Final chapter of this fic, i honestly wanted to make it a short PWP but it turned into a little bit more, though not overly thick in plot. Honestly i lost my muse half way but i still think Tom is sexy as hell. Thank you all for the great kudoś and comments! Much love!

Chapter 14: Together at last

"Expergiscimini Ilusion, Albus Persival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" Tom had almost purred into the mirror. Harry felt a strange pull much like apparating and before he knew it he was standing inside Dumbledore's office, trying to steel himself for the sickening feeling that was sure to come he was surprised that there wasn't any. "Illusion" Tom spoke in his mind.

A slow smirk krept over Harry's face, one that was slightly disturbing and did not match the innocent sweet face and kind but fiery green eyes. But he decided now was not the time for sweet Harry, no, that time had passed when that bastard tried to poison him to reach his own goal. All in the fear of being overthrown.

And the look on Dumbledore's face was worth it, oh Merlin it was, he knew this the instant he saw it and the knot that was in his stomach loosened.

"Harry" came the slightly surprised voice but it was followed by less friendly "Tom" when the elderly wizard spotted his wingmate. "This is impossible Tom, what game are you playing" the man hissed no longer focussing on Harry.

"Whatever do you mean headmaster Dumbledore" he spoke, but instead of an innocent face like his tone suggested, a sadistic smirk had also krept on the man's face, eyes bleeding into darker red as he continued. "Do you perhaps mean Harry here? by my side?"

" Impossible!" Snapped the supreme Wugmump. instantly losing his kind grandfatherly facade.

" Impossible you say? And why would that be? Perhaps - "he spoke pretending to think. "ah yes i remember, you poisoned one of your students. And not just one of your no.. something far more.. valuable than that. My soulmate. "You tried to kill what is mine" he hissed, dark magic seemingly accumulating in the room.

Dumbledore's eyes widened and they snapped towards Harry, doubt clouding his eyes behind his spectacles. Could he have survived? But he placed the loveless curse on the boy, not just fed him the draught. How could..- Love. -. His train of thought stopped abruptly.

No, this was one of Toms manipulations, it had to be, Tom was incapable of loving anyone or anything. it just was not possible, he had been careful in researching it.

"No Tom, and i don't know what you want to reach by doing this, but this is not possible. Harry can't have survived, you my boy are incapable of love." he said almost triumphant.

Harry had enough, he had enough of the manipulative old coot and his greater good philosophy. enough of the hurtful words towards his lover.

"Stop it! I trusted you!" Harry snapped making both men fall silend and focus on him. "I trusted you and you left me, left me in that horrible place! you allowed them to abuse me! they starved me, beat me, bullied me into thinking i was a freak. and you ..did.. nothing. And then you use me as a pawn for your own sick game, and the moment you feel like i couldn't be used anymore you dispose of me like some toy you are fed up with. But guess what.. you -were- wrong- Tom is perfectly capable of love, he just never found someone that was worth his heart! But now he did" Harry spoke his voice softening at the end.

¨And i love him, with all my heart. I loved him always but never realised it. And when he came to me after i saved Nagini, he could have killed me like you tried to do.. but he didn't"

Looking at a slightly surprised face of Tom he gave a gentle smile before glaring at Dumbledore again. "You fucked up.. you had your hero, i was ready to fight for you and your so called greater good for years! but you were blinded by your own plan that you didn't see it coming until it was too late."

Dumbledore finally seemed to realise that this in fact was the real Harry and changed tactics. "Harry my boy,"

"I am NOT your boy you old coot!" He snapped viciously making Dumbledore flinch.

"Harry" The elderly wizard tried again. " You know he is manipulating you, i know in my heart you are a good young man, please know that what i did was the only way to destroy him. As you are well aware Tom here" he spoke ignoring how said Dark Lord was clenching his hands into fists at the mention of his name spoken by Dumbledore.

"Tom here has created several Horcruxes, you have indeed successfully destroyed a couple"he spoke cold blue eyes monitoring Tom to see how the other would respond. Perhaps if Tom knew Harry had destroyed parts of his soul their so called -love- would no longer exist. frowning as if worried Dumbledore looked over his moon spectacles to Harry. "Harry, i don't know how to say this.. but you are a Horcrux, Tom's Horcrux.. An unwilling one perhaps yes, one that he never intended to make.. but Horcrux nonetheless.. So you see Harry, in order for us to destroy the evil that you have been fighting your whole life, you needed to die, think of all the students Harry. All those innocent lives will be lost if you join Tom. We can think of something, investigate if perhaps the Horcrux has been dormant now and can be extracted without your loss of life". The man spoke in a calm voice.

The Harry of two years ago, heck even one year ago would have jumped to the opportunity to save the wizarding world of the so called evil Lord Voldemort, but now he saw the old wizard for who he truly was and it sickened him.

He was a good actor however so he blinked innocently "I'm a Horcrux?" he repeated slowly ignoring the twitch of one of the corners of Tom's lips.

The elder wizard nodded gravely. "Yes Harry, but together we can find a way! " he said confidently.

Harry seemed to contemplate the idea and looked like he was going to accept whatever Dumbledore had in mind. The moment he saw vicious victory in the old man's eyes he smirked and turned to Tom.

"Hear that Love, I'm a Horcrux, did you know that? No wonder you were so eager to fuck me" he said making Tom actually snort. "Must you be so uncouth my dear" he grumbled playfully.

"Well you know me, I've never been one with words, that's you Tom".

"Hmmh.." came the confirmation from his side.

Harry turned to Dumbledore again and his green eyes turned cold. "You tried to murder me, and i will make you pay.. i will make you pay for everything you allowed to happen, and i will do it and watch with glee as the wizarding world will turn against you and turn to their legendary savior, Harry potter, the boy who lived.. multiple times now may i add."

Dumbledore's wand hand twitched. Tom noticed and cocked his head a bit.

"You are making a big mistake Harry. "

"I don't think so Headmaster, for the first time in my life, i feel one hundred percent sure of what i want and need".

"I am truly sorry to hear that Harry, and also Sorry for what i have to do" he said and immediately cast an Avada towards the two.

The green light raced towards them and Harry couldn't help but tense and move in front of Tom. Even though Tom had said they were not really there, what if curses like this impacted them. It was better that he died then Tom. But the curse went right through the both of them.

"Really old man.. do you think i am that stupid that i would actually manifest with my lover in your room and risk our lives? You are even more of an idiot then i anticipated…my my.. i wonder what the aurors would say if they detect you cast an unforgivable in your office. Not looking good i assure you." he tutted.

The fury in Dumbledore's eyes was intoxicating. Harry tossed his head back and laughed. He knew it made him look like he was off his rockers but this was just too great. He was done being everyone's scapegoat. a pawn. the wonderful boy who lived.

Tom gently pulled the boy close and captured his chin in two long fingers. "Hmmh.. how delicious you look when you let go of that precious sanity of yours for a bit. Makes me want to claim you again, taste you.. my delicious Horcrux. "

Harry purred and leaned into the touch. ¨ Yes, i am done here, let's go" he said and turned. Tom smirked and as they pulled out of the illusion they could both hear the enraged roar of the headmaster.

Harry opened his eyes and gasped feeling a bit disoriented. "We're back" he whispered. "Yes we are, and we have some unfinished business to conduct before we can enjoy ourselves " Tom muttered in a serious tone.


"Yes my dear, remember, Dumbledore cast an unforgivable, on school grounds, i intent to destroy him and this is a perfect way to do so. Especially if we use the correct connections" Tom purred and pulled Harry in for another kiss, his tongue gliding over the man's lower lip, teasing him, asking him for access which Harry granted with pleasure.

"Ah yes, i almost forgot, i got distracted" Harry purred between kisses.

"hmmh.. you are rather sensitive for distraction my dear" he tutted before pulling back.

" You need to be ready to give the most heartbreaking interview you have ever given, and i know just the witch to help you" Tom chuckled.

"Merlin no…"

"So Dear dear.. dear Harry, just ignore the quil dear" a very fluffed up Rita Skeeter said as she waved her hand absentmindedly to the floating quil. " You were just telling me what Dumbledore, the great chief warlock, idol to so many many young minds has done to you"

And Harry did, not leaving anything out and making it more dramatic than needed for the papers. Even though he was sure the message would be conveyed properly, Rita had a way with words after all.

In the meanwhile one of Tom's higher ranking Deatheathers who was currently employed as head investigations of use of unforgivable curses was conveniently tipped about the incident in the top tower of Hogwarts. And not even a day later the Profit rolled out with Dumbledore on the first page.

"Albus Dumbledore found guilty of abuse, attempted murder and using an unforgivable of golden boy Harry Potter"

Harry grunted as he saw the front page "That was quick".

"i am nothing but efficient my dear, you know this" Tom said as he slowly buttered his toast.

"Don't i know it" Harry scoffed and teasingly licked the jelly off his knife, tongue slowly wrapping around it, he groaned and tossed his head back "So good"he groaned and ran a hand over his throat towards his chest.

Tom raised an eyebrow and his red eyes turned dark. "Hmm. you do have a pennant for being dramatic, but i can't say i do not enjoy it.. now allow me to provide you with a real reason to moan in pleasure. " he hissed and instantly Harry knew, they were in for a wild ride. But he didn't mind, after all, nothing could stop them now.