a/n: a missing scene from the beginning of "The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery".

No Longer Bored

He sighed, as he stretched stiffened muscles,

Arched his back, cursed his unpadded chair.

He was down in the tunnel on duty,

While his friends were relaxing "up there".

He could picture the scene in the barracks,

As his friends took the chance to unwind;

A cheerful narration from Carter,

Of the random, unstoppable kind;

An acerbic response from his bunk mate,

Who, perhaps, was attempting to kip

And recover from recent exertions;

A nocturnal and hazardous trip.

The Colonel would be in his office;

LeBeau would be wielding his spoon;

A card game, or two, in the offing:

A typical slow afternoon.


He ceased tapping pencil on table,

And listened to every slight sound.

He could place every creak, timbers shifting;

He had spent too much time underground.

He discarded his novel, half-finished;

Knew precisely whodunnit to whom.

He was bored, really bored, and quite restless;

Hemmed in by the windowless room.

He studied the surface before him;

The scuffs and the marks and lines scored;

Ringed stains from hot mugs and wine spillage;

The grain was distorted and flawed.

He traced knotted curves with his finger;

A wandering trail in fine dust;

Till he snagged a small nail at the corner;

Bent crooked, and patterned with rust.


He altered his gaze; wooden shelving

High up on one wall, near a chart;

A stack of old books, and containers.

Spring cleaning? At least he could start.

One bottle of furniture polish...

The brand clearly marked on the lid.

A rag, and a new sense of purpose;

The label said "shake"...so he did...

He paused...something strange, out of kilter...

It fizzed, became warm in his hand...

Instinctive reaction, he threw it,

Not thinking of where it might land.

A sudden, impressive explosion;

Ears ringing, he coughed, staggered back.

Above him were thuds, shouts and movement;

The ladder swung down with a crack!


Two thoughts; huge relief, deep suspicion

Regarding which compounds were stored.

He emerged, dust-adorned, scorched and rattled;

And certainly...no longer bored.