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Chapter two: I'm probably lost without you?

Joey's POV

So I was just walking up to the studio for the finale week of AVPSY. It was going to be great! We had everything planned out! Since we had to do the show on such short notice we knew it wasn't going to be the best show ever, but it was amazingly fun to rehearse!

I walk in and was greeted by none other than Lauren Lopez.

"Joey finally, it took you like forever to get here!" She said with a sly grin. I felt like the tiny girl was up to something but didn't ask.

"Hello to you to Lo!" I replied.

"We're nearly ready to start we're just waiting on a couple more people." She explained.

We just kind of messed around until everyone came, Jeff was the last to arrive.

Nick was just saying a few words about how he would be away for a couple of days and needed a different person to "direct" us.(A.N read chapter one if you want to know exactly what he said.)

I didn't think much of it. It would probably be Darren or someone.

"And that person is...Jamie!" He announced.

Cool. It was Jamie. It's not like that's gunna have a big effect on our lives or anything!

Anyway for the next couple of days Jamie was in charge. It was kind of wierd because it felt like she kept targeting Jeff. Which is kinda wierd but oh well.

On the last day Jeff snapped.


We all gasped but I did an over the top gasp and kind of choked.

I'm not proud of it!

Anyway once I was alive again we went back to the main problem.

After a couple of minutes everyone except for me and Lauren were fighting.

"Should we stop them?" She asked.

"Probably I replied.

Lauren went in to try and stop the fight. I don't think she was doing a very good job.

That's when it all went dark. Someone had pulled a blindfold over me and was dragging me by the arm out of the studio.

I screamed hoping someone would hear me. I don't know if they did. Because I kept screaming and fighting back. I didn't know what else to do. I'm not a black belt like Lauren.

I felt myself being shoved on the ground. I tried but who ever was holding me downward strong. I couldn't get up.

I heard a familiar voice say: "We'll knock him out then throw him in." I knew I'd heard it somewhere.

The next thing a know someone had injected me with something and I passed out.

Lauren would now what to do.

And there's chapter two!

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