Hi, everyone~! I'm really sorry I haven't been writing for so long, but I've been going through a lot of things since near the end of last year. Getting paid jobs, trying to keep up with friends, etc. But either way, enjoy reading this new story I've posted~!

Why is it that everyday just feels the same whenever I go on patrol? Can't I have a holiday like resting in my awesome bungalow? Speaking of which, it's just too big for me that I should get some more friends to stay.

Oh yeah, I haven't introduced myself... The name's Zyne... Well, that's who I am when I later found out, but around this point, I've yet to find out my past... Because I'm an Immortal.

I hear a klaxon from a bank company and sighed. "No rest for the best..." I got my stun gunblades and locked & loaded them. Time to go to work...!

As I got to the glass doors, I activated my smartwatch device on my left wrist. "Authorization for vigilance on crime in progress, please?"

Cue the positive beep and green light with the holographic thumbs up. Cool, I'm authorized. "Well, time to get in." I entered the door and pointed my guns at the robbers. "Real original going to rob a bank? But then again, you're just common criminals." I then started shooting my stun shots at them before tying them up in a net.

I then went outside and called. "Strikeheart to Police Department. All done, they all yours." And finally, I left the scene.


Great for a new FanFic, right? I'll continue it once I thought up more of the plot. Until then, ciao~!

Also, I'll update the chapter when I've the time~!