Short story: The Lone star ship


"Character talking"

'Character thinking'

'It's so dreadfully lonely out here.' The old rusted warship thought to herself.

Said warship was the world renowned USS Texas, or at least she used to be. She used to have maybe a couple dozen people visit her everyday, then her hull started leaking again. That was fixed two years ago, but she knew another was bound to happen. If it wasn't the constant leaks then it was the storms, or the fact that she had rusted everywhere. She knew it had been some 70ish years since she had been sea worthy, but she still missed running under her own power. The feel of wind hitting her bow at her top speed, yes there was always the odd hurricane, but those felt different. Those hit her, where as she used to hit the wind.

She didn't mind initially after all she always had guests coming to visit her. Even when she was closed for repairs the crew members onboard would always keep her company. Sure she couldn't talk to any of them, but they were still onboard her. Now though, now there was no one. Not a single soul had visited her, not even a single crew member who worked the, umm gift shop she thought it was called. She didn't know. Hell none of the cargo ships that would sail in front of her were there anymore. It was like everyone left.

Why she wouldn't know, her radio had long since her decommissioning been taken out. Even if it was there she doubted it would work. All she knew was that one agonizing year ago. Suddenly there were army cars that yelled for everyone to evacuate from the coast. Ever since that day she'd been alone for the first real time ever in her life. Sure she knew Alabama was close by, but she couldn't move under her own power. Even if she could Galveston's water had dissolved most of her once thick armor plating. If she had gone to sea in her current state without a flotilla of tugs around she knew she would've sunk. All this meant was that she couldn't go see if anyone was even around.

The loneliness wasn't pleasant in fact it was the exact opposite. Seeing as how she was already the last Dreadnought on the planet. She knew what being alone was. However now she didn't even have the company of people to see interacting with her once mighty arsenal. She worried that something terrible had happened. No she knew something terrible had happened, she just didn't know what. Was there an attack from an enemy nation? Was there a nuclear apocalypse going on? Did they all leave the planet? Was she the last Museum ship left? She didn't have answers to any of these questions, which only worried her more. She could see Galveston occasionally through the thick fog and the city appeared to be in disarray.

Skyscrapers had been deterioration and fallen due to lack of maintenance. She saw the once growing city had broken windows, cracked buildings, and other irreparable damage done to it. It looked like that movie that Iowa was in. Or was it the one with Missouri?

'I think it was called Battleship, or maybe it was Battlewagons? Eh, it doesn't matter.' The old movie star concluded.

What did was that while here she sat anchored to the pylons that probably weren't even doing much anymore. The world around her seemed to decay and rot. It was disheartening and depressing, but ultimately there was nothing she could do. Other than wait, sit, rot, and decay with it. And if there was anything the rotten ship hatted the most, waiting was certainly one of them. Waiting for an iron warship in the water meant that you would decay fast. Waiting for and old iron warship that was long over due a serious repair was a death sentence. One she knew she didn't deserve, but one she was punished with none the less.

'If only I could see New York again, there's so many new movies that I've learnt that I just know she would've enjoyed. (Even though she wouldn't be able to watch them.) Or maybe Nevada in another shooting competition those were always fun, but my turrets can't even turn anymore let alone fire. If my sisters had seen me in the state I'm in now they'd probably laugh at me.' She somberly thought to herself.

'I miss South Carolina, sure she was a drill instructor at heart, but I know deep down we were all like her kids to her. Wyoming was fun to hang out with after all she did have the fastest swimmers in the Navy out of the Battleships for quite sometime. There was also that one time when I met up with Rodney she seemed like a good person, I kinda wish I got to know her a little bit more. Outside of what I've heard what her guns did to her poor sailors, and Bismarck.' She happily remembered hearing about how Rodney was the one who sunk the might warship.

And the fact that she was crazy enough to launch one of her bow torpedo's at him. Scratch that she no longer wanted to be near such a dangerous "friend". Though she might be miss remembering things, because she could have sworn that someone else onboard her had said that Bismarck had sunk himself with scuttling charges. Not like it mattered. Both ships had long since been scrapped or sunk.

Then she heard the clicking of heels, no it sounded much heavier than that, maybe they were made of metal. Anyhow she heard the "clicking" of heels coming from the boardwalk that connected her to the land for people to come aboard. (Or at least what was left of it). But if she heard the "clicking of heels then that meant that there was someone coming aboard, which would get rid of the agonizing loneliness.

"My, Texas you've certainly aged. And my goodness they've strapped a lot of guns to you. But I certainly hope you haven't forgotten me after all this time?" The mystery woman cried from onboard her starboard side.

'That voice does kind of sound familiar, but maybe their just someone who've been onboard me.' She concluded.

"You do remember me right, after all we are sisters from different classes." The mystery woman nonsensically cried.

'How could we be sisters of different classes, if I'm a warship and she's a human.'

"Hmm, perhaps you'd better recognize me if the ship part of me sailed into view?" She pouted before snapping her fingers.

And like that Texas saw a ship she hadn't seen in well over 80 years. From around the bank of the hill came the USS Oklahoma. Texas had so many questions right now, but none of it mattered since now not only was she not alone. But one of her sisters was part human, part ship? Okay so that question still mattered, but seeing Oklahoma again was a sight for sore eyes if she ever knew it.

"Sorry I sorta rushed here. Ha rushed, anyway once I heard they were going to try and revive you I rushed over here with Florida and now we're gonna escort you to Mobile to under go repairs so you could be revived." Oklahoma excitingly told her older sister.

'Wait Florida was here too!? Did that mean the New York was around? No, no I'm getting a chance to see one of my older and younger sisters again, I won't be greedy.' She lambasted herself.

"However, once they brought up the idea of reviving you Florida's been acting weird. She's been acting as if her life was in danger or something similar to that effect, and it really didn't help when she asked me what happened to Utah." She somberly recounted to Texas.

"But, she told me that she just didn't know how she was going react to seeing you again. Plus she's currently staying on look out." Oklahoma quickly tacked on.

Standing guard, but for what reason? Were they at war with an enemy nation? Were there pirates? Were there aliens?

"You know I kind of have to admit Texas it's a little weird not being able to hear what your saying. I'm sure you've got plenty of questions for the both of us, or at least I hope my older sister does. It would be the first time I'd have more answers than you did, when it came to current events at least." Oklahoma cheerily spoke to her from onboard her deck.

'Wait, who are Oklahoma and Florida working for exactly? Were they an offshoot of the US navy, the Coast guard, Space force? Okay so maybe not that last one, but still who? And can the people their working for possibly bring back New York?' She yearned for an answer but she knew she wouldn't get one at least any time soon.

It was still so surreal for her, having one of her younger sisters sit atop her bow. It was an experience she never thought she would've had. Nor would she expect the ship talking to her would be the same Oklahoma who had blown up at Pearl Harbor. Who was then lost in a freak storm, but maybe that was for the better. The breakers yard wasn't a place she wanted any of her sisters, to visit. Texas did also wonder why they couldn't "speak" to each other anymore. When she tried asking the ship half of Oklahoma something she didn't get any sorta response. Nor did it seem that the Oklahoma sitting on her bow heard the question either. Judging from what she had just heard.

"So anyway I thought I'd fill you in on somethings, if you don't mind?" Her little sister excitingly asked her.

In truth Texas was glad to hear any news.

"I take that answer as a yes. So it turns out that some weird alien things had apparently wiped out almost all military equipment. And not only that apparently their the same aliens that people have been calling sea monsters for centuries. We don't yet know what their called, but we do know that their these weird robots or something since all we can find are these robot ships that just started shooting at us, because why not. Oh, and now Britain reformed themselves and are now calling their Royal Navy, The Royal Navy, because again why not. Okay so that one might have been the other way around. What else... Oh the Germans are now calling themselves the Iron Empire. It was neat to get to talk to a High Seas Fleet ship, instead of trying to hunt them down. I believe it was Seydlitz? I'm not supposed to tell anyone this but she's got adorable little cat ears underneath her hat." She cheerily whispered to make sure that the nonexistent people wouldn't hear her.

'Cat ears on a human? The Iron Empire seems to have some really weird designers if they put cat ears on their. Umm, ship girls, girl ships. She'll ask after she's revived. Also how did Oklahoma know about that? I'll probably need to ask a Lot of questions once I'm repaired.'

Then they both heard a honk from the horn of a tug boat. They were escorted by an Omaha, and Tennessee class heavy cruiser. They appeared to be Omaha and Washing- er Seattle. Right she did get renamed so the battleship could get it. Any way both ships seemed to only have one person on them, like Oklahoma.

"Hey guys sorry we rushed ahead of you!" Oklahoma shouted towards them.

In response Wash-attle produced a loud speaker, and boy did she know how to use it.

"Do You Have Any Idea how rough these waves are? We aren't exactly battleships you know!" She angrily shouted at Oklahoma.

Much to the detriment to everyone else's eardrums. Especially the tug crews. Who needed to quickly put on their headphones in order to stand without covering their poor ears.

"I said I'm sorry. I don't get why she's so angry sis, do you?" Her confused sister asked her.

If Texas could answer her then she'd probably be inaudible due to Seattle's seeming affection at shouting at Oklahoma. Plus she couldn't blame her that would be a little rude. While Seattle continued her verbal assault towards her sister the tug crews got to work detaching the pylons that clung to her starboard side. But not before securing the port side in the event of her rolling over. Unfortunately it seemed as though Washington's voice couldn't handle the intensity of her shouting, so they started to crack a lot. But not before commanding Oklahoma to get onboard her deck so she could "talk" to her more. Luckily for everyone involved (excluding Oklahoma) she did as the apparent force commander, which was one of the few words she got out of the shouting, commanded.

Within only a few hours the pylons had been completely cut off of the side of her hull. Quickly after the wielding crews confirmed to the tug captains that they had in fact been cut, the captains quickly moved their craft to hold onto her hull. After that the small flotilla attempted to move the thoroughly embarrassed battleship who could do nothing to aid in their efforts of getting her unstuck. Ultimately they had to resort to attaching cables to the two large warships present. Eventually she heard something give way as the flotilla, Oklahoma, and Seattle pushed their to their limit getting her freed from her muddy home. Much to their delight.

"Yes! Now we can finally start reassembling the mighty standard fleet!" Oklahoma happily cried to any willing to hear her.

Though there was something odd to Texas, where was Florida and why didn't she try and help. Did she really do something that bad to her the last time she saw her. She didn't remember doing anything bad.

When the small fleet departed from their small little cove they were quickly met up by Omaha. How had just turned around in the channel to see how things were progressing. Now much to her annoyance she had to go further up the channel to turn around again. So they waited until the third escort ship had once again turned around in the channel before continuing onwards. Before they had finally seen Florida.

"Hey, Florida look who we raised from the dead!" Oklahoma shouted from Seattle's 'borrowed' loud speaker.

"Give me that back Oklahoma before I rip it out of your hands!" Washington commanded from the bow of the Oklahoma.

"Sorry, it's just exciting to be getting one of my sisters back. I'm sure you'd act the same way if any of your other three sisters were coming back." She pouted to the younger ship.

'Clearly both of these ships are acting their age.' She sarcastically mused.

The closer they got to Florida, the more antsy Oklahoma got at the prospect of telling another one of her sisters how excited she was. Texas was antsy too, its just she wouldn't be able to talk to anyone until after her repairs. Oklahoma was about to say something but Seattle quickly put a hand over her mouth so she could ask her question.

"Florida, have you seen any enemy activity?" Her stern voice commanded.

"Umm, no all I've been able to see are just brewing storm clouds in the distance." The frightful older battlewagon answered.

"That doesn't sound too off from the weather report, but they have been know to use the cover of storms to approach into point blank range." She contemplated the details given to her.

"Alright so Oklahoma and I will extend further out to make sure we can intercept any enemy ship before they get to close. Meanwhile You and Omaha will exchange positions with me and Oklahoma. That way the two more heavily armored ships can absorb more damage from any potential enemy, sound good?" Wash-attle inquired from the three other ships.

"Nope, I think as an Omaha class, while scouting would be nice, living is an infinitely better idea. Plus I don't think I want to potentially brawl with whatever they have that equals a battleship." Omaha earnestly answered.

"Yyeah, I think that sounds ll-like a good idea." Florida hesitantly answered.

"Good then it's settled then." Seattle concluded.

"Umm, what about Oklahoma's opinion?" Florida cautiously asked.

"She doesn't get an opinion." Was all that the deathly serious commander responded with.

Neither one of the other two ships dared question her. Much to Oklahoma's displeasure. So with everything settled the ships started moving into formation with the new plan. That would set the small force up as such. Oklahoma and Seattle would be the furthest out. Followed up by Florida and Omaha. Then finally Texas herself with her small flotilla of tug boats.

Luckily the forces voyage was surprisingly calm, despite the massive storm that was drawing ever closer. Despite it all Texas was just happy that the water she was in weren't the acidic waters of Galveston. Sure she'd miss what was left of the city and the monument, but she would be lying if she said she wanted to stay there any longer. Though she did see Omaha jump onto Florida's ship and start talking to her about something.

'I wonder what it'll feel like being able to move without a crew of people inside of me? Or be able to talk to humans, or even clean myself a little. But then if I have a human body, does that mean I have to eat, or do I have to drink oil?' She contemplated.

While she was thinking she noticed that Florida's ship counterpart, or maybe, the human part was? Anyhow the ship part moved closer, why? She didn't know. But if she had to guess she'll find out very soon.

Then there was a sudden boom that sounded like a cannon had fired, but from where she didn't exactly know. There was an enormous splash off the starboard side of Florida. If she were a betting man she'd bet that came from their enemy in question. Who appeared to be aiming at Florida, and Omaha. Instead of Seattle and Oklahoma. This wasn't good at all especially since she doubted any of the ships in this engagement had any worth while radar equipped.

'If only I could do something. I wish I had my damned radar back, but even if I did I wouldn't be able to tell them where the ships were.' She silently cursed at her old age.

She helplessly watched as the battle against the mysterious foes played out before her. She couldn't make out anything in the pitch black weather all round her. Night had come much earlier than they had probably expected, add onto that the fact that none of the ships besides Omaha even had a functioning radar set and it was a perfect set up for disaster. Though at the moment none of them had taken any serious damage, thankfully.

Florida and Oklahoma had unanimously decided to turn on their floodlights to try and spot the opposing ships. The opposing task force responded in kind by figuratively lighting them up with several salvoes from their main guns. Surprisingly they yet again failed to inflict more than superficial damage to her sisters. While they were distracted with shooting at the two battlewagons, Seattle and Omaha proceeded to open fire with their battery on any of the exposed warships. What was strangest of all about the enemy ships is that they seemed to lack a real strategy apart from the initial surprise attack. That and they had bright red glowing markings. Why did Oklahoma and Florida turn on their floodlights again? Oh, well that was a question she could ask later.

Suddenly the people in the tugs started yelling about something, however with the battle raging on none of the ships partaking in it could hear them. And Texas couldn't even hear what they were saying since the gunnery duel's participants were blasting away at each other with great ferocity. The next thing Texas felt was the suddenness of no longer being pushed by the three tug boats.

'I wonder why they stopped? And what it was they were screaming about?'

Suddenly she was struck in the starboard side by something, whatever it was it didn't do much against the larger warship. With that thought out of the way she looked at the battle that was still unfolding around her. Her sisters had emerged victorious and deterred the strange foe with the help of the two smaller cruisers. Though it was odd that they seemed to be getting higher above the water than she was. Maybe that was a perk of being part human or whatever it was. They could raise themselves higher above the water than a normal warship. But how did that work and why? She guessed she'd have to ask them. someday.

Texas continued to stare at her sisters as their floodlights fell opon her. She saw Oklahoma and Florida rush towards her for some strange reason.

'I wonder if they'll tell me about how thier battle went? After all despite them taking on a significantly larger force they seemed to be all right. perhaps they just want to sit onboard my deck? who knows.' She pondered.

The last sight she would see would be both Oklahoma and Florida in tears for whatever reason. They were trying to say something and reach out for something, but what she couldn't fathom. Then the next thing she knew her hull had cracked thanks to a combination of it's structural instability, and the torpedo that had detonated into the side of the rusted museum.

She wanted it to stop, just this once maybe a little longer before each nightmare. She'd been seeing the same events unfold before her for an unfathomable number of years, or maybe it had only been two days. The black mirky void she had "rested" in seemed to distort time or maybe she had just lost track of it?

"Please, whoever you are, please just stop and let me rest in piece?! She strenuously pleaded.

She didn't want to constantly have to relive her death for the rest of eternity, or however long it's been.

"Please I'll do anything if you would just stop. I don't want to see my sisters in pain anymore!" She uselessly pleaded again.

The questions she had for them could and would no longer be answerable. Since she couldn't move, see, feel, or taste anything. Everything was pitch black, devoid of any and all color, life, and light. For all she knew, she could be on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, or she could be in some black abyss. Lord only knows where it was.

"I wonder how long I have before the next time I see it again is? Two seconds from now, two minutes, two days? Will it finally stop, or do I have to constantly relive the day of my death again, until something happens." She questioned after her latest reviewing of her death.

Her prison was, yet agian not one she deserved but ultimatelty one she was dealt. The only difference now was that she was truly alone. No sister that magically came back to life. No acidic water striking the side of her ship. No Galveston to look at, no birds in the air or gaters swimming underneath her. It was a nothing so nothing that it was maddening. It wasn't something she'd even wish upon her worst enemies. Now she had to endure it for however long she had to before something good would happen to her. It was what happened before when Oklahoma randomly showed up. Maybe something else will happen she was patient, for she learnt how best to be patient when she became a museum.

'I wonder if the next person who finds me will have cat ears, or maybe Oklahoma will find me again.' She contemplated on the events that were to come.

"After all of that I'm certain someone will find me soon!" She optimistically declared.

After that declaration she was forced to relive the events of her death, again and again and again. Eventually any and all concept of time was lost to her, the black void of literal nothingness certainly helped. Then during the latest viewing something was different, something that she didn't initially realize.

Texas watched as the dark storm cloud drew closer towards her force, she could remember that within it were the strange foes who still lacked a name. But wait how could she remember that? Every other time she had experienced this nightmare she forgot the events that had transpired, what was different about this time that warrented her remembering every other time she had replayed these events? Everything was playing out like normal, Seattle and Oklahoma were farther out to protect Florida, Omaha, and herself from damage. All the while she remained unable to communicate to them.

One other difference she noted was how bright the moon was, despite the encroaching storm. Like it was almost as bright as day time, and it was blue for some reason. Why was it so bright? She didn't remember it ever being this bright during any of the previous reenactments of her death, so why now? Something just wasn't adding up.

'Maybe now's the time something good will happen, but what?' She contemplated.

With everything now illuminated the battle that had commenced still proceeded mostly the same. With the only minor difference now being that the two battleships didn't turn on their own floodlights. The two cruisers still maneuvered to open fire on any and all exposed warships that had over extended. Then the Tug crews started shouting at whatever had been responsible for sinking her.

'I guess even with the bright blue moonlight shining through the storm, and even though I regained my memory somethings just won't change.' She somberly thought.

However with the object that had sunk her so, so many times now visible thanks to the moonlight it unexpectedly was destroyed by gunfire. The ship responsible for it was Florida, who was visible onboard the deck of her ship looking out at Texas. But despite her best efforts she was still struck by the torpedoes that had been launched by the now destroyed mystery ship. And for the last time Texas had to watch as Florida and Oklahoma rushed to her aid, yet again only now they had the bitter sweat revenge against whoever had sunk her. That's what she hoped for at least, though she couldn't quite know what they would think or how they would act.

Like so many times before she was sucked back into the black void that she had grown to despise. Was it showing her a possibility of how the events could have played out, was it trying to get her to stop whining to it, or was it merely toying with her to get her excited only to yank it all away from her? She didn't know about any of those, but what she did know was that when she had opened her eyes after the last viewing she noticed that the blue light had returned only now much brighter in the colorless void.

"What the hell is going on, first this blue light manages to alter the way I experience my death and now it's lighting up this void. What will it do next let me finish the repairs I was long over due?" She dishearteningly inquired.

Instead of doing anything it just sorta floated there stairing her in the face, not responding, not reacting, not doing anything but illuminating her and her surroundings. It was starting to unnerve her a little.

"So what is it that your doing? Ugh, why can't things go back to making sense, now I sitting in a black void talking to a blue light about what it's going to do to me. Did I go insane or something?" She pondered aloud.

After what felt like an eternity it finally did something. She could hear footsteps echoing towards her, growling and snarling things in the distance, and the sound of the fierce ocean waves battering against rock. She had no clue what any of it meant. Then the light started to increase in intensity. Texas started feeling weird, like really weird. While she started to have many strnge sensations flow over her it started to talk.

"I don't know how you work exactly." It declared with a voice befitting that of a little girl.

As it talked the blinding intensity of the light forced her to close her eyes. It then continued to speak in the same voice still ever increasing in intensity.

"But I need your help, please get me out of here or summon someone strong to help me." The terrified voice pleaded.

With that the blinding light finally started to fade, in the place of the once blinding light and the nothingness void stood a little girl with a red cape and black dress who quickly collapsed onto Texas as the sounds of foul beasts could be heard approaching.

3 Months later... (Ozpin PoV)

He stared down at the tanned red headed young woman in front of him. He knew not where she came from nor her reason for being here, but she was here now and in desperate need of repairs. The young womans name is Texas, not only did he get it from the very young Miss Rose, but the very same name could be found in the surviving documents they had found in a same inside the ship. Ah, yes the ship the same one that Miss Rose swore was connected to the woman who was unconsious in bed the before him. Unfortunately she'd been like that since he had met her though, which was a little over three months ago.

To make things worse the very next day Miss Rose had left with a vague letter to her sister and father to not worry about her. Of course it did the exact opposite, it even got her uncle and his close friend Qrow, to stop what he was doing and start searching all of Remnant for her. Her sister and father are equally worried however since they were not as well versed in the world outside of Patxh Qrow elected himself to find her and bring her back. It didn't help matters when he stopped using his scroll, because of something else that had happened, because his job was getting to easy and stressless as it was.

"Glynda, do we know where Qrow is at the moment or at least have an idea?" His gaze never left from the person sleeping before him.

"Unfortunately, no. The last time we got word of his location was two months ago when he said he would ask his sister." She exhaustingly told him.

He already knew the answer before she had given it, but if there was anyone who could give him any sort of new answer it was most likely going to be Glynda. He took a sip from his cold cup of coffee as he started to wonder how everything had gotten so much worse in Vale within the span of three months. Suddenly he got a notification on his scroll from counsle member Church, who would never admit it, but he basically became go to tech expert.

"Hmm, well let's get this out of the way while we still can." He tiredly exhaled before answering his "friend's" call.

The counsel member was now wearing his old huntsmen armor instead of his blue business suit, especially after they had found counsel member Lorie in the state she was in.

"Oh, good you answered back in under a minute. (Took you long enough)." He attempted to say under his breath but was a bit to loud.

"Yes I'm here councilman, what is it that you wanted to talk about?" He quickly moved the conversation forward.

"So, you remember the state Lorie is in right?" It sounded like a question but in reality it was more of a statement.

"Yes I do what with nearly all of her bon..." He was interrupted before he could finish.

"Ya, well she just woke up, and when she wasn't screaming in pain she mentioned that before her captors "released" her they mentioned something." He informed Ozpin.

How curious, they would tell her something that would be vital information or maybe it was nothing. Yet the fact that they would tell her anything while breaking her bones and making her bleed both internally and externally is definitely an odd decision. Though not as odd as how Lorie was still alive in the condition that she had been found in.

"Oh, and what pray tell did they mention?" He inquired.

"They said something about how they managed to steal not only a book from you. Or who I presume to be you, since they said they stole a book from an emerald tower. And they said that with another super warship soon to be unleashed and with an agent of "Salem" under their command that something horrible would befall Remnant. Do you have any idea what their talking about, because I sure don't." The councilmen puzzled him.

'They have have an agent of Salem how? All of her minions throughout the years had been fiercely loyal to her, or not enough of a threat to warrant their lives extended. Just what is this mysterious group up too?' His mind raced with the limitless questions placed before him.

"Well does it or does it not?" Church furiously demanded an answer.

"I don't know what this other "Super warship" their referring to could be, especially with the other vessel still evading Atlas's grasp. Not to mention we still don't know where one of these ships were built let alone another one of comparable size. As for who Salem is I have no idea, but I assume their not someone who should be taken lightly if they gloated about commanding a minion of hers." He somewhat lied to him.

"Well, I guess I should probably tell you while I'm at it the big guy is currently searching for whoever did this, which leaves me as the only acting council member of Vale at the moment." He told them before signing off.

"I guess your going to be contacting Ironwood soon about what he told us?" Glynda inquired.

"I guess I'll have to do that. Also Glynda was there anything else that was found onboard the warship currently docked at Vale harbor?" He exhaustingly asked her.

After he asked her he could see her typing furiously on her scroll for images to start poping up. All of them appeared to be archived documents.

"While most of the presumed paper work was burnt up in the flames we did find a safe inside one of the burnt out cabins. Inside of it were various documents that pertained to deployments however we did find a few listing blueprints of the ship." While she was telling him this she sent a message to his scroll that showed the documents in question.

"From what we've gathered they would be helpful in rebuilding her assuming we had the materials, but theres not enough of them to completely restore the ship. Not to mention we still don't know the exact details about how large the turrets or guns where. Even though Professor Peach was able to determine that she possessed 14inch guns, no guns of that size have ever been manufactured before. Including Atlas's experimental 10inch 100caliber rifles for their planed flagship during the war." She added.

"Hmm, and what about the money raised?"

"We've only managed to spare a quarter of the desired amount. James said he'd help, but Atlas's council have seized any and all attempts he's made to give us some money. However Jacques Schnee has offered to purchase it in it's entirety and not request anything other than send his daughter back to him."

"As much as I'd like to save her life forcing someone who passed with flying colors, and shows great potential to improve as both a person and in their chosen career wouldn't be fair to Miss Schnee. Plus I'm sure we'd hear an earful from Winter if we agreed." He sighed in defeat.

With this new information given to him by Councilmen Church along with the knowledge of their current efforts to save the clearly aged warship, judging by what the documents on his scroll suggested. Not to mention with the young Miss Rose's disappearance as well as the current loss of his drunken friend Qrow. Ozpin for the first time since the tragic loss of Summer Rose, he didn't know quite what to do to prevent further harm from befalling others.

Authors notes

So it turns out that I took so long to update not only is Shinano a ship in Azur Lane, but now Capcom announced two whole new Monster hunter games for the Switch as well as Fatalis being in Iceborne. I'm sorry it took me this long. Chapter 7 part 2 should have been made a lot sooner, however now I'm aiming to make it a minimum of 10k words not only as an apology, but also to get some more story related things going. Such as what Qrow was doing, what kind of new hell will Ruby's training be, and also it'll cover her coming back with her new companion to restore Texas. As well as a few other characters, who I'm not gonna mention.

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Anyway there's all of the question I've gotten, if anyone's curious don't be a stranger and PM me, because so far all of the conversations I've had have been fun.

(P.S. this is my first fan fiction so any and all criticism is welcomed)

(P.P.S. this is never leaving no matter how many other stories I make.)