a/n:Four factory workers, and a good deed which does not go unpunished. A missing scene from "Swing Shift".


Four drinks interrupted;

A plea for assistance;

A broken down car;

A reluctant good deed.

Assurance that helping

Would just take a moment;

Quite hard to ignore

A small traveller in need.


The roadside; an unlit

Location, unwitnessed;

A swiftly developing

Sense of unease.

Dark figures around them;

Brisk orders, brief scuffle;

Clothes stripped, secure blindfolds;

Rehearsed expertise.


No hope of resisting;

No chance of escaping;

Manhandled and thrown

In the back of a truck,

Then whisked away rapidly,

Deep in the forest;

Bewildered and fearful

And cursing their luck.


A farmhouse, a cellar,

Thin blankets, food, water;

No daylight, door padlocked.

No notion of time.

Detained by their countrymen;

Turncoats and traitors

Assisting the Allies;

A capital crime.


Four lives interrupted;

Away from their loved ones;

Away from the work

They must do for the war.

Now captive and helpless

And truly afraid

Of what final misfortune

The Fates have in store...