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Setting; Season 5, Ronon / OC, Carson is still CMO of Atlantis but Keller is also on Atlantis and Cadman spends her time on duty on Atlantis and The Daedalus.

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Ronon laid between the furs of his bed, he was restless and trying not to wake Orla, sleep was evading him despite his weariness. The earlier off-world mission was a success but not without its usual hassles. All he'd wanted to do was get back to Orla, everything was changing. It was a good change but he was … scared, no, worried, no … scared and worried? He hadn't admitted any such fears to her, not yet. He gently brushed at the curls of her hair. Slowly and carefully he drew her into his arms, she'd been exhausted. As he fitted himself around her body his right hand gently moved to Orla's stomach. His hand trembled as he softly stroked the slight bump. A child, his child, the child he never thought he would ever have. His breathing became uneven, he fought down the lump in his throat as the emotion of actually becoming a father hit him once again. He buried his face into furs by Orla's head.

Orla's felt Ronon bury his head into the furs, she'd woken at his gentle touch but stayed quiet, she knew sometimes she had to let Ronon decide if he wanted to share how he was feeling. Their life was changing, she was carrying his child. She was happy and knew he was too but the emotion surrounding them was intense. She felt him settle around her once more and she closed her eyes and let sleep wash over her.

It had started just over five weeks ago, Orla had been working in the science lab with Radek, the diagnostic reports all done, they smiled at each other knowing Rodney McKay would have one less thing to complain about. As she stood up, walking no more than two steps the world swivelled on its' axis causing her to faint, causing Radek to exclaim aloud, "Ach můj bože! "

As Orla began to come around it was to the sound of Radek panicking in Czechoslovakian. "Radek," she groaned. "I'm fine, no breakfast is all, no biggie."

"We must call Carson. He will need to see to you."

"Radek, don't, the last thing I need is to get Carson. I'm fine just a bit light-headed, promise."

"Fine, but we go get you some food, come along or I will get Ronon."

"Oh, that's low Radek," Orla said with a chuckle.

"Yes, but it's working," Radek smiled back offering her a hand up off the floor. "Right, let's get that food," he continued steering his wobbly charge out of the laboratory and toward the mess hall.

As they entered the mess hall Orla let go of Radek's arm, worried the sight of her needing his help to walk would get back to Ronon. "Think of the gossip, I'd better sit down of my own volition," she said half-jokingly.

"Fine, but I will get the food. Here sit down, doesn't matter where we sit."

Radek got a tray and stacked it with sandwiches and pudding cups. "Here we go, make sure you eat the pudding cups, they're full of sugar," he explained, piling more food in front of Orla than even Ronon would choose.

Orla had taken no more than a bite out of her sandwich when she heard rather than saw Ronon Dex bounding into the mess hall.

Ronon easily spotted Orla sitting with Radek, she looked okay. He headed towards her table determined to find out what exactly the Marine he'd been talking to in the corridor had been talking about. Apparently, Orla needed Radek to hold her up on their way to the mess hall? "Orla," Ronon called out. "You okay? Why do you need help to walk?" Ronon turned his head towards the other scientist without waiting for an explanation. "Radek, what happened? Why didn't you call me?"

"Ronon" Orla called. She watched as the huge dreadlocked frame of the ex-runner turned to look at her. "Everything is fine, there's nothing to worry about honest. I just didn't eat enough at breakfast. Felt a bit wobbly so Radek brought me here to get some food and now I'm fine. You know if there'd been anything to worry about Radek would've called you."

Ronon felt relief, she was right, if she'd been hurt, he would've been called or at the least Carson would've been with her. "I'm always telling you to eat more!" he grumbled, turning to Radek he brought his huge paw of a hand down onto the scientists' shoulder squeezing it gently. "Thanks."

A few days later it happened again, only this time Orla had gotten no more than a few steps out of bed. On hearing a thud from their sleeping quarters Ronon strode out of the bathroom to find her unconscious on the floor. He picked her up and gently lowered her back into the furs on their bed. He quickly scanned the room looking for one of their radio's; finding one on the table nearest the door he seized it quickly bringing the radio to life calling for Beckett to attend their quarters.

Sheppard was in the gym instructing the new batch of Marines on how not to get too close to a Wraith feeding hand, he'd handle their initial training. He'd hand them over to Ronon for further training. His earpiece crackled to life, the booming bass voice of Ronon Dex needing medical attention causing concern. Sheppard clicked at the earpiece turning away from the Marines. "Ronon, this is Sheppard. You okay buddy?"

"Sheppard?" the Satedan responded, "I'm fine, it's Orla, she collapsed, again."

"Keep in touch Ronon," Sheppard stated as he ended the conversation. Bringing his earpiece to life once again he called for Carson Beckett the Chief Medical Officer on Atlantis. "Beckett, this is Sheppard, keep me updated on the medical emergency."

"Will do Colonel," was the short but quick response back from Beckett who was currently winging his way out of the infirmary and towards the transporters.

Orla opened her eyes to find Ronon pacing the floor. "Ronon?"

Ronon turned to find Orla awake and confused. "Don't move, you collapsed again, I've called for Beckett."

Orla groaned in embarrassment. She didn't need a doctor. A holiday? Yes. Plenty of sleep? Sure. Ronon back in bed? Yes. But not the Atlantis' CMO. "Tell Carson I'm fine, he'll be annoyed at being called out for nothing more than just tiredness."

"Not tiredness," he grumbled coming to sit on the edge of the bed. "I spent seven years without much sleep and never fainted," he stated very matter-of-factly.

The door chimed, Ronon instantly leapt to his feet, palming the door open and stepping back to allow Beckett access to their room.

"Right lassie, let's take a look at you. Passed out again huh?" Beckett said as he entered the quarters and moved toward the bed. Opening the small black bag he'd brought with him, he sat on the edge of the bed. "Let's get your vitals, first shall we?" Beckett took out a thermometer and put it straight under Orla's tongue silencing any objection. Next, he listened to her heartbeat and then took her blood pressure. "Blood pressure's a little low but otherwise all seems normal and no temperature. When you feel a bit better, I want you to come for a blood panel, you might be harboring a virus."

"Carson, I'm fine …"

"I'll bring her straight in Doc, let her get dressed first," Ronon responded brooking no argument and ignoring Orla's comments.

"Good lad," Carson responded, packing up his instruments. He looked at Orla, "Better to be safe Orla, this is the Pegasus Galaxy."

The following day Orla was in the laboratory. She'd reluctantly agreed with Ronon that until they'd gotten the results from the blood panel back from Beckett she wouldn't work alone. He'd already gotten Rodney to promise to watch out for her. Orla's tummy rumbled, hungry again? she thought, I already ate. She reached for the apple in her lab coat and took a bite.

"Orla, how are we today?" Beckett inquired, causing the scientist to look up in surprise and drop her apple.

"Carson? Ronon?" she began to worry.

"Everything is perfect, just stopping by for a quick chat lass. Rodney, I'm taking Orla for a break, promised Ronon I would look in this morning," the doctor told McKay.

"What? Um, okay but don't keep her long" McKay muttered, although no one was listening.

Beckett took Orla's arm and began to lead her out of the laboratory. "Okay the truth Carson. You don't babysit anyone," She demanded.

"Somewhere a bit more private maybe, away from eyes and ears?" he answered steering her into a waiting transporter.


"One moment lass, almost there."


"My office, there's a quieter back route, means you don't have to go past the gym" he stonily replied.

"Now I'm really scared," the scientist whispered as they exited the transporter and approached Beckett's office.

"Come in lass." Carson offered as he unlocked the door. "I don't use this office much. I don't want to lug paperwork between here and the infirmary. Sit down. Need anything to drink?" he asked as he sat himself down.


Carson chuckled warmly at the request, "I have a medical matter to talk to you about. I wanted to speak to you alone before Ronon finds out."

"Finds out what?"

"How're things between you two? Still happy? Any plans to settle down or are you thinking you may want to return home to Earth sometime?

Orla was starting to panic, too much time with Rodney she thought. "No offense Carson but please get to the point, what's wrong with me because there must be something."

"I wanted to speak to you separately and first because, well, not sure how you're going to react. I mean I think you'll be happy but you never know," Carson looked into his friend's face knowing he was worrying her but unsure how she'd feel about the news and in Atlantis of all places. "Look, there's no way to say this any gentler lassie Orla love, you're about 8 weeks pregnant."

"Not possible, I'm on the pill."

"It's not one hundred percent effective. It's a surprise but is it a good surprise?"

Orla looked in shock at Carson, can't be she thought, no, no, no, not a baby. Tears threatened as shock and terror took hold. Oh god, me, a mother …. I…I…I can't … how? We never talked about this …Would Ronon even want a child? her thoughts jumbled and raced as one. "A baby?" she uttered.

"Aye, lass, a wee bairn," Beckett gently confirmed.

Carson walked Orla back to hers' and Ronon's quarters, he didn't want her back at work just yet. They'd gone the back route again. Once inside Orla moved on autopilot, pulling at her boots, dropping them where she stood. She wanted to crawl under the furs, her mind was a whirl, she needed to hide until she could think straight. Pulling back the fur she threw herself into the bed letting the comfort she always found there surround her. She didn't hear Carson as he left the quarters or when he said he was going to get Ronon.

Ronon ran through the corridors of Atlantis, his long strides making light work of the distance. In next to no time he'd reached their quarters, he palmed the door open. Shaken, not from the exertion of running but from the conversation he'd just had with Beckett. He'd explained he'd taken Orla back to their quarters. Said she wasn't sick, but she needed him, and Beckett suggested he go to her. Ronon pulled the middle crystal from their door, locking the door. He stepped further into the room placing the crystal on the nearby table. He could see Orla's curls peeking out from under the fur. "Orla?" Ronon moved to the bed, kicking off his boots and unbuckling his gun. He crouched by the bed and watched as she moved. Her small sob causing him to panic. "Little one?" he whispered peeling back the furs.

Orla felt the cool air hitting her skin, she wanted to pull back the fur and hide. "Ro ...non" She hiccupped. Turning onto her back she looked up trying to make out his shape, but her eyes were quickly filling with tears.

Ronon steeled himself against the sight of her tears hating to see her cry, it made him feel helpless to see her so vulnerable. He dove under the fur, scooping her into his arms letting her cry into his chest as his own worry rose. Clutching her head, he gently lifted her face to his as he watched the tears began to fall, he kissed her face murmuring his love for her.

"I'm sorry." Orla uttered; her voice barely audible. "You didn't, we didn't, I don't know what you want but this is just too much, I …can't," the words began to tumble from her almost incoherently. "What about my family, SG1, Earth, you and me, I … "

"Enough. Hush." Ronon tried to calm her down as his confusion increased. "What's happened, let me know how to fix it?"

Orla looked at Ronon, wiping away her tears hoping to be able gauge his reaction, she needed to know how to go forward. "Ronon, I'm… not ill… I... I'm not sick just … I'm …pregnant."

Ronon looked at the woman in his arms, his mind went into overload, he struggled to catch a breath. "Pregnant? A baby?" he said hoarsely.

Orla nodded.

Ronon was shocked, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't move. Until he'd arrived on Atlantis, he hadn't allowed himself to hope his life could ever be anything like a normal life once again. But life together with her was precious, it was just that, his life back. He'd never dreamed one day to hear her say she was pregnant. She was having his child. Eventually, the battle between his mind and body ended, his body won out demanding he breathe, he gasped for air. Unsure of what to say he bent down and covered her mouth with his, drinking deeply from her hoping she would understand the words he couldn't say.

Finally, Ronon pulled back his head, whispering, "A baby? A Baby?" not believing the words she'd used. His eyes glistened with tears that threatened to come. He waited for her to tell him again.

Orla nodded, softly saying "A baby."

As the initial shock began to subside, it occurred to Ronon he'd naturally presumed she'd want the child. A cold fear passed over him as he thought, what if she didn't want the child? Were her tears not of happiness? He couldn't make her have the child … He wouldn't let that panic take hold, he had to know, "Are you… okay? I mean, are you happy about this, we never talked about… a family."

"I … don't …know... I'm scared."

Ronon let out an uneasy breath, "What are you scared of?"



She nodded burying her face into his chest, "Do you… want the child?"

Ronon kissed the top of her head and without hesitation answered, "I do, I really do." Not being talkative by nature even he knew they would need to talk, he decided to push her for an answer. "Talk to me?"

Shifting her weight to be able to see him better she tried to find the words to tell him of her fears. "I don't know where to begin. Do I want this baby? Yes, It's our baby!"

Ronon instantly felt a rush of relief hearing her words, she wanted the baby too.

"What's going to happen? You're deemed classified, which makes our baby classified! A secret I can never tell my parents. Never tell them they're grandparents, show them pictures of either of you, show any of my family. I will be stuck with a family in each galaxy but never allowed to let either of you know each other. If I get recalled to Earth what would happen? Would they keep you both from me? What about our life on Atlantis?" Orla continued.

"Honestly, I don't know, but I can promise you with my last breath nobody will ever separate the three of us." The three of us he thought, how easily he'd accepted they were now a family, the realization surprised him. "We can work it out, together, doesn't have to be today. As for Earth, your family … we'll need to speak to Woolsey."

She nodded; the initial panic subsiding and instead replaced by general anxiety. "The less people who know about the baby, for now, the better. I want to keep this ours for a while longer."

"Daedalus isn't due to be in Atlantis' orbit for a couple of weeks, that's when Laura's due back on duty so it makes keeping her out of it a bit easier. Jennifer's a doctor so she can't say anything. Teyla might guess but she wouldn't say anything. So, you don't need to worry about them." Ronon continued. "Sheppard wouldn't notice, neither would McKay. Beckett won't say anything. Woolsey is the unknown."

"You have it all figured out?"

"No, but people are easy, mostly. People and Wraith, I can deal with. A baby, that's the part that scares me." Ronon chuckled. Feeling her quieten a little he began to think ahead. "I need you to promise me you'll stay out of the gym for a while, until it's safer?"


"A lot of accidents in there, between Marines and Bantos Rods, I'd rather you were elsewhere," Ronon admitted. "You always hated Bantos training anyway," he grinned.

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" Her hand slipping between them to rest on her stomach.

"Honestly? I don't mind as long as you and the baby are safe." Ronon pulled her closer, stroking her hair he smiled and whispered, "maybe a little girl, one that looks like you?"

Orla smiled feeling loved until a sudden terrifying realization came rushing at her and she pushed herself away from his arms, looking at him fearfully, "What weight were you when you were born?" The idea of a Ronon sized baby began to haunt her thoughts.

A/N - Ach můj bože translates into oh my God