I decided to make a vanity fanfic starting from the very beginning (but Charity and Vanessa haven't met yet) Vanessa has moved here to become vet partners with her best friends Paddy & Rhona. Vanessa has moved here with her son Johnny and Charity - the bossy, cruel, landlady and most unlike person in the town of Emmerdale meets her match when Vanessa first steps into the woolpack.


Vanessa was just pulling into her now new home in her car. Vanessa turned around to look at Johnny smiling "This is our new home, darling. We are going to really like it here" Johnny was smiling clapping his hands. Vanessa got out the car and got Johnny out of the car too. Johnny was carried in doors on Vanessa's hip. Vanessa put Johnny down to explore the new place and she pulled her phone out her pocket. One Message.


'Hey Ness, we are in the woolpack, its the only pub in the village! Come over for a drink!"

Vanessa smiled at the text. "JOHNNY! COME ON, WE ARE GOING TO MEET AUNTY RHONA" Vanessa and Rhona have been friends since they went to university. Rhona has been a huge part in Johnny and her live. Vanessa took Johnny's hand and walked over to the "Only Pub In The Village" Vanessa laughed to herself. Vanessa pushed the doors open and looked for Rhona. Vanessa looked at the Tall, brown/blonde hair bar lady behind the bar. Vanessa smiled at the tall lady and she didn't get the response she was so used to.

Charity was her name but Vanessa did not know that yet. Charity pulled a face looking at this strange new woman smiling at her. Charity walked up to Chas "Eh you seen this? New face to the village" Chas hit Charity on the arm. Charity widened her eyes at Chas's actions "What? You know I like a little fun with new people" Charity lifted her eyebrows up and down. Charity walked over to Rhona's table "Who's your new small friend Rhona?" Charity said looking at the strange new face. Rhona rolled her eyes "This is Vanessa and why is that any your busy Charity?" Rhona pointed at her. Charity looked shocked at Rhona "Well i'm sorry for getting to new our hot new face" Charity rolled her eyes and turned to walk back to the bar.

Rhona rolled her eyes and turned to face Vanessa "Sorry about her, she's a little too much" Vanessa snorted and looked over at Charity who was caught staring at Vanessa playing with her hair. Charity moved her gaze from Vanessa to pulling a pint for what looked like no one.

It was just going past 10pm and Rhona offered to have Johnny over night while she settled in. Vanessa agreed and Rhona headed home with Johnny. Vanessa stayed and ordered another pint. It was getting quite quiet in the woolpack and Vanessa was getting quite tipsy. Charity walked over to Vanessa's table "Hey, are you ok babe?" Vanessa looked up at Charity "First you call me hot, now you're calling me babe?" Charity raised her eyebrows "Oh i'm sorry for being nice" Charity tutted and rolled her eyes walking behind the bar and disappeared in the back. Vanessa had a shocked face at Charity's reaction and followed her to the back of the pub "You don't just walk away when someone is having a conversation with you" Charity sighed and looked at Vanessa "It usually means that person wants some space from the person they walked away from" Charity waved both of her hands in the air in Vanessa's direction. Vanessa pulled both her eyebrows together. Charity instantly felt guilty. Vanessa was about to walk away when she felt a hand pull her back. "Look i'm sorry ok, I didn't mean to be all mean Charity. I called you hot because I think you're hot" Charity swallowed hard. She couldn't believe she admitted her attraction to Vanessa. Vanessa's eyes widened. Vanessa pulled away from Charity's grip "You don't get to talk to me that way. Ever!" Vanessa snapped back at Charity and then once more tried to walk away. Charity sighed loudly "Look wait Ness" Charity took out Vanessa's phone from her pocket and typed her number in "Text me when you have calmed down ok?" Vanessa rolled her eyes and snatched her phone out of Charity's hand and walked away from her.

Vanessa arrived home, took off her coat and plunged on the couch. She pulled out her phone and insanity typed in Charity's name but couldn't find it. She started to scroll down her contacts and came across a name "The One That Thinks You're Hot" Vanessa had a giggle to her self and started to type.


"You really need to work on speaking to people"

Vanessa hesitated before sending it but she was too drunk to care right now so she pressed send. Vanessa switched on the tv and started to watch her favourite programme "Jane The Virgin" It was about 10 minutes later when Vanessa's phone buzzed and got a text from Charity.


''Glad you found the right contact, would be a shame if you had two contacts by the same name eh? Look I'm sorry. I'm not really good at expressing myself in a good way. Maybe I could make it up to you?"


"Make it up to me? How would you do that?"

Vanessa waited for a reply but just assumed she was just playing games with her so she unpaused the tv and continued to watch her programme. It was now 11:25pm and Vanessa was about to head upstairs when there was a knock at the door. Vanessa was confused, who would be knocking at her door when no one knew her and it was nearly midnight. Vanessa opened the door and there stood the Tall, brown/blonde haired bar woman with a bottle of wine and flowers. "I brought wine because who doesn't love wine and flowers, nearly as beautiful as you. Can I come in?" Vanessa was shocked that Charity was standing in front of her and couldn't believe her eyes but was Vanessa going to let this hot mess into her house? or in to her life?