Starforce Crusader Legacy

Episode 1: The Gate

Cousin. Apologies for a recent rewrite. But I just looked at the recent story. It's too weird and the writing style is kind of bad. Cousin, I know that I am not the perfect writer. But I will do my best. I will write in a recent style of writing. But I guess I have many writing styles too. This may be a 3rd POV, unlike the Stellar Lilim Legacy.

Now, I made contact with the Legacy Universe. The stellar Lilim is still in that universe. However, I succeeded in contacting the Alternate timeline Anakin in a certain Galaxy. I don't know how many Star wars or crossover etc are in that universe. The Star is vast to explore.

Amazingly, There's a one who replaced Thrawn in that contact I made, Obi-wan Kenobi.

Cousin, I think It's time to read our Contact.

A long time ago in the Galaxy far far away.


Episode Legacy: 501st across the Galaxy

It's a period of conflict. The Sith Lord Count Dooku and his master Darth Sidious has risen and led the Confederacy of Independent System to attack the peaceful Galactic Republic. A Jedi, combined with the Clone army has risen to withstand the numerous army made of droids.

Outnumbered. But with the skills, that make the Galactic Republic on-par with the CIS. But the war has torn the People of the Galaxy and their lives. This war has to be stopped as soon as possible. Both sides are researching and finding every way to win the opponent. Including the Ancient Relics.

The Force is with the Republic. Recently, in the System of The Tython. There's an unknown Stargate that has to be investigated. And the Leading Volunteer is Anakin Skywalker and his master, Obi-wan Kenobi. If this gate success, It would lead to another Gate many System and Could crush the CIS. However, It seems not everything is going as expected….

"Somedays I am gonna fly away from this place."

"They're so many, do all systems have a planet?"

"He's the Chosen one"


Anakin Skywalker, a 22 years old Jedi. Once born as a slave on the planet of Tatooine. When he's 9 years old, Qui Gon Jinn adopted him into the Jedi Order, through bargaining in the pod race. Anakin has shown skills in piloting and the force.

When he was 19, the clone wars erupted. Throughout 3 years, Anakin has shown the skill of the Chosen One. Gained the title "A hero with no fear" from the cocky and crazy, but loved his comrade in fighting in the war. Anakin finally got in command of the 501st Clone region, due to his quality.

However, Anakin has been through fear and anger. Fear since he's a little one. Anger when his mother died. And hatred sometimes erupted during the clone wars. As the clone wars watcher, we could observe when Obi-wan faked himself as Hardeen.

Anakin just awakens from his rest clamber. Someone who awakened him was Ashoka, a Jedi padawan under Anakin's care. She adopted a lot of traits from her master. And their relationship is closer than regular master-padawan.

As the Anakin awakens. He suddenly asked.

- Anakin: "Ahsoka...Is it already time to get up?"

- Ashoka: "No, but you have to get up."

A sudden thought of the battle rush in Anakin's mind. He abandons his morning sleep and fully awakens.

- Anakin: "Asoka! Are we under attack?"|

- Ashoka: "Yes master! We're under attack from the Purrgil!... Just kidding."

Anakin facepalm. Yes, trolling her master is her trait too…

- Anakin: "So, snip. What makes you awaken me that much?"

- Ashoka: "It's about the Gate. We finally know how to activate it. And now we're going to test it soon.

- Anakin: "Bring Me to the Bridge"

- Ashoka: "You already know the way. Can't you walk?"

- Anakin: "Geez...There'll be a reckoning for a mean padawan."

- Ashoka: "Tries it and your ass wrecked by Obi-wan, haha"

They both laughed in their Teasing. They're both young, yet skilled.

On the bridge, there's Obi-wan Kenobi. Anakin's beloved Master and the General of 212th Attack Battalion. They're more like brothers. Although Obi-wan adopted Anakin after his master's death. He spends his responsibility for the sake of the Galaxy. And they grow like brothers. Luckily, they're not homosexual. And There's a blue-skinned Captain. He's known as the Grand Admiral in the Future. His name is Thrawn. A Great Strategist even though he's now only a captain.

- Obi-wan: "What brings you so lately, Anakin."

- Anakin: "Who through the Gate will finish this fast?"

- Obi-wan: "You should drink a coffee from Planet of Alderaan. It makes you stay all day and night long."

- Anakin: "It's ironic for who drank 5 cups of Aleraanian coffee yesterday."

Thrawn literary sight at Anakin and Said nothing.

They both look at the reconstructing of the Mega-Stargate. It's like a Super Stargate from Stargate SG-1 if it's our world's show. It has a diameter of 4000 meters. Very large.

Not to mention that the archaeology site below has a relic of the Ancient Jedis. Most relics said about how the Gate works, or where the Gate connected. There's a figure of Darth Revan too. It has the clues that led to Korriban too. However, there's one thing that surprised them.

It talks about Ringworld, monsters, women and magic, or alternative use of the force. A powerful Entity that changed the entire Planet on its wills. And the clues about "The another Galaxy" too. They never understand this. Although there's a strange huge Holocron here. Anakin, Ashoka and obi-wan can't open it.

Not for long, the Domino squad, including Fives, Rex and Echo and Cody is here too. Echo survived without the knowledge of the Republic, although he was severely injured, sustaining wounds that cost him his right arm, legs and lower torso. Echo was subsequently unable to resist the Separatist capture that followed. And the Separatist used him as a pawn. However, in the end. The Bad batch and Rex Rescued him.

Cousin, It seems this survival of the Echo happened in Unfinished Animation of the Clone Wars. And I wrote this contact in February 2020.

With the Returning of the Echo. Fives loves his brother even more. Including Rex, their captain and the captain of 501st Legion. And his co-captain, commander Cody and Obi-wan 212th Attack battalion.

Beside the Clones, an R2D2 and 3CPO is coming too.

Their gaze into the window contained vast countless stars. And the massive Gate in front of them. Rex and his squad saluted Anakin immediately.

- Rex: "General! Apologies for…"

- Anakin: "Relax, Rex. I am a late too…. If there wasn't Ahsoka…"

Ahsoka giggles on her master. Which made Anakin a little pissed off.

- 3CPO: "Alright, now we are at the gate. Glad to know that."

With all the Protagonists on the Bridge of "The Wandering Light", a Venator class star destroyer. There's Anakin, Obi-wan, Ashoka, Rex, Fives, Echo, Cody. Unknown to them, the 7 of them will have to face a new destiny apart from the same Star was together.

- Obi-wan: "Scientists, Activated the Gate!"

As soon as Obi-wan executed the command. The scientist worked on the Gate with the best ability. The head scientist entered a coordinate which was thought to be Korriban.

The ring on the Gate has blue spark erupted. Soon, it spread through the rings. However, everything isn't going as expected.

A Holocron in the temple suddenly opened on itself. Surprised Scientist and the escort. Anakin rushed to the terminal immediately.

- Anakin: "What? A Holocron?!"

- Scientist: "We don't know how this happened!"

A voice whispers in three Jedi's heads. The voice has pitched but still dry and cold. The sound itself is like an ancient sith lord. But the power they feel is mixed between Jedi and Sith.

"And now, the Crusader is present...May the force be with you…"

As soon as the gate activated. The Blue watery wormhole formed in the Gate. But then suddenly, a Holocron sent Extremely strong EMP waves all around the area, causing all of the ships Deactivated.

- Anakin: "Situations!"

- Thrawn: "It's no use...All of the electricity in the ships are gone! And the other as well!"

Not for long, an emergency system activated to support the lives while the electricity was rebooting. Anakin could feel his right arm paralyzed due to electricity action. But the crisis didn't end here.

The Wandering Light is moving by itself. Like there's power pushing the Ship toward the Gate. Another ship is pushed by known power. Yes, this all done by the force, from that Holocron. The white waves of energy particles erupted from the Holocron intermittently as the ship was pushed. No one can ever control the ship now.

- Obi-wan: "Put the ship back to operate quickly! We're sucking in!"

- Clones: "We have done in maximum capacity, sir!"

- Anakin: "Master Obi-wan...could you feel it?"

- Obi-wan: "Feel what?"

- Anakin: "The guiding us...I feel seeks our help…"

- Obi-wan: "It's not….I could feel it too...What is on the other side of this gate?

- Ahsoka: "But I could feel it...It's like a whole new world…"

- Anakin: "Yes Ahsoka, but we better put the ship on too…"

The Clones are working diligently and rashly. But it's no help. The waves from the Holocron are too powerful. Scientists try to stop or destroy the Holocron. But either stop or destroy is both failed.

In the end, the Wandering Light touched the Watery wormhole. Before it's slowly pushed toward the other side of the Gate. Anakin and other people on the bridge got absorbed by the blue watery wormhole and the light it's too bright. Cause all of the people to close their eyes.

"Please help the Universe...Starforce Crusader…"

The voices echo in all of the Crew on the ships. Before all becoming unconscious. The Gate closed, and then the system itself short circuit and cannot open again...

End of Episode