Vegito looks out across a vast span of ocean to see a wall with several fortifications on top. Vegito knew that for everyone except him, that a lot of people were gonna die because of this. Vegito isn't listening to the general speaking, for there is no need. He knows he will immediately start revealing what he truly can do when he reaches the beach. Suddenly Vegito is snapped out of his deep-thinking by Page.

"Hey son?" says Page looking at Vegito.

"uh...sorry about that...I'm just thinking." says Vegito rubbing the back on his head.

"That's ok." says Page with a smile looking back at him.

"You know, I think we can win this." says Page looking out.

"Yeah, same here." says Vegito.


Vegito starts climbing down a rope latter into the boat as he touches down he can notice how unstable the boat is.

"This thing could tip-over easily..." says Page like he was thinking exactly what Vegito was.

"Yeah." says Vegito as he closes his eyes. He starts feeling the presences of the Nazi's on the beach. He counts 140 men.

"There's about 140 of them there." says Vegito pointing to the shore as the boat starts moving.

"How can you tell?" says Page looking at him.

"One of my abilities is sensing the life energy of beings." says Vegito looking back up at the rock.

"Wow, that's convenient!" says Page looking back.

"We have 40 seconds until we hit the mark!" says the Commander.

"Oop! Get ready." says Page readying to jump over the sides.

Vegito knows that a lot of people are gonna die when the ramp protecting them falls. Vegito was cut out of thought by a massive explosion right next to him rocking the boat.

"Damn it! There it goes again!" says Vegito.

"10 seconds!"

"Let's do this Son!" says Page. Vegito looked at him, If he didn't know him. He would've thought he was a Saiyan.

"IT'S YOSHA TIME MOTHA-FUCKA'S!" yells Vegito as the ramp drops.

Suddenly bullets start raining down killing a bunch of men as Vegito jumps over the side and starts running. In a matter of seconds he blows the barbed wire up with a Ki blast and runs into the bunkers. The Nazi's are token by total surprise as Vegito starts Wiping through there ranks using Ki waves and a Ki swords. A Nazi shoot's Vegito in the head. Vegito jerks up. Then just slowly looks back with a smirk on his face, he sticks out his hand and says.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!" A massive explosion vaporizes every Nazi in a 30 meter radius. Vegito runs and destroys every single bunker until there all clear. Then he finds a chair and waits.

-30 minutes later.-

Vegito's squad finally make's it up the hill.

"Hey! What took you guys so long?" says Vegito grinning as the soldiers stand bug eyed. Smoke is rising and there are prisoners of war kneeling down with their hands up.

"How...did...?" says one of the soldiers.

"He's like a one man army." says Page.

"hehe.." smiles Vegito, standing up.

"Thank you Private Son. You saved a lot of lives by taking those out." says the Commander walking up to Vegito and patting him.

(Author note: Vegito killed 120 people and capture 3. That's the vast majority of the people who were in the complex.)

-end, short chapter.-