age: 789( 7890)

planet: Earth

Location: Capsule Corp

"Ah! done! I have revolutionized Time Travel!" says Bulma after 5 all-nighters.

"now before I test this baby out I need some rest." she says walking out of the lab.

-Vegito walks in-

"Woman! I need you to do something for me!" says Vegito.


"huh, she's not here." says Vegito as he looks around.

"I wonder what this button does." says Vegito as he presses a green button.

-The portal opens up sucking Vegito in-

"OHHHHH SHIIIIIIII!-" yells Vegito as he gets sucked in.

-Loraine Province, France, 1940(149)-"eh?" say's a French farmer as he strolls by a unconscious man in a very colorful outfit and spikey black hair.

"oh mon. qu'avons-nous ici?"( "oh my, what do we have here?") says the farmer as he pick up Vegito and carries him into his house.

-several hours later-

"ugh, huh...where am I?" says Vegito laying in a bed.

"Tu as ete assomme, Je t'ai trove au milieu de mon champ."(You were knocked out , I found you in the middle of my field.)"

"say what?" says Vegito confused.

"Oh! tu parles seulement l'anglais."( Oh! you only speak English)

"I speak English too."

"okay good, anyway where am I old man." says Vegito.

"In Loraine, France." say's the old man.

"France?" says Vegito with a confused face.

"hey can I see a map of the world?" says Vegito concerned.

"absolutely!" says the farmer as he hands him a map of the world.


"old man. what date is it." says Vegito.

"1940. why?"

"19 WHAT!" screams Vegito.

"you ok monsieur?"

"I'm 640 years in the past..." says Vegito.

"your from the future?" says the farmer.

"yeah, I guess so." says Vegito as he sits up.

"what date?" say's the farmer still skeptical of Vegito's mental health.

"789, but in your old dating system, 7890." says Vegito.

"wow, your right 640 years." says the farmer.


"there here already?!" says the farmer terrified.


"quickly you must hide!" say's the farmer leading Vegito into a closet.

"Hallo, ich bin hier, um in ihrem haus nachzusehen, ob Sie Juden beherbergen." says a gruff voice.

"I told you, I have no Jews! only my and my family so please leave us alone!" says the farmers voice.

"sorry, aber wir mussen suchen, es ist obligatorisch." says the voice and some banging.

"what the?" thinks Vegito as he hears foot steps and the closet doors opening to reveal a gruff army solider in full uniform.

"papier bitte." say's the officer.

"huh?" says a extremally confused Vegito.

"Er muss ein Jude sein! Hol Ihn!" says the guard as he tries to grab Vegito.


-exactly 3.6 seconds later-


"Scheisse!" screams a German SS officer as he flies out the building.

"asshole, what was that for?" says Vegito clearing out a small platoon of men.

"wow, your very strong! yes?" says the farmer.

"yeah, you could say that." says Vegito dusting his hands.

"you should join the US military and help fight."