Chapter 1 Exploration and the Summoning

Key "A character speaking."
'A character thinking.'

Ruby Rose was dreadfully bored sitting in her house basically by herself playing video games. Her Dad Taiyang Xiao Long was helping the huntsmen academy he worked at on their quaint island home of Patch, with moving textbooks and other school supplies, he also took their dog Zwie with him. Ruby's older sister Yang Xiao Long was grounded in her room until their dad got back. Because she had "accidentally" punched one of her friends through a wall after they pulled some of her hair out. To add on to all of this Ruby hadn't been allowed to tryout the brand-new gun/scythe er scythe/gun she still wasn't sure which one was more important. She had designed and built it with her uncle Qrow a week ago, she could test it unless her Dad was supervising. Luckily her uncle was still on the island, so she could still ask him for pointers on how to use it.

Then the hyper active teenager had an ingenious idea she could lie to her sister that she was going to be out for a stroll to pick up some fresh cookies from the bakery in town. That way she could both explore Patch by herself and tryout her scythe. With this flawless plan put in place she first strapped her as yet unnamed scythe along with some dust cylinders to her belt and then went upstairs to their bedroom and knocked on wall next to the half open door.

"Uh hey Yang I just wanted to let you know I was uh going to get a fresh batch of cookies from the bakery in town." Ruby hesitantly attempted to lie to her older sister.

"Ruby it's six o'clock at night you know they make fresh cookies only in the morning." Yang responded. "Not to mention you don't need a weapon on literary the safest trail on the entire island of Patch." she added with a coy smile on her lips, obviously seeing the scythe on her belt in its compact mode.

"So why don't you really tell me the reason your going out at this time of day." She finally finished. "Yang I'm bored, I've been waiting to tryout my new scythe all day long, and I wanna finally explore Patch without you, dad, or Uncle Qrow for once." Ruby rapidly exclaimed to her older sister.

"Rubes why don't you wait till tomorrow it's going to be dark in an hour, plus then you won't get in trouble and worry dad?" Yang softly replied trying to convince her sister not to leave at this time of day.

"No I wanna go out now not tomorrow!" Ruby shouted determinedly to her older sister.

"Ruby wait just to-." Yang tried to say. But Ruby used her semblance and took off like a jet engine out of the house, before Yang could even finish her sentence. Yang in a futile attempt to catch her sister ran downstairs after her, but when she got to the living room she noticed that Ruby forgot her scroll. "Great now Ruby's running around without a scroll, it'll be dark soon, and dads going to be home in 2 hours" She spoke to herself.

"What else could go wrong." She added.

"Hey girls turns out most of the textbooks and other shipments come tomorrow, so who wants to eat this pizza I brought back with me." Their dad yelled as he walked into the house.

Unbeknownst to the young Ruby Rose she was being watched by two oddly aquatic themed figures.

"It seems we've managed to manipulate the fate of this universe somewhat, or at least this particular timeline, though we still have no control over what they do exactly." Figure α announced to Figure β.

"Well that just means we have to observe them very closely now doesn't it?" Figure β asked

"And that also means I have to do more reconnaissance missions, to collect more data so you can test their capabilities better." Figure β added on.

"Yes you will but first lets see if this little girl finds the "gift" we've placed for her." Figure α replied to her companion finishing the conversation.

Now that Ruby was outside exploring the marvelous island, she found it to be rather enjoyable. Sure there was a chance she could run into some dangerous Grimm, but it was such a small chance that she wasn't worried. Almost all the Grimm lived in the middle of the island away from the coast. Plus those that did live on the coast were always far weaker than their inland counter parts, heck most of the coastal ones lacked any of the Grimm's distinctive white armor like bone. Even then if there was any seriously dangerous Grimm she could call her sister, dad, or uncle on her scroll whom could all easily deal with any grim on the island. So all she had to do was stay away from the marshy center and instead run around the steep coastal cliffs of Patch.

'You would think exploring an island at sunset would be fun, but so far it's been kinda boring.' Ruby admitted to herself.

"Though on the plus side I have been getting better at using my new scythe/gun with all the Grimm I've run into." she cheerily supplemented.

Ruby was currently using the gun's velocity to jump onto the higher rocks until, she noticed a small cave with a path way that spiraled down the rather small mountain she had scaled. Weighing her options over in her head Ruby decided to enter the rather suspicious cave in the hopes that it would lead somewhere cool.

She was slowly walking through the deceivingly spacious damp cave, and quickly noted how far down it was going. Heck it was so big it even had a small river running through it. Realizing that she wasn't going to reach the end of this cave anytime soon, she wanted to take a picture to remember this rather neat cave she found with her scroll. She quickly concluded though that she didn't have it on her person.

"Ah where is it I could've sworn I put it in one of these pouches." She questioned while frantically searched for it in her many pouches, only to not find it in any of them.

"Oh no I must have left it on dad's coffee table in the living room." She loudly expressed in the vast dark cave.

"I guess I should've returned home anyway before exploring this cave it's getting pretty late." Ruby admitting to herself that she had messed up.

She was startled when a very distint loud roar echoed through the cave piercing her ears.

"That sounds like an Alpha Ursa's roar if I remember from Uncle Qrow's recording of when he fought one." Ruby worriedly whispered hoping that it wouldn't hear her in the vast expanse of the dark cave.

An image clicked into her head of the giant bearlike Grimm, they were said to have thick bonny plaiting all around the outside of their bodies. They also were extremally for a simple variant of the normal Grimm, though all of the other alpha Grimm shared this unique trait so maybe it wasn't special in that regard. But she knew full well what they were capable of, they could chew threw most tanks with an impressive recorded bite force over eighteen thousand psi.

Now Ruby was fantastic with weapons and such. But even with her older scythe that she was more used to, she would still be no match for a Beta Ursa not to mention an Alpha Ursa alone. She only had one real option to survive and that was to run to the entrance of the cave. Then as if her luck couldn't get any worse, there were two Beta Ursa walking into the entr of the cave.

'Shoot now I have to run deeper into this cave to hopefully escape them.' The panicking teen thought to herself as she started following the small river at a blistering pace searching for a way out.

Ruby was really starting to get worried every time she tried to find an exit she just stumbled upon more Grimm. She had been doing nothing but run ever since she saw those Ursa which were lost somewhere in the small army behind her.

"Going into this cave was a terrible idea in hindsight!" She exhaustively shouted to herself.

'I really need to rest, I can feel my legs wanting to collapse.' She thought to herself.

Then as if the universe was finally giving her a break Ruby saw a bright blue light coming from the end of the tunnel.

"Yes I'm so close I just need to go towards that blue light and there's bound to be someone who can help me." Rudy cheered aloud.

Any bad thoughts were instantly banished from her mind, because she needed to be positive, or she would run the risk of attracting even more Grimm or worse mess up more due to second guessing herself. Now fueled by a new enthusiasm she activated her semblance, which she saved to not tire her legs out faster. When Ruby got out of the cave the first thing she noticed was that it was some sort of cove that was pretty expansive, and could probably fit three of Mistral's cargo ships side by side. The second thing she noticed was a small rock pedestal with a shining bright blue box er cube, something on it that was calling to her.

'Come closer and pick me up.' it telepathically told her.

'If you don't you will die here alone.' it ominously added.

Ruby thoroughly freaked out.

'There's a small blue box talking to my brain, an almost unscalable cliff, and I can start to hear the footsteps of the small army of Grimm again behind me.' She frantically thought.

Thinking everything through in her head she decided go and pick up the blue box as it was her best solution for this scenario.

"I don't know how you work exactly." She spoke while picking it up.

"But I need your help, please get me out of here or summon someone strong to help me." Ruby pleaded while thinking about how this felt like something out of a comic, or game she would play.

Suddenly the cube started levitating and spinning in front of her.

"This is so cool, but now I can't see anything!" She shouted while she and the Grimm were bathed in the blue light.

"Finally she found the wisdom cube and has begun the summoning process, it only took two and a half hours plus some encouragement." Figure α furiously told Figure β.

"I wonder what she'll, get as the first wisdom cube summon in this timeline?" Figure β inquired to Figure α.

"Well whoever it is they aren't going to be based off of anything from this world, after all the wisdom cube originates from ours." Figure α responded with some aggression still lingering in her voice.

As the light started to fade Ruby could make out a woman who looked to be in their early 20s or late teens. She had tanned skin, hazel eyes, and short red hair. She wore a dark blue navel officers uniform that had red buttons going down the middle, the uniform ended at the knees. She wore heavy-duty dark blue boots with bright red bottoms, and a blue trucker hat with a big white star on the middle. But what was most striking to Ruby were the things attached to her, mainly the five massive twin gun turrets. The person also had what seemed to be parts of the hull of a ship around her which were bristling with guns and had the number 35 on the ends of either side. While Ruby would have liked to have talked to this person she ultimately collapsed and fell unconscious due to the sudden and excruciating pain in her feet.

"Hm I don't remember seeing that one in the Azur lane forces, do you know who she is?" Figure α honestly asked Figure β.

"Yes I believe she is that ancient battleship we blew up on the gulf coast, I believe its name was the U.S.S. Texas." Figure β dispassionately responded to Figure α's question.

(P.S. this is my first fan fiction so any and all criticism is welcomed)