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Chapter 31: Fighting the Hero Killer

Stain looked at the possessed monster… he was sure that the body had to do with the League of Villains.

But he remembered learning the name of Bill Cipher form Shigaraki who mentioned during his own pitch to join the league of villains.

But still from what he could tell that boy was going to be a true hero…

Plus he could 't kill him if he tried (or that he wanted to)

However the others that were there.

None of them were true heroes.

Though he did wonder if Bill would interfere again, after all he did say that Ingenium and his little brother would be under his protection.

But still…

He had to kill all fakers.

Though from the looks if it, who knows what going to happen.

Izuku looked at the Hero Killer.

"I have an idea…" he told the other.

"Please tell me it's not being a meat shield… because it sounds like it's going to be a meat shield…" said Aerial.

"What./.. I…" said Izuku.

This just made the others stare at him.

"Midoriya…" sighed Shoto.

"I'm the only one who can't get hurt…" said Izuku.

"But if that that body dies… it will…" said Ingenium who seemed to be realizing something.

However the others in the group seemed to realize as well…

Izuku's usual vessels weren't alvei…

"No… you shouldn't do it." Said Tensei.

"I know… I keep getting warned I might be developing bad habits… but…" said Izuku.

Tensei was quiet.

"Ingenium…" said Tenya trying to remain professional.

"You know… I don't think the Hero Killer will let us talk amongst us for much longer…" pointed out Aerial.

That was when they noticed that Stain was about to attack them.

But thankfully Aerial managed to create a bit of wind to distract him.

Followed by Shoto creating a large ice wall;.

"Talk later fight now." Said Aerial.

"Don't ever do that plan again Deku." Said Tensei.

"I'll try not to." Said Izuku.

"You're not putting our faith in you kid." Mutter Aerial.

Izuku sighed at this.

That was when the Hero Killer cut down the ice that was in front of them.

"Don't let him cut any of you." Said Tensei, "That's the secret of his quirk."

All of those that weren't Izuku listened well to that warning.

Partially because he knew he was going to act as a shield.

Partially because of this…

"Deku…" said a faint voice.

"Did any of you said anything?" asked Izuku.

None of them said anything instead focusing on Stain.

He decided to aim his attack at Aerial who dodged using her quirk.

Tenya aimed an attack at him.

However the hero killer nearly cut him but thankfully Todoroki send out a small stream of fire at him.

However it was clear he was also after Shoto.

Izuku got into the way of the knife for Shoto.

"Sorely Deku don't do this after this fight!" said Tensei.

"I know… I know…" said Izuku.

Stain removed the blade form Izuku and licked the blood.

That was when Izuku felt something off with the Nomu's body.

Like it was heavier or something, but he was still able to control it.

"Damn it Deku…" said the mysterious faint voice.

Izuku flinched when he heard the voice again but knew he couldn't pay attention to that.

However Stain looked at Izuku.

"You're immune to my quirk." Said Stain.

"Wait…" said Izuku.

"His quirk paralyzes someone." Explained Tensei, "I haven't figured out the trigger beyond cutting us… but…"

"Okay… seriously is this fight just trying to teach him to be a human shield!" yelled Aerial.

""Midoriya… if you continue to act like this after this fight I'm telling your mother." Said Todoroki.

"I get it!" cried Izuku.

He could almost hear the faint voice laughing… as if laughing at that threat…

"You really think you can be a shield to these people!" said /Stain, "All of them needs to die! These false heroes!"

All of the heroes glared at him.

"Should we just let him rant?" asked Aerial.

"We shouldn't attack him one at time." Pointed out Izuku.

"You're right." Said Tenya.

"Remember we're dealing with the hero killer even with all of us here." Said Tensei.

"It will be fine." Said Izuku.

"Deku… you have problems…" said Aerial.

Izuku sighed at this.

Nearby, Bizuku was watching.

"I wonder if I have to interfere after all." Said Bizuku.

He looked at the Izuku possessed Nomu and laughed.

"Poor freckles… he has no idea what Meat Suit he's inhabiting…" mocked Bizuku, "Maybe he'll notice it… either way it's interesting."

Back with the fight, Stain continued to rant about false heroes.

He tried to stab Tensei once again but Izuku got in the way.

"What makes you the judge of hero anyway?" asked Izuku.

He grabbed Stain's arm, thanks to the Nomu's strength he was able to hold the villain in place.

"Not all heroes are true heroes… I know this." Muttered Izuku, "But that doesn't mean you should kill every single hero."

"I don't plan on killing every single hero! There is only one hero that is worthy! All Might!" ranted Stain.

"Of course…" muttered Aerial.

"He is the only true hero! Along with you!" said Stain.

"Me?" asked Izuku.

"I had heard about you from the one that stole your body! About how you want to become a hero to help people!" said Stain.

Izuku didn't say anything after that.

However he stilled held on the hero killer.

This gave an opening for the two Iida bothers to attack with a harsh kick from Tenya and a harsh punch from Tensei.

Izuku let him go.

"Hey! I saw you at the Sports Festival." Said Aerial, "I have an idea… though you all might want to get behind us!" said Aerial.

Shoto realized what it was.

Shoto created his steam and made as hot as he could make it as hot as he could.

She then blew it right at Stain.

"Anyone call for hard boiled villain?" asked Aerial.

Everyone on the hero side stare at her.

"Really?" asked Shoto.

"Hey! Being a hero is quips!" pouted Aerial.

However Stain wasn't fazed by the steam and aimed his knife at Shoto.

"Todoroki!" yelled Izuku.

However he wasn't fast enough to take the hit.

Stain was about to stab Shoto when suddenly a streaming brick hit Stain in the head.

There was a note tied to the screaming brick.

"Cipher." Said Shoto.

Stain got up and read it.

It was simply "Forgot to the mention… Endeavor's son is also mine… So don't kill him… the girl isn't off limits though… kill her!"

Stain scowled.

"Why is the brick screaming?" asked Tensei.

"You don't want to know." Said Izuku.

"Wait! The girl isn't off limits! Seriously!" yelled Aerial.

"Now not the time to focus on that!" yelled Tenya.

"I see… are you going to somehow throw another screaming brick if I try to kill him and the other two?" asked Stain.

Another screaming brick hit him.

This one had the note that said "Yes" on it.

Stain looked at the note and scowled.

He realized whatever power Bizuku had was very powerful.

"You're lucky… for the time bowing I get to leave you alone!" mocked Stain, "Or else these bricks would probably stop me… however…"

He aimed his attack to Aerial.

But Izuku jumped in front of it taking the blow.

However it was clear that the blow hit a vital area.

Izuku felt it… that the body was about to die.

However he felt a strange relief… a relief not his own… as if the body wanted to die.

"Deku… Thank you and I'm sorry… for everything…" said that faint voice.

Izuku felt the body die on him… IT was still animate though but it wasn't alive anymore.

"You okay Midoriya?" asked Tenya.

"I'm fine… remember I can't die…" said Izuku.

It was clear what he didn't say with that.

That the body he was inhabiting was dead.

Thankfully he grabbed Stain's arm and decided to punch him as hard as he could.

However thanks to the strength of the Nomu's body it was clear thanks to all of the attacks that hit him through the night… the steam, the combined attacks… the bricks.

He was finally knocked out.

"We need to restrain him." Said Shoto.

"Look! Garbage rope!" said Arial.

They began to take away all of the blades he had to make sure he didn't do anything and tied him up.

However he was just thinking about the voice…

It felt familiar.

But he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Midoriya…" said Shoto.

"Yeah… I'll explain later…" sighed Izuku.

"Hey… are you all right Native?" asked Tenya.

"I'll be fine." Said Native.

Tenya picked up the hero and carried him.

"Good job Caliber." Said Tensei.

"You're welcome Ingenium. "said Tenya.

They got to the main.

However that was when a group of heroes arrived with Endeavor leading them.

Endeavor looked at the possessed Nomu.

"Shoto! I thought I told you to attack it!" said Endeavor ready to attack it.

"Wait! Wait! It's not what it looks like!" said Izuku, "I'm your son's classmate! I have possession powers and I accidently took over this body without meaning too."

"Didn't you imply it died?" asked Aerial.

"You don't need to inhabit its body anymore." Said Shoto.

"Oh yeah! You're right." Said Izuku.

The Nomu fell to the ground dead.

However it was still wearing the pouch and Izuku moved his hand to the pouch and grabbed the puppet. Endeavor stared at the floating puppet.

"My hero name is Deku!" said Izuku nervously with the puppet, "I have weird possession powers."

"He was controlling that thing when you sent me to attack it." Said Shoto, "Thankfully I've worked well with in class so I knew it was him."

"I see…" said Endeavor.

"Does he know about Cipher?" asked Tensei.

"No he doesn't." Said Tenya, "He doesn't want to tell him. The parent who knows is Mrs. Midoriya."

Tensei nodded.

However that was when they noticed that Stain had gotten free during this time.

"Wait! That's the hero killer"! yelled one of the other heroes.

Stain just laughed manically as he freed him from the rope that tied him up.

Turned out they couldn't trust "garbage rope"… which should be something that really shouldn't be trusted.

Everyone looked at him in horror as he ranted about how the heroes were corrupt.

As he did… he excavated an aura that radiated death from him.

Everyone watched him in horror as he continued to rant.

However soon he had stopped and he just stooped there.

However everyone who had watched this wasn't sure how to react.

But still that rant was filmed… and would be the calling for future villains to appear in the future.

Things were going to change… and they were going to change big time…

Next Time: everyone is dealing with the aftermath of Hosu while Izuku is dealing with the voice he heard when he possessed the Nomu. Does it have to with the fact that the Nomu was once a human horribly turned into that thing? Find out next time!