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AU Stargate Atlantis – Ronon/OC

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Carson re-checked Lorne's pulse, it was weak, but it was there. He'd regained consciousness shortly after Ronon had laid him on the floor. There was little Carson could do for the pain that racked Lorne's body but administer a vial of Morphine. He hoped it would be enough to render the Major unconscious. He only had two Morphine vials left, then he could nothing more for anyone's pain. Beckett gently checked Lorne's back again, it was a mess of shrapnel. He'd stemmed the bleeding as best as he could but the blood loss was great and he feared they'd lose the Major to shock. Something made Carson stop his inspection. It had gone quiet, everything had gone quiet, silence, what now? he thought.

"Why have they stopped?" McKay called out to nobody in particular.

"Probably reloading?" Banks replied.

"All of them?"

"Rodney?" Carson called out.

"I don't know," McKay quickly replied. He tapped at his radio bringing it to life. "Teyla, this is McKay, can you hear me? What's happening?"

Her hand trembled as she tentatively reached across to touch Ronon's neck, would she find a pulse? Or would there be nothing? Pursing her lips together she braced herself and placed her two trembling fingers upon his neck. she sobbed, letting go of the breath she didn't realise she'd been holding the whole time. It was so very weak, no more than a flutter really but it was there, life. She knelt down so she could whisper into his ear, "do not let go Ronon. Orla and the baby need you; I need you and John would never forgive you if you died!" She placed her forehead to his temple gently praying to the Ancestors to keep him alive. Abruptly, her radio burst into life, she could hear Rodney. With a shaking hand she activated her radio, "Rodney, please get Dr Beckett. Ronon… he has a pulse. It is very weak but it is there, please!"

"What's happening, why have you stopped firing?"

"It is over, the drones are dead. Rodney, please, send Dr Beckett immediately."

"It's over, the drones, they're all gone. We won! I always knew we would!" Rodney beamed excitedly. "Carson!" he yelled, "Teyla's with Ronon, he has a pulse, albeit very weak, she's asking for you," McKay stated. Turning to look at Banks he couldn't hide his relief, "the big guy's alive and we won!"

Amelia smiled, not before the relief of the situation hit her and she collapsed into the chair beside her console exclaiming, "thank god!"

Carson hurried down the stairwell, clutching the medical bag with the few remaining supplies closely. He carefully edged himself down the slope, trying not to think about what he was actually stepping on and how they'd once been living creatures too. Eventually he approached Teyla, she had Lieutenant Marks beside her. Looking at him Carson couldn't hide his surprise at the man sudden ageing. "What happened?"

"A drone attacked the Lieutenant, we managed to kill it but not before it fed upon him. He is in great pain, but he will survive thankfully," Teyla explained as she gave Marks a reassuring smile. "I fear however, Ronon is in more need of your assistance right now, Carson."

Carson nodded, "I'll come back to you Lieutenant, try not to move about too much it will help reduced the pain, OK?" he waited for the acknowledgement from Marks before turning his attention back to Teyla. "Right, let's take a look at the big man. You didn't move him, did you?"


"Good, lass," Carson moved to sit beside Ronon searching for his pulse, he felt it weak beneath his fingers. He swiftly glanced over Ronon's body trying to assess the worst of damage visible. Ronon's right leg was twisted unnaturally, he moved to examine the leg instantly seeing it was broken. Carson realized he would need more than the few vials of Morphine and a few bandages from his medical kit if he was to save Ronon's life

"Rodney, I'm here with Teyla," Carson relayed into his comm. "Ronon needs urgent medical attention. Please dial the Alpha site. I need doctors, drugs, medical teams, equipment and the scanners all back into the infirmary stat! Aside from Ronon and Lorne, we have other people needing medical attention including Lieutenant Marks who's been fed upon!" Carson surveyed quickly the surrounding area which was covered with fallen debris. His gaze fell upon the transporter doors blocked by rubble, metal girders and drone pieces. He looked back at Teyla, "Teyla, I can't risk moving Ronon until a full medical team get here. If he hasn't already been paralyzed by the fall then us moving him with a spinal or neck injury could paralyze him. Can you stay with him, make sure nobody moves him or if he comes around that he stays completely still?"

"Of course. What about his leg?"

"It's broken but again, if he has a spinal injury and I move that leg. It could be the last time it moves. As I said, when the team comes, then we can start helping him." Carson stood and looked about for a Marine he could remember the name of. Spotted one he called out, "Lieutenant Wilkinson isn't it?"

Lieutenant Wilkinson turned upon hearing his name called out, he easily spotted Carson. "Dr Beckett, how can I help you, Sir?"

"Can you organize these fine Marines to clear the rubble etc away from those transporter doors back there?" He said pointing at the almost hidden doors to one side of the stairwell. "I don't want to have to move Ronon further than I need to and that transporter can get me close to the infirmary,"

"Sure thing, Doctor Beckett," Wilkinson replied before he swiftly moved away calling out the names of Marines he wanted.

Carson turned his attention back to Ronon. Kneeling beside the man he reached inside his medical bag for a sterile cloth he began to wipe at the blood trail coming from Ronon's' mouth. He gently began to move his hands over Ronon examining again trying to find anything to indicate an injury he couldn't see. He gently moved past the broken leg, sighing he couldn't risk examining him too firmly. He leaned down and in hushed tones whispered in Ronon's ear, "just you hang on big man, I just need to find some extra strong lads to move you. We don't want Orla seeing you down here like this, do we?"

Teyla looked across to where Marks was lying, she stood and moved to the Lieutenant's side. "Lieutenant?"

Marks looked up at Teyla, she looked tired and just a little rumpled. No doubt they all did he thought. "I'm okay," he finally said.

"You are not, being fed upon is not a … it is a painful ordeal," she hoped she'd worded her reassurance properly. "Dr Beckett will see to your chest wound, give you something to ease the pain. You will be alright."

"I know, I am alive, I'm lucky right?" he sighed wearily as his gaze moved back to the injured Satedan. He moved his hand inside his TAC vest and pulled out Ronon's particle gun. He offered it over to Teyla. "Please make sure he gets this back, I'd love to keep it but he'd kick my ass if I tried and I'm too old for that now," he laughed feebly.

Rodney dialled the Alpha site. As he waited for the chevron's to lock into place, he paced the gate room floor, his nerves were strained. He was exhausted from the day's events. The gate room began to fill with weary looking Marines. Unsure what was happening McKay looked around for anyone who was familiar. He finally noticed Lieutenant Wilkinson and strode to him.

"Wilkinson, isn't it? What's happening?" Rodney nervously asked. He found himself to be a little ashamed that he'd been on away missions with the young Marine but until now he'd never really talked to the man.

"Yes, Dr McKay. I'm trying to organize the Marines we have left. I Need a few Marines to clear the debris blocking the transporter doors in the stairwell. Dr Beckett wants to get Ronon to the infirmary as soon as a medical team can get here and that's his best route. Teyla's with Lieutenant Marks and Ronon. Private Bailey is in the upper jumper bay and two Marines are posted at the base of the tower. We're secure. The rest of us are here to help bring the equipment Doctor Beckett needs back to Atlantis."

"Well, you're not going to the Alpha site without me. I don't want some Marine, no offence Stephen, it is Stephen isn't it?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I'm not having one of you tell Orla that Ronon is lying at the bottom of a stairwell and may well die if we can't get him to the infirmary quickly." Rodney moved to the front of the gathered Marines and looked across at Amelia, "I won't be gone long. Keep the shields up and if you hear anything from Todd, tell him… if he really wants my help, he can wait!"

The last chevrons locked into place the wormhole shot out, twisted on itself then settled back into the Stargate and shimmered. "Let's go!" McKay ordered.

On the Alpha site Sergeant Andrews had ordered his Marines back to the tree line once more. They watched as the chevrons locked into place. Activating his radio, he called for Major Teldy. "Major Teldy, we have an incoming wormhole."

"Acknowledged, standby," Teldy ordered, she hurried away from the hospital tent she and the Marines had been adding beds just in case any wounded made it to the site. Running towards Woolsey's tent she barged through without any announcement. Teldy hurriedly explained the situation to the Lantean Commander.

"Very well, have a team of Marines back up Sergeant Andrews just in case this isn't a friendly visit." Woolsey ordered as he stood and followed the Major out of the tent. He headed over to the science tent, stepping inside he coughed lightly announcing his entrance. "We have visitors, unknown as yet, please prepare yourselves."

"For what?" Orla asked.

"I don't know…" Woolsey's radio stopped his train of thought.

"Mr Woolsey, Sir. This is Major Teldy. Sir, Dr McKay and a team of Marines have just stepped through the wormhole."

McKay, Teldy and a team of Marines walked briskly toward the Alpha site base camp. McKay's anxiety causing him to keep pace with the Marines without any problem. He kept thinking how to word what he needed say to Orla. Eventually they made it to the camp, he scanned the faces surrounding them. They all wanted to know what was happening but he needed to get to Keller and Orla first.

"Dr McKay, it's good to see you," Woolsey declared with a genuine smile.

McKay came to a stop beside the Lantean leader, "Mr Woolsey, it's over. Atlantis is safe. I'll explain but you need to come with me, we need to find Dr Keller, now," he stated moving hurriedly towards the large medical tent not looking to see if Woolsey had followed.

"Can you not explain anything?" Woolsey asked as he kept pace with the scientist.

"I will but we really need doctors, urgently need doctors," McKay bellowed as he entered the tent. "Dr Keller! Dr Keller! Dr Keller!" he yelled.

"Dr Keller has just finished Colonel Sheppard's surgery and is cleaning up. Is there anything anyone else can do?" Marie offered as she came to stand beside the fractious scientist.

"We need all the medical teams and doctors back on Atlantis, stat!"

"How many wounded?"

"I don't know but…"

"Dr McKay, what's wrong, why are you yelling," Jennifer Keller demanded to know as she appeared from the rear of the tent.

"How's Sheppard?"

"That's it? Your yelling like a mad man to get an update on the Colonel?" she fumed.

"What? No, I mean, yes. I want to know how he is but that's not why I was yelling. We urgently need you and the other doctors back on Atlantis and in Carson's own words, stat! He needs the scanners, medicine and all equipment back. We've a lot of wounded, some seriously injured. I don't know how many are dead."

"Whoa, we can't just up and move everything, moving all this is a major operation."

"Are you defying your CMO? There are men back there dying and some are good friends. Carson can't do anymore than he has. The people who stayed to defend all of you now need you. I'm sorry but they really need you."

"Okay…" Jennifer realizing the situation was dire, switched into doctor mode. "What are the worst injuries, I need to pack supplies and get them to Carson ASAP."

"Major Lorne…," as he began to explain he turned looking about him to see who was present. Noting it was Woolsey, Keller, Marie and Major Teldy only, he continued. "Major Lorne was badly injured in a grenade explosion. He's got shrapnel embedded into all of his back along the spine. He's got cuts to his face and scalp. His arm is all twisted and facing the wrong way. Then there's…" he looked about again to reassure himself Orla wasn't present. "Then there's Ronon. He fell about ten feet onto the debris from earlier explosions. Carson is with him now, he's barely alive and he can't be moved. Lieutenant Marks, was fed upon by a drone. They killed it before it took too many years but he's in pain and shock. There are others too …"

"Oh my god," Keller's hand flew to her mouth.

"I need to make sure Orla hears about Ronon from a friend not by a Marine who knows nothing about either of them,"

"Of course, Dr McKay," Woolsey quietly answered.

Rodney entered the scientist tent, none of them working. Instead they were huddled in a small group chatting. "So, this is what happens when I go save the world you all stop to gossip?" He joked but his voice betrayed his emotions.

"Rodney?" Zelenka said as he stood and walked toward the physicist.


"Are you alright?"

"No, but in the big scheme of things. I guess, yes, I'm fine. I really need to talk to Orla, alone."

"NO!" Orla cried as her hand flew protectively to touch her unborn child.

"What? No…dammit," Rodney crossed the tent to steer Orla into a nearby chair. "I'm sorry, I just did what I was trying to avoid," he smiled weakly at Orla. "The big guy saved Lorne you know, got himself blown up by a grenade…"

Orla sobbed.

"No, no, Lorne did not Ronon. Ronon had to rescue him and get him to Carson. Then he fought the drones. He's… hurt, it's bad but he's alive and if there's one thing we know about Ronon he's too stubborn to die."

"He's alive, you mean it?"

"Of course, I mean it."

Teams of Marines and civilians brought the much-needed medicine and medical equipment to the Alpha site Stargate. The only civilians allowed back through and into Atlantis for now were the doctors and medical staff to aid with the injured. The Marines were given the grim task of moving the fallen Marines to the morgue to be prepared and sent back to the SGC by Dr Biro. The scientific staff were needed back afterward to help put Atlantis back into working order. The debris was moved from the stairwell transporters' doors allowing the medical teams to move Ronon to the infirmary followed by Major Lorne and Lieutenant Marks. With the medical scanner back in place, the worst injured were assessed first.

Carson approached Ronon's bed, he'd come around just before the medical teams had arrived back in Atlantis. Although when Carson had asked him about his pain all Ronon could feel was the broken leg. Carson smiled at Orla; she was seated beside Ronon holding his hand. It was clear to see she was tearful but doing her best to not breakdown. "Your results are back in. You've broke your right leg, which we knew about but now all the scans are back, the leg will need to be re-set and for a cast to be placed onto your leg. You sustained a concussion but because you've been lucid and recall memories, you'll be allowed to sleep, although we will be waking you every two hours for the first twenty-four hours so please don't growl at the nurses. As for your back, the scans do show damage around and along the spine. I have no idea how you didn't break your back but you are beyond lucky. The damage is repairable over time and given your broken leg, you're going to be in recovery for up to twelve weeks. For the next few days though I want you to stay laying down and still, no getting out of bed and that's an order Ronon! Once everything is on the mend then you will be assessed for physical therapy. Hopefully you should be back with your team in about three to four months. No arguments, Ronon. You're lucky to even be alive. I'm assuming you want to hold that wee baby when it comes, so do as you are told and you will."

"What about the numbness? Why can't he feel the damage in his spine?" Orla asked her voice unsteady.

"There's too much swelling and bruising right now. As there doesn't appear to be any permanent damage to the spine, neck or his head we're not too worried. Although you'll feel every inch of that fall in the coming days. Don't worry, we'll keep a close eye on Ronon. Now if you'll excuse me…"

"How's Lorne?" Ronon asked.

"He had a lot of shrapnel in his back, it took Dr Keller and I quite a while to remove all the pieces. He managed to dislocate and break his arm at the same time so he'll be with you in physical therapy. Hopefully his hearing will be back to normal soon. Now I really need to go and update Mr Woolsey."

"Thanks, doc," Ronon replied.

"Coming through, mind your feet!" Dr Biro instructed as she navigated the two Marines pushing Colonel Sheppard's bed into and through the infirmary ordering the Marines to move the bed next to Ronon. "Thought you gentlemen might appreciate each other's company."

"Sheppard?" Ronon called out as he tried to sit up to see him.

"Ronon, don't move, you heard Carson," Orla pleaded.

"Seriously Chewie, you fell down the stairs?" Sheppard smirked as he replied knowing fully well just how seriously hurt Ronon had been but his relief it hadn't been worse letting him tease the man.

"I didn't fall down the stairs Sheppard, I was pushed over the railings."

"Thought you were tougher than that."

"At least I wasn't too slow to avoid a blaster."

"I was not slow! It was aimed right at me!" Sheppard's smirk changed to a mock indignation. "Good to see you buddy."


"Where's Lorne?" Sheppard asked.

"He's in recovery and doing well," Orla explained.

"Gonna be a full house in here for a while," Sheppard stated before he yawned, his medication kicking in.

"Well, would you look at these lazy bones in bed while the rest of us single handily save Atlantis," McKay beamed as he entered the infirmary, Teyla by his side.

"Single handily?" Teyla questioned with a smile.

"Maybe not single handily but certainly an important part of saving Atlantis. I stopped Todd from blowing us up and saved you two," he grinned as he pointed at the two men in their beds.

"What the hell has Todd got to do with anything?" Sheppard sleepily asked.

"He appeared shortly after the first Hive arrived, in another Hive. He stole my brilliant idea that Zelenka used to create a passcode generator, you know the one they used to rescue us from the Queen's Hive some while back. Anyway, he broke through their shields and destroyed the first Hive. He wanted the EMP device Ronon destroyed. I explained it had been destroyed in the assault by the Wraith. He wasn't overly happy but he needs my help with some tech, so we made an agreement, he wouldn't kill us if I helped him. So, technically I did save all your asses."

"What are they gonna do with all the drone bodies?" Ronon asked.

"The Marines are collecting the bodies and pieces taking them to the mainland via puddle jumpers to be buried," McKay grimly answered.

Teyla watched as Ronon yawned, "I think it is time we let you both get some sleep."

"Sleep … sounds good…" was all Colonel Sheppard could manage as he fell into a deep sleep.

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