Charity's POV

Charity felt like a thousand knifes were pushed into her heart all over again. She hated being so cold with Vanessa but she couldn't let her know how fast she was falling for her. She has never felt like this before, with anyone. Charity has been married a few times, thought she was in love with Cain but it was nothing like how she was feeling right now. It was different, warmer, nicer. Charity sat down on the couch and put her face in her hands sighing "Oi whats wrong with you? Eh that new girl, Vanessa right?" Charity popped her head out of her hands looking at Chas. "She just stormed out of her like she owned the place" Chas said laughing to herself. "Anyway, sour face, I'm off to bed. You look like you need sleep too" Chas went up stairs. Charity stood up and got a bottle of vodka, she started drinking it straight "Oh Vanessa, how the hell did you get in my heart so fast" Charity kept downing the vodka.

It was 4 in the morning and here was Charity banging on Vanessa's door. Their stood opening the door, with messy tied hair, dressing gown and a shocked face 'What the hell Charity?" Vanessa grabbed Charity's hand and pulled her in doors and shut the door '" Charity slurred laughing to herself. "Will you be quiet, Johnny is asleep" Vanessa whispered to her. Charity got really close to Vanessa's face, their lips where inches away from each "You're so.." before Charity could continue she ran to the kitchen sink and puked up "Oh jesus Charity" Vanessa ran to charity rubbing her back and pulling her hair out of her face. Charity kept puking in Vanessa's sink, she felt her whole world was getting taking away from her but she was glad that Vanessa was there with her, doing all them little things that made Vanessa perfect in Charity's eyes. After Charity stopped being sick in Vanessa's sink, Vanessa took her hand and sat her down on the couch "How much have you had to drink?" Vanessa looked sweetly at Charity "Enough, I was trying to get your pretty face out my mind.." Charity paused and then put her head in her hands "I did not just say that out loud" Vanessa had the biggest smile on her face. Charity looked up at Vanessa and leaned into kiss her but was stopped by Vanessa hand "This is the first time I have ever seen you put down your guard, as much as its the sweetest thing ever, you were just sick and I don't fancy tasting your sick" Vanessa laughed "I bet you'll like to taste something else" Charity responded and then put her head in her hands again "My big mouth, saying what I am thinking" Vanessa kissed Charity on the head "I like you speaking your mind" Charity looked up again at Vanessa "and I like you" Vanessa's heart skipped a beat "You're just drunk and won't remember this tomorrow. Come on, lets get you cleaned up" They both went up stairs, Vanessa gave Charity some pjs and a spare tooth brush. Vanessa got into bed and Charity just stood there "Charity I don't bite, get in bed. Your head is going to be banging if you don't sleep comfy" Charity got into Vanessa's bed. They both were facing each other and Charity put her fingers on Vanessa's face. Charity traced Vanessa's face with her fingers "Before I was sick, I was going to say You're so.." before Charity could finish she fell asleep. Charity felt safe, Charity felt at home. For the first time since her childhood, before her mother died. She felt like she was finally home.

Vanessa's POV

Morning came faster than Vanessa would of liked. She turned round and Charity was completely crashed out, snoring her head off. Vanessa found this the most annoying and adorable thing ever. In Charity sleep she was trying to find Vanessa's hand. Vanessa linked their hands together and laid there watching Charity sleep. Couple of hours past and Vanessa woke up again, still linked with Charity's hand. It was now 8:30am and Vanessa let go of Charity's hand. Charity pulled a sad face in her sleep which made Vanessa giggle. Vanessa left for work with Johnny. It was Johnny's first day at his new Nursery. Vanessa decided to leave Charity sleep some more in her comfy and warm bed. All Vanessa wanted to do was get back in bed with her and hold her hand for a couple of more hours but she didn't want to let Rhona down any longer. Vanessa had the biggest smile on her face all day and couldn't wait to go to the pub later to see Charity. Vanessa felt like she was in school again and this was her high school crush. Vanessa shook her head and carried on with her day. Vanessa asked her father if he could have Johnny for the night because she really wanted to spend some time with sober Charity. Vanessa knew that moving to the village Emmerdale was such a good idea. Her father and sister lived her and now she has met the only woman that makes her heart skip a beat.


Charity has been working behind the bar for a couple of hours now with her best friend and family member Chas. Chas knew that something was strange about Charity because she was overly happy and kept checking at the door and getting disappointed every time someone came in. "Who you waiting for?" Chas whispered to Charity. This made Charity jump "What? I'm not waiting for anyone Chas" Charity tutted and walked to the other end of the bar but Chas followed her "You've been checking that door, all day. You weren't in your bed this morning and you've had a weird smile on your face" Charity looked at Chas with a serious face "I got up early and went for a walk" Chas chuckled "What at 4am? When you are stumbling about, really loud in the front room, drunk?" Charity swallowed and then Vanessa came through the door, she had her hair straighten, black leather jacket, jeans and she had her make up done. "God she's so beautiful" Charity thought to her self. They both were looking at each other, Vanessa smiled at Charity and a huge smile creeped on Charity's face. Chas turned to look who has came in the door "Well, I wasn't expecting that" Chas giggled "Shut up Chas, hows my hair?" Charity was messing with her nervously. Chas was laughing even louder now "Your hair is fine Charity, so you like girls now?" Charity hit Chas's arm and went to serve someone their beer. Charity was pouring the beer looking at Vanessa. Vanessa had what Charity liked to call "Sex Eyes" she was staring at Vanessa for so long she didn't even notice that the beer was going over the top of the glass "CHARITY" Chas shouted in Charity's ear and that brought Charity out of her Vanessa only world. Charity apologised and Vanessa was giggling to herself. Charity could't be like this, she didn't want Vanessa thinking she liked her or something. She noticed Cain at the bar so she went over to him and started touching his arm and doing her flirty giggle talking to him. Suddenly Vanessa's smile disappeared. Vanessa shook her head and was about to leave until Rhona came in. Rhona sat with Vanessa "Hey Rhona, there's this new gay club in town, we should check it out, like now? I might meet some hot lesbian to fool around with" Vanessa said this loud enough so Charity could hear. Charity pulled back from Cain and suddenly felt jealous all of a sudden. Charity looked at Vanessa who was staring right at her with not her sex eyes anymore but her pissed off and disappointed eyes. Vanessa rolled her eyes and left with Rhona to go to this gay club. Charity was very quiet for the rest of her shift and kept checking her phone "Go, go to the night club and get your girl" Chas said looking at Charity. Charity shoot her head up "I wasn't.." before Charity could say anything else Chas spoke again "I said go Charity, she is the only person to ever put a real smile on your face and thats saying something" Charity grabbed her coat, gave Chas a kiss on the cheek "Thank you Chas" and before Chas could say she was welcome Charity was gone.


Vanessa was more than drunk now and Rhona was trying to get her home for hours but she wouldn't listen to her. Vanessa was dancing near every woman that would come close to her. Rhona was about to leave Vanessa to it until she seen Charity staring at what Vanessa was doing. For a spilt second Rhona could see a tear escaping Charity's eyes. Rhona walked up to Charity "she's been crying all night about you, she has been dancing with anyone that breaths to get YOU out of her head. I'm leaving now, make sure she gets home safe Charity or you will have me to deal with" With that Rhona left. Just then the music changed to "Yours" By Ella Henderson and the girl she was dancing with pulled Vanessa closer. Charity turned to leave when the song changed again to "Fix You" and the words said "I will try to fix you" and that is exactly how she felt when she was with Vanessa. Charity turned back around and walked up to Vanessa, pulling the girl that was trying to kiss her but Vanessa kept avoiding. Charity was now standing in front of Vanessa "Lights will guild you nome and elite your bone and I'll try to fix you" Charity sang with the song looking down at Vanessa and there it was, the spark Charity has always wanted with someone. Charity lent down and started to kiss Vanessa and god there was fireworks, lighten, something Charity was missing. Charity didn't care that she was kissing the only person she really liked in public, all Charity wanted was to prove to the person that meant the world to her and she liked her too. Once they stopped kissing Vanessa looked up at Charity "Lights will guild me home and elite my bones and I will try to fix you Charity" Vanessa once again kissed Charity. Everything felt right, Charity knew this is all she wanted, for a very long time "Vanessa?" Vanessa had her arms wrapped around Charity's neck "Yes dearest Charity" Vanessa laughed "Be mine" Vanessa stopped and stared into Charity's eyes not believing what she just said "What? What did you just say?" Charity let her head fall back laughing "Vanessa Woodfield, Will you be my girlfriend?" Vanessa smiled really big and smacked her lips on Charity's lips. They kissed for 2 minutes until Vanessa released "Yes, a million times YES!" Vanessa jumped into Charity's arms and Charity held Vanessa so close. Charity Dingle couldn't believe she just made this beautiful. hot and sex woman her girlfriend. Everything felt right, everything felt perfect.