Hey everyone it's me KSP-X back from hiatus. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to updating A Wanderer of Justice. Despite, making progress on the next chapter, College kept getting in the way. So, you're probably wondering, "What kind of story will you do?"

Simple. a Sonic/RWBY Crossover! How did I get the idea? Well, after watching some reviews and seeing a handful chapters of Volume 7, I started to lose interest in the series, to the point that I prefer fanfics to the canon material.

I mean the designs have gotten out of hand, they messed up the character development of the main protagonists, and even though Jacques Schnee got what he deserved, it just felt hollow.

Luckily, it was my birthday (February 14), so my family and I went to see the Sonic Movie and…I LOVED IT. Not only did Sonic have a fleshed-out character, Jim Carrey's interpretation of Dr Robotnik/Eggman was one of the coolest I have ever seen, so I thought into making a fanfic based of the Sonic Movie with RWBY.

However, there will be references to not only the movie, but also the video games, comics, cartoons, the OVA, anime, think it as a mixture of the entirety of the Sonic franchise.

I will make my own tweaks too, like:

1) Sonic and company will be referred as Mobians.

2) Mobians are humanoid aliens physically identical to Faunus but with different biology and DNA.

3) The Chaos Emeralds or even beings that harness their powers would have…some effects against magical beings like Ozpin, Salem, the Maidens, etc.

4) I will use the same system of dates as other RWBY fanfics where they use "X" year After the Great War.

Anyway, without much further to do: Gotta Go Fast!


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Prolouge: Origin of the Speed.

Date: February 14th

79 years After the Great War

Vale, Sanus

Planet Remnant

"Hey, come on Eggman, you're trashing public property here!"

Those were the words of a teenager hedgehog, as he ran almost as fast as light itself while trying to escape a crazy scientist who was inside of a pod trying to keep up with him

The appearance of the young alien hedgehog was similar at the habitants of this planet: He stood 5'8, had long spikey blue hair that reached his shoulders, the haircut consisted on six quill-like spikes with his bangs combed sideways. His sideburns were long reaching his neck and had two ears on his head.

He was wearing a worn-out combo of a navy sports jacket, sweatpants of cobalt color, an orange t-shirt with holes, a pair white gloves and red sneakers with a white horizontal line. His skin was slightly tan and his eyes were green. His name was Sonic and he was running fast as he could.

The shards of breaking glass fell in slow motion behind him, the young alien curved his path, and his body spun out in a blue blur out of the center of the city of Vale, he could hear the first heat-seeking missiles barreling down to him.

Behind it, he could hear the maniacal laughter coming from the pilot of the advanced vehicle, who kept shooting missiles, lasers and bullets to him.

Normally he could easily dodge them but for some reason the vehicle somehow managed to keep up with his insane speed, so he kept dodging them while making sure that only focused on him, Sonic didn't want a civilian getting hurt in the crossfire.

The blue blur and the red flash kept up this game of cat and mouse as they run through every avenue of Vale, to the point that they were running over buildings and stores, all while the explosions continued because "Eggman" continued to miss every shot at the alien.

"Man! How did it end up like this?" the young humanoid alien began to think on which part of his life had changed for the better or worse. Then, as he ran at great speeds, he began to analyze his life to try and find the point at which everything…changed.

Then, he began to think back to what happened almost 10 years ago.

Date: June 27th

69 years After the Great War

Green Hill, South Island

Planet Mobius

The lush greens painted a breathtaking area, with sunflowers growing tall all over the hill and loop covered island. The blue skies housed vivid sunshine that brightened up any day, as it did for Sonic.

The blue hedgehog, being quite small for a six-year-old, narrowed his small green eyes as he broke into his usual run. Sure, his mother would be worried sick about him being out in the open like this…but it was very, VERY, boring staying cooped inside the hut all the time.

So he picked his clothes, a short sleeved orange shirt, blue overalls, a pair of white gloves and some brown shoes with a rope going horizontally holding the sneakers together, and the young child did the exact opposite of what his surrogate mother Longclaw taught him as he began to run across the entire island.

Why a kid like him would run across an entire island in an instant? To get a get a gift for his caretaker, Longclaw. The young hedgehog ran across the island at high speeds, with his hair/quills making sparks of blue electricity as he was speeding up.

He was simply enjoying the high acceleration of his speed; he never knew where he even got his powers, only that he was born with them regardless. He didn't even knew the limit of his powers after all with each year passing he has gotten stronger and faster.

Confident that nobody could see him, but rather just only a blue blur, he made a spin dash to jump from wall to wall, till he hit the ground running.

Now going at the direction of the hut, he stopped his acceleration, but still on his ball form, he bumped his caretaker.

"Wha-?! Who's there?!" Said a young woman on her late 20s to early 30s.

She stood 5'10, her long hair was light brown, her skin was tan, her eyes were ocean blue, and she had a great figure.

She was wearing a brown scarf, a golden chest guard, inside a white tank top, golden shoulder pads, golden bracelet, a white battle skirt, gladiator like sandals with some adjustments that looked like owl's claws.

Finally, she had a pair of wings behind her back, she was Longclaw one of her last members of her species.

Unlike other Mobians, the owls were guardians of all small creatures, and have protected them generation across generations and Longclaw was no different, as she put her glasses to see who or what bumped on her.

Then she discovered that it was Sonic, causing the owl Mobians to sigh and look worried at the child hedgehog.

"Sonic, I told you to not go outside, someone could have seen you!" The owl woman scowled at the child, but he was still cheerful.

"No one saw me, I'm too fast!" Sonic boasted himself after all; he called himself "The Fastest Thing Alive". "And…I wanted to bring you this"

Then Sonic picked a sunflower out of his pocket, for her flower collection. Longclaw even though she was annoyed that Sonic deceived her, could not help but chuckle.

As her left hand began to ruffle on the boy's hair/quills, making him slightly embarrassed.

"H-Hey, not fair!" Sonic said as he pouted as he was treated like a child.

"Well that is for not obeying me, and this…" Longclaw said as she picked up Sonic making him look like he was flying, the child began to laugh at this, "is for the gift."

However, the tender moment would soon be interrupted as Longclaw's enhanced hearing let the owl hear that something or someone was close nearby. She then looked around and she was shocked at what she saw.

It was a tribe of masked men, women, wearing masks, wearing an attire of hunters, all of them had dark skin on different shades, red long hair, and many of their arrows and spears were made of green energy.

It was the Echidnas.

They were discovered! Quickly the owl kicked her door, closing it and she put herself and Sonic into the ground. However, some spears and arrows of energy went through the hut, almost hitting them.

Then Sonic, terrified at the situation saw that more Echidnas had broken through the windows, pointing their Chaos Spears and arrows at them. However one of them was close to them as he held a net.

"Give us the child and the Emerald and we might let you live." The Echidna said as he did not want to make this harder and messy.

Longclaw however would not never do that, so she immediately picked up her spear and threw it at the Echidna with the net. As he was distracted, she picked up a Blue diamond-like gem and a brown bag.

Then she went through the ceiling of her hut flying away from the tribe of Echidnas. They immediately spotted her and began to throw countless spears and arrows of Chaos Energy at her.

Eventually one Echidna managed to successfully shoot her in the back making her lose control and crash into the ground. As she was falling, she wrapped her wings around Sonic to protect him from the impact.

Once on the ground, Longclaw made a moan of pain as she took the Chaos Spear out of her back. Obviously, this made Sonic terrified.

"Longclaw, you're b-bleeding!" Sonic said as he saw blood coming out Longclaw's back.

"I know, I know," She said as she tried to stand up, looking at the 6-year-old child. "Listen carefully Sonic, you have a Blue Emerald and an immense power unlike anything I have even seen, that means that someone will always want it."

Sonic kept looking at her worried.

"The only way to stay safe, is to stay hidden" Longclaw finished as she picked a golden ring out the brown bag, then when she threw it to the air. The Ring expanded itself and made a portal to another localization.

It looked like a forest and it was nighttime.

"This place is on the other side of the Universe, you should be safe there," Longclaw explained at the young hedgehog.

"B-But I don't want to go without you…" Sonic said still sad that he has to leave her in order to be safe from the Echidnas; however, Longclaw already made her decision.

"You must…" Longclaw said as she handed over the bag of rings and the Blue Chaos Emerald. "These rings and your emerald will be your most important objects."

"THERE THEY ARE!" One Echidna screamed as Longclaw saw the origin of the voice. She gasped at seeing that the entire tribe was getting closer. There wasn't much time.

"If you are ever discovered, use one" Then the owl pushed Sonic slightly into the portal. "And never stop running. Now, GO!"

Then immediately Sonic began to run inside the portal while Longclaw stayed behind to make sure that the Echidnas didn't go there too. So she picked up the energy spear ready to fight.

However, Sonic looked behind and saw that Longclaw wasn't trying to follow but rather, stay behind.

"LONGCLAW!" Sonic yelled running towards the warp ring as it began to reduce in size, starting to close.

"Goodbye, Sonic" Longclaw looked back at the hedgehog with a tear on her face as this was the end for her.

"No!" Sonic wouldn't let this happen, so he began to boost trying to catch up. Unfortunately, the Warp Ring disappeared when Sonic was just inches from getting there. "NO!"

The young hedgehog began to pant as he fell on his knees and for the first time since he was a baby, he began to cry.

He was all alone, Longclaw sent him to god knows where and she apparently died. And the kicker? All of this was his fault…if he hadn't been reckless, if he just obeyed Longclaw's instructions…she would still alive.

Sonic's cries soon turned into sobs, as he was alone in this dark creepy forest where he would have to live. He didn't know how to make a hut and didn't even knew where he was. Then his hair began to glow and make sparks as he continued to cry.

Then his ears heard a noise, making the young child open his eyes and begin to stand up, as he looked around trying to found the origin of that noise.

"H-Hello? Is anybody t-there?" Sonic said nervously. And why wouldn't he? He just lost the only mother he had ever known right in front of him, and it was all his fault. Then he saw who was making that noise, or in this case what.

It was a big black wolf, with some bone-like armor that was fused with part of his body and glowing red eyes, and he wasn't all alone, it where more of them coming from all hedges, growling and snarling at the youngling.

Sonic was now even more terrified, never in his live he has seen this type of creature, all of the wolf-like creatures were surrounding him, if he could count they were like 10 or even more.

"Cute doggy, cute doggy…" Sonic said as he was trying to calm all the growling and snarling but that made it worse, then one wolf roared at him and went fast towards the hedgehog.

Sonic immediately tried to dodge the slash of the massive claws, but soon enough the other wolves began to attack him too. He managed to dodge some of their attacks but they were starting to overwhelm him with numbers.

One wolf creature went fast to kill him which Sonic managed to dodge, however the slash managed to hurt another wolf. Sonic tried to punch and kick them but due to his small body and fragile condition, he only got himself hurt.

Then one Beowulf managed to hit him as he was trying to get away. Sensing an opportunity, they continued slashing him till he was sent crashing into a tree.

Sonic was hyperventilating as he picked up his bag of rings and the blue Chaos Emerald, while tending to his bleeding wounds. But the Beowulfs continued as they surrounded him even more.

"G-Get away" They didn't which made Sonic upset and angry as his quills began to emit electricity around him while the Blue Emerald began to glow.

"Get away!" But even with his electricity activated the creatures of Grimm didn't fall back instead they rushed towards the young child, but he had enough.

"GET AWAY!" Sonic screamed angry now that his powers were linked at the Blue Emerald. Then, seconds later, he generated a huge electric expansion wave that affected all the Grimm that were surrounding him. All the Beowulfs and the Beowulf Alpha made some growls of pain at this.

Sonic however knew that he wouldn't come out of this alive so he accepted his inevitable fate. Maybe he could get to see Longclaw to apologize for always misbehaving, as some tears fell on his cheek.

Then, there was nothing. The growling and snarling had completely stopped. So the young Hedgehog began to open his eyes and he was surprised at what he was seeing. All the Beowulfs that were surrounding him…were dying. They were dissolving into ashes.

And that wasn't the only surprise. As he began to stand up, he saw that all of his wounds were healed as he touched the places where he was bitten and slashed.

"H-How did this happene?" Sonic said still on shock before he turned around and saw that the Blue Emerald died out his glowing, the young boy picked it up looking at it. "This is strange…"

"Hello?! Is anyone there?!"

Then Sonic shock died out as he heard a voice, most likely an inhabitant of this planet, which meant that he had to leave now. Without hesitating the young boy picked up his bag of rings and the Blue Emerald, then immediately ran away from that place as fast as he could.

Unknown to him, he left behind one of his quills when he crashed on the tree. From the hedges, a young woman appeared, she was between her mid to late 20s, she stood 5'7, her hair was black with red highlights, her skin was white, and she she was wearing a white cloak with a black dress.

What was the most unique aspect of the Huntress was her eyes; they were silver, unlike most people on her planet.

She was Summer Rose, the former leader of Team STRQ, one of the best teams to ever come out of Beacon Academy. She was on a mission of great importance for the fate of her Planet, when she was ambushed by a small squad of Grimm.

She managed to fight them using the powers imbued in her eyes, but it wasn't enough as this squad of Grimm was almost impossible to beat.

She had accepted her fate when an electric wave managed to kill off every last Grimm and completely restore her Aura. She was about to leave when she heard a child nearby, and started to search for them.

Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything. She felt immense guilt, she let herself be overconfident, not only did she nearly die but she couldn't save the child who's still lost out here in the woods.

"Dammit, how could I let this happen?!" Summer muttered in frustration at this. After all, her job as a Huntress was to not only kill the Grimm but also to protect the innocents.

That line of thought was admittedly naive, even she knew it but she didn't care. Then she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She walked towards a tree and on the ground saw something strange…

It looked like a quill, a blue glowing quill, emanating sparks of electricity.

She picked it of the ground and some of the sparks of it made her aura flare up for a couple of seconds. What could this mean? Maybe Ozpin knew something that could help.

It may not be a lot to go off of but right now, this quill is her only clue as to who or what saved her life.

End of the Prologue

So? what you guys think? (Good/Meh/Bad)

Here are few points I want to address:

1) As you will probably piece together while this Sonic is based the Sonic from the Movie, he will soon have aspects of his other incarnations.

2) Ever since he was just a baby, Sonic has had a link with the Blue Chaos Emerald. How, when, and why did this happened? You'll see down the line.

3) The Chaos Energy in this fic has some effect against the Grimm, think of it as Anti Magic, as they can negate some proprieties of the Gods creations, which isn't exactly new to the canon of the Emeralds.

4) With Summer Rose alive, most of the RWBY canon will be thrown out the window. A reminder, according to the Butterfly Effect, even the smallest changes could have great consequences in the future so the consequences for something this massive will be something this massive will be immense and far-reaching.

5) As you can probably guess this story is going to take place before the events of RWBY to experiment with some scenarios that couldn't happen in canon.

Anyway, I hope that you guys like it, and even if you don't then I'll respect your opinions.

This is Krypto Saiyan Primal Saying Goodbye, chao, and see ya!