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Chapter Five: Let's get em back.

Jeff's POV

Jeff Blim sat in a bar alone. He's been alone a lot since starkid broke up and hasn't seen much of any of them.

He knew what most of them had been doing though. It had been six months. A lot of people had moved on.

Jeff didn't, he kept hoping that Joey would just show up one day starkid would be together again and life would be normal.

But six months and nothing.

Some of the starkids were successful again. Like Brian Holden was now the host of a popular talk show.(A.N I'm not bothered to think of a name sooooo)

Dylan Saunders was on Broadway and was now a really famous actor.

Meredith Stepien was in a band called "the band"

Julia Albain helped Lauren Lopez out of a horrible depression and now they were working in musicals together all the time.

No one had heard what ever happened to Robert Manion but the last time anyone saw him he was shouting about the apocalypse coming soon.

Jamie Lynn Beaty was in community college working towards business school.

Jeff never found out what happened to Darren Criss but he knew that he had stopped acting after starkid for no real reason.

Joe Walker went crazy and keeps thinking he's in a cult about himself.

And Rachel Soglin married a prince and was now royalty. But her husband died in a car accident around two months ago.

People had told Jeff to try and work again but he still had a hope that Starkid would be back on.

He always wondered what had happened to Joey more then anyone else.

As he was lost in his thoughts he heard a voice he has definitely heard before.

"And now Brian has some idea and it's probably gunna work."

Jeff turned around to see who was talking and it was none other than Corey Lubowich.

But he wasn't alone he was with a girl. No doubt trying to impress her with his stupidity.

Jeff has a moment of realization. All he really needed to do was confront Corey and maybe he would have a small chance of getting back Joey and starkid.

"Hey! Corey I need to have a chat with you!" Jeff demanded.

As soon as Cory realized what Jeff had said he instantly looked worried.

"And why would I want to?" He asked.

"Because if you don't ill shoot ya!" Jeff said as he pulled a gun from under the bar counter.(A.N I know it's weird but I had to :p)

"Woah woah woah!" Corey gasped "let's be reasonable!"

"Just tell where your keeping Joey, what are you doing with him and what is Brian's "idea"?"

"Well first of all we told you where we're keeping Joey! In the letter! We're keeping him in our apartment that we renovated to be giant!" Corey replied.

"Okay, what are you doing with him!?"

"All I know is for Tin Can Brothers and not starkid so he spends all his time working on us and nothing Brian wants him for something else to." He answered.

"And is he?" Jeff asked.

"No, he refuses to help us at all. We tried everything to make him help us we stopped giving him food for about a week but it wasn't working. He REALLY wants to see Lauren again."

"Final question: what is Brian's idea?"

"I don't know he won't tell me or anyone else who's working on it."

Jeff thought for a moment. All he needed to do was to go to Tin Cans place and now that he knew where Joey was being kept it should be easy to get him back. But he couldn't do it alone. He needed the Starkids.

By the time Jeff was playing attention again Corey and the girl had run away.

Let's get em back.

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