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Rise of Team Zodiac

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Nail

There is a famous poem. A poem about how a single nail could change the course of history…

In one world Mabel Pines would run away from her brother Dipper in tears about how he was going to stay in Gravity Falls. Take his backpack along with her unaware of what was inside of it. Namely the rift and inadvertently giving it to the ancient evil known as Bill Cipher so he could start Weirdmageddeon.

However that was not this world…

Because of all things, it didn't happen because of a nail.

Or rather a bunch of nails…

And that is quite literal in this case.

"Kids!" yelled Stan Pines, "Do any of you know where the nails are!"

If it weren't for the fact he couldn't find the nails to hammer the signs in the forest. He would have been able to stop Mabel from running away.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Stan stopping her as she was about to run past him.

Then he noticed her tears.

"What happened?" asked Stan knowing she was already having a bad day.

"Grunkle Ford is having Dipper stay in Gravity Falls!" she cried.

"Wait… wait… wait… back up." Said Stan.

Mabel took a breath and told Stan all about what she overheard.

About Dipper deciding to stay in Gravity Falls after Stan's brother Ford Pines offered to take him on as an apprentice.

Dipper listened into as Mabel tearfully told him.

"It's okay pumpkin… it will okay…" said Stan with a dark look, "I'll set things straight."

Dipper was listening to this, he watched as Stan left to talk to Ford while Mabel went into Sweater Town hoping that Stan would clear things up.

Stan headed to the secret entrance of Ford's laboratory to talk to him.

Dipper quickly followed, though he did have to wait for the elevator again.

Down in lab Ford was waiting for Dipper getting the alien adhesive ready.

"Dipper we need to fix this now." Said Ford.

"You really have to pay better attention." Said Stan.

Ford turned around and saw Stan.

"Stanley… what…" said Ford.

"Really Ford? Asking Dipper to be your apprentice." Said Stan, "Did you really think things over?"

"Of course I did." Said Ford "He is skilled, brave, intelligent and creative, the perfect person to be my apprentice."

"Let me guess, it's also that Mabel won't suffocate him." Said Stan.

That was when Dipper arrived.

"Well…" said Ford.

"Damn it Ford!" said Stan, "Dipper isn't you and Mabel isn't me!"

Dipper's eyes widened, during the whole summer Stan had been careful with cursing. Making sure he didn't say any in front of him or sister.

"I wasn't projecting." Denied Ford.

"Are you sure… because it seems like you are." Said Stan.

Ford didn't answer.

"What was your plan anyway for this apprenticeship? Home school him?" asked Stan.

"Of course… I…" said Ford.

"Don't have the credentials!" said Stan, "You might have a bunch of PhDs but you need a teaching license for one thing! Not to mention you need permission from the kids' parents."

"But I'm…" said Ford.

"A stranger!" yelled Stan, "You didn't go to their wedding! You weren't there when the kids were born! And you certainly didn't help them defeat a giant fear eating spider! They don't know you!"

"Wait what was that last one…" said Ford.

"You say you put thought into but you clearly didn't! I mean what if Dipper changes his mind or gets sick of you and wants to go to college? Did you really think about that!" yelled Stan.

Ford couldn't answer.

The two stood in silence with neither having noticed Dipper was in there.

"You know what! Fuck it! I'm done!" said Stan.

Dipper's eyes widened in horror… after all he just said the queen mother of swear words.

"You wanted me gone! I was going to wait a bit until they left! But I'm moving out as soon as I can! I don't care if the kids see me do it!" yelled Stan.

"What do you mean?" asked Ford.

Stan just glared at his twin brother and turned around to leave the room.

"Grunkle Stan…" said Dipper.

"I don't want to hear it kid." Muttered Stan not even looking at him.

Dipper looked at Ford who was confused.

"Do you have the rift?" asked Ford.

"No… I'll go find it." Said Dipper.

He had to wait for the elevator.

Once Dipper was gone. Ford remembered what the conversation he was referring to.

Then he remembered what he had said "I want my house back! I want my life back! And this mystery shack stuff is done!"

His widened in horror as he realized he thought that he kicking Stan out.

Meanwhile Dipper found his backpack, it was left where he last saw Mabel.

He heard her crying from Stan's room.

Dipper grabbed his backpack and headed back to the lab.

He gave Ford the rift.

"Dipper…" said Ford sounding almost broken, "If you change your mind… I wouldn't blame you."

Dipper respond but he did deicide to leave the lab as he couldn't be there at the moment.

That night Mabel slept in her room. Dipper just stared at her empty bed.

The next day, breakfast was a mess, no one talked or really looked at each other.

Mabel was the first to leave not even eating anything and heading to Stan's room.

Stan just sighed as he did the dishes.

Ford looked like he was on the verge of crying once Stan was out of the room.

It only got worse, as Stan had to give the terrible news to Wendy and Soos that the Shack was closing.

Dipper knew that he really couldn't talk to either one of them… not when it was affecting them too.

Especially with how hard Soos was crying.

He decided to take a walk in the woods, trying to clear his head and maybe figure something out.

"What got you looking so depressed?" asked a voice.

He turned to see Pacifica nearby.

"Hey…" said Dipper, "What you doing out here?"

"Starting taking walks after the face incident." Said Pacifica, "Just getting away from my parents when I can."

"That's good." Said Dipper.

"You didn't answer my question." Said Pacifica.

Dipper sighed and he knew he had to talk to someone.

"I really screwed up." Said Dipper.

"What happened?" asked Pacify.

Dipper told her everything that happened the day before.

Pacifica just stared at him.

"Wow… you really screwed up." Said Pacifica.

"I know…" sighed Dipper.

"So… you going to fix?" asked Pacifica.

"What?" asked Dipper.

"Something you made me learn, if you make a mistake you have to do your best to fix it." Said Pacifica, "Even if the mistake was something your stupid ancestor did."

Dipper laughed.

"But I can't blame you for wanting to stay." Said Pacifica, "Heck… if I could I would run away to where you lived you."

Dipper looked at Pacifica.

"what you and Mabel are my first real friends." Said Pacifica.

Dipper sighed.

Pacifica walked over to him and then slapped him.

"Hey!" said Dipper rubbing his head.

She then placed his hat on his head.

"By the way I found this." She said.

"Thanks." Said Dipper.

"Thank me by fixing things with Mabel." Said Pacifica.

Dipper smiled at his friend.

He headed back to the shack and knocked on the door to Stan's room.

He heard Mabel mumble something.

"Mabel…" sighed Dipper.

"What…" she mumbled on the other side of the door.

"I wanted to apologize." Said Dipper, "I didn't think about how everyone else felt…"

Mabel didn't answer.

"I really, really screwed up!" said Dipper who was on the verge of crying, "I screwed up so much I heard Grunkle Stan swear twice… I don't know if he knew I was in the room… but…"

He heard Mabel laugh.

"Please I'm so sorry!" said Dipper, "I'll do anything to fix it."

That was when the door opened up and Mabel hugged him.

Dipper hugged her back and both of them hugged each other in silence for quite a while.

"Pat pat!" they said in unison.

They broke the hug.

"You know you still have a lot to fix." Said Mabel.

"I know." Said Dipper, "But I don't think I can get them to talk things out."

"I might have an idea." Said Mabel ,"But we're going to need help… but don't worry considering things she will help us."

"I don't why but I have a bad feeling about this." Said Dipper.

"Don't worry my plan will work… and nothing bad will happen." Said Mabel.

"If you say so!" yelled Dipper.

Turned out Mabel's plan was a terrible idea… well on principal…

In this worries and depression both Stan and Ford let their guard down… enough for a certain red head to knock them both out.

"Mabel! This is what I meant when I said this was a bad idea!" yelled Dipper.

"Oh come on Dipper! IT's fine." Said Wendy as she tied up Ford, "I only knocked them out a little."

"How do you know that?" asked Dipper.

"My dad taught me ways how to knock people out and how long you want to do it for." Said Wendy.

"I… I don't want to know, do I?" Asked Dipper.

"No you don't." said Wendy.

"Come on Dipper this is going to work." Said Mabel as she tied up Stan.

"If you say so." Said Dipper.

Sometime later both Stan and Ford began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Ford.

"Tendre el dinero Jorge…" muttered Stan as he woke up.

Ford stared at Stan who realized that it wasn't "Jorge" who knocked him out.

"What… kids?" asked Stan.

"You two need to talk." Said Dipper.

"So you tied us up so that we would do that?" asked Ford somewhat incredulously.

"Mabel… really?" asked Stan.

Ford looked at Dipper who shrugged indicating he had no say in the plan.

"Hey! I should get credit at least." Said Wendy poking her head from the doorway.

"You're fired!" yelled Stan.

"I'm losing my job anyways…" said Wendy.

Stan began to grumble.

"We talked it out." Said Dipper, "It was mostly me apologizing but still…"

"And now you two need to." Said Mabel.

However surprisingly it was Ford who brought up something first.

"stan… I wasn't planning on kicking you out." Said Ford.

"What?" asked Stan.

"When I meant I want my house back I meant making it my own again, not the mystery shack stuff." Mumbled Ford, "I'm not dad."

"You really don't know how to talk to people any more do?" asked Stan, "Now that you could when we were young."

"I'll have you know I've talked to plenty of humans during my travels…" said Ford then mumbled under his breath, "Granted the majority of them were versions of Rick Sanchez but still…"

"You need to think things through." Said Stan, "Honestly…"

"You screwed up too." Said Ford.

"I know…" said Stan, "I can't say I'm innocent in all this."

However Ford knew he had

"You shouldn't have opened the portal." Said Ford, "The world could have ended!"

"You seriously don't get it." Said Stan.

"Get what?" asked Ford.

"Love ya putz." Said Stan.

Ford didn't answer.

"You really think saving me is worth ending the world!" said Ford.

"It's love." Said Stan, "IT doesn't make any sense."

"Since when are you this shmaltzy?" asked Ford.

"I've been watching so many Disney movies this summer… and other movies like that." Said Stan, "I think it's starting to rub off."

Mabel laughed at this.

"Maybe we should give you time to talk without us." Said Dipper.

Dipper and Mabel left them to talk more in private.

"Wait a second!" yelled Stan, "Kids! KIDS! GET BACK HERE!"

It should be noted they were still tied up. Ford decided to let Stan know something else… something he realized he should have told him.

"Stanley… the world's still danger." Said Ford.

"What do you mean?" asked Stan.

Ford told him about the rift and the danger it posed from Bill.

"You know you should have told me that before!" yelled Stan.

Ford didn't respond.

"You're also going to tell Mabel about it." Said Stan.

"I know." Sighed Ford.

"By the way…" said Stan, "What are we going to do about money?"

Ford stared at Stan.

Stan groaned at Ford just staring at him.

And so the two talked about money namely they decided to leave the Shack open but this time including some real stuff about Gravity Falls (but nothing live, Stan explained that was a bad idea), as well as about Dipper and Mabel. Coming up with an idea about what to do with them.

"Kids! We've talked everything through!" yelled Stan, "You can untie us now!"

They didn't come.

"They're doing something they shouldn't be doing aren't they?" asked Ford.

"Yeah…" grumbled Stan.

The two of them sighed.

"So… you know Rick Sanchez too." Said Stan.

"I'd rather not share stories." Grumbled Ford.

"Hey I don't neither." said Stan.

"Grammar Stanley…" said Ford.

"Don't grammar me right now." Said Stan.

Ford grumbled…

"You're a huge Star Wars aren't you?" asked Stan.

Ford looked at him.

"Have you seen the third one yet." Said Stan.

"No yet." Said Ford.

"It's all right." Said Stan with a shrug, "Just don't your hopes up about the prequels."

Sometime later Dipper and Mabel returned looking like something went down.

"What did you do?" asked Ford.

"Well… remember anything's legal when there's no cops around." Said Mabel.

There was a small silence.

"I'm so proud of you." Said Stan.

"That's not something she should have learned." Said Ford.

They untied their two Grunkles.

"All right! We talked it through… Dipper you can stay here in Gravity Falls." Said Stan.

"What?" both of them of them said.

"Under two conditions." Said Ford, "First is your parents need to agree to it. And the other is if Mabel can stay here too."

"Really?" asked Mabel.

"But only both of you." Said Stan, "It's all or nothing."

"But do you think our parents will agree to it?" asked Dipper, "I mean they don't know about the Weirdness and we'll probably need to tell them."

"Well about that…" said Stan.

They called up their parents (leaving Ford out of the conversation with them) and the younger twins got a surprise.

"What do you mean you already know about the weird things." Said Dipper.

"Well… we wanted you to experience the something." Said their father who was on speaker along with their mother, "We'd figure you would be safe."

"And I'm sure Stan told you all about the weirdness…" said their mother.

"Wait you wanted me to tell them?" asked Stan, "I thought you wanted them in the dark."

There was awkward silence on the other end of the line.

"I told you we should have told them." Said their mother.

"How do you know about the weirdness." Said Mabel.

"Well when we were dating we came up to visit uncle Stan and…" said their father.

"I got kidnapped by a fear eating spider monster." Said their mother.

"Me and uncle Stan rescued her and killed the fear eating monster spider for good." Said their father.

Dipper and Mabel were surprised and impressed.

"Also we sucked into the TV as one point." Sighed their father.

"Did anything like that happen to you?" asked their mother.

"We got sucked into comic books." Said Mabel.

"Cool!" said their mother.

"So…" said their father, "Do you really want to stay?"

"This is everything I ever wanted." Said Dipper.

"Plus Dipper has some real friends." Said Mabel, "And I'm closer to Candy and Grenda than I ever had back home."

Their parents seemed to be contemplating.

"If you keep up your grades both of you can stay." Said their mother.

"And don't get killed… but I'm sure that shouldn't be said." Said their father.

Dipper and Mabel began to celebrate.

"Keep them safe Stan." Said their father.

"Of course." Said Stan.

Once the call ended.

"So… are you sure it's a good idea not to bring in Ford into this?" asked Dipper.

"Probably wait like a year or so." Said Stan.

"He's got a point." Said Mabel.

That was when they heard crying.

It was Soos.

"Now if you excuse me I have to tell Soos that he's not out of the job yet." Sid Stan.

In the nightmare realm, Bill was watching this.

He began to look toward possible futures.

His eye narrowed but he did see a possible future where he could start Weirdmageddeon and it would be in a way that did hurt the Pines.

"I could wait a couple more centuries." Said Bill.

Once Dipper and Mabel officially moved to the Shack, Ford decided to explain to them and Stan about the Zodiac. About how 10 people would represent the Zodiac and use it to destroy Bill once and for all.

Dipper and Mabel told Ford that Soos was also part of it as Bill did call him question mark.

And Mabel figured that she could give her llama sweater to someone when they needed it.

They also discovered that Robbie was one of the chosen members… BUT they never contacted him about it deciding to wait until they figured out who could be Glasses and Ice.

Also they figured out that Gideon was the Pentagram.

However they decided to only recruit him when they needed to.

It didn't help that he would break out a few times because Bill helped him out of spite for the family (that and a deal). Bill would occasionally mess with the family in other ways as well.

Over the course of the next three years Dipper was Fords apprentice, but that didn't mean that Mabel and Stan didn't help out with them.

Mabel sometimes joined in, during times when it seemed like outside the box thinking was needed. After all it was Mabel who figured out the mystery of the real founder of Gravity Falls due to that.

And Stan helped out when a certain element was needed.

After reuniting with McGucket, Ford apologized to his old friend, with Ford encouraging his friend to sell his interventions making the old hill Billy rich. And he was a frequent collaborator.

But most of the time Stan aught Mabel about business.

Also during this time Dipper managed to get the courage to ask out Pacifica who he had become closer during the years. She said yes and the two were dating.

However Ford stumbled upon something during these three years. A ritual that could help in the future.

He explained this to Dipper.

"A we would separate a piece of our souls?" asked Dipper.

"Yes as a cogency in case we never kill Bill." Said Ford, "These piece will lie format until both of us are dead. When that happens the pieces will become spirits to help guide whoever will take our place for the Zodiac."

"Are you sure it will work?" asked Dipper.

"The research I've done show it will." Said Ford.

"I don't think we should do it alone." Pointed out Dipper.

"What?" asked Ford, "Oh…"

Not to long later they brought this up to Stan and Mabel.

"So basically you want to cut off pieces of your soul so that you can act like a guide to the future Zodiac?" asked Stan.

"I'll be frank, it's been three years and we haven't been able to find who can represent Ice and Glasses." Said Ford.

"Not to mention Bill wouldn't respond to summons from us if we tried." Said Dipper.

"If we do manage to kill him before the last of us dies, then our spirts won't take shape." Said Ford.

"What do you mean us?" asked Stan.

"Well…" said Ford.

"I was thinking of including both of you." Said Dipper.

"That makes sense." Said Mabel, "Considering the thing with the giant woodchuck."

"Yeah…" said Dipper.

"And that time with the Polynesian Lava god." Said Stan.

"Don't remind me." Said Ford.

"And that time the Leprecorn almost acceded to godhood." Said Mabel.

"I thought we all agreed never to speak of that again." Said Dipper.

"Okay… so it does sounds like you need our help." Said Stan.

"Stanley." Grumbled Ford.

"If it kills us, I'm haunting you." Said Stan.

"We'd all be ghosts." Said Ford.

"I'd still haunt you." Said Stan.

"All right! Let's do this!" yelled Mabel.

"We have a lot of prep time you know." Said Stanford.

He told them that they would carry and wear whatever was on their person.

IT was also probably a good idea to wear something with their zodiac symbol so they could try to probably pass it on.

Mabel put on a new version of her seater that had the shooting star on it, but it was made with rainbow yarn so it looked really cool.

They also got ready, Mabel grabbed her grappling hook, Stan brought along his knuckle duster, Ford put a few laser guns on his person, Dipper was more of a hand to hand fighter (with Stan teaching both him and Mabel boxing during the years, though Mabel was better at it) but he did bring his journals and pens (which he needed to think) while Ford also brought along his journals.

They also offered Soos a chance to join them but he declined feeling that it was more of a Pines family thing.

And so the four of them gather ready for the ritual. They placed their hands together and Ford read the incantation. Each of them glowed, Mabel a bright pink, Dipper a light blue, Stan gold and Ford silver. A piece of the glow separated from them and then disappeared.

Once it was done all of them were a little dazed as the glow faded.

"So… you think it worked." Said Dipper.

"Hopefully we'll never find out." Said Stan.

"He's right." Said Ford.

"If not Bill! Won't know what's coming!" said Mabel.

"You know we have no ideas what our abilities will be once it happens right?" asked Dipper.

"I know." Said Mabel.

And so they lived the rest of their lives…

Which of course were extremely interesting.

When Dipper and Mabel went to college, Stan and Ford decided to finally live their childhood dream of going on a sailing expedition.

Stan officially retired from the mystery Shack and placed Soos in charge of the new Mister Mystery. The title of Mister Mystery (Or Mrs./Miss Mystery) would switch between a Ramirez family and Pines for years to come.

Dipper learned all sorts of things.

Mabel went to art college to become a fashion designer.

She also met a guy during that time and the two got married.

They lived in Gravity Falls.

Dipper on the other hand got married to Pacifica.

Pacifica got disowned by her horrible parents and revealed that she was merely a gigantic creation using their genes and altered them to make the perfect child and planned to make a replacement.

Pacifica's reaction was really "Meh" to the fact she was genetically modified human. After all her hair was naturally blonde somehow.

She became a self-made woman starting her own business while her husband researched the strangeness of the town and sometimes the world.

When she got rich enough she asked the town's lumberjack to build a grand mansion for her family and promised to hold a grand party for the entire town.

A promise that she fulfilled with only her parents not invited.

Thanks to the still living guests from that fateful party the richest of the rich attended. And soon enough the Pines Party out shown the Northwest, a grand party where the regular folk could meet with rich and famous.

And thorough out the years the Northwest Party was forgotten.

Dipper and Pacifica also had a son.

While Mabel and her husband had a pair of twin girls.

Then something happened that would change the world forever.

Something that would normally happen in Gravity Falls happened elsewhere.

In China a baby was born. A baby that lite up like the sun.

And that child was merely the first.

Soon other children were born with powers, which were soon dubbed Quirks.

Including Mabel's third child (this time a son).

She and her husband loved their son, and Mabel soon became a vocal supporter of those with Quirks.

There was an incident in Gravity Falls where people who were against quirks. A mob tried to attack her.

However the key word was "try".

The lumberjacks of the town (who adored the Pines family for various reasons, including Pacifica keeping her promise for the party) came to her aid.

Followed soon enough by the Manotaurs and the gnomes.

The Manotaurs due to their brand of manliness realized there was nothing manly about attacking a mother whose only crime was protecting her child and the gnomes due to the complicated relationship they had with Mabel.

The Manotaurs and Gnomes attacks were brushed off hallucination caused by head injuries but those that lived in Gravity falls knew the truth.

She also earned the nickname "The Fighting Mama" after this incident.

Durring the years the people of Gravity Falls knew that the town was strange, most played dumb but many just lived in peace with some of the aspects.

However Dipper and Ford both began to research quirks. And publicly both became known as the top researchers of the phenomena, though it was publicly to them it was just another paranormal event. Adept one on a global scale.

But eventually all things would have to come to an end.

Stan died at the age of 88 from old age and health reasons.

Ford died four years later at the age of 92 from a heart attack.

Dipper and Mabel were of course sad, but they knew that one day they would see them again.

Because by that point they knew that they weren't going to be the ones that would destroy Bill.

And as the years went on Dipper's son got married to all people Wendy's daughter.

Mabel teased him that while he didn't marry Wendy (like he wanted to as a kids) but they would share grandchildren.

Three grandchildren that had traits from both sides of the family.

Grandchildren would also grow up and marry with children of their own.

Dipper's body eventually gave out after hitting the age of 102.

This originally happened about a month after the birth of his 5th great grandchild, a little girl named Mindy.

On his death bed he talked to his wife and sister.

"You know Mindy's going to be something." He laughed.

"Dipper she's a month old." Said Pacifica.

He laughed…

"Bro-bro…" said his twin.

"It's okay… we'll see each other again." Said Dipper.

They fist bumped because they weren't in shape.

Dipper's children, grandchildren and older great grandchildren all joined them.

He smiled at his rather large family as he passed away.

2 years later at the age of 104 Mabel would pass away.

Due to Mabel's fighting for Quirk rights her funeral was a big event.

However the fur sprits of the Pines family watched this.

The four discovered something very quickly… they didn't have any of their memories from after the ritual…

"What did I do after we did it?" asked Mabel who now had a bright pink glow.

"You must have grown up to be someone important." Said Ford who had a silver glow.

"I heard something about "Quirk Rights"." said Dipper who now had a light blue glow.

"Quirk Rights… seriously… Mabel might be quirky, but that doesn't mean that quirky should be given rights." Muttered Stan with a gold glow, "No offense."

"None taken." Said Mabel.

They would of course learn what Quirks really were.

"Oh… that makes sense." Said Stan after being informed.

"I think some of them were super heroes." Said Mabel term they learned this.

"We grew up in a world became real." Said Dipper almost freaking out.

"It's not something to freak out over." Said Ford.

"Come on… you know inside you think it's awesome." Said Stan.

Ford's eye twitched.

He didn't want to admit but he did like that fact.

They quickly learned their abilities as spirits, their default mode was invisible, but they could turn visible and make sounds with some focus.

They could also turn corporal (as in interact with real things) but only for a few minutes a day.

However Pacifica had yet to pass away, and of course Dipper knew he had to talk to her.

"So you can't remember anything from your life after that ritual." Said Pacifica.

"I'm sorry no…" said Dipper.

He lived an entire life, a life he could only be told about. A big family… lots of kids.

An amazing wife… who he should have included.

"It's fine Dipper." Said Pacifica, "I wasn't part of that Zodiac… and I we were just kids. We dated… but we weren't that serious yet…"

"I know…" said Dipper.

"Bill's more important than that…" said Pacifica.

Durring the years, it was discovered that Bill might have a hand in her family's ride to power.

It wasn't very clear but Pacifica believed it, as Bill often did things for shits and giggles.

Including a few things that happened during their marriage that neither she or Dipper liked the talk about.

"Yeah…" said Dipper.

He watched as Mindy ran around chasing after bubbles that one of her older cousins was creating with their quirk.

He didn't know how long it would take to defeat Bill but he and the other would.

He didn't know when Bill would strike again but they could try to stop him once again and if not that finally gather the Zodiac and kill him.

However Bill would eventually plant a seed that would allow him to finally allow his plans to fruition.

And those plans wouldn't happen until about a century after Dipper's death…

Next Time: Bill finally makes a move. By stealing the body of a Qurikless Japanese boy by the name Izuku Midoriya. Can Izuku prove to people that it's not him controlling his body? What about the Pines? And what will happen when his bully seems to be the only person who really notices something is wrong? Find out next time!