into its face.

Minato grinned at his successful Jutsu before turning around to stare at Kushina. His grin immediately disappeared upon noticing her motionless form.

She was standing still with her hands clasped together staring directly at the Kyuubi. There was nothing behind her that he could see but he was positive that she was using the Shiki Fujin.

Blood freely dribbled down her face as an invisible tendril raced through the air, connecting to the Kyuubi's distracted form. Kushina closed her eyes as she felt the cold hand of the Shinigami reach through her back.

After a second of weightlessness the Shinigami tugged directly on the soul of the Kyuubi, gaining its attention. After realizing what was about to happen, the beast reared its hand-like appendage back to strike the woman down. It was distracted by an incredibly powerful gust of wind that slammed into the side of its face.

"Futon : Atsugai!"

Minato began to rush towards the beast, firing off several powerful wind Jutsus to stun the beast and prevent it from attacking Kushina. Each time it rose its hand, Minato would fire several Futon Jutsu at the appendage preventing it from moving.

Minato clapped his hands together as a tornado of wind exploded out from his body. The raging cyclone clashed with the gigantic Bijuu, knocking it back onto it's side and preventing it from even moving.

"Senpo : Tatsumaki!"

Minato clapped his hands once more as the tornado exploded, causing a destructive shockwave to explode out from the Kyuubi's position.

The blond Kage continued his relentless assault until hearing Kushina's cry of agony. He was next to her near instantaneously with his palm resting against her back.

He couldn't see what was happening but understood that Kushina would need more strength to completely seal the Kyuubi away. His left hand snaked around her abdomen as green Chakra surrounded the appendage.

Kushina's sigh of relief was music to his ears and her stoney eyes...

Kami, he was going to miss her...

"I-I'm... not going out l-like a little b-bitch!" Her violet orbs were alight with fury as she grit her teeth. Her Chakra flared once more as the Kyuubi released a furious roar.

"GET! THE! FUCK! INNNNN! She screamed furiously.

In response to her renewed vigor and strength the Shinigami practically ripped the Kyuubi's soul out and causing the beast to physically disappear. The crimson Chakra of the beast was immediately sucked into the seal that rested on Naruto's naval, effectively sealing it away.

"Kushina!" Minato caught her body a second later and began to slowly lower his self to the ground with his left resting over her abdomen and his right hand propping her up.

"...m-y... b... b-baby..." She weakly called out. Her once bright and expressive amethyst orbs were now dull and lifeless.

It felt as if someone was driving a kunai through Minato's heart as he stared at his weak and dying wife. He mentally shook his head at the words he used to describe her.

Weak wasn't a word that anyone in the Elemental Nations would use to describe Kushina. She was anything but weak.

But right here and now...

He shook those thoughts away before slowly reaching out to his son and gently picking him up from the sealing alter. He watched Kushina's eyes light up with renewed vigor once more as a painful smile formed on her bloody face.

This scene...

It was killing him...

To know that the woman he loved more than life itself was going to die...

And he could do nothing about it!


But he didn't show these thoughts on his face and just watched his dying wife gently caress their child.

She'd never see him grow up.

She'd never hear his voice.

She'd never see him take his first steps.

She'd never se-

"Y-ou... c-cry like a... a l-little girl... Minato-kun..."

Minato idly realized that tears were freely flowing down his face. His gaze strayed towards his son before returning to his wife's hazy eyes.

"You'll never see him grow up... And that hurts me the most." He explained sadly, not caring in the slightest over the fact he was crying.

Kushina's eyes began to slowly close with her breathing following suit. "N-no... I w-won't but..." Her eyes shut as she released a gentle exhale from her body.

Minato patiently waited for her to continue speaking.

Which would never happen again.

Kushina had taken her last breath, in the arms of her loving husband holding her beloved child.

Such beautiful misery...

It was the scene that Hiruzen Sarutobi, The Sandaime Hokage, and several dozen ANBU were greeted to when they finally reached their leaders location.

Their indomitable leader was just blankly staring at the face of his lover. Their child was sleeping soundly, not even fussed about the events that had led to this outcome.

Hiruzen closed his eyes and bowed his head low, allowing for a moment of silence to pass through for Kushina and all of those that had suffered due to this tragedy.

The Sandaime breathed in deeply before slowly making his way towards his successors position. Upon reaching the man and his now deceased wife, he bowed his head.

"I'm... sorry for your loss, Minato-kun."

The Yondaime did not immediately respond to his predecessor as he continued to stare at Kushina's face. Several moments of silence passed by before he finally spoke.

"I couldn't save Biwako..." A stray tear slid down his cheek despite the blank expression on his face. "I'm sorry, Hiruzen!" A pained expression formed on his face as he clenched his eyes tightly. "I couldn't protect Konoha!"

He was stopped from breaking down as a gentle hand rested atop his shoulder. His eyes opened and he came face to face with a crouching Hiruzen who sported a small smile.

"You did everything you could, Minato." The elderly man gripped Minato's shoulder firmly as he continued speaking. "You can only be successful for so long, child. One day, even winners have to lose."

Hiruzen patted Minato's shoulder and slowly rose to his full height. "No one in this village is going to blame you... You and Kushina saved it Minato. Always remember that."

The Sandaime Hokage turned away from his successor before ordering the ANBU in the clearing to return to the village and aid anyone that needed it.

Minato stared at Hiruzen's back for a moment before returning his gaze to Kushina's face. He stared at her for several long seconds before steeling his features.

Never again.



"Civilian casualties are estimated anywhere from 3,500-7,500, Hokage-sama."

Minato's eyes slowly opened as he stared at one of his advisors. The man, a Nara, flipped through the papers on his clipboard before scratching his goatee and sighing quietly.

"Shinobi casualties are a fraction of that. Specifically, 746." Shikaku Nara shook his head before speaking once more. "All things considered, it could have been alot worse."

Minato stared at the Nara clan head for a moment before directing his attention to the paper that sat on his desk. It was more a less a synopsis of the damages, deaths, etc. that had occured only a few hours ago.

Most of it was only estimations and the like, so Minato would take what he could. So much work had to be done.

So, so much work...

The Yondaime rubbed his eyes tiredly as he remained silent for several minutes, trying to compartmentalize everything that happened tonight.

He just wanted to go home and be with his son and grieve for the death of his wife.

But he couldn't do that. He had to be the Hokage first and while he certainly didn't like it, he had to get used to it.

2 years as the Hokage and a catastrophe had already struck Konoha.

He was doing a fantastic job!

"Permission to speak freely, Hokage-sama?" Shikaku asked in a bored tone while placing the clipboard on Minato's desk. At Minato's simple hand gesture, he spoke bluntly.

"You look like shit, Minato. You need to go home and rest." Shikaku proceeded to cross his arms against his chest and stared into Minato's eyes. "You have more than a dozen Shadow Clones flashing around the village trying to do damage control on top of having protected the village against the Kyuubi and some unknown attacker. You've done enough."

Minato sighed tiredly as he shook his head. "I need to be the leader first... If I show weakness then morale will dwindle." He stood up from his chair before walking towards the large window in his office. His sapphire orbs stared out into the destroyed village with a morose expression.

"I am going to call for Jiraiya's return and I will be bringing Tsunade back to provide aid for the wounded as well as creating her Medic Shinobi Program proposal that Hiruzen denied."

Shikaku was silent for a moment before sighing quietly. "We had medics on every single team during the 3rd Shinobi War."

Minato shook his head as he spotted several yellow flashes across the village. "It can be better and that's why I'm bringing her back. Tsunade is the most brilliant Medic Nin thaty ever existed. Her knowledge on the human anatomy and the workings of the body are second to none."

Shikaku acquiesced to that one. Tsunade was the best medic in the entirety of the Elemental Nations. Still, doesn't mean she'd willingly come back.

"And if she doesn't come back?" Shikaku proposed with a raised eyebrow.

There was a silence that followed his question. A silence that honestly unnerved Shikaku.

Minato's head turned slightly, allowing Shikaku to see the beast that lurked deep within the Yondaime.

Shikaku was no longer staring at Minato Namikaze. The kind-hearted man was no where to be seen and in his place was an entirely different individual.

He was speaking to the Yellow Flash of Konoha. The man that had killed several thousand enemy Shinobi in the blink of an eye, thus ending an entire war. The man that had just fought the strongest Bijuu in the Elemental Nations and the youngest Kage to ever take the position.

"Then I will drag her back. She has no other options." Minato replied rather simply.

Shikaku resisted the urge to shudder as Minato's eyes seemed to stare into his very soul. Relief spread throughout his body as the man finally returned his gaze to the window to stare out into the village.

Shikaku forgot how easy it was for Minato to flip the switch that all Shinobi possessed. Only his switch was far more threatening, oppressive and terrifying.

The man was the ideal and perfect Shinobi. He had the innate ability to turn off his emotions, completely disregarding them in favor of doing what was necessary at any given moment. His moral compass ceased to exist when that flip switched.

Whether that be the massacre of over 2,500 Iwa Shinobi or making decisions that would affect generations to come. He'd do and had done these things so many times before.

Minato wasn't physically imposing but a single glance could change your entire perception. He was a man that terrified any and all Shinobi, regardless of skill, experience, and power.

The only man to ever have a flee on sight order...

Minato Namikaze was not a normal man.

The door to the office was opened as several prominent Shinobi of Konoha entered. They were all silent as they stood beside Shikaku, the man recognizing each individual as the leader of their respective clans.

The Hyuga, Uchiha, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Inuzuka, Aburame, Nara, Kurama, Sarutobi and Hatake. Even several of the elderly advisors during Hiruzen's reign were present in the office.

Minato was silent for several moments before turning around and staring at the gathered Shinobi. He ran through several hand seals before slamming his hand down on the ground, summoning a small toad.

"Minato-boy! I heard what happened! Is everything alright?!" Fukasaku frantically questioned the blond man.

Minato raised his hand, calming the elder toad. "Before I answer that, reverse summon Jiraiya. I don't care what he's doing right now."

The elderly toad blinked before nodding his head and doing as he was asked. He ran through the hand seals before slamming his webbed... hands? onto the floor. A large poof of smoke erupted followed by a masculine yelp of surprise.

Jiraiya appeared on the floor of the office with a shocked expression. In his hands was a bottle of sake and his signature notepad. He glanced around his surroundings for a moment and noticed how... somber the mood was.

"Uhh... What did I miss?" He slowly put the sake bottle away before turning towards Minato with a small frown. "Did something happ-"

He immediately stopped talking upon noticing the absolute destruction of the village. His eyes widened exponentially as he shifted his gaze to Minato.

"Kid! What the hell happened?!"

Minato was silent for a single moment before turning towards the window that Jiraiya was looking out of. He crossed his arms against his chest before speaking.

"The Kyuubi was released from Kushina." He turned his head to glance at every Shinobi in the room. "She is dead."

After taking a moment to let that news settle, he continued to speak. "A man claiming to be Madara Uchiha attacked us. Only a handful of individuals had knowledge of Kushina's pregnancy and how we would deal with it."

A fierce glare formed on his face as he continued to stare at the ruins of his village. "How this man acquired this information is irrelevant now. I've killed him and resealed the Kyuubi into my son."

An oppressive aura began to radiate off Minato as he spoke his next words slowly. "If this information is leaked, I will kill each person in this room - effective immediately. This. Is. Your. Only. Warning."

An uneasy feeling spread throughout the room, causing no small amount of nervousness and anxiety. Minato cared little for it. He was the leader of this village and it was time to start acting like it.

After getting his point across, Minato sighed heavily. "All of you are to focus your efforts on aiding this village. Anyone that is able to offer help will do so. Konoha and its people have suffered tonight and I have to make sure it heals, at whatever cost."

Minato turned back towards the Shinobi in the room before staring at his former Sensei. "Where is the last known location of Tsunade? You always keep tabs on her."

Jiraiya was quiet for a moment before responding quietly, still trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened. "Well... I've been In Amegakure for awhile but the last I heard was that she was traveling around the capitol of Fire Country."

Two shadow Clones popped into existence beside Minato before they disappeared in a yellow flash to search for Tsunade. The blond man nodded his head before waving his hand and speaking. "You're all dismissed with the exception of Jiraiya, Danzo, Fugaku and Hiruzen."

Everyone that wasn't mentioned bowed to their leader before making their way out of the office. Once the last person filed out of the room, Minato proceeded to take his seat at his desk. He placed his elbows on the mahogany desk before clasping his hands together and covering his mouth.

The four Shinobi he asked for stood at attention directly in front of his desk and remained silent, awaiting for their leaders words. Minato was not in the mood for games. He was in full 'Hokage mode' right now.

Minato's eyes focused on Fugaku before he addressed the man with a question. "Did you know that Obito Uchiha was still alive?"

A downward shift of the lips was Fugaku's initial response before he spoke. "He was confirmed KIA by Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara, your former students. You are saying he is still alive?" He asked in minor confusion.

"He's not alive anymore." Minato stated, alluding to the fact that this 'Madara Uchiha' had been nothing but a farce. "He possessed a Mangekyou Sharingan and was able to control the Kyuubi after extracting it from Kushina." Minato proceeded to close his eyes before asking a question that would decide Fugaku's fate.

"Where was your clan during the attack?"

The Uchiha clan head blinked at the question before his eyes roamed across the room to Danzo. "Danzo ordered our clan to protect the civilians... No doubt to cause paranoia amongst the Village trying to shift the blame of the attack on us. Everyone with eyes could see the Sharingan pattern in the Kyuubi's eyes..."

Fugaku wasn't going to hide his dislike for the man. Danzo was a piece of human garbage and he cared little what anyone else thought.

Minato's eyes left Fugaku and instead settled on Danzo. "Is this true?"

Danzo shifted his cane in his hand before answering simply. "Yes."

"Who gave you the authority to hand orders to Clan Leaders?" Minato fired back almost instantly.

The crippled war hawk was silent for a moment before answering Minato. "I believed it was in Konoha's best interest if the only known clan to control the Kyuubi was given the task of being non-combative."

Minato's stare harshened as he replied to the crippled war hawk. "You believed that it was in Konoha's best interest that the most versatile clan in Konoha was put on the sidelines?! Are you out of your fucking mind?!" Minato slammed his right fist into his desk, shattering it and causing thousands of splinters to fly haphazardly around the room. "I should kill you right now for your incompetence! You endangered far more lives with this stupid display of paranoia! You have one more time to 'act with Konoha's best interests in mind' and I will kill you where you stand! Get out of my fucking office!" He yelled furiously.

The bandaged man immediately took his leave, not wishing to anger Minato more than he already was. If he was going to move like he used to then he'd need to be far more subtle about it. Minato was an incredibly observant and calculating individual. One slip up and Danzo knew that he'd be killed.

Minato breathed in deeply as he tried to calm his anger. After several minutes, he turned back towards Fugaku before speaking. "I apologise on behalf of Danzo's idiocy... The Uchiha are an integral part of the village and those that throw disdain at your clan for its past are foolish. Reparations are to be made and I will personally see to it by expanding the Uchiha's territory. I will not make the same mistakes that Tobirama made. What the Uchiha need, they will get. What they want, I will try to provide, within reason."

Fugaku could not keep the surprised expression off of his face. He truly did not expect for Minato to do this but he certainly wasn't going to complain!

The Uchiha bowed to his leader as he spoke. "Thank you, Hokage-sama!"

"Yes yes yes... We will talk more about this in-depth at a later date. For now, use the Police Force to maintain order and aid in whatever way possible. I leave judgement to your discretion, Fugaku."

The Uchiha once again bowed to his leader before exiting the office with a noticeable pep to his step. It was an amusing sight considering the man was usually always in control of emotions.

"Why are you in Amegakure? Did you find those kids that you once trained?" Minato glanced towards Jiraiya as he questioned the man.

The Toad Sage sighed quietly before crossing his arms against his chest. "I've been searching but... No luck. It's been a few months and I think I'm going to call it quits."

Minato nodded his head before glancing towards Hiruzen who had remained silent the entire time. "Any advice?"

Hiruzen offered the man a smile before replying. "You seem to have the situation handled." He jibed good naturedly.

A small smile cracked on the blond man's face as he leaned back into his chair while staring at the ceiling. The smile slowly disappeared though as the thoughts from today's events resurfaced.

"Kid... You gonna be ok?"

Minato's eyes trailed down towards Jiraiya and Hiruzen who were looking at him with genuine concern. A conflicted expression formed on his face before he spoke.

"I... will eventually be." He answered truthfully.

"Where is the kid anyway?" Jiraiya asked curiously.

The Yondaime sighed while rubbing his eyes. "I have Kakashi watching over him with a few clones watching over him and I have several barriers surrounding the location."

To say that Minato was a paranoid individual was an understatement. Afterall, his wife had just died despite all of the precautions they had made and while he doubted a similar attack would happen again he wasn't going to take that chance.

"You should get some rest, kid. You look like shit." Jiraiya proposed rather bluntly.

Minato rolled his eyes with a sigh before turning to gaze out the window. "Shikaku said the same thing..." He turned his head towards his mentors with a small frown before speaking. "Do I really look like shit?"

The two men did not hesitate to nod at the question and caused no small amount of annoyance to Minato.


"Fine! Fine, fine fine. I'll go home and rest..." Minato released a sigh that quickly tapered off into a yawn. His eyes began to grow heavy and did he only now finally understand how tired he actually was. Today had truly tried his mental fortitude.

The man turned towards his mentor before budding them goodnight and disappearing in a yellow flash. Upon leaving the two older Shinobi glanced at one another.

"You think he'll get through this?" Jiraiya asked curiously.

Hiruzen sighed quietly before shaking his head and replying quietly. "He has no other option Jiraiya."


"Are you sure that you don't need me to stay Sensei?"

Minato glanced at his only remaining student from his time as a teacher before smiling. "Yes, Kakashi. If I need you I'll call for you." He proceeded to ruffle the masked boy's hair. Kakashi's face scrunched up in annoyance as he swatted the man's hand away from his head.

Minato proceeded to teleport the boy out of his home before glancing around his home.

Peace and quiet. wasn't normal.

Kushina would usually be yelling about something mundane at this time.

Sorrow began to burrow its way into his heart as his eyes grew misty. Before the years could fall the distinct sound of a baby crying was heard.

Minato was by his son's crib instantly and stood over him with furrowed eyebrows. He was confused for all but a second before a disgusting stench entered his nostrils.

Well... It seemed he needed to change to Naruto.




Minato stared at Naruto with an unsure expression for several long moments before grimacing lightly and speaking aloud to himself.

"How do I change your diaper?"

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