The tension in the air of the City of Boston's Courtroom #2 was so thick that the several observers, jurors, prosecutors and the defendant all thought they could taste it on the tip of their tongues. As Hawkeye stood awaiting sentencing, he found his heart sink to the bottom of his shoes.

The red-faced, balding, bushy-browed judge cleared his throat, "On this day of 27 July 1955, after reviewing all the evidence presented during this trial of the State of Illinois versus Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce, I agree with the jury's verdict of guilty beyond all reason of doubt on all three counts of capital murder. I believe that the prosecution has effectively demonstrated that Dr. Pierce was of sound mind when he stepped onboard city bus number 52, on 10 November 1954."

The judge then directly addressed Hawkeye as he looked down into his eyes, with no amount sympathy present in his tone, "However, I have taken into account your extensive service record with the United States Army while stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean Police Action. I believe that the horrific acts of violence witnessed during this conflict may have heightened already violent suggestions borne into your psyche, that were present prior to your service. I believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that you stepped onto that bus with the intentions of specifically slitting the throats of Mrs. Rosie Harper, her unborn child, and her five-year-old adopted Korean son, So Ming Harper. Dr. Pierce during the Korean conflict you experienced many horrors that most in the courtroom could never imagine but, it is impossible in my opinion to determine whether or not these factored into your calculated decision to kill your victims. Therefore, I have not decided to impose the sentence of death on your soul. Instead, by the power invested in me by the State of Illinois, I hereby strip you of all medical privileges and their accompanying titles. I also sentence you, Benjamin Franklin Pierce to three counts of life in prison without the chance of parole."

Hawkeye closed his eyes and bowed his head. He felt at a sense of peace, despite hearing the cries and outrage of his family, friends, and former comrade in arms despair at the loss of his freedom. As the corrections officers stepped forward and cuffed his hands, he was calm because he knew he would never be the position again to kill.

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